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Discovery/MD NY or CA

no relo: review original/acquired prmg & commercial content to ensure compliance; comm S&P notes to creative; 5+ yrs mgt TV standard & pract; JD pref.

discovery.com; req 5771

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning.  It’s Tuesday, June 26, 2012, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

Your Time

When you are looking for a job, you need all the assistance you can get.  Here are some tips on how to be more productive with your time, increasing your chances of getting the job you want.

If it’s really important, do it in the morning.  While figuring out your day, schedule the most important things in the morning.  As the day goes on, more and more reasons will pop up that will make your original schedule either impossible or at least, less important.  This is why fitness experts suggest working out in the morning, before excuses get in the way.  If it is important, do it first thing.

Take breaks during the day.  As much as we want to be a machine and crank out twenty individual resumes a day, the work will suffer if you don’t take a break at least 3-4 times a day.  These breaks don’t have to be very long at all, but they are necessary and invaluable because they’ll help recharge your brain, therefore better resumes.

Laugh.  Laughing is as important to the brain as exercise is to the body.  It unclutters, resets and invigorates the mind.  Right now I have a Jim Gaffigan concert on my desktop.  Once or twice a day, I listen to it for about 5 minutes and get a really good laugh.  I feel better and my work is better.

Prep.  The night before, I do everything I can to make the next day easier.  I do this so I don’t toss and turn in bed, wondering if I should have done more before I went to sleep.  Because of this, I sleep better and the next morning, everything is set up for a fast start.

Organize.  Organize everything you can, so you can reference it as quickly as possible.  Clients and companies become infuriated at redundancies, and if you are unorganized, this will happen.

Schedule.  Write up a schedule for the things you should be doing while looking for a job, and stick to it as if it were your job.  This doesn’t mean you should schedule work for 12 hours each day until you find a job, in fact, that would be a terrible idea.  Your work output would drop tremendously in quality, and you can’t afford to lose quality.  Schedule a day that has time for work, time for errands and time to relax.  It’s hard to justify, especially when looking for a job, but relaxing can be as important to your job search as working.  Again, you want to put out quality resumes, relaxing will assist you.

Socialize.  Another brain reset.  Talk to others about anything except work or the pursuit of it.  To do your best work, your brain needs to be as fresh as possible.  Working all the time, chasing the job every waking moment will do more harm than good.  Take time for yourself to unwind. 

We all understand the need for sleep, equally important is the need for your brain to relax several times a day, even if for only a few moments.

Next Issue: We’re on Vacation!

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How to Utilize LinkedIn to Get Your Resume Into the Right Hands
Joel Garfinkle

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, you need to use all of the resources at your disposal. This includes networking through popular websites like LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn contacts are great, but oftentimes the people they know are even better!  This is where the true power of networking for a job really comes into play! Following are four steps on how to utilize LinkedIn to get your resume into the right hands.

1.      Have a complete LinkedIn profile. Include all of the information you would normally include on a resume, including previous positions, your education, and your unique skills. By having this information available, employers can actually find you! Much like optimizing a web page for a search engine, optimize your LinkedIn profile to catch the eye of a potential employer. That way when your contact hears about an open position at his company, and he sees you have the right experience, he can recommend you.

2.      Make sure you have connected with all of your contacts. Import your address book and be sure to add all of the connections to people you know and trust. Although it may be tempting to add every single person you can as a connection, it’s more important to have solid connections that you can actually communicate with and discuss potential positions, or ask to serve as a reference to one of their contacts that has a position you’re interested in.

3.      Find the right people on LinkedIn. If there’s a company you’d like to work for, or that you know uses employees with your particular skill set, search for them on LinkedIn. Many organizations have a company directory on  LinkedIn. This can help you determine who you should send a resume to, at the organization, even when they don’t have an advertised open position. You can also see if any of your connections are connected to the organization, so they can personally hand off your resume to the right person.

4.      Browse a general industry for a new job opportunity. If you don’t have a specific company in mind, try looking for a list of companies within a specific industry. Browse the companies on LinkedIn, see their job postings, and how many people in your network are connected to that company. From there, use the company directory to help determine who you should send your resume to, and if you have connections in your network associated with the company, see if they will give you a personal introduction.

