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Mng/guide mktg rsrch Analysts and Representatives within the Mkt Rsrch & Plan’g team. Must have 6-9 years relevant experience.

More info/apply: www.comcast.jobs/2564 

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, November 06, 2012, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

Tips for a Better Interview

The interview is the single most important part of the hiring process, no wonder there are such high levels of stress associated with it. However, if you follow the tips below, you will become a better interviewee, therefore more confident when you interview. More confidence equals a greater chance of being hired.

Listen to what the interviewer is saying and asking. Nothing is more off-putting to a Human Resources  professional than not answering the question asked. You’re not running for President, you actually have to answer the question as precisely as possible.

Relate to the interviewer, so he can relate to you. Be observant, look for anything on a more personal level and comment on it. Did he graduate from U Penn? Talk about how much you love Philadelphia. A baseball from the Dodgers? Bring up something positive about the Dodgers, or baseball or Los Angeles. In the small talk before the interview really begins, try to make an emotional connection with the interviewer. Of course, nothing too personal.

During the interview, use past experiences to demonstrate why you should be considered a serious candidate. Creating credibility with the interviewer is very important if you want to be considered a viable candidate.

To some extent, mirror the interviewer as far as hand gestures and manner. Not every gesture, that would be creepy, just the main ones the interviewer uses. This will develop a connection between you and the interviewer. Match the interviewer’s enthusiasm, and turn it up one notch. Enthusiasm is very persuasive, but too much can hurt you.

Have the mind frame that you are a consultant and not a candidate. This requires a lot of homework, but almost always pays off. You are there to help the company; to do this, you must know the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Describe to the interviewer how you can help the company in great detail. This will demonstrate your knowledge and your attitude that you are there to help rather than just pick up a paycheck.

Finally, be yourself. If you try to be someone else, it will show and your answers and comments will not ring true. There is only one you, and nobody can do it better.

We are always on the look out for more Experts to advise our readers – if you’re a headhunter, job coach, career advisor, etc., and may be interested in contributing to this edition from time to time, please contact me at [email protected].


Cynopsis: Sports Special eReport — N AS CAR
Published: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26

Timed to coincide with the NASCAR Sprint Cup – Cynopsis Sports will report on everything you need to know about the Sprint Cup – as well as the latest news on NASCAR (the new events, network carriage deals, etc.) and a look into 2013.

Ad space is limited! Contact VP of Sales & Mktg: Mike Farina | 203.218.6480

TODAY How To Weather 9 Career Storms
by Jessica Sitomer

Al Roker has been the weatherman on NBC news’ TODAY, since 1996. He has had a successful career reporting on some of the history’s worst storms and natural disasters.

You probably have a good idea of what success will look like to you when you reach it. Yet, sometimes you must weather obstacles along the way; getting fired, working with a ‘Screamer,’ being out of work, making a mistake on the job. These are just a few examples of storms that interrupt the smooth sailing of building your career.

Here are 9 “career forces of nature” and how to weather them:

1. Earthquake. The unexpected shake-up that leads to you losing your job. OR being fired. Either way it’s awful. How do you weather it? You remember that people you admire who are extremely successful at what you want to do, have been fired too. Why does that matter? Because, since it happens to almost everybody, there is no reason to wear your termination like a scarlet letter. Too many people I’ve coached have told me stories about being in an interview and talking about being fired from their last job (or in some cases a job from years before). They couldn’t let go of the shame. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead focus on your plan for getting the next job.

2. Tornado. You know, the people who cause damage to anyone in their path? The difficult people. The mean people. The awful people. How do you weather the storm? You can either create a plan for getting a new job away from the horrible people, or find something so valuable in what you’re receiving from the work that you are able to rise above and possibly block out the horridness that surrounds you. Keep in mind that the later is hazardous to your health, so I would still keep the former in mind.

3. Drought. No work for months. How do you weather a drought? You plan for it. You are realistic about the nature of our industry and you make financial plans for droughts. Then when one hits, instead of feeling desperate you are able to appreciate the time off, knowing you will work again. You also use that time to deepen your relationships and do the ‘business work’ that I teach, which will lead to your next job.

