Thursday, November 19th, 2009


ON W18-49 FOR THE 2008-09 SEASON
Out-delivered Lifetime, TLC, Bravo, Food Network, E!, Oxygen and We
Source: The Nielsen Company, Mon-Sun 8-11pm, 2008-09 Full Season (9/29/08-9/27/09) , Live+Same Day (000s), rank among general entertainment ad-supported cable excluding sports/news nets & nets that program <50% of daypart.



Good morning. It’s Thursday, November 19, 2009, and this is your first early morning briefing.  And as always, if you prefer to watch this morning’s news instead of reading it, click here.  

Tonight’s Premiere:
TBS: The Very Funny Show at 12a

Tonight’s Finales:
Lifetime: Project Runway at 10p; Models of the Runway at 11p


Dinner With The Band

Don’t miss NYC chef Sam Mason hosts his favorite indie bands in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio where he and the band cook a meal and chat it up. The bands are then excused from their kitchen duties to perform their set. The show includes two exclusive band performances.

Premieres on IFC Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 11 p.m.


Comedy Central will soon launch a six-episode stand-up series hosted by John Oliver, a regular on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, filmed in New York City, opens January 8 at 11p and features Oliver’s favorite comedians performing while he opens each episode and welcomes four stand-up guests during the hour-long show. Some of the comedians showcased include Paul F. Tompkins, Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Brian Posehn, Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman among others. Avalon Television produces with Oliver and Avalon’s Richard Allen-Turner, David Martin, James Taylor and Jon Thoday executive producing.

Real Time with Bill Maher will have an eighth season as HBO announced the show’s renewal yesterday. The new season premieres February 19 with hour-long episodes at 9p followed, for the first time, by a repeat episode at 11p. Real Time with Bill Maher is produced by HBO in association with Brad Grey Television.

BIO debuts a fourth season of original series I Survived … on December 6 at 9p with 11 new episodes. In each one-hour episode, three ordinary people relate their amazing stories of survival in first-person accounts. NHNZ produces the series for BIO.

ABC Family moved up the premiere date for two returning drama series:

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager is back starting January 4 at 8p to complete its second season with 12 new episodes.
  • Make It or Break It also debuts on January 4 at 9p to fulfill its first season with 10 new episodes. Both series were originally scheduled to debut on January 11.
  • ABC Family will round out a three-hour block of original series on Monday nights, when it brings back Greek for a third season with 10 new episodes on January 25 at 10p.

National Geographic Channel released the ratings results for the first two nights of its Expedition Week which premiered last Sunday. National Geographic posted an average 0.59 rating among A25-54 in primetime (8-11p) on Sunday. Monday’s primetime ratings for Expedition Week programming held steady with an average of 0.55 with A25-54 and also delivered a tenth place primetime ranking with cable networks this night among A25-54.

HISTORY’s series WWII in HD premiered last Sunday over two hours starting at 9p and attracted 1.1 million A25-54; 931,000 A18-49; and 2.6 million total viewers. The fifth and final episode of the series presenting WWII via original, never-before-seen color footage and narrated by Gary Sinise airs tonight at 9p.

Oprah Winfrey’s much talked about interview with Sarah Palin this Monday resulted in The Oprah Winfrey Show delivering its highest audience in two years since the Osmond family made an appearance on the show in November 2007. The interview where Palin promoted her new book posted an 8.7 HH rating and a 13 share, reported Nielsen and CBS Television Distribution. 

Broadcast Evening News Weekly Average Ratings (week of November 9, 2009)
NBC: 9.38 million total viewers; 2.3/8 and 2.82 million A25-54
ABC: 8.42 million total viewers; 2.0/7 and 2.52 million A25-54
CBS: 6.74 million total viewers; 1.6/6 and 2.04 million A25-54
Source: Nielsen, NTI


Sewee Entertainment announced the syndicated series Andrew Young Presents was renewed for a third season, set to launch in first quarter 2010. To date, the series has been cleared in more than 85% of the US including 35 of the top 40 markets. Stations picking up the series include: FOX O&Os WNYW-WWOR/New York, WTXF/Philadelphia, WTTG-WDCA/Washington, D.C.; along with other stations around the country such as KCBS/Los Angeles, WSB/Atlanta, WFTV/Orlando, WSOC/Charlotte, WEWS/Cleveland as well as stations owned by Sinclair in Pittsburgh, Mobile, Richmond and Greensboro. Andrew Young Presents is also seen around the world in more than 175 countries through a deal with American Forces Net.


Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) was tapped for the lead role in the TNT pilot Delta Blues. Lee’s character, Dwight Hendricks, is a Memphis police office living with his mother who moonlights as an Elvis impersonator. Delta Blues is from George Clooney and Grant Heslov’s production banner Smokehouse Pictures and Warner Horizon Television.

Food Network renewed the series Sandra’s Money Saving Meals, starring Sandra Lee. The new season of Sandra’s Money Saving Meals begins production in January with 26 episodes, slated to premiere in the Spring. Sandra will also appear soon on Food Network’s sister network HGTV in four one-hour primetime specials Sandra Lee Celebrates for the holiday season: Holiday Homecoming, Magical Merry Christmas, Season of Surprise and Winter Wonderland Party. The specials will air on consecutive Saturdays starting November 28 at 8p.

Sony Pictures Television and Harpo Productions are prepping for a new syndicated daytime show starring interior designer Nate Berkus, a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show, cites B&C. The project is expected to launch in fall 2010.


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Top 10 M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of 11/2-11/6/09 ranked by HH Rtg
Wheel of Fortune (CTD)                                   7.2 AA
Jeopardy (CTD)                                               5.9 AA
Oprah Winfrey Show (CTD)                              4.9 AA / 5.0 GAA
Two and a Half Men (WB)                                 4.9 AA / 6.4 GAA
Entertainment Tonight (CTD)                            4.7 AA / 4.7 GAA
Judge Judy (CTD)                                            4.6 AA / 7.2 GAA
Family Guy (2/T)                                             3.6 AA / 4.2 GAA
Inside Edition (CTD)                                         3.2 AA / 3.2 GAA
Dr. Phil Show (CTD)                                         2.9 AA / 3.0 GAA
The Office (NBU)                                              2.9 AA / 3.5 GAA *NEW*
Source: NSS Galaxy Explorer, Live+SD

NEW M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of 11/2-11/6/09 ranked by HH Rtg
The Office (NBU)                                               2.9 AA / 3.5 GAA
Dr. Oz Show (SPT)                                            2.7 AA / 2.7 GAA
My Name Is Earl (2/T)                                       1.9 AA / 2.2 GAA
Everybody Hates Chris (CTD)                             1.8 AA / 2.0 GAA
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (2/T)           1.7 AA / 2.2 GAA
The Wendy Williams Show (2/T)                         1.1 AA / 1.2 GAA
America’s Funniest Home Videos (DAD)               0.7 AA / 0.7 GAA
Street Court (NBL)                                             0.6 AA / 0.8 GAA
Source: NSS Galaxy Explorer, Live+SD

Top 10 M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of 11/2-11/6/09 ranked by A18-49 Rtg
Two and a Half Men (WB)                                2.5 AA / 3.2 GAA
Family Guy (2/T)                                            2.5 AA / 2.9 GAA
The Office (NBU)                                             2.3 AA / 2.6 GAA *NEW*
Wheel of Fortune (CTD)                                   1.8 AA
Jeopardy (CTD)                                               1.6 AA
Seinfeld (SPT)                                                 1.6 AA / 1.8 GAA
Entertainment Tonight (CTD)                            1.6 AA / 1.7 GAA
Oprah Winfrey Show (CTD)                              1.6 AA / 1.6 GAA
Judge Judy (CTD)                                            1.5 AA / 2.3 GAA
Everybody Loves Raymond (CTD)                     1.4 AA / 1.9 GAA
Friends (WB)                                                   1.4 AA / 1.8 GAA
King of the Hill (2/T)                                        1.4 AA / 1.6 GAA
Source: NSS Galaxy Explorer, Live+SD

NEW M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of 11/2-11/6/09 ranked by A18-49 Rtg
The Office (NBU)                                               2.3 AA / 2.6 GAA
My Name Is Earl (2/T)                                       1.3 AA / 1.5 GAA
Dr. Oz Show (SPT)                                            0.9 AA / 0.9 GAA
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (2/T)           0.8 AA / 1.0 GAA
Everybody Hates Chris (CTD)                             0.7 AA / 0.8 GAA
The Wendy Williams Show (2/T)                         0.6 AA / 0.6 GAA
America’s Funniest Home Videos (DAD)               0.4 AA / 0.4 GAA
Street Court (NBL)                                             0.3 AA / 0.5 GAA
Source: NSS Galaxy Explorer, Live+SD

