Gimlet Sets Season Two of Conviction: American Panic

Gimlet announced the second season of Conviction: American Panic,  premiering  the first two episodes on Spotify on February 25. This season will explore the story of John Quinney and investigate  the “Satanic Panic.”

In the 1980s, it seemed like satanic cults were everywhere, secretly forcing young children to drink blood and take part in strange sex rituals – daycare workers, neighbors, and parents were sent to prison for unspeakable crimes. Now it is known satanic ritual abuse didn’t exist. In 1989 at 9-years-old, Quinney accused his father of being a satanic cult leader who ritually abused him. For decades, he believed his father was guilty until he received a Facebook message that turned his world upside down. Today, he wants to know what was real. 

Hosted by Julia Marchesi and Sharon Shattuck, Conviction: American Panic will dissect how easy it is to believe the worst about people and how those with the best intentions can also do the most harm.

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