4. Hurricane. Losing power in a hurricane is the equivalent to losing your sense of power and faith to pursue your dream. How do you weather the storm? You can wait for someone else to come along and restore the power or you can get back in touch with why you wanted to do what you do, for whom you do it, and how what you do not only affects people’s lives, it can also create really positive change in the world. What if you just changed one person’s life through your gift? You can turn the power back on anytime you choose.

5. Volcano. You’ve made a mistake at work that has erupted. How do you weather the ash that covers the explosive situation? You take responsibility and have the confidence to say that because you’ve now made it, it will not happen again. Whereas firing you and replacing you can create the same situation all over again. Everyone makes mistakes. Some people’s mistakes have even turned into career makers!

6. Snowstorm. A snowstorm covers everything in a blanket of cold white, causing the inability to see the path. How do you trek through the snow? You ask for help. When the path you’re on obscures and you can’t see clearly, it’s time for another set of eyes. Be sure to ask someone who is always ‘sunny.’

7. Thunder. When the roar of your family and friends about what you’re doing with your life gets to be a little too loud, it’s time to get out of the storm. How do you drown out the roll of thunder? You find new people to talk to; people who inspire and support you. Your family roars because they worry about you, so it’s difficult to completely get out of the storm. As long as you have other supportive people to turn to, you can weather this storm.

8. Lightning. The great job that strikes, but because you didn’t market yourself properly, nothing has come from it. How do you bounce back from lightning NOT striking twice? You either start all over, letting go of ‘what could have been’ or you find a way to breathe life back into your story about the great job. Hollywood does it all the time. Finding Nemo is being re-released, this time in 3-D. Same story, new way to see it.

9. Flood. Too many offers at once. May not sound like a bad problem to have, unless you’re in it and you have to choose between a client who has loyally hired you non-union for years and the opportunity to work on a big union project that could take you to the next level but has no guarantee. How do you wade through these waters? You do a lot of soul searching. You master the art of decision making and taking risks. If you go with the safe job, you let go of any future regret. If you take the risk, you create a marketing strategy so that whatever happens with the job, it will propel you to the next level.

And Action!

1. Evaluate which of the storms affect your career path.

2. Create a ‘weather preparation kit’ in case a storm hits.

We watch Al because he helps us prepare! And if you prepare for a disaster it won’t be as disastrous as it could’ve been.

Jessica Sitomer,The Greenlight Coach,is a top Entertainment Industry Speaker and Coach and is the author of And…Action! Powerful, Proven, and Proactive Strategies to Achieve Success in the Entertainment Industry. To learn more about her, visit, www.TheGreenlightCoach.com.

Questions from our Readers
Answered by
Jessica Sitomer

What is the best way I can prepare for interviews?

Research the position and the companies, prepare personal stories that reveal the top 3 traits that you want the interviewer to know about you (instead of listing traits that make you right for the job, have a life/job experience story that reveals those traits), do mock interviews with friends, compile questions for the interviewer (you are interviewing them as mush as they are interviewing you), and finally, and possibly most important, check your attitude… are you coming from a place of enthusiasm and confidence or a place of desperation and frustration?

I’ve been underpaid by my current employer and worried that the trend will continue with my next employer. How do I avoid this happening?

Refuse job offers that don’t pay you enough. That said, you must be reasonable with your expectations of future employers, and you must be able to demonstrate why you want the salary you’re asking for.

Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach, answers an entertainment industry question daily at www.AndActionBook.blogspot.com.


