Monday, March 14th, 2011

Cynopsis: Kids!



Good morning. It’s Monday, March 14, 2011, and this is your first early morning Kids briefing.

Canada’s Astral Media will launch Disney XD as part of its kid services on June 1, 2011.  Disney XD, ad-supported multi-platform brand, is targeted to all K6-14, with a special focus on boys.  Distribution partners for Canada will be announced soon.  The Disney XD programming line-up in Canada will feature a mix of live-action and animated series, including Canadian content.  Programming includes Kickin’ It, Kick Buttowski  Suburban Daredevil, and the Canadian series Wingin’ It and the new series, What’s Up, Warthogs!  Additionally, Phineas and Ferb and I’m In The Band, which currently air in Canada on Family Channel, will air on the Disney XD network.  Disney XD will also launch through on demand channels as well as online broadband and mobile platforms.  The website, (  ), will feature exclusive games, behind-the-scenes clips, short-form content and contests.

Japan’s Tomy Company and US-based RC2 Corporation have entered into a deal under which Tomy will acquire RC2 in an all cash deal valued at upwards of US$640 million ($27.90/per share in cash).  Tomy’s Board of Directors, as well as RC2’s Board of Directors have approved the transaction.  RC2’s brands will continue to be managed by the current leadership team who are expected to drive future development of the business.  The acquisition is consistent with Tomy’s plans, as laid out in 2008, to grow its business and reach around the world by fiscal year 2012.  The deal is expected to benefit both companies and create a platform by which they can build on existing owned and licensed brands and launch new worldwide brands and product lines.  Additionally, the expectation is that the combined companies will benefit from a more diversified product portfolio, greater leverage of Tomy’s R&D, sourcing, and manufacturing network and better access to the US and Japan.  Learning Curve portfolio of brands, which includes The First Years, Lamaze, and JJ Cole Collections, as well as popular licensed properties such as Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Special Agent Oso, Chuggington, Dinosaur Train, John Deere, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, Princesses, Cars, Fairies and Toy Story, Ziploc, among many others.  RC2 markets its youth and adult products mainly under the Johnny Lightning and Ertl brands.  Tomy is Japan’s largest global toy and kid’s merchandise company with 25 subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide.


Cartoon Network and Twentieth Century Fox partner again to offer exclusive Diary of a Wimpy Kid on-air and online content, this time to support the release of the Wimpy Kid movie sequel, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.  Cartoon Network will feature behind-the-scenes content from the set of the new Wimpy Kid movie, interactive components, photos, on-set videos and so forth. The online site for the promotion, , features movie artwork, hand-drawn illustrations from the Wimpy Kid books, regularly added new content, access to “Greg and Rowley’s Secret Web Page” and “Loded Dipers’ Webspace.”  The co-branded promotion runs now through Thursday, March 24, when Cartoon Network will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes videos during its evening lineup.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules opens wide the following day, Friday, March 25, 2011.

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) completes programming deals for several Nickelodeon live-action and animated series:

  • South African national broadcaster, SABC, acquires Nickelodeon’s live action series iCarly and True Jackson for its SABC 2.
  • Atlantic Pictures picks up the sublicensing rights to Nickelodeon’s animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, Back at the Backyard, and Catdog, for Francophone Africa.

Brazil-based Globo TV International will attend MIP TV next month in Cannes where it will offer a range of programming.  Specifically in the kid category, Globo TV will showcase:

  • Do-Re-Mi-Factory (1×45) – about Ludovico, an imaginative inventor of unusual instruments and co-owner of the Do-Re-Me Factory.  One day one of Ludovico’s instruments falls from the sky in front of Tom, who dreams of becoming an artist but makes a living scrounging for scraps at the city dump.
  • The Little Emperor’s Christmas (1×45)  the special tells the story of Pedro II, the 9-year-old orphan boy who carried the title of Emperor; his story is an important part of Brazil’s history.  Alone, Pedro II wanted a normal life and family, and to play like other kids.  One day Pedro meets Dito, a runaway slave who is also 9-years-old. Dito has no idea who Pedro is treats him like an average kid and they become friends.


