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For reality/non-fict TV. Extnsve rsrch for characters, subcultures, formats. Basic shoot/edit/cast & treatment writing.

Res/Cov Ltr: [email protected]. 3+ yrs exp req’d

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, November 27, 2012, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

Five P’s Hiring Professionals Are Looking For

1. Preparation

There are two ways you can demonstrate your knowledge about the industry, company and the job itself; all of which are important. The obvious way is how you answer the interviewer’s questions. The less obvious yet many times more important way are the questions you ask the interviewer. Because there are no boundaries to the questions you ask, they can validate your industry acumen in a quicker and more unique way than any answer. Many HR professionals have hired simply on a great question.

2. Punctuality

It may seem terribly simple, but so is the result. If you are late to an interview without a very good reason, you won’t be hired. Outside of a poorly written resume and cover letter, there is nothing more damning to your chances than to be late for the interview. Rule of thumb, be there about twenty minutes early.

3. Poise

Being calm under pressure is so important, one hiring professional told me it was number one on her list of things to look for. Everyone wants to work with someone who is cool under pressure. Nobody wants to work with the opposite. Having poise establishes confidence and gravitas. Not only do people want to work with this person, they strive to be this person, and finally, they want to work for this person.

4. Passion

Be enthused about what you do, about what you want to do, and how you plan to do it. If you can speak to these three things with eloquence and passion, you will have made a very compelling case for yourself.

5. Politeness

It’s a shame that politeness will make you stand out, but I am told, it will. Thank everyone you talk to, including the person behind the desk in the waiting area. Too many people forget about this person, but it is not uncommon for the interviewer to ask his/her administrative assistant what they thought of the people being interviewed. In the HR office, you are on your best behavior, but in the waiting/reception area, many are not. You should be polite and personable to everyone you meet, not only will it help with securing the job, but it’s the right thing to do. A big mistake many interviewees make is not sending a thank you note after the interview. Everyone should do this and remember, handwritten is best. Not only is it the polite thing to do, but also reminds the interviewer of who you are. Very important.

All things being equal, these five P’s will make you a very strong candidate.

We are always on the look out for more Experts to advise our readers – if you’re a headhunter, job coach, career advisor, etc., and may be interested in contributing to this edition from time to time, please contact me at [email protected].


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AWAKE Torn Between Passion and Work
by Jessica Sitomer

Police Officer, Michael Britten is torn between two worlds; a world in which his son is alive and a world in which his wife is alive.

You love when you’re doing what you’re passionate about but the business to get the work you’re passionate about… not so much right? How do you motivate yourself to do the necessary “work” when you’d so much rather spend your time being creative and doing what you love?

Let’s start by making some analogies:

1. (For the parents) You love your kids and they bring you a feeling of joy you never thought imaginable. You look at them and feel something so deep that it penetrates your heart and moves straight to your soul. You never knew you could love someone so much. AND there are times when you have to say “no” and be the bad guy. There are also times when your kids rebel and you have to deal with aggravation and sometimes worse.

2. (For the pet owners) You love your pet. The sweet face, the snuggling, the companionship, and the unconditional love. BUT let’s not forget for every pet there is “clean up” and the bigger the pet, the bigger the “clean up.”

3. (For the adventurers) You love the rush. There’s a thrill to doing something that most people never would and a huge sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed another adventure. AND adventures come with bangs, bruises, and sometimes worse.

4. (For the travelers) You love seeing new places and experiencing different lifestyles. BUT it can get expensive, difficult to time with your entertainment career and most travelers have a horror story or two.

5. (For the gardeners) You love to grow your own veggies, flowers, fruits. It’s rewarding to spend a day in the garden and then consume the fruits of your labor. BUT the pesky bugs and bad weather conditions can be a pain in the butt to control.

Are you getting the picture? For everything you love to do, there is a draw back. So how do you motivate yourself to push through the draw backs of pursuing your entertainment industry career in order to spend the majority of your time doing what you love? Here are some tips that will help:

1. Create a schedule. A very simple weekly calendar where you schedule the majority of the time doing things that inspire your passion. AND at least 10 hours a week focused on your business work.

2. Do the fun stuff first. It’s okay if the work you do to drum up business is fun. Set visits are fun. Networking with friends is fun. Going to premiers is fun. So schedule the fun stuff first. If you use your business tools during the fun stuff, you may never need to participate in the dull stuff.

3. Use a reward system. If you must do dull stuff or worse… dreaded stuff, give yourself a time-table in which to get it done and then reward yourself with something that inspires your passion.

Your life’s journey is a give and take. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the journey. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate how good the great stuff is if you had nothing to compare it to, right? That said, you do have to generate work for yourself so you can have far more of the good stuff.

