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When Your Viewers Want To Laugh,
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AMERICA’S #1 SITCOM WITH A18-49, W18-49, A25-54 & W25-54TWO AND A HALF MEN
Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution  Get with the programming  online.Source: NTI Explorer, Live+SD US Rtg, 2/13/06-2/19/06. Sitcom=CS & EA Typecode.



Good morning. It’s Monday, February 27, 2006, and this is your first early morning briefing.

Stacy Snider, Chairman of Universal Pictures, announced she is leaving Universal in favor of the head job at Dreamworks SKG, which was recently acquired by Paramount Pictures.  As CEO and Co-Chairman of Dreamworks, Stacey will collaborate with co-Chair David Geffen along with Steven Spielberg on which movie projects they will produce.  The studio will put out between six and 8 titles a year, with budgets of up to $85 million.  The films will subsequently be distributed by Paramount. Stacy reports to Brad Grey, Chairman/Paramount.

Tonight’s Premieres:
:  Deal or No Deal at 8p; The Apprentice at 9p

Tonight’s Finale:
: Skating with Celebrities – finale part 1 – at 8p


The entertainment industry lost two notables this weekend.  Don Knotts at the age of 81, and Darren McGavin at the age of 83. 

  • Don Knotts you know, of course, as Deputy Barney Fife.  Knotts began his career as a ventriloquist performing at parties and functions in his hometown of Morganstown, West Virginia. When he joined the Army during World War II at the age of 19, he was assigned to the Special Services Branch and where he entertained the troops as a comedian (leaving his ventriloquism days behind him). Eventually he found himself on Broadway playing a small role in the play No Time for Sergeants, which coincidentally starred Andy Griffith. The rest, as they say, was television history.  Knotts received the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor as Barney Fife five times.  The next time Knotts and Griffith teamed up, it was in 1992 on Griffith’s new show Matlock. Most recently, Knotts was the voice of Mayor Turkey Lurkey in Disney’s animated movie Chicken Little.
  • Darren McGavin‘s first acting role was as a student in the film A Song to Remember starring Merle Oberon in 1945.  Since then, he was one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, appearing in numerous anthology series of early television, as Mike Hammer in the 1956 series by the same name, as Kolchak in The Night Stalker (1974), and as the father Mr. Parker in the now perennial classic TV movie, A Christmas Story.  McGavin won an Emmy award for his portray of Murphy Brown’s father in several episodes of that series in 1988.

The Tennis Channel has signed a deal with Echostar to be carried on the DISH network, carried on the America’s Top 180 tier.  The additional carriage brings the network’s subscriber count up to 9 million.

Weekend Box Office Estimates: February 24-26, 2006
Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Family Reunion (Lionsgate) $20.3 million – opening weekend
Eight Below (Buena Vista)                          $15.7 million – 2 wk total $45.1m
The Pink Panther (Sony)                            $11.3 million – 3 wk total $61.0m
Date Movie (Fox)                                         $9.2 million – 2 wk total $33.9m
Curious George (Universal)                        $7.0 million – 3 wk total $43.1m
Firewall (Warner Bros.)                              $6.3 million – 3 wk total $27.3m
Final Destination 3 (New Line)                   $5.4 million – 3 wk total $44.8m
Doogal (Weinstein)                                    $3.6 million – opening weekend
Running Scared (New Line)                       $3.1 million – opening weekend
Freedomland (Sony Revolution)                 $2.9 million – 2 wk total $10.8m
Source: Box Office Mojo

* NEW ORDERS / CASTING / DEVELOPMENT / PRODUCTION *The CW has ordered up a pilot of a drama project called Runaway from Sony Pictures Television.  The story is about a family where the husband/father is accused of murder.  Believing him to be innocent, the entire family goes into hiding, in hopes of biding enough time to prove his innocence.  This project was originally on the UPN development slate.

A new reality project from CBS and RJ Cutler featuring radio host and financial know-how guy Dave Ramsey who will work with various families to help them get out from under their financial woes.  CBS Paramount Domestic TV is producing.

