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Act as a strategic bus. partner to internal teams, leveraging rsrch to provide recommendations/analyses on film & series projects in dvlpmnt. 5+ yrs mkt rsch ind exp.

[email protected].

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, January 15, 2013, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

The Manager

The manager is an easy target, everyone likes to complain about the boss. But beware, even good natured ribbing around the office has a longer shelf life than you can imagine. Disparaging remarks last much longer.

The manager is usually an unfair target, it’s hard to imagine what their responsibilities are without going through it yourself. You have your bubble at work, everything you have to do in a day, I guarantee you, their bubble is markedly larger.

Not only do they have their work, but they also have to answer for yours. That’s a huge responsibility that creates tremendous stress.

At the end of a day, most workers can leave their work at the office, this occurs with very few managers.

While on vacation, you may have no contact with the office, again, a very rare situation with bosses.

And here is the big secret, the vast majority of managers spend more time protecting you than harassing you. It might not seem that way, but it’s true. There are two reasons: first, firing you and hiring another person takes time and slows any momentum the team or office may have, secondly, the manager is genuinely a nice person who is willing to look past an occasional off day.

Managers may seem distant because distance is necessary, they are your boss, not your friend. Friends don’t tell other friends what to do, by the very definition, bosses do. This doesn’t mean they cannot be friendly, most managers are. But being friendly and being friends is an important distinction in the boss/staff relationship.

It’s a line that is important not to cross because if you do, you might try to take advantage of that friendship, and that is something your manager will never forget.

We are always on the look out for more Experts to advise our readers – if you’re a headhunter, job coach, career advisor, etc., and may be interested in contributing to this edition from time to time, please contact me at [email protected].


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Hosted by: Sahil Patel Associate Editor, Cynopsis Digital
JoAnna Foyle Abel
– VP, Marketing, FreeWheel
Charlie Echeverry
– EVPSales for Univision Interactive, Univision Communications
Marcus Startzel
– General Manager, North America, Millennial Media

Employee Referral Programs
by Mary Olson-Menzel

Even in a tough economy with thousands of people looking for work, finding skilled employees who will fit well into your company culture and can hit the ground running, continues to be the number #1 priority for many executives. Every company should be looking at a varied approach to their recruitment. A good recruitment strategy will have a place for executive retained recruiters, job boards, career sites and many other tools. One great hiring tool that cannot be overlooked is to tap into your own trusted employees networks and create an effective employee referral program.
Many companies have great employee referral programs, but many don’t… my question is why not??

Employee referral programs should be a prominent part of every company’s recruiting strategy. Why wouldn’t you leverage your trusted employee’s contacts to find your next great hire?

The national average for successful new hires from employee referral is around 30%. With a great employee referral program those numbers can be even higher. At one company I worked for, employee referrals made up almost 60% of the hires  and they were typically the hires that stayed with the company the longest, with the most success. It’s great for overall employee morale, everyone gets excited when they are working with people they like (employees will always refer people they like and can trust to make them look good!) so it really is a win-win.

Studies have shown that, not only do employee referrals have a higher “hire rate” than candidates from other sources, they’re also hired faster.  According to a recent study, employee referrals averaged 29 days to hire, compared to 39 days for job board applicants and 55 days for career site applicants.

These referrals come from a trusted source, your own employee. They typically understand the culture better than other candidates from day one, because they’ve had the inside scoop from a friend who works there. They also come into the organization with a very positive attitude because they were referred by someone who enjoys working there. Additionally, the transition is much smoother when you have a friend on inside to show you the ropes.

So, it really is no surprise that employers seem to prefer referrals over traditional applicants in terms of their fit with company culture and overall cost.

So why aren’t more companies having better success? Why aren’t more companies having that 60% success rate that I talked about?

Ziv Eliraz, founder and CEO of Israeli social recruiting start-up Zao.com has four tips that will help get you and your company on the right track.

Change the question. Most employers ask, “Whom do you know who would be a good fit?” The majority of employees won’t personally know someone with the right qualifications, so their participation in the effort stops right there. Change the question to, “Whom do you and your friends know?” This broadens the pool of potential candidates and allows all employees to participate.

Widen the circle–offer referral rewards to trusted nonemployees too. Employees are an obvious source to recommend qualified candidates since they know your business and industry well. But don’t forget other great sources, such as former employees, suppliers, vendors, and partner organizations. A referral program that leverages these sources as well as employees can deliver more qualified candidates.

Gamify your referral program. Most referral programs only reward the few employees whose recommendations result in a hire. That leaves out everyone else who tried to help–and their efforts are important too. Introduce some friendly competition into the process by making a game of it. Use a leaderboard where employees and departments can see where they stand in terms of referral volume, and reward those who are active in the program with small prizes like movie tickets.

