02/27/29: Redknot, the joint venture between Nelvana & Discovery, greenlit their first series

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Good morning. It’s Wednesday, February 27, 2019 and this is your first early morning Kids briefing. 

DJ Khaled will host the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, set to broadcast live on Nick on Saturday, March 23. Leading the pack across television, film and music categories with the most nominations are: Avengers: Infinity War, with 10 noms; Black Panther, with five; and Cardi B and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, with four nominations each.  First-time nominees include: Jason Momoa, Emilia Clarke, James Corden, Noah Centineo, Bebe Rexha, Tyra Banks and The CW series Riverdale
More woes for YouTube this week. Dr. Free Hess, a Florida-based pediatrician and mom is calling out the platform over a series of videos aimed at children containing inappropriate content, including one video that offers instructions on how to commit suicide. Hess noted the clip, which she learned of seven months ago, was removed but resurfaced on a YouTube app dubbed as “kid-friendly.”
The news comes after some advertisers exited YouTube as concerns pile up from creators, users and brands over videos being used to exploit children in the main content and/or comments, following release of a video highlighting the issue. Since the video has come out, companies including Disney, Epic Games and Nestle have pulled ads from the platform, while other brands including Grammarly and Peloton have asked YouTube to investigate further. In response, YouTube has terminated more than 400 channels and deleted tens of millions of comments.
In a scathing letter to Skydance Animation published yesterday in the LA Times, Emma Thompson said she dropped her voice-over role in the studio’s upcoming animated feature Luck because she didn’t want to work for John Lasseter, whom Disney forced out last year because of past sexual misconduct allegations. The David Ellison-helmed Skydance revealed in January it had hired Lasseter. Thompson, who acknowledges in the letter the issue “is complicated,” nevertheless notes, “If a man has been touching women inappropriately for decades, why would a woman want to work for him if the only reason he’s not touching them inappropriately now is that it says in his contract that he must behave ‘professionally’?”
PBS Kids series Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, adapted from the kids book series Ordinary People Change the World by author Brad Meltzer and illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos, and slated to premiere in November 2019, aims to introduce kids to inspiring historical figures and the character virtues that helped them succeed. CynKids caught up with Linda Simensky, VP of children’s programming for PBS, to talk about the new show, where she seeks content inspiration, and what “educational television” means to PBS Kids.
What was the development process like for Xavier Riddle?
I’ve been pitched a lot of biography and I never really wanted to do biography for our air because I think it’s tough to do well. Development did take a while because we needed to figure out who were the recurring characters, and how do we make it not so much biography about these people who went on to do great things, but about them as kids. I thought that would really resonate with kids. It still resonates with me. All of these people started off as regular kids, they had things they had to overcome. A lot of them had to figure something out and learned something along the way. And it became clear to us it is also about character, the things that help develop your character and help you as an adult as well. It came together just as we were starting to think about, how do we talk about character in a way that doesn’t feel like we are telling people how to act?This seemed like a good way to do that.
Xavier Riddle is inspired by literature. Where else are you looking for ideas for PBS Kids shows these days?
I’m very open-minded with where ideas can come from. I look at kids books, not always to turn the books into shows but to find interesting thinkers and creative approaches to things. I like to talk to illustrators and authors, even people who do animated shorts or comic books, to see if they have ideas I think would be interesting for younger kids. The funny thing about working in preschool is a lot of times when people come from TV and they suddenly become parents and watch preschool TV, they have lots of ideas.
There are so many content outlets today – podcasting, short form, to name a few. Do the content elements you’re looking for remain the same even as tech and other factors change the way we create and consume content?
Yeah I do. I feel like the people go into different things now based on the opportunities that are there but I am always looking for people who have big ideas for kids. When you work in anything kids-related you want to know as much as you can about how kids are thinking and using technology—that’s where your interns come in handy. Any area people are using as an outlet is good. I do look at what’s on YouTube periodically, though I don’t always look at what other people are doing for inspiration. I like to do things no one else is doing. There’s always something no one else is thinking about. I try to be there.
How do you define educational children’s television today, and is having a strong educational element, as Xavier Riddle does, top of mind for you when you’re thinking of content for PBS?
When people hear the term “educational” they think, So you’ll be teaching counting and the alphabet, And to he honest I haven’t done a show that teaches the alphabet since Super Why. What we’re always looking for here is the potential for a show to have impact. and is it something worthy and helpful to kids. What kids want to know is how things work and why things work the way they do. And not just technology and scientific things, but how everything works. Our audience is still figuring out when you answer the phone you have to say hello, so kids are really looking for the basics.
What do you see as the primary difference between children’s content on public television, and the realm of commercial TV?