Senior executive outplacement consultant Joel Garfinkle is the author of 7 books and is recognized as one of the top 50 executive coaches in America. He has over 17 years’ experience in the job search and career transition field. His first-hand knowledge, gathered from researching and interviewing more than 1,200 companies worldwide, helps unemployed clients find jobs and employed clients find better paying, more fulfilling positions.

Questions from our Readers
Answered by
Joel Garfinkle

I have a colleague who just flat out smells. What can I do without embarrassing him or getting myself into trouble?

Having a colleague who smells can be an uncomfortable situation. Addressing the issue is one that requires the utmost tact. For this reason, it is best left to their superior.

Although you may be tempted to talk about the situation with your other coworkers, do not. No one wants to smell bad and discussing it with others will only make the situation more awkward for your colleague. However, if it really is that offensive, you have every right to bring it to the attention of their supervisor.

Schedule a private meeting with the supervisor and let them know that although you’re embarrassed to bring the situation to their attention, it is negatively affecting the work environment. The supervisor can then handle the problem tactfully and in accordance with HR policy, while keeping your involvement anonymous. In this way, your working relationship with your colleague is not damaged.

One of the people I work with does as close to nothing as possible. This creates a greater burden on me and some fellow coworkers. What should I do?

The old saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” is true. As you’ve already discovered, a team mate that doesn’t pull their weight can lead to a greater burden and reduced morale for the other team members. It can also negatively impact your projects and your team’s reputation.

Clearly assigning tasks and deadlines to each team member can give your coworker the impetus to do their share of the work. However, if your coworker still does not do their fair share of work, you have two choices. First, you can address the situation with your coworker directly and in private. Give specific examples, such as the tasks that were assigned and not completed. Explain that the team needs their help and full support.

If this does not work, or you feel uncomfortable addressing the issue directly, bring the issue to a supervisor. Again, give specific examples of tasks that are not being completed and the negative effect they are having on the team. Do not make it personal, but instead focus solely on the facts, with full hopes that the situation can be resolved.

During Joel’s tenure as an outplacement consultant, he has written many books from topics ranging from Getting Ahead to Find a Job in 14 Days. You can also order Joel’s book Land Your Dream Job which guides you through a proven, seven-step action-oriented process that helps you to define and land work that matches your natural gifts and passions.


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JOB OPENING: MGR, METRICS & ANALYTICS/NYC: Aid w/dvlpmnt of dig. analytics capabilities & processes across the bus. 5 yrs exp-dig web analytics w/strong analyt skills & advanced user of web analytics tools ie Omniture. Apply: http://www.vevo.com/About/Careers# (6/30)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL RESEARCH ANALYST/FOOD NETWORK/HGTV/DIY/NY: fulfill requests for digital sales using syndicated research; exp with comScore/Omniture a plus; 2 yrs exp req; Click here to apply (6/30)

JOB OPENING: DIR AD SLS/Discovery/MIA: Responsible for selling commercial time for Latin America & expand clientele & revenue; 5+yrs TV sls in Latin American Mrkt: https://careers-discovery.icims.com/jobs/6009/job (6/30)

JOB OPENING: TV RESEARCH ANALYST/The Hub/Burbank, CA: Reqmnts: BA. Min 2 yrs exp in TV. Nielson data. Analysis. Excel. Apply www.hubworld.com (6/29)

JOB OPENING: SALES ASST/NY: Support SVP + sales execs, for a cable net. Book/main orders, wkly reports, srvc agencies, some admin. Strong math/ excel skills, multi-task, self-start. 1+ media exp: Apply: [email protected] (6/29)

JOB OPENING: PROJECT MANAGER/Plainview, NY: 4+ yrs project management with content delivery network company e-mail resume to [email protected] (6/29)

JOB OPENING: DIR SALES RSRCH CABLE & CROSS PLATFORM/NY: Provide sales research materials i.e. one-sheets, presentations, & oversee custom qual/quant studies. 6+yrs rsch exp (brdcst, cable) Send resume to: [email protected] (6/28)

