Friday, November 17th, 2006


Cynopsis: Kids!


Good morning. It’s Friday, November  17, 2006 and this is your first early morning Kids! briefing. 

DreamWorks has picked up the movie rights to the kid’s book Camp Creepy Time, written by actress Gina Gershon and her brother Dann Gershon, according to a report in Hollywood Reporter.  The Gershon siblings will serve as Executive Producers of the movie, which will be produced by Nickelodeon FilmsRichard LaGravenese plans to write the screenplay and direct the movie.  Slated to be published in spring 2007 by Putnam Juvenile, Camp Creepy Time revolves around a tween boy, Einstein P. Fleet, who has a knack of controlling most situations by manipulating adults and/or wearing them down, that is until he is forced to go to Camp Creepy Time.  Unhappy to be there, the teen follows none of their rules, which turns out to be a good thing as he ultimately must save the campers from the aliens who run the camp.


Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Univision Online are partnering to bring the Speedy Gonzales cartoons to the US Latin market. In a first, 12 of the classic Speedy Gonzales cartoons will be released in Spanish on a Speedy Gonzales micro site located at (keyword: Speedy Gonzales).  Beginning this week a new cartoon will be released each week through February 15, 2007.  The micro site will also feature Speedy Gonzales downloads such as Speedy-themed wallpaper, buddy icons, grab-and-go animations and wireless content.  The event will be supported by an online ad campaign, Speedy sweepstakes and promotion by both Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Univision Online.  FYI, a new version of 1960s song Speedy Gonzales, words/music by Buddy Kaye, Ethel Lee and David Hess, from A.B. Quintanilla III’s new album Kumbia All Starz was recently 68 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) picked up the exclusive rights to Long Legged Beauty from Galaxy Studio. The Vietnamese feature film focuses on a young girl’s self-discovery and her dream to be a model and the effect it has in breaking from her family’s tradition.  SPTI will shop the show all around Asia, including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.


Activision Publishing, Inc., has shipped its new game title Shrek: Smash N’ Crash Racing for PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance to retailers.  In the game players take on the role of Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey or nine other Shrek characters as they take part in various racing challenges within 12 locations and going up against a gaggle of twisted fairy tale opponents.  The game is rated E (everyone) and will also be available before the end of the year for the PSP, GameCube and DS.

HIT Entertainment has inked a long term deal to create a permanent Thomas & Friends attraction at Drusillas Park in Sussex, England.  Set to open at spring 2007, The Thomas the Tank Engine passenger train will take visitors around the park on a ride with Thomas, which will run year round, and will sometimes include appearances by Sir Topham Hatt, Chairman of the Railway.


mtvU and Epic Records have teamed together for the college Artist of the Year from those artists registered in mtvU’s new Best Music on Campus website, which offers unsigned college bands/musicians multiple chances to launch their careers. On the site, college students can build profiles with songs, videos, pictures, blogs and so on, and enter to compete for the Artist of the Year prize — a promotion, video, tour and record deal from mtvU and Epic Records.  The winning band, selected by mtvU, Epic Records and college kids, will be announced and debut with a live performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in May 2007.  Additionally, each week, mtvU will select a new BMOC Artist of the Week, focusing on those acts that are the most viewed, streamed or highly rated by college kids on .  Every Artist of the Week will be featured in promo spots that run on mtvU several times a week, showcased on the BMOC website, and spotlighted on The Freshmen, mtvU’s weekly rundown of new music videos from artists building on the college scene.  mtvU’s BMOC will feature rotating monthly sponsors, the first of which is Sony Mylo.


When the music stops everyone take an empty seat.  Discovery Communications has tapped David Zaslav, President/NBC Universal Cable and Domestic TV and new Media Distribution, as its new President and CEO.  Holding open the exit door for Zaslav is Randy Falco, President/CEO NBC Universal TV Group, who yesterday was appointed CEO of Time Warner’s AOL.  Zaslav, who officially picks up the reins at Discovery in early 2007, takes over for Judith McHale. In the interim period, John Hendricks, Founder and Chairman, Discovery Communications, will serve as acting CEO.  Zaslav joined NBC in 1989 and was key in the development and launching of CNBC, MSNBC and negotiating deals for NBCU with DirecTV, Comcast and Time Warner.