Nickelodeon Consumer Products International completes deal for girl-targeted properties:

  • Kaufmann Neuheiten signs on to launch Dora the Explorer and iCarly car accessories (e.g. car sunshades, storage bins, air fresheners, organizers, seatbelt pads, neck pillows, and back seat protectors) for summer 2011 across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
  • Lugar Difusion will make accessories based on Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants for Spain and Portugal.  The deal covers girl-targeted accessories including: hair clips; necklaces; bracelets; rings; earrings; fancy belts; neck pillows; patches; zip pulls; badges; shoelaces; buttons; brushes; mirrors; and combs.
  • D’Arpeje signs on in Spain for Dora the Explorer roller skates and roller blades, knee and elbow pads, gloves, helmets, and sport bottles.
  • Two new girl-centric licensing deals in South Africa, Seardel will debut Dora the Explorer outerwear and sleepwear and Rank Sharp will produce SpongeBob SquarePants wellington boots and casual shoes.
  • Nickelodeon Consumer Products UK (NCP UK) deals: Wilton Industries will release Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants baking and party products (e.g. character shaped cake tins, bakery decorations) in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Benelux and France.
  • Gemma International is launching a line of Dora the Explorer greeting cards, gift and roll wrap in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta.
  • Star Cutouts inks a deal for life sized cardboard character cut outs based on SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, iCarly, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • In girl-targeted technology accessory arena, NCP UK signs Accessories 4 Technology to launch Dora the Explorer computer console accessories in the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland; Lazerbuilt is launching SpongeBob SquarePants mobile phone and MP3 accessories in UK, Ireland, with Zeon producing SpongeBob SquarePants computer accessories and gift lines in the UK and Ireland.

HIT Entertainment enters into a licensing deal with Ontel Products and CJ Products for a line of Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Pets.  The product transforms from a plush form into a pillow, in this case from the Thomas engine into the pillow.  The Thomas & Friends Pillow Pets will be available this year at retailer in the US and Canada.  Thomas & Friends is the first licensed property that Ontel Products and CJ Products has taken on for Pillow Pets.

UK-based Gemma International appoints JELC to help develop a licensing program for its young girl-targeted Gem Fairies greeting card line.  Under the deal JELC will assist in the development of the characters and storylines for Gem Fairies.  Gemma together with JELC aims to expand the Gem Fairies into the toy and publishing categories.  Experienced doll designer, Rachel Godfroy, has joined the team to lead the development.  Triplets Sapphire, Ruby and Amber are princesses living in a castle but they have secret lives as Gem Fairies.  As Gem Fairies, the girls help solve problems that young girls may encounter in their daily lives.


Weekend Box Office Estimates for kids/tweens/teens rated G, PG or PG-13; March 11-13, 2011:
Battle: Los Angeles (Sony/Columbia) PG-13      Opening Weekend $36.0m
Rango (Paramount) PG                                    $23.1m-2 wk total $68.7m
Red Riding Hood (Warner Bros.) PG-13             Opening Weekend $14.1m
The Adjustment Bureau (Universal) PG-13        $11.5m-2 wk total $38.5m
Mars Needs Moms (Buena Vista) PG                 Opening Weekend $6.8m
Beastly (CBS Films) PG-13                              $5.1m-2 wk total $17.0m
Just Go With It (Sony/Columbia) PG-13            $4.0m-5 wk total $94.0m
Gnomeo and Juliet (Buena Vista) G                  $3.5m-5 wk total $89.0m
Unknown (Warner Bros.) PG-13                       $3.4m-4 wk total $58.4m
I Am Number Four (Buena Vista) PG-13           $2.2m-4 wk total $50.4m
Source: Rentrak ( )