In my experience the biggest difference is how much we think about the audience and how the shows will impact them, vs. past jobs where the only time you think about the audience is, Will they watch this? Will they think its funny? And sometimes not even, Is it age appropriate? People who work for the commercial networks have to think about, Will kids like the toys, will they buy the app? It’s the same kind of show production, but then the questions afterward may be different.
Want to learn how short form content is evolving among programmers, brands, artists and advertisers? The Cynopsis Short Form Video Fest, next Wednesday, March 6, in NY, will feature execs from ATTN:, Bleacher Report, Hollister Co., One X Studios, Whistle, Viacom and more, plus a Luminary Award presentation to AT&T for its Dream In Black initiative. Grab your tickets here.
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WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service reportedly is developing an animated series based on the Gremlins film franchise. The series is imagined as a prequel that will follow Mr. Wing, the Chinese grandfather from the films, as a young man having adventures with the friendly Mogwai Gizmo. Warner Bros. TV and Amblin TV would co-produce the series, written and exec produced by Tze Chun (Gotham, Once Upon A Time).
Fremantle is developing a reimagined incarnation of Jim Henson’s ‘80s anthology series The Storyteller for television. The project is in partnership with the Jim Henson Co. and author Neil Gaiman as writer and exec producer. The original Emmy-winning live-action Storyteller featured creatures brought to life by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and provided a retelling of various European folk tales, with a mysterious elfin storyteller (played by the late John Hurt).
Boat Rocker Studios, the BBC and UYoung are co-producing a new animated preschool series based on the Love Monster series of books by British author and illustrator Rachel Bright. The animated series will premiere on the UK’s CBeebies and Chinese broadcasters and digital platforms. Love Monster features the adventures of the only monster in town as he navigates the challenges involved in being a bit funny looking in a world of cute fluffy things. The co-production was approved by China’s National Radio and Television Administration.
Nelvana is developing 2D/3D hybrid animated series Geki Drive with Sumitomo Corp., a global trading company with a large presence in the Japanese animation industry. Based on the hyper-fast customizable cars produced by Bandai Spirits for the Japanese market, Geki Drive means “extreme racing” in Japanese and targets K6-8.
Redknot, the joint venture between Nelvana and Discovery, greenlit their first two animated series – The Dog & Pony Show and Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe – and hired former Spin Master Entertainment exec Patricia Burns as the company’s executive manager/supervising producer. Created by Little Airplane Productions founder/CEO Josh Selig and produced by Burns, The Dog & Pony Show centers on the friendship between two very different best friends who embark on unexpected adventures when they move to the big city. Based on the Kids Can Press graphic novels, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires, Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe is a 3D-animated series following the adventures of a house cat with a curious and imaginative mind. Both series will air on Discovery Kids Latin America and Treehouse Canada. 
Cake is partnering with Ferly on Kingdom Of None, a 2D adventure series targeting K6-11 and intended for 2021 broadcast. Series follows Meter and his friends James, Leo, Solo and little sister Milli as they transform their everyday lives into imaginary worlds full of adventures.
French studio Xilam Animation is adapting the book Listen to the Moon, a WWI mystery novel by British Children’s Laureate Sir Michael Morpurgo, into a CGI/2D animated family series titled Lucy Lost. Jean-Christophe Dessaint (Le jour des Corneilles) is on board to direct the series, which follows a fisherman and his teenage son in the Scillies Islands who find an injured girl with no memory of who she is.
Aardman unleashed a new development and production slate including kids and family specials and series for preschool and K7-11. On the roster: Preschool series Interstellar Ella (Grid Animation) set for delivery in spring 2020; Happy (Paper Owl Films), a 2D animated series about negotiating preschool feelings and friendships; and Socialbies, aimed at helping 4-6-year-olds understand tech and the Internet.
SLR Productions started production on original CGI animated series Space Nova for Super RTL, ABC ME and Nine Network. Series targets 6-10-year-olds and takes place in 2162 and follows siblings Jet and Adelaide Nova who live on an international space station and accompany their parents on awesome interstellar missions. Space Nova, which received major production funding from Screen Australia and is financed with support from Create NSW, is co-produced with Giggle Garage in Malaysia and will be distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises, excluding Australia and New Zealand.
Hasbro and Nickelodeon announced the long-standing Power Rangers franchise will return in a new series, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, premiering Saturday, March 2, at 8a on Nick. In the latest take, the Rangers sport tactical leather suits with their ‘Beast Bot’ sidekicks and elevated battle footage with a new cast of heroes, villains and monsters.
The fourth and final season of Emmy-winning animated series Star vs. The Forces of Evil drops on Disney Channel and Disney XD with back-to-back eps on Sunday, March 10 at 8p. “We put our heart and soul into this final season, and can’t wait to celebrate the exciting conclusion of the series with our fans who have remained so loyal throughout this journey,” said Daron Nefcy, creator and exec producer.