JOB OPENING: SR. DIR INT’L RESEARCH/A+E Networks/NY: Drive content sales thru research-driven pitches to prog buyers globally. Full Info/Apply: www.aenetworks.com/career.html (6/28)

JOB OPENING: WEB ANALYTICS & AD OPS COORD/Discovery/MD: drive strategy for websites & generate traffic/usage rprts; responsible for insertion order mgmt, scheduling &rprt’g: https://careers-discovery.icims.com/jobs/5771/job (6/28)

JOB OPENING: SPORTS MEDIA TALENT AGENT/NYC: Minimum 2 years experience. Work with company’s current clients and develop new business. Resume and cover to [email protected] (6/28)

JOB OPENING: SR DIGITAL DESIGNER/ESPN Inc/NYC: Design creative from existing print/on-air promos into web & mobile banners,email blasts & landing pages.  Exp.w/HTML5, XML, Flash, AS, CSS, Flash, Photoshop. espncareers.com Job ID-5816 (6/27)

JOB OPENING: MEDIA SUP/GSD&M/Austin,TX: 5+ yrs exp. Oversee and guide research & development of local media plans. Manage planners and assistants. QSR/local broadcast exp preferred. Apply: http://bit.ly/sbpPYx (6/27)

JOB OPENING: ASSOC MGR, SALES MKTG/NYC: Flixster seeks Assoc. Mgr, Sales Mktg to coordinate marketing programs & online media plans to support “go to market” strategies for the Ad Sales team.BA/BS deg req. Apply: http://bit.ly/NbSQTn (6/27)

JOB OPENING: WEATHER REPORTER (FILL IN-Freelance) RNN TV: forecast & report weather segments, use comp graphics, gather info from nat’l satellite weather svc & local weather bureaus. Resume: [email protected] (6/27)

JOB OPENING: PROGRAM INVENTORY & ADMIN MGR/AMCN/NYC: manage rights assessment process for all AMCN program content, contract review exp. req. Resumes to: [email protected] (6/27)

JOB OPENING: MARKETING MGR, DIGITAL SPORTS/NBC SPORTS GROUP NY: Incrs sales across dig platforms; gen new ideas, create pckgs, dvlp sales collat & mktg materials; liaise with site & prod teams; Apply: nbcunicareers.com job#5911BR (6/26)

JOB OPENING: DIR, RESEARCH/WarnerBros/LA: Conduct research & analysis for strategic Digital/Home Entertainment partners. 5 yrs+ exp. Focus in primary/qual & quant. Digital/Home Ent/Social Media exp a plus. Apply: http://bit.ly/NzqHqE (6/26)

JOB OPENING: VP CONTENT/PRGRMNG/Nickelodeon/NYC: Mng overall dig prgrmng strategies and events to increase user freq. 10-15 yrs exp dig content & prgrmng. More info/apply: www.mtvnetworkscareers.com (6/26)

JOB OPENING: PRODUCTION/KIRKSTALL ROAD/NYC: Daytime talk show looking for experienced Associate Producer for conflict resolution show. Ideal candidate must have at 3 yrs. booking experience. Resume to: [email protected] (6/26)

JOB OPENING: DOCU-SERIES SHOWRUNNER & EIC/NEW YORK: Immediate openings on prime project for top prodco. Need runner and an EIC. Must have proven track records. [email protected] (6/23)

JOB OPENING: MEDIA SPECIALIST/Taco Bell/Irvine, CA: Asst Dir Media in dev of annual Nat’l Media Plans to ensure Mktg Calendar priorities are supported. 4 yr Nat’l media plan’g/buying & dig exp. must. Apply: [email protected] (6/23)

JOB OPENING: IN-HOUSE COUNSEL/VP, LEGAL & BUS AFFAIRS/LA: Attorney for TV prod co to manage agreements, releases, employment, negotiations. JD + 5 yrs TV/film legal experience req’d. Apply: [email protected] (6/23)

