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responsible for strategic & tactical HR support to develop, engage, & retain talent for Ad Sls/Animal Planet; 5+ yrs progressive HR generalist exp

http://careers.discovery.com/ # 5463

 Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, April 10, 2012, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

I was sitting in our break room when I heard people talk about the letter you published last week.  When I went back to my office, I read it, and I completely understand it.  And I am a Human Resources professional.
I feel for the person who wrote the letter, and in my job, I have heard the same kind of story many times before, some even worse.  It’s terrible.
I also understand that some HR professionals use unorthodox methods in their process.  I cannot defend everyone in my profession, but then, who can?  There will always be a few bad apples in every profession, and I will not defend those bad apples.  I know some personally and I hate what they do.  But most of the PR professionals are good, professional people, doing the best they can.  While it might seem obvious, I think it will help if people knew more about what we do.
When a person comes in for a job, we know they are nervous, and many professionals try to ease the situation.  I want to know everything I can about you in a very short time period.  We don’t need to know how you handle stress, because you are doing it right now, during the interview.
Some HR professionals ask what might seem like odd questions.  Please understand, there is no exact science to our job, in fact, one might argue there is no science at all.  There are many different schools of thought on how to reveal the real you.  Some include lots of psychological testing, others, a simple conversation, and everything in between.  But what it comes down to is a gut feeling that we can defend on paper. 
What you might not know is that we agonize over who we pick for each and every position.  We hear your stories, we feel your pain, and if it were possible, we would hire everyone that wanted a job.  Obviously we cannot do that, we also cannot hire on who needs the job the most, though there are times we are tempted.  We cannot do this because if you aren’t a good fit for the position, not only is it your problem, but it becomes ours too.
How many poor fits do you think we can hire before we lose our job?  Not even poor hires, but even average hires will get us fired.  And when the economy has so few jobs to offer, there is even less positions for HR professionals.  What department do you think gets decimated first when the economy is bad?  When corporations are not hiring, there is a decreased need for HR professionals.  Of course we have other responsibilities, but believe me, the HR department in most companies are considerably smaller now then they were just four years ago.
I’m not asking for anyone’s pity, just an understanding.  An understanding that we wrestle with our decisions everyday, we understand how devastating a “no” can be.  And I guarantee you, that any HR professional who doesn’t hire someone like the person who wrote in last week, feels horrible about it.
We’ve been taught to distant ourselves from the people we interview, we have to, to maintain our level of professionalism and sanity.  When the economy is strong, it’s easy to distant ourselves from the individuals and do our job consistent with our standards and past practices.  But when the people we interview are in such dire straits, no matter what we were taught, every no weighs on us.
In our job, with every new hire, we are liked by one person, and often hated by everyone else who applied.  During a strong economy, we are buoyed by the idea that even if you didn’t get hired today, you’ll have a good chance tomorrow.  But now, we don’t have that buffer, and in a job that can bring so much joy to an individual by saying yes, also brings agony for those to whom we say no.  An agony, though not as deeply felt, we share.
I’ve since read a lot of the articles in this publication, and their overall advice is sound.  Be prepared, be practiced and be professional.
I wish you all the best of luck.

Next Issue: Questions that will be asked

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“Why are you here?”
by Michael Pollock

“So why are you here?”  is too often the opening salvo from someone you are having an exploratory interview or pitch meeting with.  If this is just their need to assert seniority, then smile and award them the round.  But if in fact you have gone into a meeting and

1. They don’t know why you are there
2. You don’t have some idea of why they’ve agreed to meet you and what they might need…

…then you should probably not be having that meeting yet.

Three rules:    
     Know what they want from the meeting.      
     Know what you want from the meeting.       
     Work at making it a dialog and not a monologue. 

This last is the most important rule.  Don’t launch into a one-way pitch, be curious about their needs and be ready to respond to them constructively.  You can get better traction if you’ve thought through in advance what might be their motivation for seeing you: are they doing it as a favor to your referrer?  Do they hope that you can fix a particular problem? Or perhaps they think you have potential and they might want a piece of it in the future?

Have in mind a list of the questions you want answered.  Asking smart questions will gain you respect and garner you valuable information. So why not start out by asking the direct question you want answered and taking it from there?  Ideally you’ve teed that question up in the exchange that led to the meet, so the fact that you now have face-time indicates a reasonable chance you’ll come away with something of value.

Here, to get you thinking, are some examples of things you might want:

1.  To find out how you can be of help  and help them accomplish their goal for meeting with you.

2. To learn who would be most likely to be able to connect you to the kind of work you want to do and to get a referral to that person.

3. To find out what keeps the person up at night  so you can offer to alleviate this with your relevant services  directly addressing his point of pain.

