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Thursday August 19, 2021

Good morning! This is your weekly Esports Brief.
Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports forged a partnership with the Gaming Community Network, part of the GameSquare Esports, to create “global gaming solutions for athletes.” As part of the multi-year deal, the collaboration will look to “create authentic bespoke athlete-centric strategies, including esports tournaments, gaming content production, live streaming events, and provide content syndication across the GCN Network which includes 85+ gaming and esports-centric websites.”

“Partnering with Roc Nation Sports continues our growth of building GameSquare into an esports powerhouse,” said Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare. “With our recent acquisitions of Complexity and Cut+Sew/Zoned and adding Paradigm Sports to our advisory board, we are well-positioned to guide Roc Nation Sports and its diverse talent into the gaming and esports space.”

“Increasingly, athletes are engaging in the world of esports gaming,” said Brodie Van Wagenen, COO and Head of Strategy / Business Development at Roc Nation Sports. “Younger audiences represent a hugely influential and important demographic to reach. By pairing GCN’s vast network and capabilities with Roc Nation Sports’ diverse global footprint, we anticipate that our clients will be able to connect to a broader community while growing their personal brands and businesses through innovative and multi-facing gaming projects.”

Valve is handing ESL the keys to hosting all the remaining 2021 Regional Major Ranking tournaments, with the CS:GO events spanning six different regions. Only Europe will be on LAN, while the remaining regions will go online with each of the six RMR tournaments serving as the last chance for teams to gain points in the rankings that will determine who will participate in October’s PGL CS:GO Major.

Activision announced that Call of Duty League 2021 Champs will mandate that all Champs attendees be required to show proof of vaccination or – if not fully vaccinated – a negative PCR or antigen test received within 72 hours of the day of your attendance. In addition, the league stated that all attendees, regardless of vaccination status, mush wear a mask at all times during the event. Play begins today, with $1.2 million up for grabs for first place.

EVO 2022 will once again grace the floors of Las Vegas, with the fighting game fest returning to LAN in the city after what will be two years away. Live audiences are expected, with tournaments running Aug. 5-7, 2022 and the announcement proclaiming, “We missed you, FGC.”

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DreamHack reports that the seven-day, interactive event DreamHack Beyond on July 31, drew more than 45,000 fans registered to experience the event, with over 1.7 million viewing hours. “The goal for all of us at DreamHack is to provide great experiences, so to have brought our community back together for this hybrid festival was super special for us,” said Bas Bruinekool, Vice President, Festivals, DreamHack. “DreamHack is more than an event — it creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience. We are so happy to have reconnected and shared this with our loyal fans.”

The WTA and ATP are teaming up with Tennis Clash to launch a new co-branded in-game mobile tournament, Tennis United, giving participants the chance to compete, show off their skills and win prizes in a brand-new virtual arena. The event is the latest in a series of co-branded marketing initiatives between the Tours and runs parallel to the 2021 Western & Southern Open, a WTA 1000 and ATP Masters 1000 combined tournament in Cincinnati.

Allied Esports reports that its 24-hour programming schedule on Twitch, featuring Allied Esports-produced tournaments and exclusive original content, has generated 13.4 million live views and 7.6 million unique views since its debut in November 2020. Allied Esports also added 46,752 Twitch followers during that time. “The market for esports content is growing rapidly, and we are all-in on delivering our popular tournament broadcasts to fans across a diverse set of digital platforms,” said Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports. “As the past several months have proven, gaming fans want to watch competitive, high-quality content and with weekly productions across multiple continents, we have the ability to grow our distribution library and reach new audiences quickly and broadly.”

Allied Esports was also selected by the American Red Cross to produce its inaugural Rescue Royale charity esports tournament and streaming event. Gamers and streamers can register for the month-long stream-a-thon and fundraise on Tiltify by starting their own Rescue Royale Disaster Relief charity stream on their favorite platform.

