Friday, August 6th, 2010

Cynopsis: Kids!



Good morning. It’s Friday, August 6, 2010, and this is your first early morning Kids briefing.

Nickelodeon India and DQ Entertainment partner to co-produce the new HD animated TV series Keymon Ache (26×30).  The series will be produced locally in India, with Nickelodeon providing content for the program and DQE handling production, distribution and licensing.  This is the network’s first local produced animated series. Targeted to K5+ and families, Keymon Ache revolves around the daily life of an ordinary 9-year-old boy ad his magical toy friends.  The program is expected to deliver by mid-2011.  DQE will co-finance the series with Nickelodeon, Viacom 18.  Nickelodeon India will hold rights to the property in south Asia, including India, while DQE takes exclusive rights for the rest of the world.

Namco Bandai unveils plans to integrate its two US game divisions, Namco Bandai Games America and Namco Networks America, under the Namco Bandai Games America Inc. banner.  Under the Namco Bandai Games America label, the company will draw from talent for its mobile and console businesses to develop and publish interactive content across multiple platforms, which includes strengthening its social gaming efforts.  Kenji Hisatsune will serve as President and CEO of the newly unified Namco Bandai Games America when the deal is finalized in Q1 2011.


Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd are in talks to star in Warner Bros.-based Alcon Entertainment‘s family-targeted 3D movie Dolphin Tale, per THR.  Based on the true story of an injured dolphin and her rescue and rehabilitation, the movie begins production next month in Clearwater, Florida with Charles Martin Smith (Air Bud) directing the movie from a screenplay by Karen Janszen (A Walk to Remember) with revisions by Smith and Jordan Roberts. The screenplay is from an original treatment from Noam Dromi.  The movie story revolves around a dolphin that loses her tail in a crab trap and a boy a boy that looks after her and rallies people to save the animal, resulting in the creation of a prosthetic tail.  Warner Bros will release Dolphin Tale.


Sirius XM Radio is set to launch Star Wars Celebration Radio, it is a special four-day channel that will broadcast live from Lucasfilm‘s Star Wars Celebration V, being held in Orlando Florida, beginning Thursday, August 12 at 6p on Sirius channel 108 and XM channel 139.  Sirius XM Radio on-air personalities Raw Dog Comedy’s Mark Says Hi and Cinemagic’s Dave Ziemer will host the Star Wars Celebration Radio channel.

Adult Swim‘s live-action series Delocated! returns for a new season this summer with expanded 30-minute episodes.  New episodes of Delocated! Will premiere Sunday, August 22 at 10p.  The comedy debuted last summer on Adult Swim with 15-minute episodes.  The series is not targeted to kids.  Delocated! comes from creator/executive producer and star Jon Glaser, with co-executive producers Vernon Chatman, John Lee and Alyson Levy.  Airing nightly 10p-6a, Adult Swim shares channel space with Cartoon Network.


Scholastic Media is set to grow its I Spy ( franchise with the release of I Spy Spooky Mansion for Nintendo Wii this October 2010.  The new game title offers first-person gameplay that lets players explore each room of the mansion and discovery 33 interactive 3D riddles, each with a mini-game.  I Spy Spooky Mansion also challenges players with brainteaser games and scavenger hunts. Cokem International is distributing the game.  The I Spy book series by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick, which is published by Scholastic, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2011.


BabyFirstTV promotes Itamar Daube to VP/Creative.  Under his newly expanded role Daube, who had been Creative Director, will direct creative development for all series for the network and its cross-platforms (online, mobile).  Additionally, he will oversee on and off-air marketing and branding and lead the graphic art department.  Daube will report to SVP/Programming and Operations, Arik Kerman.


Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 2-11 for the week of 7/26-8/1/10 , 6a-6a:
K2-11                                        Total Delivery (000)
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8p)                                   3896
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8:30p)                              2919
DSNY*:  Hannah Montana Forever (8/1; 8p)         2536
DSNY*:  Good Luck Charlie (8/1; 8:30p)              2533
NICK:     iCarly (7/31; 8p)                                   2473
NICK:     SpongeBob SquarePants (7/29; 11a)      2440
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 7:30p)                              2427
NICK:     SpongeBob SquarePants (7/29; 11:30a) 2329
NICK:     iCarly (8/1; 7p)                                     2332
NICK:     SpongeBob SquarePants (7/26; 11a)      2240
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 6-11 for the week of 7/26-8/1/10 , 6a-6a:
K6-11                                         Total Delivery (000)
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8p)                                    3042
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8:30p)                               2216
DSNY*:  Hannah Montana Forever (8/1; 8p)           2126
DSNY*:  Good Luck Charlie (8/1; 8:30p)                2071
NICK:     iCarly (7/31; 8p)                                     1788
DSNY*:  Jonas L.A. (8/1; 9p)                                 1782
DSNY*:  Suite Life on Deck (8/1; 9:30p)                 1755
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 7:30p)                                 1746
NICK:     iCarly (8/1; 7p)                                        1729
DSNY*:  Good Luck Charlie (7/27; 8p)                     1612
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Tweens 9-14 for the week of 7/26-8/1/10 , 6a-6a:
Tweens 9-14                               Total Delivery (000)
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8p)                                     3011
DSNY*:  Hannah Montana Forever (8/1; 8p)            2175
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8:30p)                                 2144
DSNY*:  Good Luck Charlie (8/1; 8:30p)                 2011
DSNY*:  Jonas L.A. (8/1; 9p)                                 1823
DSNY*:  Suite Life on Deck (8/1; 9:30p)                 1665
NICK:     iCarly (7/31; 8p)                                      1520
NICK:     iCarly (8/1; 7p)                                        1436
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 7:30p)                                 1421
DSNY*:  Hannah Montana Forever (7/26; 1p)           1323
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Teens 12-17 for the week of 7/26-8/1/10 , 6a-6a:
Teens 12-17                                Total Delivery (000)
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8p)                                     1609
DSNY*:  Hannah Montana Forever (8/1; 8p)            1400
MTV:      Jersey Shore 2 (7/29; 10-11p)                  1304
DSNY*:  Good Luck Charlie (8/1; 8:30p)                 1143
NICK:     iCarly (7/30; 8:30p)                                 1113
DSNY*:  Jonas L.A. (8/1; 9p)                                  1089
ADSM:   Family Guy (7/27; 11:30p)                          936
DSNY*:  Suite Life on Deck (8/1; 9:30p)                    923
ADSM:   Family Guy (7/28; 11p)                                878
NICK:     iCarly (8/1; 7p)                                           873
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.
**Abbreviation for Adult Swim, which airs on Cartoon Network

Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, July 31, 2010 Broadcast Networks only (Live + SD Data):
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data
CW (TheCW4Kids) 0.8/5 Avg. (7a-12p)
Cubix 0.2/3; Cubix 0.4/5; Sonic X 0.5/5; Sonic X 0.7/5; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 0.8/5; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1.0/6; Sonic X 1.6/8; Yu-Gi-Oh 1.1/5; Yu-Gi-Oh 1.0/5; Dinosaur King 0.8/4
ABC 0.6/3 Avg. (9a-1p)
The Emperor’s New School 0.4/3; The Replacements 0.6/3; That’s So Raven 0.7/3; That’s So Raven 0.9/4; Hannah Montana 0.8/4; Suite Life of Zack & Cody 0.8/4; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 0.4/2; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 0.3/2
NBC (Qubo on NBC) Avg. 0.3/1 (10a-1p)
Turbo Dogs 0.3/1; Shelldon 0.3/2; 3-2-1 Penguins 0.3/2; Babar 0.3/1; Willa’s Wild Life 0.3/1; Jane and the Dragon 0.2/1
CBS (CookieJarTV) 0.2/1 Avg. (7-10a/10a-12p)
Noonbory and the Super 7 0.1/1; Busytown Mysteries 0.2/1; Doodlebops Rockin’ Road Show 0.1/1; Sabrina: The Animated Series 0.1/1; Sabrina: The Animated Series 0.1/1; Strawberry Shortcake 0.2/1

Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, July 31, 2010 Cable Networks only (Live + SD Data):
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data
DISNEY CHANNEL 3.6/22 Avg. (7a-1p)
Handy Manny 2.1/30; Special Agent Oso 2.0/23; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1.9/18; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2.3/20; Phineas and Ferb 3.2/20; Phineas and Ferb 3.6/21; Phineas and Ferb 4.1/21; Phineas and Ferb 4.7/23; Suite Life On Deck 4.8/23; Suite Life On Deck 5.7/28; Wizards of Waverly Place 4.8/23; Wizards of Waverly Place 3.9/19
NICKELODEON 3.1/18 Avg. (7a-1p)
Jimmy Neutron 1.3/18; Fairly OddParents 1.8/20; Penguins of Madagascar 2.0/18; Fanboy & Chum Chum 2.4/18; SpongeBob SquarePants 3.7/23; SpongeBob SquarePants 4.4/25; Penguins of Madagascar 3.6/19; Fanboy & Chum Chum 3.1/15; SpongeBob SquarePants 4.0/19; SpongeBob SquarePants 4.0/19; The Troop 3.6/17; iCarly 3.5/17
CARTOON NETWORK 1.2/7 Avg. (7a-1p)
Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League 0.4/6; Beyblade: Metal Fusion 0.6/7; Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 1.2/11; Generator Rex 1.7/13; Star Wars: Clone Wars 1.6/10; Hot Wheels: Battle Force 1.5/8; Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders 1.4/7; Beyblade: Metal Fusion 1.1/5; Beyblade: Metal Fusion 1.1/5; Beyblade: Metal Fusion 1.0/5; Beyblade: Metal Fusion 1.2/6; Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. 1.5/7
DISNEY XD 0.7/4 Avg. (7a-1p)
Kid vs. Kat 0.2/2; Phineas and Ferb Shorts (1×15) 0.4/4; Phineas and Ferb 0.7/6; Kick Buttowski 0.8/6; Jimmy Two Shoes Shorts (1×15) 0.5/3; Meet the Robinsons (1×117) 0.9/5; Kick Buttowski 0.7/3; Kick Buttowski Shorts (1×15) 0.7/3; Next X (1×15) 0.5/2; Zeke and Luther 0.6/3

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON:         K2-11 1451; K6-11 838; TWEENS 9-14 650
DISNEY CHANNEL:     K2-11 1227; K6-11 893; TWEENS 9-14 761
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   608; K6-11 379; TWEENS 9-14 266
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   241; K6-11 169; TWEENS 9-14 153
NICKTOONS:              K2-11   153; K6-11 103; TWEENS 9-14   78
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data

Friday Fun Fact: 
The house where Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence was torn down and replaced with a hamburger stand. 

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia:   When this character picks up a distress call he jumps into action shouting his catch phrase “Up and at ’em …” Who is the character and what is the rest of his catchphrase? ATOM ANT!  Kudos to: Tom Friedmann-DivX/NY; Kevin Weist-Chocolate Cake/NY; McPaul Smith-ABC/NY; Barry Solomon-Retailability Inc./NY; Tom Mason-MainBrain Prods/Simi Valley

Today’s Trivia Question:  This 400-year old cave dwelling cartoon character was known for his reluctance to be mean, he was also allergic to daisies.  Who is he? (Email [email protected] with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

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