This week, March 14-20, 2011, marks National Wildlife Federation‘s the 73rd National Wildlife Week ( ).  National Wildlife Week, themed Animal that Move Us this year, encourages kids and families to get outside and explore the natural world around them through games, crafts, and activities offered by National Wildlife Federation.  Each day of the week will feature a specific group of 45 animals (of all sorts) based on their unique modes of locomotion (e.g. flying, digging/slithering, walking/running, hopping/jumping, and swimming).  Trading cards will be available for each of the 45 species, with a different poster available each day this week along with various teacher lesson plans.  Kids can learn about different species of wildlife and then participate in a habitat project or other conservation service project. The website will include a number of starter ideas for community service projects.


Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 2-11 for the week of 2/28-3/6/11 , 6a-6a:
K2-11                                        Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 10:30a)    2627
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 10a)         2434
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/6; 10:30a)    2379
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/6; 9:30a)      2274
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/6; 10a)         2262
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (2/28; 5:30p)    2255
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 9:30a)      2245
DSNY*: Good Luck Charlie (3/6; 8p)                    2234
NICK:    T.U.F.F. Puppy (3/5; 11a)                       2184
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/6; 9a)           2172
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 6-11 for the week of 2/28-3/6/11 , 6a-6a:
K6-11                                        Total Delivery (000)
DSNY*: Good Luck Charlie (3/6; 8p)                    1781
DSNY*: Shake It Up (3/6; 8:30p)                        1737
DSNY*: Suite Life On Deck (3/4; 8p)                    1666
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 10:30a)    1597
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 10a)         1540
DSNY*: Phineas and Ferb (3/4; 9p)                      1465
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 9a)           1451
NICK:    Big Time Rush (3/5; 8p)                         1438
NICK:    Victorious (3/5; 8:30p)                           1428
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (3/5; 9:30a)      1388
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Tweens 9-14 for the week of 2/28-3/6/11 , 6a-6a:
Tweens 9-14                             Total Delivery (000)
DSNY*: Shake It Up (3/6; 8:30p)                        1551
FOX:     American Idol (3/3; 8-10:01p)                1456
DSNY*: Suite Life On Deck (3/4; 8p)                    1456
DSNY*: Good Luck Charlie (3/6; 8p)                    1437
NICK:    Victorious (3/5; 8:30p)                           1359
FOX:     American Idol (3/1; 8-9:30p)                   1248
DSNY*: Suite Life On Deck (3/6; 9:30p)                1235
NICK:    Big Time Rush (3/5; 8p)                          1234
FOX:     American Idol (3/2; 8-9:30p)                   1200
DSNY*: Shake It Up (3/6; 9p)                              1200
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Teens 12-17 for the week of 2/28-3/6/11 , 6a-6a:
Teens 12-17                               Total Delivery (000)
MTV:      Jersey Shore 2B (3/3; 10-11p)                1512
FOX:      American Idol (3/3; 8-10:01p)                 1318
FOX:      American Idol (3/1; 8-9:30p)                   1290
FOX:      American Idol (3/2; 8-9:30p)                   1170
FAM:      Pretty Little Liars (2/28; 8-9p)                   924
MTV:      Jersey Shore After Hours (3/3; 11p)           860
ADSM** Family Guy (2/28; 11p)                             796
DSNY*:  Shake It Up (3/6; 8:30p)                           768
NICK:     Victorious (3/5; 8:30p)                              756
DSNY*:  Good Luck Charlie (3/6; 8p)                       734
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Abbreviation for Adult Swim, which airs on Cartoon Network

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Thursday, March 10, 2011, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON:         K2-11 1232; K6-11 474; TWEENS 9-14 327
DISNEY CHANNEL:     K2-11   978; K6-11 503; TWEENS 9-14 356
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   374; K6-11 199; TWEENS 9-14 148
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   158; K6-11 113; TWEENS 9-14   69
NICKTOONS:              K2-11     88; K6-11   63; TWEENS 9-14   56
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data