As early as the ’90s, speedrunning has brought hard-core and casual gamers together to enjoy one thing: beating someone’s best time. A speedrun is a play-through of a whole video game or a selected part of it (such as a single level), played with the intention of completing it as fast as possible. Since 2019, there have been over 230K speedrun stream titles across Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. Mario 64, Dark Souls, and Minecraft are just some of the game titles that players often attempt. Additionally, organizations like Games Done Quick have popularized charity streaming among speedrunning while some streamers, like dream, have kickstarted incredibly successful careers from their runs.
· March of 2021 was the most popular month for speedruns, producing over 14K titles. Twitch streamer mistermv held a charity stream for Doctors of the World during this period, generating 67K peak viewers.
· Since August 11th, speedrunning channel RTAinJapan is the #1 channel across Twitch, YouTube Live Gaming, and Facebook Gaming with 5M hours watched.
· As speedrunning continues to grow, more organizations and brands should take note of the retained success of organizations like Games Done Quick, creating a rising segment of gaming to reach new audiences.

For more on how Stream Hatchet can help marketers keep ahead of trends within the video game and esports industries, visit us online at: www.StreamHatchet.com.

Luxury brand Tiffany & Co. signed on to work with LCK to produce and distribute commemorative rings to the winners of the LCK splits for the next three years, according to multiple reports. This collaboration launched with the current Summer Split, with the Finals MVP also getting a special bracelet.

ESL is unveiled a partnership with Plarium Global to serve as the Official Global Gaming Category partner of ESL Pro League Season 14 which runs Aug. 16 -Sept. 12. As a result, for the first time, a brand-new game will be presented during their tournament, with the deal set to include brand integrations of Plarium’s games Raid: Shadow Legends and Mech Arena: Robot Showdown during the event as well as a special custom segment during the broadcasts.

The League of Legends European Championship announced a partnership with SAP ahead of the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs. SAP will be partnering with the LEC stats team to create new statistics segments during the Summer Playoffs, providing insights into the performances of LEC players. “With our experience in in-game analytics in the MOBA genre, we are proud to now bring our knowledge of data and software to the LEC, providing relevant context and new ways for League broadcasts, as well as delivering richer and more meaningful insights to the audience in the live stream,” says Lars Lamadé, Head of Global Sponsorships at SAP.

In addition, the LEC extended its partnership with Mastercard as finals partner for the LEC Summer Playoffs 2021 – as well as Spring and Summer Playoffs 2022. As the official partner for the LEC, Mastercard will sponsor a new Play of the Week segment during the Summer Playoffs. “We are proud to partner with the League of Legends European Championship. This builds on our successful global partnership with Riot Games. We want to connect people to their passions and in Europe, the passion of League of Legends esports fans have for the game is indisputable,” says Jeannette Liendo, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Mastercard Europe.

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Streaming platform Juked.GG saw former Twitch execs Kevin Lin and Jon Shipman jump in as investors. Shipman is a former EVP and Founding Member of Twitch, and Lin served as former COO and Co-Founder of Twitch. “Toxicity is a huge and difficult problem across the internet,” said Lin. “I believe the future will bring platforms that support smaller communities and carefully grow up from there, creating a toolset and rules of conduct that helps ensure bad actors are not heard. Ben and Chris come directly from the esports community and I’m excited to join them in solving this important problem for esports fans.

Meanwhile, Mobalytics revealed deals with content creators Nick “LS” DeCesare and Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek to become part owners of the company. The join an ownership group that incudes T1, Almaz Capital, HP Tech Ventures, Cabra VC, GGV Capital, General Catalyst, RRE Ventures and Axiomatic.

Esports Entertainment Group inked an exclusive partnership with ESTV EsportsTV to produce gaming content using their Esports Gaming League tournament platform. The deal will see Esports Entertainment Group create multi-platform content based on branded tournaments featuring amateurs as well as professional sports athletes and leverage its relationships with NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS teams. “We are proud to partner with Eric and the team at ESTV. Their global platform for esports and gaming content can be watched via Roku, Amazon Fire, Sling, and many other providers in over 45 countries,” said Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group. “ESTV will help us and our professional sports team partners gain additional reach and engage the lucrative millennial demographic.”

FaZe Clan landed a strategic investment from Cox Enterprises. The move expands on the partnership between FaZe Clan and Atlanta Esports Ventures to form Atlanta FaZe, a Call of Duty League franchise. “This is a huge leap in the evolution of our partnership with Cox Enterprises and Atlanta Esports Ventures that will lead to greater opportunities for all of us,” says CEO of FaZe Clan, Lee Trink. “This investment comes at an ideal time as our brand has transcended esports, becoming a powerful platform for gaming and youth culture.”