JOB OPENING: PROD COORD/GSN/Santa Monica: 3+ yrs exp in Production – Studio & Field Prod. Finance a plus. Organized, Excel a Must. PC/Mac proficient. Send Res & CL to [email protected] (6/23)

JOB OPENING: KC MGR STUDIO PROGRAMMING: Oversee Metro Sports’ studio programming and on-air content. Responsible for planning and executing of content for channel and other news programming. Apply @ http://bit.ly/MdQimT (6/23)

JOB OPENING: EDITORIAL DIRECTOR/NYC: Lead Oxygen’s Digital site & oversee day-to-day publishing. Will be managing Project Manager, Design Lead, Editorial Team & an Emerging Media Producer. Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com #5809BR (6/23)

JOB OPENING: PROJECT MANAGER, SYFY DIGITAL/NBCUNIVERSAL/NYC: Manage diverse creative and Adsales projects for Syfy.com sites & products. Min 3-5 yrs exp as a Project Mgr in the digital sphere. Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com (5997BR) (6/23)

JOB OPENING: MTKG SPECIALIST/Discovery /NYC: support Integrated Ad Sls Mktg team in dvlpmnt/execution of mktg elements & sponsorship initiatives for Discovery Channel; 3+yrs exp. https://careers-discovery.icims.com/jobs/5876/job (6/21)

JOB OPENING: ASSOC PROD/Fuse/NY: Assoc Prod will support producers, pitch stories, field shooting, writing, editing, work w/talent, & acquire footage. Must have 2-4 yrs prod. exp at cable news org. Apply: http://goo.gl/WktZX (6/21)

JOB OPENING: EDITOR/Fuse/NY: Editor will create stories, maximize content, edit content & work w/Post Production dept. Must know Avid/Final Cut Pro & have 9+ yrs editing exp in multiple formats. Apply: http://goo.gl/VWvlW (6/21)

JOB OPENING: PRODUCER/Fuse/NY: Prod. will pitch segments, go on a field shoot, write/edit a package, interact with talent & manage staff. Must have exp writing TV news & 7 yrs news producer exp. Apply: http://goo.gl/0GqUr (6/21)

JOB OPENING: SUPV PROD/Fuse/NY: Supv Prod. will oversee entire news team, work with Exec Prod. to decide stories/platform, & manage staff. Must have 10 yrs journalism & 7 yrs news room exp. Apply: http://goo.gl/RYoqJ (6/21)

JOB OPENING: WRITER/Fuse/NY: Writer will write content for multiple formats, keep up on news/trends & contribute new ideas. Must have 5 yrs writing exp & exp in live broadcast/multiple TV formats. Apply: http://goo.gl/KaRuU (6/21)

JOB OPENING: ACCT SERVICES EXEC/NY: 5+ yrs working in Media Industry a MUST! Passion 4/selling. Assist AD w/all aspects of sales cycle. Asst In driving revenue growth. BA/BS pref in mktg/comm. Apply: www.ncm.com / #12-0065 (6/21)

JOB OPENING: RSRCH DIR/MEREDITH CORP/PHOENIX: 5+ yrs exp brdcst TV station or cbl operator. Rsch/mktg dept req’d. WideOrbit Sale pref’d. BA Deg Bus/Mktg. More info/appl: http://www.meredith.com/meredith_corporate/careers.html (6/21)

JOB OPENING: DIR, CONSUMER MKTG/NICKELODEON/NY: Oversee day-to-day consumer mktg; Support VP in the dvlpmnt/implementation of campaign strategies. 7-10 yrs exp as leader. More info/apply: http://www.mtvnetworkscareers.com/ (6/21)

JOB OPENING: MGR, DIGITAL PROJECTS & TECH/IFC/NYC: Extensive knowledge of web development and web production. Seeking highly motivated project mgr with Dev. background. 3-5 yrs. project mgmt. Resumes to: [email protected] (6/20)

JOB OPENING: VP AFFIL. RELATIONS & COMM/CW Network/LA: Mng routine aff relatns respons for 100 mkts. ID rev opps & effectuate change on individ local mkt basis. Enforce contracts. 15yrs exp. More info:  www.warnerbroscareers.com (6/20)

