Special Editions

10/19/21: Cynopsis Reports From Advertising Week

  A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM NEW YORK INTERCONNECT     Tuesday October 19, 2021 Insights and Highlights from Advertising Week New York 2021 Cathy Applefeld Olson Advertising Week New York is underway, and Cynopsis is spreading the news. Welcome to our coverage of the most noteworthy topics, panels and speakers, plus some enterprise […]

10/14/21: What You Need to Know to Achieve CTV Advertising Success

  A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM PREMION     Thursday October 14, 2021 Premium Matters: Practical Advice for a Complex Ecosystem Cathy Applefeld Olson Fueled by the extraordinary streaming growth, and being inherently cookieless, connected television (CTV) shows no signs of slowing down. How can advertisers optimize the increasingly complex, yet infinitely promising ecosystem […]

09/24/21: Your Big TV Conference Recap

  A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM GAMUT     Friday September 24, 2021 Your Big TV Conference Recap Cathy Applefeld Olson The 2021 Cynopsis That Big TV Conference is in the books, and our virtual audience of agency, programming, tech and brand executives took in three packed days of fresh thinking, actionable learnings and […]

09/14/21: Diversity & Inclusion: Executive Summary

    Tuesday September 14, 2021 Opening Minds and Opening Doors Cathy Applefeld Olson Diversity, equity and inclusion. The three words are reverberating more than ever across the television, digital and greater entertainment landscape. But actually achieving these goals is another matter. In partnership with Discovery, Cynopsis’ Diversity and Inclusion virtual event on September 13 […]

Canoe Steers Into Streaming, Augments Addressable & Programmatic Endeavors

  A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM CANOE VENTURES     Wednesday June 23, 2021 Canoe Steers Into Streaming, Augments Addressable & Programmatic Endeavors Cathy Applefeld Olson In a video market that’s crowded, fragmented and shifting like never before, programmers and advertisers are seeking both institutional knowledge and pioneering leadership as they steer through uncharted […]