And Action!

1. Write down everything you can possibly do to generate work for yourself.

2. Put them in order from what you enjoy the most to the least.

3. Design an action plan for yourself and implement one or more of the tips to create the possibility of accomplishing more than you’ve ever done before.

4. Celebrate your success when you recognize that you can do anything you set your mind to when it comes to your business.

Michael is willing to feel uncomfortable and live between two worlds in order to have time with the two people he loves the most. Are you willing to feel the same?

Jessica Sitomer,The Greenlight Coach,is a top Entertainment Industry Speaker and Coach and is the author of And…Action! Powerful, Proven, and Proactive Strategies to Achieve Success in the Entertainment Industry. To learn more about her, visit, www.TheGreenlightCoach.com

Questions from our Readers
Answered by
Jessica Sitomer

If I receive a job offer that seems perfect, do I need to do anything more than simply accept it? What’s wrong with saying yes right there in the interview?

If it seems perfect, there’s nothing wrong with accepting right there. If you discover it wasn’t as perfect as you thought, you can always turn it down. If they want you to sign a contract on the spot, you may want to tell them you don’t sign anything without your lawyer reviewing it. If you’re not skilled in contract negotiations, you must be careful about signing a contract in the “heat of excitement” about a seemingly perfect job offer.

What kinds of questions should I expect during an interview, and what are the keys to responding to the trickiest questions?

Interviewers are going to want to know about you, your experience, and your ability to fit in to their company. The key to responding is to be sure “you” are responding, not your nerves or the voice inside your head that is looking for the answer the interviewer wants as opposed to your authentic answer. One if the biggest mistake people make in interviews is trying to answer questions the way they think the interviewer wants it answered instead of being authentic. Anytime you’re not being yourself, it comes across in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Practice is another key, so do some mock interviews with friends or family.

Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach, answers an entertainment industry question daily at www.AndActionBook.blogspot.com.


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fulfills the leadership tasks and deliverables of their assigned client accounts
Associate Creative Director

responsible for supporting the development and execution of advertiser based marketing elements and sponsorship packages for Destination America
Marketing – Specialist  6827
Discovery Channel

focus on the design strategy, project planning, budgeting and oversight of Viacom Construction projects
Director of Planning and Design  4887

develop compelling on and off-channel marketing partnerships for non-traditional new business ad sales partners
Director, Integrated Marketing/New Business  4929

supervise, train and develop production and project management staff for the Production Group
Vice President, Production Marketing  7857BR
NBC Universal

managing producers, associate producers and bookers in establishing content and executing an editorial plan for each show
Senior Producer  79777BR
Walt Disney Corporation

work closely with the VP, Network Sales and the rest of the Network Distribution team on all network sales and marketing activities for U.S. distribution of BBC America, BBC World News and other new BBC channels in the U.S.
Director, Network Sales
BBC America

lead thefinancialmanagement of SNI’sAffiliate Distribution Revenue and Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services Expenses
SVP, Affiliate Finance & Business Operations  13353BR
CBS Corporation

responsibility for the design, development and delivery of effective HR strategies
VP, HR, NBC Regional Sports Networks  7853BR
NBC Universal
Stamford CT

responsible for leading the design and branding of marketing and promotional campaigns for print, television and digital platforms for the highest level priorities for the National Geographic Channels
Creative Director, Design-National Geographic  FNG0001695
Washington DC

responsible for overseeing creative development of promotional campaigns, Network branding and cross-promotional marketing initiatives
Creative Director  6824
Discovery Channel
Silver Spring MD

directs executive, professional, technical, and non-exempt recruiting including college/university recruiting
Sr. Recruiter  42211
Cox Communications
Atlanta GA

lead both planning and strategy projects
Director, Strategy
Detroit MI

work closely with the Vice President, Advertising Sales to ensure priorities are defined and making sure the team and function are operating effectively
Director, Pricing & Planning  187
BET Networks
Chicago IL

lead Razorfish client engagements, from small, innovative projects to larger integrated end-to-end solutions
Senior Account Director  12029
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Director, Business Development  1480
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Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing
Los Angeles CA

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Director, Promotions Marketing
Turner Broadcasting
Los Angeles CA

support VP, Business Planning and Strategy in the business planning and management for global portfolio of Disney Channels
Director – Business Planning & Strategy  79786BR
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Burbank CA

play a supporting role in all phases of the audit cycle
Senior Consultant
Universal City CA

implement department-wide programs working with senior leaders to create a Diversity Action Plan
Managing Director, Workforce Organization and Diversity
Academy of Motion Pictures
Hollywood CA

work closely with senior business development, digital, sales, and finance executives to structure, negotiate and draft license agreements for Miramax film and television content
Senior Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs
Santa Monica CA

collaborate with Sony business groups in identifying innovation , defining product/service roadmaps, creating business models, identifying technology gaps, developing go-to-market strategies
Senior Manager, Growth Ventures & Innovations  3380672
Sony Corporation
San Jose CA

collaborate with Sony business groups in identifying innovation , defining product/service roadmaps, creating business models, identifying technology gaps, developing go-to-market strategies
Senior Manager, Growth Ventures & Innovations  3380672
Sony Corporation
San Jose CA