4. To find out if they know anyone at company x to whom you could be referred; and by the way do you know what is going on at company y?

5. To discover how they structure projects and what they look for when hiring, so you can craft your own tactics accordingly.
You should never have to wonder how to move one of these conversations forwards because you should have always prepared yourself to get the dialog going and to keep it moving the way you want it to go. 

Good luck.

Michael Pollock is President of Pollock Spark (www.pollockspark.com). He is an Executive Coach and Consultant to Creative and Media professionals.  He works with people in film, TV, journalism, advertising, design, marketing, music and the Internet, bringing them the experience, techniques and inspiration to take their businesses and careers to new levels of success.

Questions from our Readers
Answered by Michael Pollock

What should I do if the interviewer brings up the upcoming election? Is there anything I can do except just speak in complete generalizations?

Assuming you are not interviewing to be a political operative, then avoid any political endorsement or statement.  Don’t waste time on meaningless generalizations; make every effort to get the conversation back to the job under consideration.

If you are in media for example then a non-partisan observation about the joys of political campaign budgets could be in order.  Perhaps a discussion of what will replace that revenue when the campaign is over. 

Get back on track as gracefully as you can. If the interviewer is aggressive about it, perhaps you could smile and say sweetly “My mother told me never to talk politics with strangers!”  You probably don’t want to work for them anyhow.

When asking people for help in getting a job, should you start with explaining your situation or why you would be great for that job?

Your value proposition, the story of why you would be the perfect candidate, is what is relevant to them so lead with that.  I am not sure what you mean by “your situation”. 

If your situation is that you are currently engaged on an innovative project that beautifully demonstrates that you are the star that their contacts need  then share that. 

If you are considering telling them that you have been fired, your house is being repossessed and your partner is suing you for all you have left  then bite your tongue and stick with a story that demonstrates why you are perfect for this opportunity.

Michael Pollock is President of Pollock Spark (www.pollockspark.com). He is an Executive Coach and Consultant to Creative and Media professionals.

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JOB OPENING: POST PRODUCTION MANAGER/NBCUniversal/Burbank: Manage Bravo’s on-air promotions technical post production process. Need Avid/ProTools systems experience/knowledge of technical equipment. Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com #4811 (4/13)

JOB OPENING: SR. ANALYST, SALES RESEARCH/NBCUniversal/NYC: Position supports TV & multi-platform performance data. Syndicated reporting databases experience is a must. Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com #4413 (4/13)

JOB OPENING: WRITER/PRODUCER, CREATIVE SERVICES/NBCUniversal/Philadelphia/PA: Responsible for conceptualizing and scripting for Sprout Kids. Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com #5023 (4/13)

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JOB OPENING:  MGR, PRICING/PLNN’G/Fox Cable Ntwks-NY: Resp for daily components of Sales Plann’g function incl. short term tactical report’g & inv. mgmt. BS/BA req. + 3-5 yrs ad sales or media buy’g exp. www.foxcareers.com FNG0001086 (4/11)

JOB OPENING: SERIES PRODUCERS, APs, PAs/NYC: for multiple web series. Previous exp in talk, studio shows. Smart, easy-going, must be extremely detail oriented & calm under pressure. No crying! [email protected] (4/10)

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JOB OPENING: DIR, OAP/Fox Movie Channel/LA: Resp. for all OAP, incl. the creation of promos, menus, snipes, billboards, sales reels, etc. Supv OAP team. Create/track budget. BA/BS, 5-7 yrs OAP exp. www.foxcareers.com. FNG0001069 (4/10)

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JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR LEGAL & BUS AFFAIRS/The Hub/Burbank, CA: JD req’d. CA Bar License. Entertainment or digital experience. Min 5 yrs law firm or in-house. Apply www.hubworld.com (4/5)

JOB OPENING: EDITORIAL GRAPHICS PRODUCER/CT: At ESPN, is responsible for enhancing the video storyline from a graphics/content perspective. 4 years exp. in sports news production media. Apply: http://bit.ly/GV07T3 (4/5)

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JOB OPENING: W/P & ASSOCIATE W/P/DISNEY CH & DISNEY JR/BURBANK: 1-2 yrs promo exp. On air/off air marketing exp. Suprvse Edit sessions/voiceover talent. AVID exp. Reel required. Disneycareers.com  26950 & 26949 (4/4)

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JOB OPENING: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR RESEARCH/OUTDOOR CHANNEL/NY: Head of resch funct; provide anlytcs; make recomndtns to top mgmt; degree & 7-10 yrs resch exp in cbl/brdcst ind reqd; apply at www.outdoorchannel.com/Employment (4/3)