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JOB OPENING: MGR. MARKETING SOLUTIONS – G4/NBCUniversal/LA: Develop innovative brand integration ideas and structure pitches for ad sales mktg in an evolving network. 4yrs similar experience req. www.nbcunicareers.com Job#6796BR (11/7)

JOB OPENING: MANAGER, SALES OPERATIONS, DIGITAL PROPERTIES/NBCUNIVERSAL, INC/LA: projct. mgt. and liaison b/t groups – DART,DFP,Auditude, seeking cand. w/2+ yrs. exp., BA req. www.nbcunicareers.com Job#7475BR (11/7)

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JOB OPENING: AE, AFFIL SALES & MKTG/WWE/STMFRD, CT:  Mng distrib, sales, mktg affil prods (PPV, VOD, etc); 3-6 yrs direct-related exp, BA deg. Travel req’d. Apply:  http://www.wwe-careers.com/wwe/jobboard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*B13DC600 (11/2)

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be the lead developer for building and maintaining a state-of-the-art sports content management system for the NBC Sports Group
Sr. Developer, Drupal/PHP   4663BR
NBC Universal
Stamford CT

translate project goals into creative excellence that positions our brands and their trademarks to consumers, the trade, marketing partners and internal audiences
Art Director   4553

directs and oversees financial planning, analysis, budgeting and forecasting, capital management, providing financial oversight and driving financial performance
VP, Financial Planning & Analysis   7546BR
NBC Universal

develop, execute and manage a winning editorial proposition for the site
Managing Editor, BBCAmerica.com
BBC America

supports brand development, inventory management and sales planning to deliver action plans for the development of a diverse retailer and brand base
VP, Brand Management & Sales Planning
BBC America

responsible for executing solid designs that speak to the creative and art direction provided
Senior Designer

work with stakeholders across Comcast and NBCUniversal to design and implement a series of enterprise-wide talent management initiatives
Senior Director, Integrated Talent Mgmt
Philadelphia PA

oversees and manages the build and execution of one of the most trafficked, compelling, and innovative suite of digital products in the sports industry
Sr. Director, Product Management and Operations
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta GA

ensuring all inter company activity related to film management is recognized on time and accurately
Sr Financial Analyst
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta GA

provides strategic direction (Future state and Roadmaps) for enterprise-wide technology architecture of advanced converged service delivery & assurance of current and future technologies used for all Cox revenue generating services
Sr Director, Service Delivery Core Architecture   39855
Cox Communications
Atlanta GA

responsible for designing, directing, and/or executing interactive advertising and marketing communications
Senior Art Director
Detroit MI

w ork closely with the Vice President, Advertising Sales to ensure priorities are defined and making sure the team and function are operating effectively
Director, Pricing & Planning   187
BET Networks
Chicago IL

coordinate and execute cutting-edge customer, client, vendor, and market research using qualitative and quantitative methods as appropriate
Senior Researcher   11966
Chicago IL

drive significant revenue growth by using general business acumen to uncover prospect business needs
Director, Business Development   1480
Chicago IL

support the needs of IT and development Team at Dotomi
Director Account Analytics   1570
Chicago IL

lead Razorfish client engagements, from small, innovative projects to larger integrated end-to-end solutions
Senior Account Director   11987
Seattle WA

ensure the development, delivery, and support of cross platform connected products
VP, Technology   62178BR
Walt Disney Corporation
North Hollywood CA

act as the primary HR partner for the West Coast based Original Programming and Ad Sales function
Director Human Resources   191
BET Networks
Los Angeles CA

identify, cultivate and manage relationships with digital distributors including online and other alternative platforms
Director – Digital Distribution   6751
Discovery Channel
Los Angeles CA

create, produce and manage ground breaking, innovative television programs
Executive Producer  Specials & Series   6756
Discovery Channel
Los Angeles CA

responsible for the continuous assessment and improvement of the Hulu culture
VP, Talent and Organization
Los Angeles CA

make a significant impact on our product portfolio and exceed guest expectations
Lead Interaction Designer   71947BR
Burbank CA

responsible for handling a wide range of legal and commercial issues and is responsible for providing a professional level of legal support to Paramount’s domestic home media distribution business units
Sr. Attorney – Domestic Home Media   3577
Paramount Studios
Hollywood CA

serve as an expert on the VMN Entertainment brands, and their target audiences to all clients
Sr. Manager – Ad Sales Research   4791
Santa Monica CA

responsible for partnering with assigned client organizations and Human Resources team(s) to ensure strategies and initiatives are met
HR Leader
Sacramento CA


Two were promoted at Starz Entertainment, as announced by Ray Milius, SVP/Programming and IT Development.  James Porter was upped to the newly created position of SVP/Media System and IT Development and Jodi Robinson to VP/Internet and Interactive Technology.  James oversees all activities for broadcast and the infrastructure operations for the channels and advanced services as well as the IT group.  Jodi and her group head technology strategy and development for the company including advanced services and interactive television.

