Five Questions with Obsidianworks’ Chad Easterling

Chad Easterling
Co-founder and CEO


What are three attributes that got you where you are now?

Consistency, adaptability, and work ethic.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking to enter the market?

Be curious and always ask questions. Be a sponge and try to retain as much as possible. Be proactive and thinking about how you can show what makes you special.


Pre-workday, what is your morning ritual?

My son is my alarm clock and usually gets me up around 5:45-6am. Spending time with him in the morning is my pre-work ritual, as it grounds me and gets me ready mentally. Once he is sorted, I grab my phone and go through texts, social, emails in that order in case there is anything timely or urgent. Then I get ready for the day.


What about your job keeps you up at night?

The people, the culture I am creating and the work. Making sure all three of those things are in a good place for sure keep me up.


In an industry brimming with information, what isn’t talked about enough?

The culture we create versus the culture we consume. What’s most powerful in what we do is the culture that we can create. This means building new, bespoke campaigns and projects based on a wide variety of information and the culture we ultimately want to see in the world. We challenge our teams to think beyond our clients’ asks and to consider what our communities want. This allows us to create visionary, culture-forward campaigns that leave lasting change.

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