Make smart use of social media. Zao uses social media and helps businesses save time and money by giving them the quickest and most effective ways to generate and manage employee referrals.

Zao’s platform pulls together Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts for referrers, using an advanced algorithm to suggest potential candidates within the referrers’ social networks and enabling one-click recommendations. It also provides an easy way to track and pay out rewards. Zao also brings an element of fun and competition for employees into the process with its social gamification feature set.

Leverage innovative new technologies. We are connected to so many people these days, that it’s impossible to track down all the relevant candidates for a particular job without technology that can match the job requirements to our friends’ skills.

This is just one example of how technology can help you with your own employee referral program. There are so many ways to get creative and get your employees engaged in the referral process. Talk with your management team and your HR business partners and look at what can be done for your company.

Mary Olson-Menzel,Managing Partner- MVP Executive Search and Consultants, specializing in Executive Search, Coaching, Strategy and Executive Outplacement [email protected]. Mary has 20+ years of experience working in corporate America and executive search consulting. She specializes in senior level recruitment across digital, print, broadcast and cable media and runs MVP’s global NY office.

Questions from our Readers
Answered by
Mary Olson-Menzel

I’ve been out of work for almost a year, is it time to get creative with my resume and cover letter. Creative as in sending my documents in on unusual color paper, sending it wrapped in brown paper and string, that type of thing.

Creative is good, anything to make yourself stand out, yes, but only to a point. How many resumes are you actually sending via mail anyway? Stop, think digital. Send via email. If you don’t have a computer, go to a library.

If you want to get creative… put on your suit and stop by the place of business that you are targeting and drop off a resume in person. I have a friend who was looking for was job in nursing and did exactly that, the hiring manager was there at the time, met with her that day and hired her on the spot. It can happen!

Why do employers run blind ads and are they even worth pursuing, or worse, are they just a way from criminals to get personal information?

Usually a blind ad is run by a third party recruiter or when a confidential search is being done. I don’t know of any “criminals” out there spending the money to run ads, but I guess you never know – I would just be very careful what ads you are applying to, and don’t have too much of your personal information on there (social security etc)

Mary has 20+ years of experience working in corporate America and executive search consulting. She is Managing Partner- MVP Executive Search and Consultants, specializing in Executive Search, Coaching, Strategy and Executive Outplacement and can be reached at [email protected].


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JOB OPENING: SR MGR AD SALES PRICING & PLANNING/DirecTV/NYC: Lead & execute pricing & inventory initiatives/Quant Analysis for Inventory Mgmt. 8-10 yrs exp Media&Ad Sales/DealMaker/Budgeting + Forecasting www.directv.com/careers JobID: 1201799-M1 (1/16)

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JOB OPENING: AD SALES MKTG FREELANCER/TRAVEL CHAN/NY: Dir-level freelance. 3-6 mnths; creative writing, strong PPT skills, brainstorming & idea-generation; & strong knwldg media/cable/creative process.  [email protected] (1/16)

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JOB OPENING: MGR. AD SALES MARKETING/NBCUNIVERSAL/NYC: 5 month consultant role with Ad Sales Marketing at Syfy. 3-4 yrs. exp in agency/media/sales org. Sponsorship exp req’d. CV: [email protected] (1/15)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL SALES AE/Sony Pictures TV/LA: Strong dig. sales bckgrnd a must. Interest in ent, gaming, emerg. tech. Able to sell mult properties, incl: PS Network, FEARnet & DrOz. Apply: http://tinyurl.com/aerl5u8 (1/12)

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JOB OPENING: SR. ANALYST DIGITAL RESEARCH/NBCUNIVERSAL/NYC: 6 month consultant role supporting USA Digital Research team. 1-3 yrs. exp. Omniture reporting req’d; comScore, Nielsen a plus. CV: [email protected] (1/12)

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JOB OPENING: PD PRGMNG/DIR RESPONSE SALES EXEC/WRNN-TV/Rye Brook NY: Grow/mng pd prgrmmng (infomercials/shopping/religious prgrmrs) & direct response sales. 5 yrs pd prgrmng & short form sales exp. Res/cover w/ sal req. [email protected] (1/12)

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JOB OPENING: VP, CURRENT PROG/Late Night (FX Networks, LA): Oversee current Late Night/Scripted projects, evaluate staff, attend tapings, work w/Ad Sales, production & Talent. BA, 5-7 yrs. dev/prog. exp req. http://goo.gl/2Fgld (1/12)