Animated series Victor and Valentino will debut on the Cartoon Network in the US and Latin America with four eps March 30 beginning at 9:30a. Created by Diego Molano (The Powerpuff Girls, Black Dynamite), the supernatural adventure follows two half-brothers learning to appreciate each other’s quirks while exploring a small mysterious town where the legends of Mesoamerican folklore come to life. Victor and Valentino is exec-produced by Cartoon Network Studios and was developed through the studio’s global Artists Program.
In an unusual twist for older fans, the Banana Splits are returning to the small screen in a horror film Warner Bros. TV’s digital studio Blue Ribbon Content. Film will premiere in 2019 via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, in advance of its television debut on Syfy. The new take on the classic characters, first introduced to audiences in 1968, centers on the mayhem that ensues when a boy and his family attend a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, and the body count quickly rises.
Discovery Family is planning some My Little Pony magic for March. A My Little Pony: Mane Months marathon will begins Saturday, March 2 at 10a, with a monthlong celebration of highlights of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls featuring Twilight Sparkle.
Spanish-language public broadcaster HITN is launching a premium OTT service in the US and Latin America for preschoolers and their parents. Called EDYE -the name is an abbreviation of HITN’s Spanish-language slogan “EDuca Y Entretiene” (educates and entertains) – the service is slated to debut in March with Dish and Sling as the first distributors. “The service will be sold a la carte as a premium service and will provide children and their parents a wide variety of world-class preschool content dubbed into Spanish-language,” Guillermo Sierra, HITN head of television and digital services, tells CynKids. Sierra says the platform “will be different from any other streaming services because it will combine four different content categories. It will have a very wide VOD library, and will also have games, books but most importantly, it will have educational guides to help parents use the content to provide a learning experience for their children.”
Nickelodeon is stepping up its relations with Netflix in a new deal to produce two feature-length movies, based on its brands Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Loud House, for the streamer. The Nickelodeon Studios production deal follows Nick’s exclusive partnership with Netflix on Pinky Malinky, which premiered on the streaming service in 2018, and the reimagined live-action series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which begins production this year.
The Discovery #Mindblown app, the latest offering in the company’s series of STEM-focused digital and consumer products for kids, is out. The app enables users to learn more about five targeted topics of interest – animals and dinosaurs, space and planets, humans, machines and robotics, and our earth – through videos, interactive games and augmented reality tech.
Rovio Entertainment is adapting Angry Birds On the Run, the first live-action serialized short-form Angry Birds series, into a longer form special distributed by Cake. The series will also be offered in its original format of 22 two-minute eps. Angry Birds On the Run debuted in late November 2018 on the Angry Birds YouTube Channel, with new episodes hitting every Saturday and has received 4 million combined views and an average 95 percent positive response on YouTube to date.
marblemedia launched CAVCO-certified marbkeKids on YouTube. With its CAVCO distinction, the channel, which streams content for K6-12 from Canadian and international producers, has the ability to trigger tax credits and private funds for original Canadian productions.
Mercis Media BV appointed digital network and studio WildBrain to manage and grow the YouTube presence of its Miffy brand on an exclusive worldwide basis. Created in 1955 by celebrated Dutch author and artist Dick Bruna, Miffy is a multi-entertainment brand featuring an adorable white bunny. WildBrain will manage a library of more than 200 Miffy videos across existing and soon to launch Miffy YT channels, including the relaunch of a Miffy English YT channel with a focus on the US market.
Star Stable launched music label Star Stable Music as a complement to its gaming platform. Through the label, which debuted with distribution on nearly 40 music sites including Spotify and Apple Music, Star Stable is making in-game songs accessible any time to fans. “Our community is our most important asset. We have 15 million registered users around the world who interact with Star Stable in-game and beyond,” Taina Malen, COO/chief new business officer, Star Stable Entertainment, tells CynKids. We also know teen/tween girls all around the world love to discover new music, so creating a music label was a natural next step to broaden our product and extend outside the game with our story. Music has always been a big part of our game, and this music label and its original music sparks a whole new channel to engage, retain and expand our community of players.” The label plans to create and release three new artists – ranging from traditional rock to electric dance music – in 2019. First single, Lisa Peterson’s “I’ll Be There,” was released February 8 and the fan-made YouTube video for the song has been viewed 250,000 times, with YouTube and Spotify seeing the most traction.
The next title from digital-first studio pocket.watch’s new gaming division P.W Games will be P.W Putting Planet, a mobile free-to-play, augmented reality game slated to debut next month. The game, developed in conjunction launching in conjunction with Superstar Games, is inspired by pocket.watch creators HobbyKidsTV. Players will interact with a virtual golf experience, and the game also contains a fully functional YouTube player so that players can watch their favorite HobbyKidsTV videos as they play – a first for any mobile augmented reality game. The studio also partnered with Outright Games to bring its first console game, Race with Ryan, to market in fall of 2019. P.W. Games’ first title, Tag With Ryan, launched in late December and has been downloaded more than 1 million times.  P.W Games is also working alongside to launch.


