Masters of the Metaverse

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Cynopsis and EBS present “Masters of the Metaverse” on Dec. 7, in partnership with Super League Gaming, to give you a virtual guide to the newly tapped universe. Hear from some of the top executives who created some of the most successful platforms in this space today, see case studies on activations in this space, learn about the building blocks being leveraged to create these new worlds, and hear from brands and publishers who changed the game by engaging hungry consumers in new ways. Don’t miss your map to the Metaverse!

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“Staking Your Claim in The Metaverse” – Scoping out the tools and potential of the metaverse, this panel – featuring top executives from Supersocial, Thunder and GreenPark and moderated by famed content creator and CEO of Aftershock Media Group Lance Frisbee – will give audiences a lay of the land at what exactly the metaverse entails, how it is poised to change media, engagement, music, monetization and activation and what that means for the entertainment industry and beyond! We’ll look at the primary platforms dedicated to this experiential innovation and how they are being leveraged by content producers and brands and how that will evolve as consumer adoption (and technology) grows.

“Real Estate 102: Building Your Brand” – From skins and digital accessories to vast concerts and fully-dedicated worlds, brands have made headlines throughout the year for their deep dives into the metaverse. We’ll talk with the marketers who are driving the train to learn about the ways that brands and building bigger and better in the virtual world.


What exactly is the metaverse? We collected definitions to explain what it is – and the remarkable potential it offers for those who learn how to leverage its power.

“Where the digital world transforms the real one in ways that are fun, freaky and sometimes frightening.” – Joanna Stern, The Wall Street Journal

“It is an interface layer between the physical and virtual world, which makes them one and the same but most importantly a shared universal economic system that enjoys supremacy to nations states and their fiat-based systems.” – Outlier Ventures Founder and CEO Jamie Burke

“An embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it.” – Mark Zuckerberg

“It’s an immersive place where people can come and connect with one another and have shared virtual experiences.” – Christina Wootton, Roblox VP of brand partnerships

“It doesn’t truly exist yet. But we’ll know it when we see it.” – futurist and author Trond Undheim, PhD

Meet Our Executive Panel

Rodric David
Founder and CEO
Tony Grillo
Chief Strategy Officer
GreenPark Sports
Adriana Hoppenbrouwe
The Fabricant
Doug Rosen
Strategy Business Development + Digital Products
Justin Hochberg
Lance Frisbee
Aftershock Media Group

Meet Our Moderators

Chris Pursell
Head of Editorial & Partnerships
Esports Business Community
Matt Edelman
Chief Commercial Officer
Super League Gaming

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For questions or comments please contact Katie DeSilva at [email protected]