Comcast Cable welcomes Andrew Baer as its new Chief Information Officer.  Baer is responsible for creating Comcast’s internal IT strategy that brings technology together to meet overall business needs and objectives.  He also will oversee the integration of the IT organizations in cable systems recently acquired by Comcast.  Baer reports to Dave Scott, EVP/Finance and Administration.  Most recently Baer served as VP/Business Platform Services.  Previously, he was Chief Information Officer, Verestar and VP/Customer Care Systems, Verizon.

Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group announced five promotions, two in its Ad Sales department and three in its new Nickelodeon Magazine Group, which will combine all of the sales groups for all Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group magazines into one unit.  All five executives will report into Jim Perry, EVP/360 Brand Sales, Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group.  The newly unified Nickelodeon Magazine Group will mesh the previously separate ad sales teams for the individual magazines.  The Nickelodeon Magazine Group oversees ad sales for Nickelodeon Magazine, Nick Jr. Family Magazine and Custom Publishing to marketers.  Additionally, Perry will now head the ad sales team for Nick at Nite, in addition to the other divisions he already oversees, including, Nickelodeon, Noggin, The N, Nicktoons Network, Nick Online, Neopets, and emerging and digital media.

  • Jim Tricarico named SVP/Ad Sales, Nickelodeon TV.  He is responsible for the TV ad sales for Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons Network, Noggin, and video-on-demand.  Prior to this Tricarico was VP/Sales, Nickelodeon TV.
  • Nelson Boyce has been upped to VP/Ad Sales, The N.  He will continue to grow The N brand and ad sales opportunities.  Most recently Boyce was Director/National Sales, The N.
  • Noreen Rafferty will now serve as VP/Associate Publisher, Nick Jr. Family Magazine.  Prior to this she served as Associate Publisher, Nickelodeon Magazine.  Previously, Rafferty, who joined Nick earlier this year, was Associate Publisher, Family Circle.
  • Noelle Wojciehowski has become VP/Associate Publisher, Nick Magazine and Custom Publishing Director for the Nick Magazine Group.  Wojciehowski, who joined Nick three years ago to establish the custom publishing division, will also retain her previous responsibilities as Group Custom Publishing director. Previously, she served as Group Marketing Director, Primedia Business.
  • Donna Sabino assumes the position of VP/Strategic Development, Nick Magazine Group.  She will develop and help implement new business strategies across ad sales, editorial and circulation for both Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Family magazines.  Sabino has held various roles at the company in research and market development.


Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 2-11 for the week of 11/6-11/12/2006 , 6a-6a:
K2-11                                                                                     Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/10; 8-9:30p)      4391
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 7:30p)                        3967
NICK:    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/11; 10-11:30a)   3620
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 7p)                             3356
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 6:30p)                        3179
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 9:30p)                        3062
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 6p)                             3031
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/11; 11:30a)                      2928
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/11; 9:30a)                        2903
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 5:30p)                        2862
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 6-11 for the week of 11/6-11/12/2006 , 6a-6a:
K6-11                                                                                       Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/10; 8-9:30p)      2932
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 7:30p)                        2570
NICK:    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/11; 10-11:30a)   2319
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 9:30p)                        2143
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 7p)                             2065
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 6:30p)                        1946
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 6p)                             1834
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/11; 9:30a)                        1802
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/11; 11:30a)                      1778
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 5:30p)                        1725
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Tweens 9-14 for the week of 11/6-11/12/2006 , 6a-6a:
Tweens 9-14                                                                               Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/10; 8-9:30p)     2125
NICK:    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/11; 10-11:30a)  1911
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 7:30p)                       1880
DSNY*: Suite Life of Zack & Cody (11/10; 7:30p)                      1589
NICK:    Zoey 101 (11/12; 8p)                                                1585
NICK:    Ned’s Declassified (11/12; 7:30p)                                 1558
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 9:30p)                        1534
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 7p)                             1527
NICK:    Ned’s Declassified (11/7; 6p)                                       1457
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (11/10; 6:30p)                         1446
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Teens 12-17 for the week of 11/6-11/12/2006 , 6a-6a:
Teens 12-17                                             Total Delivery (000)
FOX:     Simpsons (11/12; 8-8:31p)                              1467
FOX:     Family Guy (11/12; 9-9:31p)                            1463
FOX:     American Dad (11/12; 8:31-9p)                         1325
ABC:     Desperate Housewives (11/12; 9-10:01p)         1189
ABC:     Lost (11/8; 9-10:02p)                   1033
FOX:     War at Home (11/12; 9:31-10p)                1026
NICK:   The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/11; 10-11:30p)  1014
FOX:     House Election (11/7; 9-10p)                            991
NICK:   The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/10; 8-9:30p)  958
ABC:     Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (11/12; 8-9p)   898
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.
**New abbreviation for Adult Swim, which airs on Cartoon Network

Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, November 11, 2006 Broadcast Networks only (Live + SD Data):
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data
CW (Kids’ WB!) 1.4/6 Avg. (7a-12p)
Pillowhead 0.5/4; Pillowhead 1.1/7; Monster Allergy 1.3/7; Tom and Jerry Tales 1.9/8; Shaggy Scooby-Doo Clue 2.1/8; Johnny Test 1.7/7; Legion of Super Heroes 1.4/6; The Batman 1.2/5; Xiaolin Showdown 1.1/5; Loonatics Unleashed 1.2/6
ABC 1.4/6 Avg. (9a-1p)
The Emperor’s New School 0.7/3; The Replacements 1.1/5; That’s So Raven 1.6/7; That’s So Raven 1.9/8; Hannah Montana 1.8/7; Suite Life of Zack & Cody 2.1/9; Power Rangers Mystic Force 1.0/5; Power Rangers Mystic Force 0.8/4
FOX (4Kids TV) 0.9/4 Avg. (8a-12n)
Winx Club 0.9/5; Bratz 1.4/7; Kirby 1.3/5; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward 1.2/5; Yu-Gi-Oh Cap Monster 1.0/4; Viva Pinata 0.5/2; Yu-Gi-Oh 0.5/2; GI Joe Sigma 6 0.6/3
CBS (KOL’s Secret Slumber Party on CBS) 0.3/1 Avg. (7a-7:30a/10:30a-12n*)
Madeline 0.3/2; Sabrina: The Animated Series 0.3/1; Cake 0.2/1; Trollz 0.5/2; Dance Revolution 0.2/1; Horseland 0.3/1
NBC (Qubo on NBC) Avg. 0.6/2 (7:30a-12p)
Veggie Tales 0.7/3; Dragon 0.7/3; 321 Penguins/Larryboy Adventures 0.7/3; Babar 0.3/1; Jane and the Dragon 0.4/2; Jacob Two Two 0.6/3

Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, November 11, 2006 Cable Networks only (Live + SD Data):
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data
NICKELODEON 6.2/30 Avg. (7a-1p)
All Grown Up 2.2/21; Fairly OddParents 2.8/21; Jimmy Neutron 3.4/20; Jimmy Neutron 5.2/25; SpongeBob SquarePants 6.6/28; SpongeBob SquarePants 7.4/29; The SpongeBob Movie 9.6/40; SpongeBob SquarePants 7.3/33; Fairly OddParents School’s Out Movie 5.2/27;
CARTOON NETWORK 1.9/9 Avg. (7a-1p)
Cartoon Cartoon Top 5 (60 min) 1.9/13; Team Galaxy 2.2/10; Pokemon: Battle Frontier 2.2/9; Pokemon: Battle Frontier 1.9/8; Ben 10 1.7/7; Robotboy 1.5/7; Class of 3000 1.7/7; Teen Titans 2.2/10; Squirrel Boy 2.2/11; Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 1.4/8
DISNEY CHANNEL 1.3/6 Avg. (7a-1p)
The Wiggles 1.3/13; Higglytown Heroes 1.3/9; Little Einsteins 1.3/8; Little Einsteins 1.2/6; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1.2/5; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1.1/4; Handy Manny 1.1/5; Handy Manny 1.3/5; Doodlebops 1.1/5; Charlie and Lola 0.9/4; Lilo & Stitch: The Series 1.6/8; The Emperors New School 1.9/10
TOON DISNEY (Jetix) 0.4/2 Avg. (8a-12p)
Legend of the Dragon 0.0/0; NASCAR Racers 0.1/1; Pucca 0.3/2; Oban Star Racers 0.3/2; Jackie Chan Adventures 0.4/2; Power Rangers Mystic Force 0.3/1; Yin Yang Yo 0.4/2; W.I.T.C.H. 0.5/2; Super Robot Monkey Team 0.5/2; Dragon Booster 0.1/1; The Legend of Tarzan 0.3/1; Hercules 0.2/1