Program Call:  Cynopsis Media will be producing our annual MIPTV Shopping Guide sent to all Cynopsis and Cynopsis Kids subscribers on Thursday, March 31, the week before MIPTV 2011 in Cannes. If you’re exhibiting at MIPTV this year and would like to have your programming included, please send us only the following info for your top 5 shows: title, availability date, number of episodes, length, type (i.e., movie, series, special, etc.), genre and your terms (barter, cash, etc.) as well as your company’s stand/booth location. To be included in this free and highly-viewed special edition, please send your submission to [email protected] no later than Friday, March 25, 2011. A confirmation email will be sent following each submission from Lisa (if you don’t receive a confirmation email, please resubmit).


Cyn opsis presents: Upfront 2011- The Kids! Market (Publishing March 22)

The Kids! Market, the 1st in the Upfront 2011 Special Edition Series, will provide an
in-depth look at the 2011 selling season from both the Buyer and Seller perspectives.

Upcoming Upfront 2011 Special Editions
Cable (4/6), Syndication (4/19), Spanish Language (5/3), Broadcast (5/16)

Ad Space is limited (Cable, Spanish Language, Bcst Editions are Sold Out).
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Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia:  While you may tend to leave the sandwich garnish of parsley on the plate, this TV character never did.  Once asked why he ate the parsley, he replied only with “Why does Popeye eat Spinach?”  Who is this character? ARTHUR FONZARELLI – THE FONZ!  Kudos to: Chris Devine Dailey-Simply Devine Marketing Group/NY; Richard Quan-Butler Shine Stern Partners/San Francisco

Today’s Trivia Question:  On this crimefighting series, the exterior shots of this main building are actually the LA City Hall, and the interior lobby scenes were shot in the lobby of The Carnation Building.  While the LA City Hall was also used for Dragnet, we’re looking for a different classic TV series.  What was it?    (Email [email protected] with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later —
Gwen Billings for Cynopsis Kids!

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JOB OPENING: PROD MGR/SESAME WORKSHOP/NY: Manage all Digital Media projects’ operations  budgets, invoices, contracts, resource planning. Relevant operational experience in web, mobile, gaming a must. [email protected] (3/18)

JOB OPENING: PROD ASST/SESAME WORKSHOP/NY: Support Digital Media creative team in game design, scriptwriting, etc. Smart, funny team player who likes kids and Sesame Street. Resume and portfolio to [email protected] (3/18)

JOB OPENING: OPERATIONS ANALYST/VISIBLE WORLD/NYC: responsible for developing solid metrics of ad operations and business processes. 2-3 yrs of project mgmt, business analysis, or audit exp. (3/18)

JOB OPENING: DIR, PRICING & PLANNING/TV Guide/NY: Anlyzing pricing&aprvals, liability anlysis, ratecard dvlpmnt&mgmt, budgting&modeling, invntry mgmt. 5+yrs exp cable/ brdcast AdSales, strng writ/comm skill. [email protected] (3/18)

JOB OPENING: MGR PRIMARY MKT RSRCH/ABC FAM/NY: Initiate, execute primary mkt rsrch to support Ad Sls & Mktg; oversee linear & digital rsrch.Exp in executing digital rsrch studies essential. ID# 280275 (3/18)

JOB OPENING: DIR DVLPMNT/Discovery/MD: Communicate/coord w/vendors & internal dept; create & conceptualize prgmmg for domestic talent; 7+ yrs exp cable or brdcsting prod, exec in charge or head of dvlpment. #2489 (3/18)

JOB OPENING: VP DVLPMNT /Discovery/MD: Contribute to strategic plng, content dir, channel mgmt & executing prmmg strategies through prod & dvlpmnt process; 8+ yrs exp dvlpment & prod in general entertainment. #2490 (3/18)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH DIR /IPSOS OTX/NYC: Manage projects for media focused studies. Survey dev’t, sample design, & report preparation. 8 – 12 yrs supplier/client-side experience in market research. Apply: [email protected] (3/18)