CBS Television Stations group named Tom Canedo as VP/GM for the group’s stations in Detroit, WWJ-TV and WKBD-TV, the CBS and CW affiliates respectively.  Previously, Tom managed the station WUPA-TV as VP/GM, the CW affiliate owned by CBS in Atlanta.  

Tom Warner, formerly SVP/Domestic Distribution at Sony Pictures, has joined Rohrs Media Group, working with John Rohrs, President,in the domestic syndication of the WE tv long running series Bridezillas for Fall 2013, as well as other projects.

Toei Animation’s Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Captain Harlock has been honored with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres on October 23, 2012 for the series’ influence on French popular culture.  France established this award 1957 which recognizes luminaries across literature, film and music.  Other past title holders include T.S. Eliot, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith among others.

Yesterday Shine Group revealed former Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios and President of Disney Channels Worldwide, Rich Ross will become CEO, Shine America.  Rich succeeds current Shine America CEO Carl Fennessy, following Carl’s pre-arranged, two-year term in Los Angeles.   Carl will return to Australia where he will continue as Joint CEO, Shine Australia by mid-2013 following a transition phase with Rich who joins the company in January. 

Sammy Nourmand is departing from September Films and DC Media plc and his role as CEO at the end of 2012.  As a result and following a strategic analysis of the business, DCD is restructuring its resources to address the revenue and growth potential of the North American TV production market.  David Green will lead a dedicated team charged with growing market share and growing its US business.  David will continue as ex-officio Executive Director of the DCD Media Plc main board though steps down as Chairman of DCD so he can concentrate on building a creative team for productions in the US.  Richard McGuire, Chairman of Timeweave Plc, who is also a DCD Non-Executive Director, has been named as DCD’s Non-Executive Chairman.  Additionally, Timeweave Plc’s CEO, David Craven, currently a DCD Non-Executive Director has been appointed as DCD’s new CEO

London-based Capablue, specializing in connected TV solutions tapped James Mears as Product Director to head its product development team.  James is charged with defining and developing the company’s products, managing its product portfolios and executing product strategy. 

Entertainment marketing agency, MerryMedia, Inc., is marking its tenth anniversary by adding new staff and moving its headquarters to Sherman Oaks as well as launching a new website (www.MerryMedia.net).  MerryMedia named Petra Luna as Senior Consultant to manage the radio promotion division.  Petra joins from EMG where she was a VP.  Jennifer Neal was promoted to Director/Marketing up from Manager/Marketing.  Jennifer will work in tandem with Karen Abrams who heads social media extensions of radio and online campaigns and more. 

Argonon’s drama unit Leopardrama adds former BBC producer, Ruth Caleb to its ranks.  Ruth will be working on existing projects including the recently announced feature film, Mother of Sorrows and will also develop new dramas for the company.  Ruth will further work closely with Leopardrama Development Producer Jez Swimer and Executive Producer Joey Attawia.

Former Madison Square Garden (MSG) and Fuse executive, David Clark was tapped by The Weather Channel to become its President to oversee all facets of programming, strategy and operations for the linear network.  David’s scope will also include live and long form programming.  In his previous position at MSG, David was EVP/Sales and Partnership Development. 