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among A18-49 for the week of: 11/9-11/15/09
Primetime    (000)        Total Pgm Day      (000)
ESPN              1876        ESPN                        749
USA                1236        ADSM*                     662
TBSC              1135        USA                          632
TNT                 897        TNT                           598
FX                   859        NICK                         592
SPK                 778        TBSC                         576
AEN                 652         NAN*                       572
SYFY                639        FX                            419
DISC                617        AEN                         381
TRU                 573        SPK                          374
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,900,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among Total Viewers for the week of: 11/9-11/15/09     
Primetime    (000)      Total Pgm Day            (000)
ESPN             3666        NICK                            2485
USA               2971       NAN*                            1543
FOXN             2236       USA                              1468
TBSC             2023        ESPN                            1316
NAN               1896       FOXN                            1279
TNT               1796       TNT                               1194
TOON             1529       ADSM*                          1136
AEN               1460       TOON                            1136
FX                 1351       TBSC                               966
SYFY             1316       AEN                                 821
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,900,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks
broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top 10 Cable Programs among A18-49 (000) for the week of: 11/9-11/15/09
ESPN   Steelers vs. Broncos                                         8609
ESPN   Sportscenter 11/9 1141p                                  2592
FX       Sons of Anarchy                                               2503
NFLN    2009  Bears vs. 49ers                                    2234
BRAV   Top Chef                                                         2211
SPK      UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera                              2168
USA     WWE Entertainment 9p                                    2154
USA     WWE Entertainment 10p                                  1942
NFLN    Postgun                                                          1932
ESPN   Monday Night Countdown                                 1928
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television
Universe of 114,900,000 homes

Top 10 Broadcast Programs among A18-49 rating/share and (000) for the week of 11/9-11/15/09
NBC    Sunday Night Football                                8.6/22     11256
ABC    Grey’s Anatomy                                         5.6/14      7357 
ABC    CMA Awards                                              5.3/14      6945
FOX    House                                                       5.3/13      6924
ABC    Desperate Housewives                               5.0/12      6590
FOX    The OT                                                      4.9/14     6383
CBS    The Big Bang Theory                                   4.7/11     6146         
CBS    Two and a Half Men                                    4.6/11     5999
CBS    NCIS                                                         4.4/12     5727
FOX    The Simpsons                                            4.3/11      5673      
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Galaxy Explorer, Live + SD Data

Monday  A18-49 Analysis: CBS tipped the scales in its favor Monday night at 3.9/10 A18-49, according to final national ratings from Nielsen. At 8p, FOX’s House was on top with 5.0/13 and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars cha-cha’d into second place with 3.7/9. CBS’ comedies Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory averaged a first place during 9p at 4.8/12 while ABC’s Dancing with the Stars remained in #2 at 4.1/10. CBS won at 10p with CSI: Miami at 3.7/10 and ABC again came in second, this time with Castle at 2.5/7.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Monday, November 16, 2009 (November Sweep Day 19) time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

ABC: 10.4/16     Dancing with the Stars 12.1/18, Castle 6.9/12

CBS: 7.2/11        How I Met Your Mother 5.1/8, Accidentally on Purpose 4.7/7, Two and a Half Men 8.4/13, The Big Bang Theory 7.9/12, CSI: Miami 8.5/15

FOX: 5.8/9          House 7.3/11, Lie To Me 4.3/6

NBC: 3.2/5          Heroes 3.2/5, Trauma 3.4/5, The Jay Leno Show 3.0/5

UNIV: 2.2/3        En Nombre Del Amor 2.1/3, Sortilegio 2.4/4, Cristina 2.1/4

CW: 1.6/2           One Tree Hill 1.7/3, Gossip Girl 1.5/2

ION: 0.6/1          Ghost Whisperer 0.5/1, Criminal Minds 0.7/1, Criminal Minds 0.8/1

TELE: 0.6/1         Mas Sabe El Diablo 0.8/1, Ninos Ricos 0.5/1, Victorinos 0.5/1