JOB OPENING:  SR ANALYST/MTVN DIGITAL RESEARCH/NYC: 3+ years primary and secondary research experience. Assist with surveys, interviews, focus groups, lit reviews, etc.EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply (3/18)

JOB OPENING: SR MGR RSRCH/Discovery/SS: Oversee all Science Channel rsrch efforts; Utilize Nielsen ratings data to guide decision-making & strategies for programming, scheduling, comms & mktg, 5+ yrs exp. #3410  (3/18)

JOB OPENING:  DIR MARKET RESEARCH/BET/NYC or DC: 5-7 yrs exp with prog research, mkt and Nielsen ratings-mgmt./supervisory experience key! (NMR databases) send resumes to [email protected] (3/18)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, LEGAL & BUSINESS AFFAIRS/National Geographic Channel/DC: Negotiate and draft agreements for programming, sales, syndication and talent. Apply to Job ID 4552.  EOE. (3/18)

JOB OPENING: MARKETING COORDINATOR/ MANAGER /YOU ON DEMAND/NYC: Manage video promotion and print marketing initiatives for video on demand deployments in China. 2-3 years marketing experience in media. Apply: [email protected] (3/18)

JOB OPENING: SR MKT RSRCH ANALYST/FOX NEWS NETWORK/NY: Work w/ Nielsen, MRI, & various rsrch apps to anlyz data. BA Deg & 2-4 yrs cbl rsrch exp req’d. Exc PC/Excel & PP  &  Strong writ/comm skills.  Email: [email protected]  EOE (3/17)

JOB OPENING: ACCT EXEC/Universal/NBC Sports/NYC:Maint/growth of existing biz. Dvlp new biz; focus on endemic clients w/in endurance/Olympic sport cats.; 5+ yrs AE/mgr media/brdcst; BA/BS req’d. Res: [email protected] (3/17)

JOB OPENING: Sales Mkg Mgr/ Universal/NBC Sports/NY: Increase sales thru new opps & customized day part sales prsntns; interface w/intrnl/extrnl clients; 7+yrs agency/media/sls/rsrch; BA/BS req’d. Res: [email protected] (3/17)

JOB OPENING: RSRCH ANALYST/TV ONE PROG/MD: compose rsrch reports using Nielsen & syndicated data. Bach Deg/2 yrs exp and multitasking pro. Visit (3/17)

JOB OPENING:  MANAGER, PRIMARY RESEARCH/STAMFORD CT/WWE: 5+ yrs exp with execution of primary research (survey design, focus groups, work w/ 3rd party vendors,etc.) Some travel. Apply: (3/17)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL AE FOR KRQE-TV/Alb NM: Dvlp digital sales on platforms. Proven past of new biz dvlpmnt/srvcng clients.Exp selling online display/verticals.BA deg & MS knwlg pref’d.To apply: [email protected].EOE. (3/17)

JOB OPENING:  TRAFFIC COORDINATOR- AD SALES/Hallmark Channel/NY: 2+ yrs related exp. Experience w/databases & proficiency w MS Office req. See full posting & apply @ (3/17)

JOB OPENING: ASSOC MARKETING MGR/MATTEL/L.A.: Lead & manage develpmnt/implemntn of digital mrktg programs for our brands. 2-4 yrs brand/online mrktg exp. MBA pref. Apply: (3/16)

JOB OPENING: WEB ANALYTICS ASSOC MGR/MATTEL/L.A.: Create/execute analytics initiatives for our global branded websites and Virtual Worlds. 3+ yrs web analytics exp. Apply: (3/16)

