The New Opportunity: Esports Betting

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down nearly all major sports events and their respective betting opportunities, esports is grabbing the reigns not only with audiences, but also in providing fans with new, live options for betting and daily fantasy moves with audiences in lockdown. In this timely 90 minute discussion, you’ll learn: The pros and […]

Mobile Video: How to Create a User Experience that Drives Revenue

Video download is quickly becoming a standard feature among OTT providers, because viewers are looking for truly seamless experiences. Research shows that 92% of U.S. consumers have been frustrated trying to stream video, and 50% often just give up trying to stream. Well implemented video download can enhance the audience experience and in turn boost […]

Connecting with the New Young Male Demo

Millennial and Gen Z men are an elusive group for networks and marketers, but a valuable one – once engaged, they’re loyal to brands and key brand advocates (a report from Engagement Labs, “The Remarkable Influence of Millennial Men,” shows they’re 50% more likely than millennial women to be word-of-mouth influencers). Esports is one effective […]

Ratings: What You Need to Know, Now

As the quest continues for reliable, transparent audience measurement of TV content across devices, new and increasingly sophisticated solutions are emerging to help networks ensure that every eyeball is counted and advertisers are reaching the audiences they want. But while new ratings metrics and increasingly granular information go beyond age and gender, the lack of […]

Getting Maximum Impact from Experiential Marketing

The more that millennials turn away from traditional advertising, combined with the downward trend of TV ratings, the smarter it is for marketers to create experiential events that build brand awareness and drive loyalty through one-on-one connections with consumers. When done well, they can increase lead generation and sales. But how do you execute experiences […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Capture & Captivate Audiences

Artificial intelligence offers a solution to two of the biggest challenges programmers face today: getting your content discovered, and keeping viewers engaged. In fact, A.I. is one of the most useful tools now available to TV networks, marketers and publishers. It can help you find the biggest possible audience; it can customize viewing experiences in […]

Solving the Digital Ad Measurement Challenge

According to the IAB, last year was the first time digital ad spend totaled $72 billion, surpassing that of TV at $67 billion. But although usage is on the rise, management of digital ad growth is complex and confusing. The reason? A lack of consistent metrics, resulting in publishers and networks not having a full and accurate view of this […]

How to Connect and Engage with Gen Z

Gen Z is the largest, most diverse group of media users ever, according to a new report from Nielsen, accounting for 26% of all U.S. TV homes – and by 2020, they’ll make up a remarkable 40% of all consumers. That’s a massive opportunity for networks and marketers. But reaching this generation like none before […]

Newest Strategies for Branded Content

A new study from Polar and Ipsos Connect found that consumer awareness of a brand rose to 69% after engaging with branded content. And a recent Time Inc. survey found a whopping 90 % of respondents actually like the idea of custom content as a way to connect with brands. These are critical findings for […]