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON:         K2-11   1080; K6-11 535; TWEENS 9-14 407
DISNEY CHANNEL:     K2-11 721; K6-11 421; TWEENS 9-14 375
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   571; K6-11 344; TWEENS 9-14 248
TOON DISNEY:          K2-11   111; K6-11   53; TWEENS 9-14   36
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data

Friday Fun Fact:  There are more than 50 different kinds of kangaroos. Kangaroos are native of Australia. A group of kangaroos is called a mob. Young kangaroos are called joeys.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  “You can fool some of the people all of the time…and all of the people some of the time…but you can’t fool Mom” became known as the law of this Kiddie show host.  Who’s law was it? CAPTAIN PENNY’S LAW   Kudos to: Chris Rettstatt-Star Farm Productions/Chicago; William “Chip” Beaman-Soundelux Design Music Group/Hollywood; Erin Bartley-The Cookie Jar Company/Toronto

Today’s Trivia Question:  On what show did the Bradfords love to get together for a game of football? ( click here) with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Gwen
Gwen Billings for Cynopsis Kids!

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JOB OPENING: MANAGER, RETAIL DEVELOPMENT WWE, Stamford, CT:  Establish, execute & manage marketing programs to increase sell-in & sell-thru of WWE Consumer Products in all distrib channels. 4+ yrs related exper. (11/28)

JOB OPENING: AFFILIATE MARKETING MANAGER: NETWORK RELATIONS, WWE, Stamford, CT: Act as WWE’s point person with all WWE network programming partners. 4+ yrs related experience, strong project management skills. (11/28)

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JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, INTEGRATED MRKTG/CMT/NYC: 5+yrs exp in TV/Adv/Media Mrktg, Strng presentation & creative writing skills. Mgmt exp. Required. Strng knwldge TV/Sales, BA/BS req, EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply (11/28)

JOB OPENING: MANAGER, MARKETING/SpikeTV/NYC: 4+yrs exp marketing ad agency/entert/media, Exp in media planning esp Online, Strng creative/writing/present skills, Exp w/Events & Vendors, EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply (11/28)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, DEVELOPMENT/VH1/NYC: 7+yrs exp development/production, Strng knwldge 1980s-presnt, Strng relationships w/agents/prodco’s/writers, Strng knwldge VH1 brand & progrming EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply (11/28)

JOB OPENING: SR ANALYST/MGR, GAMING/WIRELESS RESEARCH, MTV/NYC. 5+yrs media/market exp, Strg Knwldge of VideoGame Indust/TV/Media & CulturalTrends, Strng Analy/Numer skils, Able to travel EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply   (11/28)

JOB OPENING: SR ANALYST, TV RSRCH, BVTV/LA: Program analysis & primary research.2+ yrs. exp. in broadcast, cable or syndctn. research. Fluency in Galaxy Explorer, WRAP Overnights/Sweeps. Apply: (Req 48907) (11/28)

Job Opening: DIR OF PR/ LIME/Healthy Living with a Twist:  Multi-platform media company seeking strategic PR professional with min 5 yrs exp. Background should incl. consumer & trade / strong writing skills.  Res: [email protected] (11/28)

JOB OPENING: SALES ASST/Hallmark Channel-NY: Entry level position that works w/ AE’s and Planners to service & maintain agencies/clients on daily basis. See full posting at . Res: [email protected] (11/23)

JOB OPENING: SR DIR. RETAIL DVLPMNT/NYC: 10+yrs. Exp. +BA-Develop retail mrktng plans & manage retail promos. at mass + specialty stores. Must have retail contacts. Apply: [email protected]. EOE   (11/23)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH ANALYST/FSN/NY: Analyze qualitative and quantitative data; prepare presentations for ad sales; 1+ yrs cable/bcast rsch exp pref’d; Nielsen; MRI; Exc organization & writing skills. Apply at (11/23)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH MANAGER/NYC/Fox Latin: 3+ yrs exp managing quantitative and qualitative research for ad sales, programming & marketing. Exp. w/online, TV ratings and market research data. Apply @ [email protected] (11/22)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH MGR/6 mos/Burbank: Design/implement proj’s-primary rsrch, studio-based TV prod co. Trad/alter methods, pull/analyze data. 3+yrs TV prog primary res, top writing/analyt skills. Apply: [email protected] (11/22)

