I Want My CTV

Marketers shouldn’t be hesitant to spice up their media mix with CTV, says Mohammad Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV for MiQ. Here, he shares why.

How can CTV be a differentiator for campaigns?

Connected TV combines the addressability and measurement of digital with the big-screen experience brand storytellers crave – the best of both worlds. 

Televisions today behave more like computers and laptops than the screens of our childhoods. Viewers have the ability to control what they watch, when they watch it and how content is presented on their screens. They expect their experiences to be personalized to them. 

Similarly, marketers also have more control: they can more granularly target the right customers (taking an audience-first approach, rather than a content-first one), customize creative in real-time for their audiences, and measure the impact of their ads to real-world outcomes. That level of control and accountability is still largely unavailable with traditional TV advertising.

Why does linear TV not allow for the specific targeting that brands need?

Most linear TV advertising takes a content-first approach to placing ads. While marketers have become immensely sophisticated in narrowing down their target customers, at the end of the day their planning teams have to try to predict which network and daypart combinations those customers are most likely to watch. There’s naturally a ton of waste as there is no guarantee only your target customer will watch a given program.

Quality content is important, there’s no doubt about that. However, audience-based marketing has completely changed the paradigm for brands and linear TV continues to face headwinds in the new world. Connected TV solves this by allowing you to target the right customers directly, disrupting the content-centricity of traditional linear advertising.

How can CTV advertising help increase brand awareness?

Connected TV advertising solves marketing challenges in three core ways: 

  1. Marketers can directly target granular (1st- or 3rd-party) audience or customer profiles, allowing them maximum control over who sees their ads and how often

  2. With programmatic technology marketers customize their TV ad spots for the viewer, similar to their digital and social campaigns

  3. The real-time measurability of CTV allows marketers to tweak their campaigns mid-flight to tactics that are driving the most brand awareness or intent lift (or even down-funnel metrics)

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