JOB OPENING: EXECUTIVE ASST/Lifetime Networks/NY: Will report to EVP, Programming. Req. Experienced, 5+ yrs Sr level w/admin exp. excel comm, orgnztnl skills. Full Info/Apply: www.aenetworks.com/career.html (6/20)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH STRATEGIST/Latitude/BOS: Join innovative media rsrch firm: quant analyst in mkt rsrch field, ideally w/exp in rsrch vendor/agency-side ad research, 2-4 yrs exp See: http://bit.ly/JAUJmO Apply: [email protected] (6/20)

JOB OPENING: MARKETING MANAGER/LODGENET/NYC: Dvlp/execute hotel guestroom mktg plan. Support advertising/mobile/VOD businesses. 4+ yrs mktg & TV exp. Presentation dev and ppt skills a plus. Apply: www.lodgenet.com/careers (6/20)

JOB OPENING: SR RSRCH ANALYST/ATL: 2+yrs TV rsrch brdcst/cable.Prof in basic statistics/analysis. Exp w/primary rsrch methods & Nielsen rsrch software. To apply, contact: [email protected] (6/19)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL ANALYTICS MANAGER, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network/LA: Min 5 yrs exp in web analytics, expert in Omniture and Excel, strong analytical,written and verbal skills. Apply at: http://careers.own.tv/ (6/18)

JOB OPENING: FOCUS GROUP MODERATOR/LA-based research co: seeking LA-based moderator as in-house or indep. Contractor. TV research exp. a must. Apply: [email protected] (6/18)

JOB OPENING: SR ACCT EXEC./ACCT EXEC. AD SALES/NY: Expanding Ad Dept 70m+ Sports Net. 7+ yrs TV ad sales exp. Excellent agency relationships. Send resume and cov ltr Attn: Rose to [email protected] (6/18)

JOB OPENING: DESIGN MGR/HGTV & DIY/Knoxville: Manages a team of graphic designers/animators for Network visual elements. 5 years experience req at Design Firm or TV. Apply: http://www.scrippsnetworks.com/careers.aspx?code=careers (6/18)

JOB OPENING: VP, REALITY PRGMG/Lifetime/NY: Oversee the devel & prod of unscripted series & specials. 10+ yrs exp at a tv net, prod co or equiv. Full Info/Apply: www.aenetworks.com/career.html (6/18)

JOB OPENING: EXEC PROD, CREATIVE/Nat’l Geo Channels/LA: Resp for creating & producing mkt’g/promotional campaigns. 7-8 yrs brdcast/cable production exp. in mktg/promos. www.foxcareers.com FNG0001190 (6/18)


work with Sr. Consultants or Account Directors to translate proposals/service agreement into analytic work plans
Consultant – Analytics Group  11205

provide revenue analysis and reporting to ABC TV Network Sales and ABC TV Network Finance/Controllership
Sr Financial Analyst-(Revenue Planning/Digital)
Walt Disney Company

extensive coordination and communication with Hyperion Publishing, ABC Studios, and network counterparts at ABC, and ABC Family
Editorial Director – Franchise Publishing  49099BR
Walt Disney Company

develop programming strategies for growing all key audiences and engagement metrics
Vice President, Content & Programming

responsible for bringing a steady flow of quality ideas, comedic projects and hilarious formats to the network
VP, Comedy Development

responsible for providing oversight of day-to-day operations for BBC America’s NY based post production facility and create a long term strategy for its design supporting various channel initiatives
VP of Post Production & Technical Services
BBC America

translate business plans and strategies into concrete programs for solution delivery, enhancement, and support.
VP, Solution Delivery – Finance  9777BR
CBS Corporation

responsible for aligning creative concepts with strategy, technical specifications, production planning, execution and quality assurance
Senior Art Director

prepares, negotiates, and manages various standard and non-standard contracts for the organization to ensure they comply with business requirements as well as corporate policy
Sr. Legal Analyst III
Moorestown NJ

oversees scheduling for all Discovery Channel programs and optimize ratings by leveraging programming inventory and premieres
VP – Programming  6099
Discovery Communications
Silver Springs MD