Telemundo Media named Gregg Liebman as SVP/Advertising Sales Insight and Strategy, effective immediately.  Gregg will head research teams charged with producing strategic sales insights and other materials for the Telemundo Network, mun2 Cable Network and Telemundo Digital Sales.  Based in New York, Gregg will report to Doug Darfield, EVP/Research and Strategic Insights.  Telemundo Media additionally hired Martin Berlanga as News Anchor at KTMD Telemundo in Houston, effective immediately.  Martin will report to Rey Chavez, News Director at KTMD.

Consumer engagement agency, The Regan Group (TRG) added Susan Graham as VP/Marketing and Strategy as part of the company’s growth plan for 2013 and beyond.  Susan joins the company from Fox Broadcasting where she served as Executive Director/Integrated Marketing and National Promotions. 

Los Angeles-based Much and House Public Relations elevated Heather Weiss to Senior Publicist and Director/Entertainment Division and Amanda Molina to Senior Publicist and Director/Lifestyle Division.  Under the Entertainment Division, the company counts Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rivers, Penelope Ann Miller, Zach McGowan, Ben Bass and various others as clients.  Much and House Public Relations has numerous Lifestyle clients including costume designer Ruth Carter, celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler, celebrity makeup artist Tara Loren, non-profit Fashion Business Inc., author Colin Campbell among many others.

Reality production company, A. Smith & Co. Productions promoted Jonathan Goldberg to Director/Post-Production and Stephanie Bortis Stolzfus to Director/Production.  Jonathan works in the post-production capacity for several of A. Smith & Co.’s projects including Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and in his new role he will continue to manage the post production staff while overseeing the creation of video of all company properties.  In her new role, Stephanie will head the company’s projects from beginning to end, making sure all technical aspects and production crews are coordinating in synch for the creation of A. Smith & Co. formats. 

Entravision Communications Corporation is instituting a new management structure designed to strengthen the company’s ability to capitalize on its media platforms serving Latino audiences and communities to improve operating efficiencies.  Entravision will continue to expand into the arenas of digital, mobile and marketing services to complement its core television and radio assets.  In so doing, Entravision advanced several longtime employees to new and expanded roles within the company: Jeffery A. Liberman to COO up from President of the radio division; Mario M. Carrera to Chief Revenue Officer up from SVP/Spanish-Language Television; and Esteban Lopez Blanco was elevated to Chief Strategy Officer/Corporate Development and Innovation.  In addition, Walter F. Ulloa will continue to head the company as Chairman/CEO with Christopher T. Young remaining as EVP/CFO and Treasurer and Mark A. Boelke as General Counsel, VP/Legal Affairs and Secretary.

Erica Hill, formerly a CBS News anchor is joining NBC News as a National Correspondent and Weekend Today Co-Anchor.  Erica joins Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer on the weekend edition of NBC’s morning program beginning tomorrow.  She will co-anchor both the Saturday and Sunday editions and contribute to other NBC News programs and platforms.
Later — John
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Cynopsis 05/23/24: Apple asks, What If?

Apple asks, What If?

A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM WARNER BROS. DISCOVERY Our Primetime Winning Streak Continues… Claiming the majority of P18-49 cable viewing on back-to-back Sunday nights (May 12: 57% | May 19: 66%) – WBD delivered massive primetime reach across iconic sports and entertainment brands, including: NBA Playoffs (TNT, truTV) | NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (TBS) 90 Day […]

Cynopsis Esports 5/23/24: Larian Studios expands; MSI breaks records; Chipotle keeps fighting

Thursday May 23, 2024 Good morning! It’s Thursday, and this is your monthly Esports and Gaming Brief. Larian Studios is doing something few people expect of any game studio in 2024: expanding. Following the commercial and critical acclaim Baldur’s Gate 3 received throughout the past year, Larian has become an example of how talented right-sized […]

05/22/24: Cynopsis Jobs


MARKETING ASSOCIATE MANAGER GSTV NEW YORK, NY – HYBRID REMOTE Touch various teams within our group such as Marketing Solutions, Marketing Communications and Design. Our group develops thoughtful marketing and promotional programs alongside our business development team. We collaborate with teams across the organization to develop concepts that meet client needs and then bring the […]