About Cynopsis

Cynoopsis: Media's First Morning Read

Cynopsis: Media’s First Morning Read

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Cynopsis Media, a division of Access Intelligence, is the publisher of six free trade publications for the television, media, digital, and sports TV industries. Its flagship edition, Cynopsis, was launched by creator Cynthia Turner, on April 2, 1997 as a simple internal memo created to keep a Sales Team updated and informed.

The daily eNewsletter, Cynopsis, is sent via email to a subscriber base of more than 80,000 in over 58 countries. It’s published by 5:30am EST each weekday morning.

Also, the weekly eNewsletters, Cynopsis Jobs, Cynopsis Esports, Cynopsis Media Tech, and Cynopsis Digital Out of Home, are sent on Tuesday & Friday, Thursday mornings, Monday, and Wednesday mornings, respectively. Cynopsis Jobs identifies great industry jobs published in Cynopsis as well as numerous other hiring sources. Cynopsis eSports offers exclusive Q&As, expert data insights, the top business stories this week, hot trailers and coming events in order to connect the dots for the gaming industry, brands, technology, media and audiences. Cynopsis Media Tech Update provides concise updates, industry insights, and exclusive content tailored for professionals navigating the intersection of media and technology. And finally in Cynopsis’ latest Digital Out of Home, readers can expect to receive the latest insights, trends, and exclusive content tailored for professionals belonging to brands and agencies.

Aside from the Newsletters, Cynopsis produces a variety of live networking events, virtual events, educational webinars, community survey reports, insightful online resources, and benchmarking award programs throughout the year.

Curious about how the company name was created? It does look like a misspelling, but instead, it’s a play on words. By merging the original owner’s first name (Cynthia) and the conciseness of the product (Synopsis), Cynopsis was born!

We love being apart of the media community. As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions or comments.