NBC has given the official go to a pilot from John Wells called Prodigy/Bully from Warner Bros. TV about the son of the family who is a bonafide genius and uses his brans to get whatever he wants.

Casting Notes …

Fox‘s new comedy pilot Til Death from Sony Pictures TV is currently talking with Brad Garrett to join the cast. The set up is a young newlywed couple who moves next door to a couple married for many many years.  Garrett would play the long married man, while Eddie Kaye Thomas has been previously cast to play the newlywed husband.  I suppose this finally puts to rest any remaining hope Garrett will get a spin-off series from Raymond.

In Fox‘s drama pilot Southern Comfort from 20th Century Fox TV about a woman who’s mob husband goes to jail, leaving her to run the business, Madeleine Stowe has been cast as the female lead.

Five casting notes at different ABC projects:

  • Christine Taylor has signed on in the comedy pilot 52 Fights, based on the book, about a young’s couple transition into marriage.
  • The legal comedy project Women in Law has added Regina King, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Jill Ritchie to the cast which already includes Kelli Williams.
  • Drama pilot Day Break from Touchstone TV has added Adam Baldwin in this project starring Taye Diggs about a cop framed for murder.  Baldwin will play a veteran police officer.
  • Jonathan Silverman has joined the cast of In Case of Emergency from Touchstone TV, a comedy project about four high school friends who meet up again years later. ABC has ordered 6 episodes.
  • October Road from Touchstone TV has added Jay Paulsen to the lineup.  This drama project is about a novelist returning home.

The CW has added Tia Mowry in its pilot project The Game, in the role originally cast with Cynthia Addai-Robinson.  The Game focuses on the wives of professional football players.

* EXECUTIVE MOVES *Sandra Gehring becomes Corporate Director/Marketing and Promotion for the Weigel Broadcasting Company.   Sandra will be responsible for long-term strategic planning of brands, platforms, and audience and revenue streams for the Weigel-owned stations in Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend markets.

* RATINGS *Broadcast Daytime Ratings Rankings – Women 18-49, week of February 13, 2006:
Young & Restless                2.1/14
General Hospital                  2.1/12
All My Children                     2.0/12
Days of Our Lives               1.9/12
One Life to Live                   1.9/12
Bold and the Beautiful         1.7/10
Price is Right 2                   1.4/10
The View                             1.4/10
Passions                               1.4/8
As the World Turns               1.3/8
Source: Nielsen’s Galaxy Explorer, NTI as dated

Thursday – A18-49 Analysis:   NBC led on Thursday night with an overall 7.5/18 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research.  Fox was #2 with a 6.6/16, followed by CBS 4.8/12, ABC 4.7/11, Uni 2.6/6, WB 1.0/3, UPN 0.8/2, and Tele 0.4/1.  At 8p Fox sang its way to first with a 9.7/24 for American Idol, more than doubling the 11 share earned by NBC’s Olympics. At 9p NBC took the lead with an 8.0/18, with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars not far behind at 6.1/14 for the second hour of its 2-hour show.  And at 10p, with the US hopeful for a gold in figure skating scheduled to perform, NBC pulled ahead again with a 10.0/25 for the hour, well ahead of ABC’s 11 share and CBS’ 9 share.

Live + Same Day Ratings: Thursday, February 23, 2006 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

NBC  15.0/22    Olympic  Winter Games  15.0/22

ABC   10.2/15   Dancing with the Stars [2 hours] 11.2/16, Primetime 8.3/13

FOX    9.1/13   American Idol 13.2/19, Skating with Celebrities [r] 5.0/7

CBS    8.6/13   Survivor Panama: Exile Island 8.5/12, CSI [r] 9.5/14, Without a Trace [r] 7.8/12

UNIV   2.8/4    Premio Lo Nuestro 2006 (Especial)

WB    1.7/2     Movie: Just Married

UPN    1.4/2    Everybody Hates Chris [r] 1.9/3, Love, Inc. [r] 1.2/2, Everybody Hates Chris [r] 1.4/2, Eve [r] 1.1/2

