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  • Harnessing the Power of Local News

    It’s a rapidly changing world, and more than ever, people rely on local news to keep them informed about the issues closest to home. While the New York area continues to deal with the impact of the pandemic on work, schools, loved ones and neighborhoods, as well as increasing unrest over racial inequality, record numbers [...]
  • New Research: The Cynopsis Media Industry Report

    The State of the Media & TV/Video Production Industry Study conducted by Cynopsis analyzes how leading media entertainment and TV/Video production companies are approaching today’s pressing challenges, issues and opportunities. There is a focus on the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the industry, as well an outlook for the future. The 29-page study [...]
  • BLACK OWNED MEDIA MATTERS: Addressing the Issue of Systemic Racism in Advertising

    As the 2020 Upfronts conclude, we will explore where we are as an industry in addressing the issue of systemic racism in the advertising space. Fourth Quarter in Covid-19: This year has become a transformative time throughout America, and this includes the $20 billion advertising industry, which is in the process of evolving its planning [...]

    A Presidential election. Local races up and down the ballot. A pandemic, and a shift in audience viewing patterns like no time in recent history. Welcome to 2020, the political advertising edition. With stakes at their highest and an unconventional path to election day, there’s a lot to parse. Voters and viewers are watching everywhere [...]
  • BLACK OWNED MEDIA MATTERS: The Ways You Can Include Us And Build Long Term Partnerships

    The events of spring 2020 – including a virus that has disproportionately affected minorities – have translated to a call for change throughout America, and this includes the media industry. That’s why Cynopsis, together with Entertainment Studios’ Byron Allen and TheGrio’s Natasha Alford, are presenting a conversation on how to create a better [...]
  • How AVODs Can Get a Competitive Edge – Starting Now!

    AVODs are surging in 2020, with more consumers viewing ad-supported video and billion-dollar growth projected for providers. Even with the struggles of recent months, AVODs have seen accelerated subscriber growth, as viewers look for more ways to save money on entertainment. Meanwhile, time spent streaming video has doubled from where it was a year ago, [...]
  • Building A Super-Bond with Audiences During the Pandemic

    As live sports events and TV productions are being cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s critical for marketers and rights holders to be on top of their game in strengthening their connections with audiences in our “new normal.” One result of the lockdown is that TV viewership has increased as much as 73% YOY, [...]
  • The New Opportunity: Esports Betting

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down nearly all major sports events and their respective betting opportunities, esports is grabbing the reigns not only with audiences, but also in providing fans with new, live options for esports betting and daily fantasy moves with audiences in lockdown. “Amid the pandemic and with sports events on pause, [...]

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