JOB OPENING: SALES EXECUTIVE – LATAM/BBC AMERICA/NYC: Responsible for Central American & Caribbean TV sales. Assist w/growing digital sales & US Hispanic biz. BA/BS w/TV exp. pref. in LatAm mrkts. Eng/Span MUST [email protected] (1/12)

JOB OPENING: SYSTEMS SPECIALIST/NYC: Manage QA across ad sales systems/create custom x-platform BI reports. BA Degree, 7+yrs in Broadcast/Cable Ops + Exp w/DealMaker and BI tools www.directv.com/careers JobID: 1201913-M (1/12)

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JOB OPENING: SALES EXEC/ITN SOURCE/NYC: Self driven Sales Exec for its successful sales operation. provide both sales support to your colleagues & exceptional cust srvc support to US customers. Resume/apply:  [email protected] (1/12)

JOB OPENING: ACCT EXEC/The Weather Channel/NYC: 5+ yrs cable sales exp required. Support TWC. Create, present proposals to secure business. Dvlp/maintain client & agency relationships. Monthly travel. BA Deg req’d. Resume: [email protected] (1/12)

JOB OPENINGSELLING DIRECTOR/Digital Ad Sales/NY: Gen online rev thru dig products across A+E Networks portfolio. Full Info/Apply: www.aenetworks.com/careers (1/12)

JOB OPENING: MARKETING MGR/CBS SPORTS NETWORK/NY: Execute digital & social mktg initiatives to drive brand awareness & tune-in. Exp in sports mktg &/or grassroots consumer mktg in cable preferred. Apply: www.cbssportsnetwork.com (1/11)

JOB OPENING: VP AD SALESMKTG TRAVEL/GAC: Lead team that dvlp/activates multiplatform client solutions. Solid mgmt & collaboration skills, 15 yrs+ Media/Cable/Creative bgrd req. Details/apply: req #3132, scrippsnetworksinteractive.com (1/11)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, RATINGS RESEARCH Vh1/NYC: 7+ yrs wk exp w/n cable/broadcast network field. Strng analytic & TV prgm exp. Knwldge of Nielsen & Lake 5.Tech Edge A+. Apply www.viacomcareers.com (1/11)

JOB OPENING: LEAD COORD/TV ONE/MD: BA pref’d & 4 yrs of exp Brdcst Operations. Sched/maintain on-air secondary event promos. Wrk w/ internal depts. in on-air secondary event media plan’g/execution. Media & Ent exp +. www.TVONEjobs.com (1/11)

JOB OPENING: RED SOX REMOTE COORD PROD/MASS: Coord/sprvs/execute high qual, well-resourced Red Sox event telecasts for fan base. BA deg comm, brdcst radio. 10+ yrs exp live sports event producing.  Info/apply: http://nesn.com/nesn-jobs (1/11)

JOB OPENING: Copy COORD TEMP/TV ONE/NY: BA pref’d and/or 2 yrs of exp in TV Ops & Traffic. Wrk w/external agencies & traffic mgmt to secure and input comm copy for ntwrk. B’way & Log Bldg. exp a +. $21-$23 per hr. www.TVONEjobs.com (1/11)

JOB OPENING: SALES COORDINATOR/TV Guide/ NY: Excel skills a +, Organized, Strong comm skills, Work w/AEs/Planners/Sales/Traffic/P&P Marketing. Weekly allocations, deal maintenance, daily comm w/agencies. [email protected] (1/11)

JOB OPENING: DIR ACCT MNGMNT/Origin Digital, an Accenture Co./NYC: As worldwide leader in enabling LIVE events on 2nd screens, we’re seeking a star to build our revenues. New media/sports/sale/ tech. background. [email protected] (1/11)

JOB OPENING: AD SLS MKTG MGR/Discovery/NY: Dvlp & execute multi-platform ad sls sponsorships; 5+ yrs ad agency, media sls/mktg, client mktg exp; prod exp preferred; http://careers.discovery.com/#6742 (1/11)


oversee the advertising sales function for selected brands in the NBCUniversal News Group Portfolio
Vice President, Ad Sales  8436BR
NBC Universal

responsible for creating customer-facing applications and web experiences that allow entertainment brands and media assets to connect directly to fans
Executive Producer, Client Services  3448345
Sony Corporation

responsible for working with the VP Distribution and the team to develop a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to drive success in renewal and new deals
Director, Network Sales
BBC America

create, develop and oversee the production of new, on brand program content for the channel.
VP Program Development, CMT  4774

lead Corporate Research’s digital reporting and provide research and analytics support for VMN’s strategic initiatives
Director Corporate Research  4991

oversees all program and schedule research for Program Planning team
VP, Program Analysis  243