TELE  0.6/1     El Cuerpo del Deseo 0.9/1, Tierre de Pasiones 0.8/1, Corazon Partido 0.6/1, Decisiones-Casos Extraordinarios 0.5/1, Decisiones 0.4/1

A18-49:         NBC 7.5/18, Fox 6.6/16, CBS 4.8/12, ABC 4.7/11, Univ 2.6/6, WB 1.0/3, UPN 0.8/2, Tele 0.4/1

Friday – A18-49 Analysis:   NBC’s Olympic Games led the way on Friday night posting an overall 4.1/12 A18-49 rating, according to fast affiliate numbers from Nielsen Media Research.  ABC followed at #2 with a 2.9/9, and behind it was CBS 2.5/8, Univ 1.5/4, WB and UPN 1.4/4, Fox 1.2/4, Tele 0.6/2.  NBC won every hour of primetime:  8p 3.4/11; 9p 4.4/13 and at 10p 4.6/13.

Live + Same Day Ratings: Friday, February 24, 2006 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

NBC     9.5/16  Olympic Winter Games 9.5/16

CBS     6.1/10  Ghost Whisperer [r] 5.8/10, Close to Home [r] 6.2/10,  Numb3rs [r] 6.4/11

ABC     5.8/10  AFV [2hrs] 5.7/10, 20/20 5.8/10

FOX     2.1/4   24 [r] 2hrs  2.1/4

UPN     2.8/5   Friday Night Smackdown  2.8/5

WB      2.0/3   What I Like About You 1.7/3, Reba 1.8/3, Twins 2.6/4, Living with Fran 2.1/3

UNIV    1.9/3   Contra Viento y Marea  2.0/3, Alborada 2.2/4, Casos de la Vida Real: Edicion Especial 1.6/3

TELE    0.7/1   El Cuerpo del Deseo 1.0/2, Tierre de Pasiones 0.8/1, Corazon Partido 0.7/1, Decisiones-Casos Extraordinarios 0.5/1, Decisiones 0.6/1

A18-49          NBC 4.1/12, ABC 2.9/9, CBS 2.5/8, Univ 1.5/4, WB and UPN 1.4/4, Fox 1.2/4, Tele 0.6/2

Saturday – A18-49 Analysis:   NBC’s Olympic coverage again led on Saturday night with a 4.6/14 A18-49 rating, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research.  Fox was #2 with a 2.8/9, followed by ABC 2.0/6, CBS 1.7/5, Univ 1.3/4, Tele 0.3/1.   And NBC again led every hour of prime, pacing well ahead of the competition hour for hour.  At 8p the Olympics averaged a 3.4/11, with the heaviest competition coming from Fox’s back-to-back episodes of Cops earning a 2.8/9.  However, at 9p, NBC pulled away with a 4.9/14, beating Fox by 6 share points; and at 10p NBC was up to a 5.6/16, beating #2 ABC by 9 share points.

Live + Same Day Ratings: Saturday, February 25, 2006 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

NBC     9.1/16  Olympic Winter Games 2006  9.1/16

CBS     4.8/8   Numbers [r] 4.1/7, Cold Case [r] 5.3/9, 48 Hours Mystery 5.1/9

FOX     4.3/7   Cops 3.9/7, Cops [r] 4.3/8, America’s Most Wanted 4.4/8

ABC     3.6/6   Movie: Forrest Gump 3.6/6

UNIV    1.6/3   Sabado Gigante 1.6/3

TELE    0.3/1   Accion Extrema 0.3/1, Cinemundo del Sábado 0.4/1

A18-49          NBC 4.6/14, Fox 2.8/9, ABC 2.0/6, CBS 1.7/5, Univ 1.3/4, Tele 0.3/1


