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If you think AT&T’s 3G network is overloaded now, wait a couple of weeks. Subscription-based video streaming service Netflix, which launched a free app for the iPad upon the devices’ launch, has arrived for the iPhone & iPod Touch. The company’s 15 million subscribers gain access to Netflix’s full catalog of TV shows and movies, via Wi-Fi or 3G.


London-based LoveFilm, a European version of Netflix which serves the UK, Germany and Scandinavia, has signed a distribution deal with MGM to enable its members to watch MGM titles online and via internet-enabled devices through the LoveFilm “Watch Online” service.


Social news service Digg unveiled its 4th major overhaul with an emphasis on making the site more of a social network, a la Facebook or Twitter. Users are now encouraged to share more stories and comments and to recruit “followers.” “The new Digg is all about making it easy to see the stories your friends are Digging and commenting on,” writes founder Kevin Rose in a blog post about the redesign.


Online advertising technology company AdoTube is officially launching a new white label buy side in-stream video advertising platform designed to be a soup-to-nuts option for putting together video ad campaigns. The platform, capable of both buy and sell-side integration, includes an interface to upload existing creative or design new ads. Options are also included to target campaigns toward specific publishers, networks, geographic areas, behaviors, etc.
Mobile video ad network iVdopia announced it surpassed over one billion rich media and 100 million video mobile advertising impressions.


In a further sign on consolidation in the content delivery space, Cisco acquired ExtendMedia for an undisclosed amount. ExtendMedia’s OpenCase technology is used to mange and monetize video content across multiple platforms including PCs, mobile devices and televisions. Cisco has been trying to expand its purview beyond networking with several recent acquisitions including videoconferencing specialist Tandberg and Flip camera maker Pure Digital.
iTV gadget maker Hillcrest Labs announced separate deals with LG and Sony. Both LG and Sony Computer Entertainment gain access to the company’s Freespace in-air pointing and motion-control technology used in its “Magic Wand” remote control system.
IN Media
‘s !ROFL IP set-top-box announced it is now integrated with Google’s Android platform. The set-top will have the ability to download games and apps from Google’s Android Market application store, as well as integrate with Android-based handsets and mobile devices.
Because traders also need a better UI, DVR maker Tivo struck a deal with the NASDAQ stock exchange to bring enhanced visual elements to the NASDAQ MarketSite Video Wall. The exchange will integrate TiVo functionality within the MarketSide interface.


Turner Research‘s annual summer research wrap-up revealed an increasing appetite for TV viewing in the U.S., despite the competition from digital media. Average hours of TV viewing increased by .4 hours over a year ago, thanks to increased viewing of shows on cable. ABC won the summer ratings race among the broadcast networks, helping broadcast to gain on cable this summer for the first time in years. Meanwhile, DVR penetration continued to climb, nearing the 40% mark as a percentage of total viewers.
Average Hours of TV Viewing Per-Person, Per Week – 2010 year-to-date
Year-to-Date                 2006      2009      2010
Total Viewers                 32.3       33.6       34.0
Ad-Supported Cable     15.6       16.9       17.3
4 Broadcast Nets             9.5          7.8          7.8
2010 DVR Penetration Year-to-Date (12/28/09-8/8/10)
Year-to-Date                 2006      2009       2010
Households                    4.7%     31.0%    36.3%
Total Viewers                 5.0%     33.8%    39.0%
Percent Change in Average Primetime Delivery (000) – Summer-to-Date               
                                            HH         A18-49     P2+
Network                             % Diff       % Diff    % Diff___
ABC                                        19%          21%       22%
CBS                                       -5%           -8%        -4%
NBC                                       -4%            3%        -1%
FOX                                       -2%            2%        -1%
4 Net Weighted Total                2%            5%         3%
 Ad-Supported Cable                1%           -3%         0%
Source: Turner Research
officially transferred its search duties to Microsoft‘s Bing “discovery” engine this week, a little over a year after the two companies signed a licensing deal to combine forces to better compete with Google. A look at this month’s Nielsen search rankings shows that, even combined, Yahoo and Bing’s market share isn’t half of what Google enjoys, despite a 4% gain in July by Yahoo Search and a 2% gain by Bing.
Top U.S. Search Sites for July 2010, Ranked by Share of Search
Rank Brand                  Share of Search MoM change % YoY change %
1      Google Search           64.2%        -1%                      -1%
2      Yahoo! Search           14.3%         4%                    -17%
3      MSN/Wds Live/Bing   13.6%          2%                     51%
4 Search          2.1%          2%                     24%
5      AOL Search                 1.9%        -3%                    -38%
Source: The Nielsen Co.
Top U.S. Search Sites – July 2010, Ranked by # of Searches
Rank Brand                    Searches (000) MoM change % YoY change %
        All Search                  8,856,795         -3%               -16%
1      Google Search            5,682,023        -4%                -17%
2      Yahoo! Search            1,262,772         1%                -30%
3      MSN/Wds Live/Bing     1,208,470       -1%                  28%
4 Search             189,243        3%                    4%
5     AOL Search                    172,401      -10%                -47%
Source: The Nielsen Co., note: counts and reports explicit searches only – Nielsen does not count contextual searches.


Apple invited members of the press to an announcement event on Sept. 1, with the invitation depicting a guitar. Music executives say they are expecting a major socially-themed update to the iTunes store that would enable cloud-based storage of music purchased, reports AllThingsD. The company has traditionally reserved early fall to roll out new products and many also expect to see an updated Apple TV set-top to be unveiled.
and Boston-based Modernista have developed The Serial Huntress, an alternate reality game that will unfold online, leading up to Dexter’s season 5 premiere in September. First unleashed at Comic-Con, the story follows the trail of a serial killer dubbed “The Infinity Killer,” and the crowdsourcing crime-solver, Dee “Serial Huntress” Pratt, hot on his trail.
Florida and Gulf Coast residents take heed – has added a new feature to its iPad app that tracks hurricanes in the U.S. The app now features an interactive map displaying active hurricanes throughout the Atlantic, East Pacific, West Pacific, South Pacific, and Indian Ocean Basins, utilizing GPS to help users pinpoint their own location.



Remember the Kevin Bacon game? (That’s the Hollywood parlor game which requires players to link any actor back to a Kevin Bacon by linking them by movies they co-starred in, the goal being trying to minimize the degrees of separation.) Washington, D.C.-based Megree is a new social media tool that operates on the same principle. Type in anyone’s name, including Kevin Bacon’s (registration required) to see how you connect to them via various social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as major email services. (The bigger your network, obviously the better chance you’ll have at linking to Kevin.) Megree is positioning itself as a tool for non-profits by allowing you to connect to others by which charities you make contributions to on an annual basis. The site asks you to add the groups you donate to, then follow the trail from there. You’ll then receive news, posts or announcements related to your organizations and causes, from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation. Part of building out your profile is sharing a “megree Moment,” an experience or revelation that helped you realize how small the world really is or how small actions can have a rippling effect of positive change.
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