JOB OPENING: ANALYST, MEDIA PLNG/MULTIPLATFORM SCHDLG/SPROUT NTWRK/COMCAST/PA: Req’d 2yrs exp. SIMS scheduling software, multiplatform-VOD, ITunes, You Tube, etc. Apply: (3/16)

JOB OPENING: MGR PRODUCT STRATEGY/ABC/NY: Identify and support the strategic framework for future opportunities as it relates to digital platforms, & participate in execution of those ideas. Apply:  disneycareers .com  ID#282925 (3/16)

JOB OPENING: DIR, PRGRMNG & RSRCH/WGN AMERICA/NYC: Analyze prgrmng audience delivery, demogrphcs & psychogrphcs. 6+ yrs cable sales & rsrch w/ expert understanding in cable rating systms. Apply online: (3/16)

JOB OPENING: AD SALES MKTG MGR/RMG/NYC: Create/execute cutting-edge custom proposals & lead creation of pitches & other sales prgrms. 5-7yrs sls/mktg exp & cable or digital media exp. BA requ’d. Res/cover:[email protected] (3/15)

JOB OPENING: SUPERVISING PRODUCER, NCR ADVERTISING/Nickelodeon/NYC: 7+ yrs production exp. Ad Agency Production exp is essential. Knowledge of production apps including Final Cut Pro. EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply (3/15)

JOB OPENING: EA TO SVP, MKTG/NY based film distribution company: Detail-oriented, highly organized, discrete with interest in marketing. Scheduling, emails, phones. Resume and cover letter to [email protected] (3/15)

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SUMMER INTERNSHIP CREDITS ONLY: Univision SALES MARKETING INTERNSHIP: provides practical experience in the communications industry and teaches daily operations within sales and marketing for Send resumes to: [email protected] (3/18)

SUMMER INTERNSHIP CREDITS ONLY: SALES/MARKETING SUMMER INTERNSHIP /PLUM SALES/NYC: Gain practical experience in the communications industry by working with a top-notch sales & marketing team at a multi-platform media company. Resume to [email protected] (3/17)

SUMMER INTERNSHIP CREDITS ONLY:  DIGITAL MEDIA/SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL/NY: Focus on mktg efforts, content, social media ideas. Review web & mobile traffic; Competitive assessments. Know digital platforms, web & mobile. Apply: Job: 7710BR (3/17)

SUMMER INTERNSHIP CREDITS ONLY:  Entertainment firm/NYC: Internships available, college credit only, 15-25 hrs wkly. Fluent read/write Chinese required. Apply: [email protected] (3/17)

SUMMER INTERNSHIP CREDITS ONLY:  TV One as internship opportunities for undergraduate school credit-locations in NY, MD, and IL. Visit (3/17)

SITUATION WANTED ADS, POSTED BY THOSE LOOKING TO BE HIRED …  There is no charge for placing your Situation Wanted ad … for more information contact Trish Pihonak at [email protected]

SITUATION WANTED: ANALYTICAL AE FOR DIGITAL OR TV AD SALES/NY: I assure you that I am qualified, and will prove to be a valuable addition to your firm. 3 yrs in Finance & 9 yrs in Ad Sales. Let’s grow together. [email protected] (3/18)

SITUATION WANTED: PROGRAMMING EXECUTIVE/LA: 30 years negotiating the best VOD, PPV, and Digital Media deals with US and foreign studios, indies as well as licensing tasteful adult content programming. [email protected] (3/18)

SITUATION WANTED: PRODUCTION ASSISTANT/ASSISTANT VIDEO EDITOR/NJ/NY: 2+ yrs exp video editing and tv news production; ; Email: [email protected] (3/18)

SITUATION WANTED: ASSOCIATE PRODUCER / WRITER/COORDINATOR/LA: 5+ yrs in network TV production; creative and management. Segment producing, QC, pre-, pro, live, taped, post experience. Refs available. Email [email protected] (3/17)

SITUATION WANTED: RESEARCH DIR/SALES STRATEGIST:  20+ yrs media, Nielsen, Hisp, research, sales, and presentation experience. Email: [email protected] (3/17)