Wednesday, March 6th | The SVA Theatre, NYC
Strategy is essential for short-form content since we’re in a time of transition regarding business models. Whether you’re looking to attract brands, to incubate new ideas or drive audience to longer content you should know your strategy and endgame.
– David Tochterman, CEO of Canvas Media and SFVF moderator of the panel Finding the Right Platforms for Premium Short Form Video.
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As part of Sesame Street’s yearlong 50th anniversary celebration, Sesame Workshop is collaborating with Toms, Bombas, Out of Print and DIFF Eyewear on new lifestyle collections that support those in need with buy one-give one programs.
Silvergate Media signed Gund as the first licensing partner for its hit new Netflix animated adventure TV series Hilda. Targeting girls and teen fans, Gund will develop a line of plush, accessory and giftware products for the series, which launched on Netflix in September 2018. The range will hit shelves in the US in early 2020.
Miniso is teaming with Cartoon Network to present a 264-item collection of Adventure Time products in its stores across 62 territories, spanning North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Nelvana, in partnership with Chinese animation distribution specialist and brand manager WeKids and Toon Boom Animation launched joint talent initiative China Tales Incubator. The collaborative effort seeks to attract talent and discover story ideas to develop, produce and distribute for audiences in China and around the world.
Kidz Bop is launching in a new country with the release of Kidz Bop Germany on CD, digital download and streaming services beginning March 29 through Universal Music Germany. The brand is also intro’ing its first-ever group of German Kidz Bop Kids, who will be its face in Germany. Magdalina, Kimi, Evelyn and Moreno, ages 9-12, will record kid-friendly versions of pop hits.
DHX Media is bringing the quirky world of Dorg Van Dango to Nickelodeon International via an exclusive agreement with the global kids’ broadcaster. Dorg Van Dango is a Canada/Ireland co-production from DHX Media and Cartoon Saloon, in association with Family Channel in Canada and RTE in Ireland. Under the agreement, Dorg Van Dango will air exclusively on Nickelodeon International’s channels, including in the UK, Australia, Scandinavia and France; Family Channel will air the series in Canada.
Blue Ant Media’s interactive preschool nature channel ZooMoo launched on iflix with 20 hours of content in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and other locales. The ZooMoo App is also available for download on Google Play and AppStore.
9 Story Media Group acquired PT Bali Animation Studio and PT Bali Animasi Solusi Ekakarsa (collectively known as BASE), a full-service CGI animation studio in Bali, Indonesia. Terms were not disclosed. Founded in 2015 by Lily Wang and Daniel Harjanto Setyawan, BASE’s portfolio includes animated series Sonic Boom and Luna Petunia. In addition, BASE and Brown Bag Films previously partnered on Disney Channel series Vampirina.
Boat Rocker Studios appointed Bob Higgins as EVP, content – Kids & Family as it continues to integrate Fremantle children’s assets. Higgins previously served as EVP of FremantleMedia Kids & Family for eight years.
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MGR, CORPORATE RESEARCH/Discovery Inc/NYC: Analyze data/trends across media & develop key audience analysis for linear & nonlinear platforms, give insights for internal & competitive networks to senior leadership. Thorough knowledge of Nielsen data & 5+ yrs exp. needed. Full info HERE (3/13)