oversight of syndication sales, consumer products and program acquisition financial modeling and analysis for all of TBSI kids and general entertainment channels
Director, Finance – Content
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta GA

responsible for overseeing the team of producers, copy editors, writers, associate producers and support teams in order to deliver the highest quality production in the most efficient manner
Executive Producer-CNN US
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta GA

work with advertising stakeholders to define new interactive video product strategies, generate concepts and requirements and understanding of cost/benefit trade-offs of various implementation options
Senior Manager, Interactive Advertising Video Services Development  40769
Cox Communications
Atlanta GA

design and perform campaign/line of business analysis, interpret results and develop recommendations for internal and external stakeholders
Senior Analyst
Detroit MI

effectively lead a high growth, commercial telecommunications sales and marketing organization with a $205 million annual revenue budget
VP Business Services
Schaumburg IL

leading the strategy behind each specific paid search campaign by providing budget estimates, competitive analysis information, and insight into the category
Senior Search Manager  11331
Seattle WA

launch new series from development into current programming
Director Current Programming, Style  6133BR
NBC Universal
Los Angeles CA

responsible for key support functions of the Corporate Compliance Group
Sr. Financial Analyst  FFE0001081
Fox Networks
Los Angeles CA

work closely with scheduling executives to determine long range usage plans for existing and future acquired series and movies
Senior Vice President of Strategic Programming  FNG0001252
Fox Networks
Los Angeles CA

confer with personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures
Senior Director, Engagement Management  FOX0000VY
Fox Networks
Los Angeles CA

provide sales strategy, business plans/development, research, and financial projections (in conjunctions with the Finance team) for Discovery’s JV Partners (OWN & HUB)
VP – U.S. Distribution – OWN & HUB  6113
Discovery Communications
Los Angeles CA

providing support during the month-end close process related to corporate accounting
Senior Staff Accountant
Los Angeles, CA

drive the company’s product vision and roadmap
Senior Product Manager
Los Angeles, CA

responsible for advising NBC Universal production and distribution businesses regarding the company’s rights in its entertainment content
Senior Rights Counsel  6033BR
NBC Universal
Universal City CA

manage all accounting functions including budgeting, annual audit as well as complex accounting issues; be a key partner to the VP Finance and management team
Senior Accounting Manager
Tube Mogul
Emeryville CA

perform month end close procedures related to the P&L including:preparation of journal entries, reconciliations, roll forwards, preparing and analyzing reports and variance/fluctuation analyst
Sr Financial Analyst  11725BR
CBS Corporation
Santa Monica CA


Former Yahoo! executive, Alex Linde joined The Weather Channel Companies (TWCC) as VP/Mobile and Digital Apps.  In his new position, Alex creates, manages and executes all facets of TWCC’s mobile strategy.  He reports to Cameron Clayton, EVP/Digital, TWCC.

National Geographic Channels (NGC) named Franklin Walker as VP/Legal and Business Affairs where he will work in tandem with Vin D’Ambra, SVP/Legal and Business Affairs for National Geographic Channel International (NGCI).  Franklin reports to Howard T. Owens, President, NGC. 

REELZCHANNEL has added four executives to its sales team: Eric Nathanson as Director/Ad Sales in the Western Region and based in Los Angeles; Leanne Jenkins as AE in the Eastern Region and based in Boston; Leah Bottone as AE based in New York City; and Monica Rivera an AE in New York City. 

Mari Garcia-Marquez was named Executive Producer with Telemundo Media.  Mari will serve as EP on Telemundo’s three-hour morning show, Levantate.  Based in Miami, she will report to Maria Lopez Alvarez, SVP/Alternative Programming.

Lissette Simon was elevated to SVP/Human Resources at Telemundo Media up from VP/Human Resources for Telemundo Station Group. In her new role, Lisette reports to Emilio Romano, President, Telemundo Media.

2C Media named Igal Svet as VP/Development to head the production company’s unscripted development slate. Based in Miami, Igal will also be involved in sales pitches for the unscripted projects. He reports to President/Co-Founder Chris Sloan and Carla Kaufman Sloan.