Evil Geniuses revealed The Creator Collective, described as “group of highly-specialized individuals with skills to inspire you to #LIVEEVIL” and led by Taylor Heitzig-Rhodes, who joins as Director of Talent Management. Joining Taylor as our debut group under the Creator Collective banner are: ARUUU, Lisa Wallen, Tarik Celek, Justin ‘FearItself’ Katz, and Stephen “Swim” Huguenard. In addition to Ricki Ortiz, Jon ‘dekillsage’ Coello, and Dominique ‘SonicFox’ McLean.

Heavyweight Brazilian esports org LOUD locked in a partnership with Facebook and will now create Free Fire and GTA V gameplay highlights exclusively for Facebook Gaming via LOUD’s Facebook page.


Esports Technologies joined the Esports Integrity Commission. “We are committed to working closely with ESIC to safeguard the integrity of esports and esports betting,” said Bart Barden, COO of Esports Technologies. “As esports continues to rise in popularity, our coalition will work to build fan and bettor trust in esports tournaments. When the public has trust and confidence in the esports industry, every stakeholder wins.”

Skillshot Media revealed plans to launch an esports gaming hub at Uptown Atlanta, the 47-acre mixed-use community being redeveloped by Rubenstein Partners. Skillshot will relocate its Alpharetta office and production studios to Uptown for esports events in addition to offering classroom and training space for local students. The venue will serve as a production studio, collaborative learning center and retail space. At the ground level, Skillshot is working with Rubenstein to program the 35,000-square-foot office atrium to become Atlanta’s main venue for esports events. The atrium will be outfitted to host approximately 300-400 gamers for in-person events. Skillshot will be working with gaming partners in the build-out of the facility. HyperX was named the official peripheral partner of Skillshot at Uptown. As part of the collaboration, HyperX will outfit Skillshot with a range of products, including best-in-class headsets, keyboards, mice and microphones. Cynopsis caught up with Todd Harris, CEO of Skillshot Media, to talk about the initiative and community building. (Note, don’t miss Todd at EBS, where he will be part of our “Grassroots and Gaming” deep dive and discuss the project!”

Harris on infrastructure: We’re investing in this infrastructure buildout because it directly supports the Skillshot mission, which is connecting leading brands with engaged gaming fans while delivering positive social impact. Gaming fandom is built on community. And community building in gaming and esports does tend to be a hybrid approach between the in-person and the online. In-person delivers the experiential, and online delivers the reach. With this new space, we can activate locally and live-stream globally.

On the venue: In this space, we’ll be hosting gaming events from casual to scholastic to professional. We’ll be producing content collaborations between gaming influencers and other Atlanta talent. We’ll have pro teams boot camping and scrimmaging here. We’ll be teaching courses in esports marketing, event management, production, commentary, and more, all taught by experienced industry professionals and earning the students college credit. And perhaps most importantly we’ll provide esports internships and entry-level job opportunities for the local community.

On markets: The truth is, nobody has a proven venue model for the North American market yet. I’ve toured the PC bangs (LAN cafes) in S. Korea, China, and Europe. Those venues differ per market and the US requirements could turn out to be different still in terms of footprint and offerings. I think of everything from the lens of community so I suspect the most important thing about a venue is the specific Operator and how well he or she engages with the local community.

On the Atlanta Esports Alliance partnership: Pretty simply, the Atlanta Esports Alliance is a coalition where members cooperate with one another and very importantly also cooperate with other huge adjacent industries here meaning Film/TV, Music, Traditional Sports, and Tech. There is a shared vision to grow Creative Digital Media in the region and to do so collaboratively and inclusively. More practically, if things get stuck AEA acts as a bat-phone to get things unstuck and that’s very powerful when navigating such a fast-moving industry like esports.