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences released the names of the 29 newly-elected Peer Group Governors who will serve two-year terms over 2013 and 2014 on the Television Academy’s Board of Governors starting January 1, 2013.  Those elected to the Peer Groups as Governor for their first two-year term are: Tony Carey (Production Executives), Ed Greene (Sound), Kieran Healy (Electronic Production), Michael Levine (Music), Gail Mancuso (Directors), David McKillop (Reality Programming), Brian O’Rourke (Commercials), Seth Shapiro (Interactive Media), Lily Tomlin (Performers) and Screech Washington (Producers).  A number of Governors have been re-elected: Stuart Bass, A.C.E. (Picture Editors), Beth Bohn (Professional Representatives), Shari Cookson (Documentary Programming), Daniel Evans III (Children’s Programming), Ed Fassl (Sound Editors), John C. Fisher (Daytime Programming), Leslie Frankenheimer (Art Directors/Set Decorators), Pete Hammond (Writers), Lynda Kahn (Title Design), Sharon Liggins (Public Relations), Howard Meltzer, C.S.A. (Casting Directors), Patricia Messina (Makeup Artists/Hairstylists), Dorenda Moore (Stunts), Lowell Peterson, A.S.C. (Cinematographers), Kevin Pike (Special Visual Effects), Mary Rose (Costume Design & Supervision), Chuck Sheetz (Animation), Michael Sluchan (Television Executives) and Sabrina Fair Thomas (Los Angeles Area).

A+E Networks named Sally Habbershaw to the newly-minted role of VP/International Programming, Production and Operations.  Sally will oversee the international programming, research and operations teams in addition to the A+E Networks program catalog.  Based at A+E Network’s headquarters in New York, Sally reports to Christian Murphy, SVP/International Programming and Marketing.

Global Eagle Acquisition Corp. announced Dave Davis current director of Row 44 Inc. will join the company as VP/CFO upon closing of its proposed business merger where Global Eagle will acquire Row 44 and 86% of the issued and outstanding share of Advanced In-flight Alliance AG (AIA).  On November 8, 2012, Global Eagle revealed the signing of definitive agreements for the business combination to create the largest entertainment and connectivity platform for the worldwide airline industry.  AIA is a supplier of games, movies, general entertainment and apps to the airline industry serving more than 130 airlines worldwide.  Row 44 is a satellite based broadband service provider to the global airline industry with its in-flight entertainment connectivity system presently installed on more than 400 aircraft that operate worldwide.  Global Eagle Acquisition Corp. will be renamed Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. at closing.

Knoxville-based RIVR Media added Jaime Paxton Morey as Senior Director/Development where she will create and develop original and acquired television projects.  In her new role, Jaime will report to Dee Haslam, CEO/Founder and Rob Lundgren, President/Executive Producer.

Leftfield Pictures promoted David George to EVP/Programming and Chris Valentini to the position of COO.  Both executives have been with the company since 2010 and will continue to report to Brent Montgomery, Owner/Executive Producer. 

Vikram Somaya was named to the newly-minted role of GM at The Weather Company for its new WeatherFX division.  Vikram will manage the WeatherFX team, charged with creating localized ad targeting solutions that utilize TWC’s location data combined with weather data.  Based in New York, Vikram will report to Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Office, The Weather Company.

Former FOX News Chief White House Correspondent, Major Garrett has become CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent effective starting November 25.  Major will report for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms and will from time to time serve as substitute anchor of Face the Nation.  Prior to this full-time appointment Major’s work with CBS News was part of a partnership between the news division and National Journal.  Even after joining CBS News full-time Major will still contribute to National Journal as a Correspondent at Large and continue to write his weekly column.

Jack Walsh was appointed VP/GM of WUPA-TV, the CW affiliate in Atlanta owned by the CBS Television Station group.  Prior to his new position, Jack served as Local Sales Manager at WGCL-TV, the CBS Television Network affiliate in Atlanta since April 2009.

Shine America has named Dave Schulz as VP/Production and Chris Campbell as VP/Post Production with both continuing to report to Linda Giambrone, SVP/Head of Production, Shine America.  In his new role, Dave will continue to manage daily production for Shine America’s properties and development slate.  Chris will continue to oversee all daily post production functions for the company.

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