San Francisco-based Hoff Productions hired Ross Greenberg as Director/Development and promoted Alex Hoff as Development Producer for the expanding development team in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Previously, Ross was with 10×10 Entertainment at Director/Development and Alex was an Associate Producer at Hoff.

Lynn Stepanian takes on the new position as SVP/Acquisitions and Scheduling at ABC Family.  She will have responsibility over all off-network series and feature acquisitions as well as heading the strategic scheduling of all on-air linear content and long-form video for the network.  Lynn will further be involved in implementing and scheduling all event programming, stunts and managing program inventory in addition to long term program planning for ABC Family.  Lynn joins ABC Family from TV Guide Network where she worked as VP/Strategy, Acquisitions and Scheduling.  At ABC Family, she will report to Michael Riley, President.  Congratulations, Lynn!

Effective immediately, Intersport added Andy Meyer as SVP/Strategic Development.  He will head the strategic development of the company’s long and short form content and will additionally serve as Head/Production and Development for 20 West Productions, a division of Intersport that produces reality and documentary television.  Andy will be based in New York.

Current TV named Ashok Sinha as VP/Corporate Communications where he will play a central role in expanding the network’s publicity efforts across multiple platforms.  Ashok will spearhead publicity for the network’s programs Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, The Bill Press Show and the upcoming The Joy Behar Show (wt) premiering this fall.  Ashok will report to Laura Nelson, SVP/Corporate Communications. He joins Current TV from Oxygen Media where he was Director/Communications.

Former Director/Digital Entertainment at 19 Entertainment, Martin Lowde was appointed as Managing Director of the new Argonon venture, CashInTheAttic.com.  Martin begins his new position this week to lead a team to create the global online destination for antiques and collectibles enthusiasts.  Martin will report directly to Argonon CEO James Burstall and he will work closely with CFO Stuart Mullin and Head of Argonon Connect, Debby Lee.  The new website’s launch is currently scheduled for early 2013. 

ABC News hired Ben Mulroney to be part of Good Morning America.  Ben will be a Contributor for GMA beginning this weekend.  He will divide his time between ABC News and CTV where he is the anchor of etalk, an entertainment news program in Canada.

Oxygen Media elevated Puja Vohra to the newly-minted role as SVP/Marketing.  Previously, Puja served as VP/Ad Sales Marketing for Oxygen Media for two plus years.  In this new role, Puja will take on more responsibility as the network’s contact for both the corporate Consumer Marketing and Ad Sales Marketing groups.  Puja will continue to report to Jane Olson, SVP/Marketing and Brand Strategy with Oxygen Media.

Effective immediately, Brad Austin has joined 10×10 Entertainment as Director/Development.  Brad reports to VP, Paul Buscemi and President, Ken Mok.  Previously, Brad was with CMT as Development Coordinator.

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Thursday May 23, 2024 Good morning! It’s Thursday, and this is your monthly Esports and Gaming Brief. Larian Studios is doing something few people expect of any game studio in 2024: expanding. Following the commercial and critical acclaim Baldur’s Gate 3 received throughout the past year, Larian has become an example of how talented right-sized […]

05/22/24: Cynopsis Jobs


MARKETING ASSOCIATE MANAGER GSTV NEW YORK, NY – HYBRID REMOTE Touch various teams within our group such as Marketing Solutions, Marketing Communications and Design. Our group develops thoughtful marketing and promotional programs alongside our business development team. We collaborate with teams across the organization to develop concepts that meet client needs and then bring the […]

Cynopsis 05/22/24: Comcast offers details on StreamSaver

Comcast offers details on StreamSaver

Wednesday May 22, 2024 Today’s Premieres Apple TV+: Trying BET: Sistas at 9p Fox: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars at 9p Hulu: Chief Detective Magnolia: Happy to Be Home at 8p Netflix: Toughest Forces on Earth; Buying London Today’s Finales ABC: Jeopardy! Masters at 8p; Abbott Elementary at 9p; The Conners at 9:30p CBS: Survivor at […]