A18-49: CBS 3.9/10, FOX 3.8/10, ABC 3.4/9, NBC 1.8/5, UNIV 1.7/4, CW 1.2/3, TELE 0.6/1, ION 0.3/1

Tuesday  A18-49 Analysis: CBS was the leader Tuesday night among A18-49 with 3.4/9, according to final national ratings from Nielsen. CBS’ NCIS was in charge through 8p at 4.1/11 followed by NBC’s combo of Merry Madagascar and The Biggest Loser averaging a 3.2/9 with ABC’s V just a step behind at 3.1/9. At 9p the networks switched places as NBC’s The Biggest Loser did best at 3.7/10 and CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles placed second at 3.4/9. Then at 10p, CBS was #1 with The Good Wife at 2.6/8 with NBC’s The Jay Leno Show at #2 with 1.9/6 followed closely by ABC’s The Forgotten at 1.8/5.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 (November Sweep Day 20) time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

CBS: 10.0/16      NCIS 12.3/19, NCIS: Los Angeles 9.3/14, The Good Wife 8.4/15

ABC: 7.0/11          V 6.0/9, Dancing with the Stars Results 10.2/16, The Forgotten 4.9/8

NBC: 4.8/8           Merry Madagascar 4.7/7, The Biggest Loser 5.5/9, The Jay Leno Show 3.8/7

FOX: 3.9/6           So You Think You Can Dance 3.9/6

UNIV: 2.2/3         En Nombre Del Amor 2.1/3, Sortilegio 2.5/4, Aqui y Hora 1.8/3

CW: 1.3/2            90210 1.5/2, Melrose Place 1.1/2

ION: 0.6/1           Ghost Whisperer 0.4/1, Criminal Minds 0.7/1, Criminal Minds 0.8/1

TELE: 0.6/1          Mas Sabe El Diablo 0.8/1, Ninos Ricos 0.5/1, Victorinos 0.6/1

A18-49: CBS 3.4/9, NBC 3.0/8, ABC 2.7/8, FOX 2.4/7, UNIV 1.7/5, CW 0.9/3, TELE 0.6/2, ION 0.3/1


Jeremy Gonzalez was hired by National Geographic as Director/Research to lead the ad sales group in New York. Jeremy will manage developing ad sales research efforts for National Geographic and WILD. Previously, Jeremy was the Senior Manager of the Ad Sales Research team at FX.

DirecTV named Pepsi executive Michael White as President/CEO, effective January 1. Michael succeeds Chase Carey in this position who departed DirecTV in June to return to News Corp. as Vice Chairman/COO. Michael will also join DirecTV’s Board of Directors. At Pepsi, Michael served as CEO of PepsiCo International and Vice Chairman of PepsiCo.


IAB Professional Development – Fall Classes Open

Leveraging the expertise of our members, the IAB delivers cutting-edge training on the latest tools, techniques and best practices in interactive advertising. Each low-cost, high-output module gives marketers, agencies and publishers the skills they need to succeed in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Classes are led by industry leaders such as Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo!, Nielsen, comScore, Q Interactive, Audience Science and more. For more info: .

This day in History:  1863 – U.S. President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address as he dedicated a national cemetery at the site of the Civil War battlefield in Pennsylvania.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:   Who was the very first woman to host a late night show — permanently or as a substitute?  ARLENE FRANCIS WHO HELPED FILL THE 26-WEEK VOID BETWEEN JACK PAAR’S LEAVING THE TONIGHT SHOW IN MARCH 1962 AND JOHNNY CARSON STARTING HIS LONG STINT IN OCTOBER 1962.  JOAN RIVERS FIRST APPEARED ON THE LATE NIGHT SHOW IN FEBRUARY 1965.  Kudos to just one — Gerry Bixenspan-TV Marketing/NY.  Well done!

Today’s Trivia Question:   Laura Petry was given a gift by her husband Rob, an heirloom owned by the family for generations.  Unfortunately, it fell into the garbage disposal and was unceremoniously ground up.  What was the heirloom?    (Email
with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Cyn

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SPRING INTERNSHIPS CREDIT ONLY: Rock Ridge Music/Newark NJ: call tour promoters & retail stores, work directly w/RRM staff & artists, Internet promo/research, computer savvy, familiar w/social networking sites

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ABC:  FlashForward, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice
AZTECA: Laura de Todos, Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres Edicion Especial, Al Extremo
CBS:  Survivor: Samoa, CSI, The Mentalist
CW:  Vampire Diaries, Supernatural
FOX:  Bones, Fringe
ION:  Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, NCIS
NBC:  Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, Jay Leno Show
PBS:  This Old House Hour, Antiques Roadshow, Story of India
TELE: Mas Sabe el Diablo, Ninos Ricos Padres Pobres, Victorinos
UNIV: En Nombre del Amor, Sortilegio, Rosa de Guadalupe

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