SR ANALYST, CORPORATE RESEARCH/Discovery Inc/NYC: Support brand and ad sales rsrch teams by analyzing data/trends across media & developing key audience analysis across linear & nonlinear platforms. Thorough knowledge of Nielsen data & 2+ yrs exp. needed. Full inf HERE (3/13)


DIRECTOR, DIGITAL MEDIA/TLC/NYC or MD: Lead small team in entire project lifecycle to establish/implement innovative & influential social media strategies. Plan original content, leverage social tools, and collect data to evaluate performance. 6+ yrs exp.  Full info HERE (3/13)


CLIENT SOLUTIONS COORD/UP & ASPIRE/NYC: Asst. in dev & execution of sponsorships. Coord upfront & client evnts. Update ad sales pres, videos, photos & keyart. Proj mgt & pres skills req. Mkting/Comm degree pref’d. 2+ yrs cable exp, digital/social a +. Knowledge of PowerPt required. Full info HERE (3/13)


CNN MANAGER, BRAND & MULTIPLATFORM RESEARCH/ATL/NYC: Strengthen CNN brand appeal through qualitative and quantitative work looking at consumer news behavior and its connection to need states, attitudes and values. 5+ yrs exp and proficiency with both TV and digital data. Full info HERE (3/13)

/WIVB TV/WIVB.com/Buffalo: Resp for generating & growing digital mktg service revenue. Resp for the execution of digital sales, implementation, optimization & reporting of digital campaigns for clients. 2+ yrs outside digital mktg or media sales exp pref’d. Full info HERE (3/12)

SALES ACCOUNT EXEC/WIVB/WNLO TV/Buffalo: Exp’d sale professional w/ 2-3 yrs exp in media sales or outsides sales exp. Proven track record for dvlpng new biz & growing existing business. Able to work successfully in a multi-platform environment selling both TV & Digital products. Full info HERE (3/12)


COUNSEL, DISTRIBUTION & BUSINESS AFFAIRS/PAC-12/LA or SF: Oversight and management of traditional and digital distribution deals including cable, satellite, VOD, and other over-the-top agreements. Full info HERE (3/12)


COMMUNICATION MANAGER/PAC-12/SF: Develop & implement strategic PR initiatives to promote Pac-12 Networks. 4-6 years of relevant experience in media, PR & communications. Thorough understanding of the sports media landscape and a strong network of B2B & B2C national business & and trade media contacts. Full info HERE (3/12)


SALES COORDINATOR/Emerging Networks TV/Remote work from home:  New York Seasoned Multicultural Television Rep Firm seeks to hire a professional sales coordinator to book insertion orders, organize wkly pre & post log & facilitate monthly invoicing. Full info HERE (3/12)


BRAND MARKETING MGR/FreeWheel/NYC: Resp for leading Freewheel brand mktg projects from conception to completion thru creative brainstorming session w/smart technology execs. Demonstrable marketing/brand management experience within an enterprise technology environment. 6-9 yrs of exp in a marcomm capacity w/ increased responsibilities. Full info HERE (3/12)