JOB OPENING: ACCT MGR/The Weather Channel/NYC: Sell advrtsng to prospective clients, build/maintain relationships. 4-6 yrs exp in advrtsng, media &/or cable industries. Sales exp req’d. BA Deg req’d. Resume: [email protected] (4/3)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL MEDIA OPPS/Starcom Mediavest Group/NY & CHI: Seeking talent for exciting new opps including media planner, supervisor, associate director & director. For more info, go to www.starcomusa.com/careers (4/3)

JOB OPENING: SUPERVISING PROD/CHI: Need superstar to mng ops of dynamic prod team; fab writer to craft/edit scripts, supervise edits, lead creative. Exceptional exp reqd. See teamworksmedia.com. Apply [email protected] (4/3)


be a vital liaison between MTS management, Finance, HR and various business units (inc Paramount and BET) globally in matters relating to the operational governance of MTS
VP MTS Business Operations – Governance
MTV Networks

direct and oversee all financial planning and analysis for the NBC Sports Group’s headquarters group, NBC Sports, NFL and the NBC Sports Network
VP, Finance, NBC Sports Group   5259BR
NYC NY and Stamford CT

leading the content development and strategy, and playing a key leadership role around product creation and user experience for the suite of web sites, including alternate distribution platforms
Editor in Chief – TLC   5699
Discovery Communications

represent the Sales & Distribution and Content & Production businesses
Director Corporate & Divisional Communications
BBC America

creation and implementation of highly creative publicity strategies for BBC America programming to maximise channel exposure
Director Publicity, BBC America
BBC America

responsible for leading the development, sell-in and fulfillment of multi-platform promotions across Turner’s Young Adult Networks
Vice President, Brand Activation and Media Partnerships, Young Adults
Turner Broadcasting

managing public relations campaigns and activities for CENTRIC’s original and acquired programming, promotional and brand-extension initiatives and live events/tours
Sr. Publicist, Corp. Comm., Centric   137
BET Networks

directs and controls discrete aspects of the sales planning function
Director, Pricing & Planning   FNG0001096
Fox Networks

responsible for leading the origination, integration and distribution of NBCU’s News and Entertainment networks and managing the personnel staffing the operation
Director, NOC News & Entertainment   4960BR
Englewood NJ

lead the development of strategic and innovative multi-platform marketing initiatives that support both DCI’s internal goals as well as support the key priorities of distribution partners in the cable, satellite and telco communities
VP – Partner Marketing, Domestic Distrib   5676
Discovery Communications
Silver Spring MD

focus on new strategic buying centers, and be the ultimate point of accountability with clients
VP, Client Partner   10876
Atlanta GA

support for business planning; extensive financial modeling; developing automated reporting tools; return on investment analysis; analysis of monthly financial/operating results
Senior Financial Analyst – Cox Business   39263
Cox Careers
Atlanta GA

lead and inspire a team of creative professionals, drive viewership to our channel and has a strong business sensibility to be our next Vice President, Creative Services
VP Creative
MTV Networks
Nashville TN

directs the overall policies and goals for a Product Management department
Executive Director, Major Accounts
Denver CO

collaborating with designers, developers and editorial staff to build social experiences for desktop, mobile and tablet platforms
Sr. Developer, Social Media
Redmond WA or NYC NY

responsible for helping create, produce and manage ground breaking, innovative television programs
Director – Production   5691
Discovery Communications
Los Angeles CA

responsible for building/selling professional development services within Discovery Education in conjunction with Discovery Education’s digital services and as an independent line of business
Director – Professional Development   5681
Discovery Communications
Los Angeles CA

work closely with the VP, Finance and serve as a key member of the senior staff that sets the company’s strategic direction
VP, Strategy & Financial Planning   FFE0000798
Fox Networks
Los Angeles CA

provide in-depth analysis and reporting to deliver information needed for strategic decision making and to support Company initiatives at retail
Sr Analyst, Forecasting/Sales Analysis   FFE0000861
Fox Networks
Los Angeles CA

facilitate and continuously improving our Nulugan onboarding program using an experiential model that helps them build strong cohort relationships and quickly integrate into Hulu culture
Senior Talent Development Manager
Los Angeles CA

collaborate with the Head of Studio to establish and implement the creative strategy, implement policies and manage pilot/series production
VP Creative Development – Keystone   6133BR
Walt Disney Corporation
Burbank CA

lead the organization’s effort to identify new business opportunities and drive strategies for additional revenue generation from the portfolio of Playdom games
Vice President, Business Development   35237BR
Walt Disney Corporation
Palo Alto CA

dealing directly with business leaders, partnering with Apple’s corporate centers of excellence and HR teams
Global Immigration Manager   13970420
Cupertino CA

responsible for driving initiatives that meet the needs of the business and supporting our rapidly growing employee base
HR Generalist
Tube Mogul
Emeryville CA

sets the bar for creating innovative technology solutions for several of Razorfish’s biggest clients
VP, Technology   10902
San Francisco CA