JOB OPENING: MGR SCHEDULING/AMC/NY: Do you love movies? Strat plan’g & sched support for ntwrk.Analytical/Creative thinker w/3+ yrs of prog exp in brdcst or cable. Research background a +.Res: ref #1750BR (11/22)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH MANAGER/AMC/NY: 5+ yrs media res. exp. Qual/Quan analysis of data for busy Ad Sales, Marketing, Programming groups.Exp w/Nielsen pref w/cable.Res to ref #373BR (11/22)

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JOB OPENING: INTEGRATED SALES MGR/A & E TVNETS/NY: Create integrated ideas/proposals. Execute & mng after sales. BA Mktg/Bus 2 yr exp cable sales/mktg or program mgmt. Min 5 yr mktg exp. Apply: (11/17)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH ASSOC/BRAVO/NY: Provide top line detailed analyses/ratings reports, 2+yrs exp. in media res., working w/Nielsen audience data, NPower, Galaxy Explorer, & MarketBreaks. Apply: job #557567 (11/17)

JOB OPENING: PRODUCER & ASSOCIATE PRODUCER/ Scholastic Educational Technology/NYC: Experience developing educational software for children and teens preferred. Please send resume to: [email protected] .  (11/17)

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WINTER INTERNSHIP/CREDITS ONLY: Little Airplane Prods. a Children¹s TV Co is seeking Interns Flexible but looking 4 interns 4 1-5 d/wk for 2+ months, hrs: M-F from 9-6:30pm. Cover letters & resumes should be directed to: [email protected] (11/23)

WINTER INTERNSHIP/CREDITS ONLY: CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS INTERN, SCHOLASTIC INC/NY: Gain experience in public relations, internal communications, and special events. Learn while having fun with creative team. Apply to [email protected] (11/17)

WINTER INTERNSHIP/CREDITS ONLY: INTERNS /Shalom TV/Ft Lee, NJ: Report to head of prod. New & innovative Jewish children’s shows, news prgrms, celebrity interviews & community event coverage. Good comm/organizat’l skills.  Res: [email protected]  (11/17)

Winter Internship Credit Only: COMMUNICATIONS: Media and PR, Events, Corporate, Graphic Design/NPR: Hands-on, valuable exp, exposure to growing non-profit media org. Strong writers. Comms exp a plus. (11/17)

WINTER INTERNSHIP/CREDITS ONLY: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INTERN /NY: Assist Business Development department with marketing and branding  campaigns, promotional events, content acquisition, client meetings &  ind conferences. Res: [email protected] (11/17)

WINTER INTERNSHIP/CREDITS ONLY: WEBSITE INTERN/NY: Dev’p interactive pages to asst w/ content acquisition. Mng updates & changes to website. Knwldg of Dreamweaver, Flash, JavaScript,  HTML. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop a +. Res: [email protected] (11/17)

WINTER INTERNSHIP/CREDITS ONLY: LEGAL INTERN/NY: Asst all aspects of legal matters, incl. drafting & editing contracts, project dev’t, & office admin, as well as hands-on exp in assisting in licensing & promos operations. Res: [email protected] (11/17)


SITUATION WANTED: PRODUCER/WRITER/FIELD DIRECTOR: Exp. in reality; docs; entertainment; news; magazine format; excellent story teller. Three-time Emmy nominee. LA based, willing to travel. [email protected] (11/28)

  SITUATION WANTED: Exp’d DIGITAL MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANT/NYC: Available for corporate strategy and business development roles. 6 years of international experience with top consulting firm. Contact: [email protected]   (11/21)

SITUATION WANTED: LA, CA: PROFESSIONAL MARKETER w/4+ yrs exp in cable TV, consumer products and an advanced degree in mktg. Skills include project mgmt, promos, trade show mgmt, and budgets. [email protected] (11/18)

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