ACCOUNT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE, AD SALES/NBCU/NYC: Responsible for maintaining all aspects of account management while providing timely and accurate information to the sales team and to the client. Client Service and/or Account Management exp a +. BA degree req’d. Full info HERE (3/8)
DIRECTOR, TALENT RELATIONS/PBS/Arlington, VA: Build a program to recruit and retain the best on-air talent for PBS in all Gen. Audience program genres. 7+yrs of related exp. Full info HERE (3/8)
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE/NBC- WVIT Telemundo/Hartford, CT: Dynamic candidate to join the NBC CT & Telemundo CT local sales team. Responsible for delivering sales revenue, as well as cultivating and developing new advertisers for the station’s multi-platform properties. 1 yr sales exp. BA Deg or equiv work exp.  Full info HERE (3/8)
CUSTOMER SVC REP/Cynopsis/Norwalk CT: Play critical role w/marketing team and be a major support of events & logistics for all events. incl in-bound/out-bound calls with customers, event logistics and communications. comfortable in an “all hands-on deck” enviro a must. MS excel, word, outlook proficient a must. Full info HERE (3/8)


ASST MEDIA MGR, SOCIAL & EMERGING MEDIA/AD COUNCIL/San Francisco: Mng the day-to-day management of accts & assist in evaluating & executing targeted media partnerships for our 40+ campaigns. 2+ yrs professional sales, mktg, or agency (media or acct mnemnt) exp. Full info HERE (3/8)

AD SALES PLANNER/SiriusXM/NYC: Motivated, detail-oriented, organized w/strong communication skills & displays a willingness to learn and grow in a fast-paced work environment. 3+ yrs of exp in media advertising (radio and/or pricing & planning/sales analysis a strong +). Full info HERE (3/7)

ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR/GLOW/NYC:Help lead a team of Art Dir, Designers & Motion Designers to develop strong visual narratives that unfold over the course of a campaign. 4-6yrs exp (agency preferred; CPG exp a +) Passion for emerging tech & wide-ranging exp w/ classics (Adobe Creative Suite) Full info HERE (3/2)

/Universal Parks & Resorts/NYC: Mng activity for media promotions in top regional US mkts, internat’l business & TV dvlpmnt projects. Oversee daily project management & execution of Global Media Promotions. 4-7 yrs mktg exp req’d; or equivalent combination of education and exp. Full info HERE (3/2)

/A+E Networks/NY:
Establish the strategy & manage the departmental activities for monetizing network content & assets to drive national ad sales revenue for A+E Networks. Full Info/Apply:  HERE (3/1)

ACCOUNT DIRECTOR/TV one/New York: Responsible for selling the brand strength of the TV One and Cleo TV to advertisers and agencies. Knowledge of cable industry (particular as it relates to AA demo). Strong verbal, written comm, negotiation and presentation skills. Knowledge of project mgmt methods and techniques. 20-30% domestic travel. FULL info HERE (3/1)

VP, ORIGINAL SCRIPTED/ION Media/New York: Candidates must be able to solicit orig scripted programming and evaluate new submissions. Manage orig dev including review series bible, outlines and scripts. Oversee all stages of production. Candidate must have a min 7 yrs experience in television scripted series dev with either a prod co/network in dev and producing scripted shows for networks, particularly dramas. FULL info HERE (3/1)
DIR, SALES DEVELOPMENT, DIGITAL INDUSTRY/ION Media/New York: Seeking sales prof with a focus on adv sales on ION’s broadcast TV platform to the Digital Tech industry. Responsible for generating new adv accts and rev for ION Television. Must have 10yrs TV selling or related advertising sales experience, with knwl of consumer-oriented tech companies and strong client contacts. FULL info HERE (3/1)

Sr WEB MGR /Vin Di Bona Productions/LA: Manage and grow VDBP portfolio of web properties. Develop and manage VDBP digital products (email newsletters, merch store, apps). 5+ yrs of work exp specifically doing digital creative project/prod management. Full info HERE (2/28)

/WSNS Telemundo TV/Chicago: Exp’d & dynamic sales person to negotiate/sell multi-platform solutions incl TV, digital & experiential opps. Min 3 yrs exp work in TV sales or other area of Media Sales incl prospecting new clients & negotiating business proposals/closing deals. FULL info HERE (2/28)

DIRECTOR, DIGITAL SALES RESEARCH/The CW Network/NYC: The CW Network seeks a Director, Digital Sales Research for their Media Sales & Planning team. Must have 6+ years digital research experience. Full info/apply HERE (2/28)



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