oversees the BET schedule including the roll-out of series and special events, paying close attention to weekly pacing and research analysis
VP, Program Planning & Strategy  242

build and manage a team that is responsible for providing vital operational support to the WatchESPN product development team
Senior Manager, WatchESPN Product Management  86046BR
Bristol CT

ensure the efficient execution of all business operations that support the Division’s overall objectives
HRM Strategy & Operations Lead  7131
Discovery Channel
Silver Springs MD

responsible for the overall planning, production, and execution of at least 2 shows in the CNNE schedule and up to 5
Senior Producer, CNNE
Turner Broadcasting
Washington DC

direct research process, lead analysis and produce high impact deliverables to support growth strategies and investment recommendations for Turner Entertainment Networks
Sr. Manager, Strategy Development
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta GA

manage Product, Technology & HUB teams while coordinating with Editorial, Marketing and Sales to develop features and promote content and applications that drive traffic and deliver revenue
Sr. Director, Business & Strategy, Golf Channel Digital  8437BR
NBC Universal
Orlando FL

perform analyses for the client, develop measurement strategy, define tagging approach, generate insights and POVs, and provide optimization recommendations
Senior Analyst
Detroit MI

ensure the network meets client objectives and exceeds sales goals
Director Midwest Ad Sales  234
Chicago IL

designing and producing client-ready reports using relational/aggregate databases, as well as be able to build ad-hoc datasets to support custom client requests
Senior Analytics Developer  1427
Chicago IL

provide detailed, thoughtful and timely marketplace assessments
Director, Platform Management – Media  1761
Chicago IL

lead ideation and implementation of holistic communications planning strategies across mediums that bring the big idea to life, with a strong competency in digital and social media behavior, consumer need states
SVP, Engagement Director  LAP000034
Leo Burnett
Chicago IL

develop innovative and comprehensive marketing strategies for the portfolio of Hulu Original Series programming
Director, Original Program Marketing
Los Angeles CA

facilitate and continuously improving our Nulugan Onboarding program using an experiential model that helps them build strong cohort relationships and quickly integrate into Hulu culture
Senior Talent Development Manager
Los Angeles CA

develop and execute TLC-centric multiplatform, integrated partnership deals for Ad Sales clients
Senior Manager – Ad Sales Marketing  7174
Discovery Channel
Los Angeles CA

supervises personnel geographically which directly support strategic projects for Walt Disney Imagineering
Senior Manager, Information Safeguarding  86243BR
Walt Disney Studios
Burbank CA

shape and define strategic planning for market research initiatives across all lines of business and geographies
VP Market Research – Home Media  3636
Paramount Pictures
Hollywood CA

architect, develop, implement and maintain software for media workflow fulfillment and content processing applications
Sr. Developer  3427924
Sony Corporation
Marian Del Rey CA

responsible for local and account financial information
Client Finance Manager
San Francisco CA

responsible for establishing and leveraging the App store relationships for all mobile apps, interactive TV apps and e-magazines managed by the Mobile Studio
Mobile Marketing Manager
BBC America
Oakland CA


Bonten Media Group announced Lyle Schulze will take on additional VP/Programming functions for the company as well as continue as VP/GM of Bonten Media Group’s Eastern North Carolina television stations.  In addition, Carolyn Stevens has become Corporate Director/Programming.  Both appointments were effective as of January 1, 2013. 

DeRetta Cole, Ph.D. was promoted to VP/Human Resources, Technology and Operations for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.).  DeRetta will work in tandem with executives to head human resources strategy for Turner’s technology and operations groups including Audience & Multi-platform Technologies, network operations, Turner Studios, technology services and broadcast engineering.  DeRetta is based in Atlanta and reports to Angela Santone, SVP/Human Resources, TBS, Inc. 

Television production company Magnetic Productions added Patrick Agans as VP/Development to oversee development activities based at the company’s Los Angeles office.  Patrick will report to John Kitchener, President and to Patrick Beedle, EVP.  Prior to this appointment, Patrick was a development executive with 3 Ball Productions and Zodiak USA.

Manhattan-based Sound Lounge added Harrison Nalevansky as Executive Producer and also elevated Justin “Sal” Kooy to Audio Engineer.  Harrison will manage the mixing studio’s downtown location overseeing sales, production, scheduling and client relations.  Previously, Harrison was with Two Cats Media as Manager/Development.  Justin has been with Sound Lounge for the past six years and has been mixing for TV shows for major networks such as PBS and Food Network at the company’s Hudson Square location. 