Former ION Media Networks executive Lauren Gellert was appointed SVP/Original Production and Development at WE tv.  Lauren will manage the development and production of original series that meets various network goals.  Additionally, she will be the executive in charge of production for all WE tv originals and manage the network’s relationship with outside production companies.  Lauren is based in New York and reports to Kim Martin, President/GM, WE tv.

Katz Television Group announces three promotions: Artie Altman to EVP/Millennium Sales and Marketing to manage the division’s daily operations for all stations and offices; Chris Jordan elevated to EVP/Continental Television Sales to oversee Continental TV’s daily operations for all stations and offices; and Dave Bisceglia to EVP/Eagle Television Sales where he will supervise Eagle TV’s daily operations for all stations and offices. 

Deborah Bart takes on the newly-created marketing position of VP/Production with Syfy to manage all continuing production efforts in support of Syfy and Chiller.  Based in New York, Deborah will report to Michael Engleman, EVP/Marketing and Global Brand Strategy. 

CBS Television Stations, part of CBS Corporation has finalized the purchased of independent New York station WLNY-TV.  The pairing of WLNY with WCBS-TV creates a duopoly for CBS in the #1 US media market.  As a result, Betty Ellen Berlamino was appointed VP/Station Manager of WLNY.  Previously, Betty was SVP/Director of Sales, CBS Television Stations since June 2011. 

Madhvi Pahwa was tapped as Global Talent Director for media services agency Maxus.  Based in Delhi, India, Madhvi currently is the Managing Partner for Learning and Culture at GroupM India.  GroupM is the parent company for Maxus and its sister WPP media agencies, MEC, MediaCom and Mindshare. 

Force Four Entertainment named Dana Johl as Head/Production and Deborah Wainwright as Head/Creative.  Both Dana and Deborah supervise the company’s slate of factual entertainment projects.

RLTV hired Maria Mager as Manager/Integrated Network Promotions where she will work with the marketing, programming, digital and traffic groups to integrate the network’s messaging on-air and online.  Before this appointment, Maria worked at the ABC affiliate WMAR in Baltimore as Director/Creative Services.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences renewed the contract of Alan Perris serving as COO through 2013.  In his role, Alan will continue to manage the daily operations of the Academy and its Foundation in addition to overseeing staff and executives in charge of various departments. 

Digital media company Outcast added Stephanie Dolgins as CMO and Cris Barrett as SVP/People.  In her new position, Stephanie will manage the marketing and programming for the network.  She joins from Jetsetter where she was head of marketing.  Cris will be in charge of spurring Outcast’s growth through the attraction and cultivation of top talent in the media industry.  He joins from Clearwell Systems where he served as head of human resources. 

Strategic media and marketing agency Media Storm tapped Lourdes Marquez as Director/Local Broadcast where she will supervise all local broadcast planning and media buying for the agency.  Lourdes begins her new job effective immediately and will split her time between the agency’s New York and S. Norwalk offices.  Before this new appointment, Lourdes was with W Media Group as a Media Partner.

Bill Hickey advances to SVP/Engineering at Premiere Networks up from VP.  Bill is in charge of all studio operations and administration in addition to supervising engineering and technical operations for the company’s studio facilities nationwide in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago and Florida.  Based in Los Angeles, Bill continues to report to Julie Talbott, President/Content and Affiliate Relations.

Former Deputy Features Editor/Television at the New York Daily News, Richard Huff joins CBS News as Executive Director/Communications.  Richard begins his new position in May where he will head strategic communications and brand development across various platforms for 48 Hours Mystery, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS News Productions and CBS News Primetime Specials.  Richard will further contribute efforts in support of all CBS News.

Gravitas Ventures, an independent VOD distribution company upped Melanie Miller to the newly-minted role as VP/Acquisitions.  Melanie will manage a five-person acquisition team who will indentify 500 films per year to release on VOD to the world.  Melanie reports to Michael Murphy, President.

Steve Young was hired by DISH Media Sales as GM/Midwest Advertising Sales.  In his new position, Steve will manage the Chicago Market Ad Sales team while based in Chicago and will additionally oversee the Midwest territory.  Steve reports to Adam Gaynor, Director/Advertising Sales.

Later — John
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03/29/23: “Succession” hits series high viewership

"Succession" hits series high viewership

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