Write Label Unveils Software Platform to Manage TV Script Projects

Crowd-sourced writing solutions company Write Label has designed a proprietary software platform that manages TV script projects, and is customized to interface with enterprise customers.

Recently, the platform worked with 12 local U.S. TV station groups for a pilot program that clearly demonstrated its efficacy in generating new revenue. The pilot included only revenue from new or lost opportunities, or past clients that had not renewed within the last year and resulted in a total of over $800,000 in closed new revenue and more than $4.5MM of pipeline expansion from across 687 projects on the Write Label platform.

The Write Label team has recruited and tested tens of thousands of writers, selecting only a small fraction of the best ones to join the platform. These elite writers help develop production-ready scripts that start arriving within minutes of a project being posted. Within a couple of hours, projects are completed with at least five customized creative scripts provided. 

“This tool has the potential to increase revenue for media companies by providing fast, quality content,” Write Label CEO Gideon Stein said. “The results of the 90-day pilot greatly exceeded our expectations and the sales executives involved stated that the quality of the scripts and speed of responses allowed them to accelerate their sales dramatically. Closing more than $800,000 of new revenue in just 90 days means we achieved a realized ROI of more than eight to one with another $4.5 million in weighted pipeline opportunities.”

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