SITUATION WANTED: Dedicated & Experienced ADV. SALES PLANNER/NY: Sales proposals, resolving client discrepancies, quarterly post analysis, special sales service projects, expert computer skills. Contact- [email protected] (3/17)

SITUATION WANTED:  Experienced TV PRODUCER with MBA – I have an MBA and 9 years experience as a TV Producer. Ideally looking for a position that integrates content and brands. Also open to other opportunities. [email protected] (3/16)

SITUATION WANTED:  Experienced in PUBLICITY/SPECIAL EVENTS/MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. How do I find celebrities? Book talent? Publicize my event? Been there done that. I know it all! [email protected] (3/16)

SITUATION WANTED: MEDIA SALES/MARKETING MANAGER/LA: 17+ years experience in educational, documentary, advertising media sales, content development,biz development True Closer!!!!![email protected] (3/15)

SITUATION WANTED: ASSOCIATE PRODUCER/LA: 5+ years experience NFLN, ESPN, FoxSports, CNN, Studio Production, Remote Production, Post Production, Writing, Features, Segment Producing, QC, etc. Please email:[email protected] (3/15)

SITUATION WANTED: MANAGER/DIRECTOR FINANCIAL PLANNING AND ANALYSIS/LA. 10+ yrs exp in corporate entertainment finance. Extensive background in financial budgeting, planning, modeling and executive presentations. [email protected] (3/15)

SITUATION WANTED: WRITERS ASSISTANT/WRITERS P.A.: Aspiring TV & Feature Film Screenwriter with yrs of industry experience. Film Festival, & Writing Contest award winner. Excellent references available. Contact: [email protected] (3/15)

SITUATION WANTED: SALES CLOSER in MEDIA, TV & FILM – L.A. 8+ years of Domestic and International experience in Film & TV sales, a powerful sales closer w/ Rolodex of clients, very sharp professional – email [email protected] (3/15)

SITUATION WANTED: INTEG. MKTG MANAGER/LA: 3+ yrs exp building strong client relationships & successful brand campaigns.Great team player, very organized, branded entertainment enthusiast. [email protected] (3/15)

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Monday July 22, 2024 The faulty Windows update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike that caused a massive IT outage on Friday may not have been a cyberattack, but bad actors were quick to jump in and take advantage of the event. Cybersecurity agency CISA reported “phishing and other malicious activity” amid the blue screen errors. About […]

07/21/24: Cynopsis Jobs


ASSOCIATE, GLOBAL LICENSING & DISTRIBUTION HEARST MEDIA PRODUCTION GROUP CHARLOTTE, NC Coordinate and execute asset delivery to content distribution partners and assist with ideation and execution of marketing campaigns with channel partners as well as capture, analyze, and report viewership data. You will also follow and report on industry trends and create weekly programming schedules […]

Cynopsis 07/19/24: Beloved Bob Newhart dies at 94

Beloved Bob Newhart dies at 94

Friday July 19, 2024 Today’s Premieres A+E: Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks at 9p; Tell Me How I Died at 10p AppleTV+: Omnivore; Lady in the Lake PrimeVideo: Betty La Fea: The Story Continues Today’s Finale WeTV: Mama June: From Not to Hot at 9p; Deb’s House at 10p Saturday’s Premiere A&E: New House No […]

Cynopsis 07/18/24: Shogun rakes in Emmy nods

"Shogun" rakes in Emmy nods

Thursday July 18, 2024 Today’s Premieres ABC: Press Your Luck at 8p; Lucky 13 at 9p BET+: Bruh Hulu: How I Caught My Killer Max: Kite Man: Hell Yeah! MTV: The West Coast Hustle Netflix: Cobra Kai; Master of the House Peacock: Those About to Die Prime Video: Top Class Tennis IN THE NEWS Hulu’s […]