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REELZ aims to put the “real” back in celebrity-based reality television, with a slew of new programs in the pipeline and a focus on data and digital initiatives.



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What’s the pitch this Upfront season?
“REELZ provides viewers with access to the world of celebrities through programming exploring their lives, loves, allure, drama, triumphs and tragedies,” says Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales Bill Rosolie. “We are the only network to provide access to ALL sides of celebrity. Through extensive primary research, we have found an underserved, highly desirable audience that we call the ‘celebrity enthusiast.’ Our programming will cater to their insatiable appetite. They are female, younger, affluent and social, and are big spenders in key categories,” notes Rosolie. “We will reach them with returning, proven shows and more than 20 new shows. The programming will be wrapped seasonally and thematically. It will, of course, have opportunities for relevant client-sponsored stunting covering Back to School, Halloween, Holiday and Award Coverage and will have quarterly big events covering topics such as the Kennedys and Princess Di.”

Commercial Breaks
“Based on our new programming and emphasis, we expect to expand our roster ofauto, financial, and health and beauty and advertisers, among others,” says Rosolie. “Research tells us there’s a 7-14% better likelihood than the general U.S. population that celebrity enthusiasts will buy in the categories of apparel, beauty products, fashion and fashion accessories. Of course, those four categories are endemic to a celebrity network, but the enthusiasts have a 40-83% more likelihood to purchase in the quick service restaurants, financial, insurance, credit cards, auto and smartphones/tablets sectors.”

How you stand out from your competitors
“REELZ differentiates itself by covering all sides of [fame] with a voice that not only is triumphant but dramatic,” says Rosolie. “Our programming is presented and scheduled with the viewer’s interest in mind. Our promotional events are always topical and relevant to the time of year. Coincidentally, that’s the way many advertisers plan their campaigns.”

What your clients are saying
“In this fragmenting world of cable, with audiences in a state of flux, our clients tell us they are looking for more opportunities – especially in the world of entertainment that is backed by data and delivers a highly targeted audience,” says Rosolie. “This is one of the reasons that programmatic buying is so important to them.”

The Buzz
 “If you listen to the pundits, they believe the state of the marketplace is a cyclical issue rather than a secular one and that national TV spending will rebound. There is definitely more strength in the second quarter scatter market, with two of the biggest categories that caused a weaker marketplace rebounding: auto and package goods. I believe the marketplace will be stronger, but audience shifts will make it very interesting.“

What people are leaning into
“There’s certainly a trend away from sensational, salacious unscripted programming toward content that’s story-based and has more positive values. Competition programming is still very popular, because it’s not about sensationalism,” points out Rosolie. “They always build in storytelling to the contestants. That’s one of the drivers for our shift in programming.”

Any changes afoot at the network?
“Other than our continuing evolution as a celebrity oriented network, our evolution in digital, enhanced use of data and 20 new programs, not much!” jokes Rosolie. “What we’re doing specifically – I won’t say it’s unique, but it’s definitely less the norm – is that we are aligning programming seasonally or thematically. Viewers like programming when it’s topical. Also, we announced that we will be doing Living With the Jacksons, and Beverly Hills Pawn will be coming back, so we’ve got some shows that do stand out. But it’s more about the whole and the way we’re presenting it.”

What’s been the network’s biggest challenge?
“Being an independent network, unlocking the value of our audience for advertisers just takes more time and effort. The agency buying world is getting harder and harder. These groups are tasked with more client demands, more content providers wanting their time, and generating greater efficiencies in a shrinking supply of viewer impressions in the higher reach vehicles,” explains Rosolie. “Ten years ago, 96% of cable viewing was captured by the top 40 networks. Today, that number has dropped to 80%.”

What’s next?
“REELZ continues to invest in more original programming than any other independent network, with more than 20 shows in development and production over this next year," says ReelzChannel CEO Stan E. Hubbard. “In addition to all the new original programming, we look ahead with great enthusiasm to 2016 to our sequel miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot which will bring Katie Holmes back as Jackie Kennedy Onassis.”


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Just Asking…
Star of the upcoming eponymous Master P Project, and of hip-hop, Master P answered some of our burning questions.

Why should people watch your show?
This is a different perspective on me, my company and New Orleans. I’m showing where I came from and how I inspire my kids to break cycles. We showcase the positive sides of a hip hop family. This is more than entertainment. It’s about life, love and family.

What’s your favorite music video of all time?
Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. The energy and the expression he put in that music, he really showed who he was.

What’s your hidden talent?
I know how to cook. I’m working on a family restaurant right now using some of my grandma’s recipes.

Quote of the day:
“While digital video is a fast-growing market, the second biggest component of this video is the cable networks. So, a large portion of this growth is nothing more than adding a new screen to your traditional TV consumption; it just happens to be wireless,” says Rosolie. “Once this viewing is measured, I believe the stories will state that TV is still the most effective medium for branding and reach.”

— reported by Mala Bhattacharjee

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Travel Channel is ready for takeoff. "We’re developing what we consider true travel series that will take us in a direction we’ve never been before," says Scripps Networks Interactive President of National Ad Sales and Marketing Jon Steinlauf.

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