Research firm Insight Strategy Group named Tiffany Aguilar as an Analyst for Insight Kids where she is in charge of facilitating and moderating respondent groups and analyzing and synthesizing data.  Tiffany has been with Insight since 2011.  The company has also hired Paige Thompson as an Analyst to conduct qualitative and quantitative research in addition to analyzing and interpreting data to identify the underlying psychological factors impacting consumer behavior. 

Participant Media unveiled the team of executives who will manage the summer 2013 launch of a new, yet-to-be-named cable network targeting millennials.  Kent Rees will become EVP/Marketing, Scheduling and Operations; Belisa Balaban was appointed as SVP/Unscripted Programming; and Ben McLean was named SVP/Legal Affairs and Business Development.  All three executives will be based at Participant’s Los Angeles offices.  Kent and Belisa will report to Evan Shapiro, President, Participant Television while Ben will report to both Evan Shapiro and Participant Media COO Jeff Ivers. 

WGN America, part of Tribune Broadcasting promoted David Rotem to EVP/Sales and Marketing.  David has been with WGN America since 2009 and previously was SVP/Sales.  In his new capacity, David will continue to supervise sales for the network as well as marketing and product integration strategies.  He is based in New York and reports to Julio Marenghi, President, WGN America.

Sarah Rosen was tapped as Director/Development for Public Media NJ, the nonprofit subsidiary of WNET which operates NJTV, New Jersey’s public television network. 

CABLEready hired David Brumel as Sales Executive, effective immediately.  David will be based in the New York office and report to Maurizio Tavares, VP/Global Sales Manager.  Prior to this new appointment, David was an international sales executive at Apparent Gravity Media.

Young Broadcasting’s President Deborah McDermott was named CEO, effective January 1, 2013.  Deborah will retain her position and title of President which she has held since 2004.  Congratulations, Deborah!

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products hired Bettina Koeckler as SVP/EMEA Fox Consumer Products.  Bettina will report to Fox Consumer Products President Jeffrey Godsick. 

Barbara Maushard, VP/News at Hearst Television Inc. will now take over news oversight duties held by Brian Bracco who left at the end of November to become GM of Scripps’ stations in Kansas City.  She will now head Hearst Television’s news functions via on-air, online and mobile platforms.  Barbara has served as VP/News for Hearst Television since 2008 and is based at company headquarters in New York.

Former co-host of BET’s 106 & Park Rocsi Diaz was named Weekend Co-Anchor and Daily Correspondent of Entertainment Tonight from CBS Television Distribution.  Rocsi will co-anchor the weekend show with Rob Marciano.  Rocsi also produced and hosted a radio show for Westwood One network, Rocsi on the Radio and is a contributor to Latina Magazine.

WNET, parent company of New York’s public television stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21 and operator of NJTV has appointed Meg Louis as Director/Government and External Affairs where she will succeed Kathleen Rae who was in the position for the past 16 years.  Meg’s position is effective January 14 and she will report to WNET’s VP/General Counsel Robert Feinberg.  Prior to this role she was with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment as General Counsel.

Effective January 2, 2013, Aman Gupta, CEO of Hobby Star Marketing Inc. is stepping down from his role as President and he has appointed Steve Menzie to replace him.  Steve has worked with Aman since 2008 in the role as Director/Corporate Partnerships and Exhibitor Sales for FanExpo Canada. 

Dana McClintock and Chris Ender were promoted to EVPs/Communications at CBS Corporation.  Dana and Chris will continue to work with EVP/Corporate Communications and CCO Gil Schwartz, to whom they both report. 

Zodiak Americas has formed a new US office for Zodiak Media’s Creativity & Innovation (C&I) Unit in Santa Monica and has named Stefanie Gelinas as SVP for the new division.  Stefanie will work in tandem with Natalka Znak, CEO Zodiak USA and will report directly to Jonny Slow, CEO, Zodiak Americas who is based in the US as well as Cathy Rogers, Director, C&I Unit based in London.  Stefanie will also recruit a new hire soon for the Santa Monica office.

Lifetime Networks elevated Kimberly Chessler to VP/Reality Programming and hired Paul Hardy as VP/Reality Programming.  Kimberly and Paul are both based in New York and in charge of developing and managing production of non-fiction projects for Lifetime.  They report to Gena McCarthy, SVP/Reality and Alternative Programming, Lifetime Networks.

Diana Lochridge takes on a new position at 99 Tigers, a branding and promotion company with offices in New York, Venice and Dallas.  Diana recently left her position as VP/Creative Services at truTV and helped to transform that network’s identity from Court TV.  At 99 Tigers, Diana will be working on various branding and promotion initiatives and also will manage a new division, 98 Monkeys as Creative Director

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