Finally: End-to-End Media Workflow Solutions Debunked!

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Media workflows should operate as seamlessly as the technology that powers them. In fact, with the right systems in place, creative and development teams shouldn’t even know what’s operating behind the scenes—the technology just works

As video quality, size, and consumer demand continue to increase, and media operations grow more complicated and decentralized, it’s more important than ever to evaluate your current technology stack by asking: 

  • Can it successfully keep pace with technical innovations and adapt to your evolving business needs? 
  • Are you able to integrate new applications from open standards and protocols from the providers of your choice – or do you feel locked in, with no easy way out?

Join veteran media and entertainment technologists and creatives from OpenDrives, Signiant, and Creative Mobile Solutions to learn how you can free yourselves from the limitations provided by a closed, end-to-end solution – and learn how an open ecosystem can help you capitalize on the true value of your data.

Meet Our Executive Panel

André Rievers,
Vice President of Operations,
Sean Lee,
Chief Product and Strategy Officer,
Mike Flathers,
Chief Solutions Officer,
Noah Gusdorff,
Creative Mobile Solutions, Inc.

Meet Our Moderator

Editor Lynn Leahy

how does the webinar work?

The live audio is delivered to your location over your computer speakers. The Power-Point presentations are presented over the Internet and are available to print out after the program. This is like a talk-radio program with visuals on the Web. You and your team will be able to have a live Q&A with all the speakers.

  • One (1) set of materials (you may make copies for all of the persons you invited to listen to the program)
  • One (1) Internet connection to the seminar.

what equipment do i need?

For the Internet connection:

tech webinar instructions

  • 1 Dual core processors are preferred.
    2 Mac and iOS devices only.
    3 In addition to having a properly installed Adobe Flash Player your system must permit live Flash streaming.
    4 Apple iPad and iPhone only. Please use Safari on iOS devices for the best viewing experience.
    5 Android 4.4+. Please use Chrome on Android devices for the best viewing experience.


If using Adobe Flash Player, Version 9 or later is required.
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For questions or comments please contact Trish Pihonak at [email protected]