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Answer to Friday’s Trivia Question: Dr. Carolyn Ryan was forced to temporarily close her practice during a scandal revolving around her son’s involvement in the murder of his girlfriend.  What  ’90s thriller was this?  BEFORE AND AFTER  Kudos to:  Jake Vander Linden-Carat USA/NY, Paul Rule-Marquest Media & Entertainment Research/Beaufort NC, Jen Longobardi-McCann Erickson/New York, Marisa Cicolini-RPA/Waltham, Brynn Wyler-NCC/Chicago, Kathy Yarbrough-The Graham Group/New Orleans, Marcus L. Bush-Disney ABC Kids Networks /Chicago; Barbara Spafford-Spafford Creative/Mobile, Russ Talley-Turner Broadcasting/LA, Adrienne Spitzer-Pantheon/LA, Heidi Cayn Friedman/LA, Mike Heflin-Cannella Response/LA, Louise Foglia-Premier PR/London


INFRARED TECHNOLOGY. Where would men be without it?
Guys love knowing how their remote controls work.  That’s why they’re watching The Science Channel.
 We cover everything from how infrared technology helps explore the nearest TV to the farthest reaches of space.
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Today’s Trivia Question: 
“The Gnome .. as himself” was the billing this plaster set decoration received on this sitcom where it often was seen in close-ups and used in stunts.  On what sitcom did it appear? (click here with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)


INFRARED TECHNOLOGY. Where would men be without it?
Guys love knowing how their remote controls work.  That’s why they’re watching The Science Channel.
 We cover everything from how infrared technology helps explore the nearest TV to the farthest reaches of space.
Reach guys when you advertise with us.
See the world through The Science Channel.

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INFRARED TECHNOLOGY. Where would men be without it?
Guys love knowing how their remote controls work.  That’s why they’re watching The Science Channel.
 We cover everything from how infrared technology helps explore the nearest TV to the farthest reaches of space.
Reach guys when you advertise with us.
See the world through The Science Channel.



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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT: Monday, February 27, 2006

ABC             Wife Swap, The Bachelor: Paris, The Bachelor: Paris
CBS             King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Courting Alex, CSI: Miami
FOX             Skating with Celebrities [finale- pt1], 24
NBC             Deal or No Deal [p], The Apprentice [p], Medium
i               Sue Thomas F.B. Eye, Early Edition, Doc
UPN             One on One, All of Us, Girlfriends, Half and Half
WB              7th Heaven, Related
TELE            El Cuerpo del Deseo, Tierra de Pasiones, Corazón Partido, Decisiones – Casos Extraordinarios, Decisiones    
UNIV            Contra Viento y Marea, Alborada, Cristina


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Cynopsis 02/22/24: Apple launches Apple Sports for iPhone

Apple launches Apple Sports for iPhone

Thursday February 22, 2024 Today’s Premieres Bravo: Summer House at 9p Max: Jellystone Netflix: Avatar: The Last Airbender; Death in the Dorms IN THE NEWS Comscore released an enhancement of its cross-platform audience measurement solution, Comscore Campaign Ratings. Comscore Campaign Ratings Local (CCR Local) gives advertisers access to deduplicated audience measurement at the local market […]

Cynopsis Esports 2/22/24: Embracer CEO causes uproar; Team owner sues Call of Duty League; Super Bowl ads shift away from gaming

Thursday February 22, 2024 Good morning! It’s Thursday and this is your early morning Esports and Gaming brief. Gaming conglomerate Embracer Group’s restructuring is in “the final stretch,” but the company’s messaging could use some major work moving forward after CEO Lars Wingefors said its No. 1 value is to “maximize shareholder value in any […]

02/21/24: Cynopsis Jobs


MANAGER, CONSUMER MARKETING TV One SILVER SPRING, MD – HYBRID REMOTE Contribute strategic thinking and new ideas to the building and development of consumers promotions and marketing campaigns and work on marketing strategies, in partnership with the internal research team and media agency, for programming initiatives to inform our understanding of the target audience. Full […]

Cynopsis Digital Out of Home 02/21/24: Hypermedia does Dubai; AdQuick strikes a deal with Crackle Connex; CTI acquires Vistacom

Wednesday February 21, 2024 Hypermedia inked a 10-year deal with developer Nakheel granting Hypermedia, a subsidiary of W Group Holding, media rights and development privileges for Nakheel’s communities and assets across Dubai. The digital network to be installed across Palm Jumeirah features various formats, from digital unipoles at the entrance to large panels along the […]