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Robust experience in the Medicare Advantage, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance verticals required. The ideal candidate will have existing relationships at the carrier, broker, and IMO/FMO levels & an intimate knowledge of Lead Generation/Customer Acquisition, with a deep functional understanding of the economics and Customer LTVs in the space.” Full info HERE (9/3)


Develop & execute consumer marketing campaigns. Create innovative & compelling tactics such as sweepstakes, experiential activations, email campaigns, promotions and more for top-tier linear & streaming platforms and brand extensions within Crown Media. Clever, enthusiastic team player with ability to multi-task and interface with all departments. Full info HERE (9/2)

Discovery Inc/NYC or LA: Help lead and promote new content in the docs and doc series space across Discovery Factual and discovery+. Pitch and secure media coverage in a wide range of media outlets as well as launching awards campaigns with established relationships in the premium doc space. Must have 10+ years exp in-house and/or agency setting. Full info HERE (9/2)

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Develop & execute marketing campaigns & proactively create, plan, & execute innovative marketing & communication strategies to expand viewership & revenue opportunities. Develop a campaign strategy and identify target audiences and deployment capabilities, and facilitate media buys for Network advertisements. 4+ years of experience in TV required. Full info HERE (9/2)



Ability to interface with production partners and ultimately responsible for all the crew, talent, locations, and all the contracts associate with the production. Will hire crew, heads of departments, etc, over-seeing the onboarding process and ongoing paperwork. Bachelor’s degree and/or a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience required. Full info HERE (8/30)


Responsible for scheduling all programming, commercials, and promos.
Oversee completion of programming grid – Building formats and maintaining program schedules in the traffic system. Assign all house numbers to content as it is delivered and coordinate all logs. Bachelor’s degree and/or a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience required. Full info HERE (8/30)

Put in place & deliver the Bluey Brand Marketing plan for the Americas. Ideate and implement marketing activations including partnerships, advocacy & campaigns. Put in place performance KPIs, monitor success & implement findings in future campaigns. 5 years brand marketing experience within FMCG or entertainment sector required. Full info HERE (8/29)

AMERICAN PUBLIC MEDIA GROUP/LOS ANGELES, NYC, ST PAUL or Remote: Significantly increase national and international audience by developing an expanded and diverse podcast portfolio, collaborate with the GM and COO in setting and driving organizational and editorial vision and build a highly inclusive and creative culture that ensures team members can thrive. 10+ yrs exp in media, 4+ yrs management exp required. Full info HERE (8/29)

MARATHON VENTURES/EAST COAST NYC/WHITE PLAINS (REMOTE): Responsible for generating revenue and achieving sales targets and maintaining and developing our direct response account business. Analyze sales data, execute strategies for revenue growth, build relationships with existing accounts and consistently develop new business. Established relationships required. Full info HERE (8/28)

Key strategic advisor to the Exec Leadership Team, and has oversight for all HR, D&I and Admin Policies and Programs for the business. BA Degree in a related field, Entertainment or Media experience, and 20 yrs. HR experience with 10 yrs. in an HR leadership capacity required. An advanced degree & experience leading admin services highly desirable. Full info HERE (8/28)

Work with the inventory and sales teams to help maximize the use of Commercial Inventory. Identify premium program opportunities and create packages to monetize high rated inventory and generate and distribute inventory reports. Bachelor’s degree or 2+ years of Network ad sales or media buying experience and proficient in Microsoft Excel required. Full info HERE (8/27)

REELZ/NYC OR ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Manages the Program Log construction editing process, copy instructions & the playlist delivery to Master Control. Work w/Advertising Sales department to assist in placing of spots and create detailed reports. Demonstrated ability to work independently, with a high degree of accuracy & accountability required. Wide Orbit Network experience a plus. Full info HERE (8/27)

Create integrated marketing plans for the region and execute based on the plans. Identify, develop and manage all aspects of sponsorships, community events, talent appearances and other community involvement and outreach. 5-7 years marketing experience required and familiarity with News and Politics preferred. Full info HERE (8/26)

Work with regional teams to manage marketing campaigns from requirements gathering through post campaign analysis & documentation of learnings. Manage agencies (creative and media). Leverage best practices in digital marketing space, consistently using learnings to elevate campaign strategies & performance. 4-6 years Marketing experience required. Full info HERE (8/26)

ALTICE USA/OAKLAND, NJ: Meet with local businesses & key decision makers to determine their needs. Develop & recommend advertising strategies utilizing our suite of media & online solutions. Manage client accounts—from proposal to production to campaign activation & collections. Proven track record of closing sales & ability to build and maintain a strong sales funnel req. Full info HERE (8/25)


1+ yrs. w/social media content editing exp. is a plus, communicating, scheduling, curating content, engaging, community and implementation coordination, creating weekly social media status reports, asst w/content strategy calendar, source clips, writing copy, scheduling, team player w/strong attention to detail and strong time management. Full info HERE (8/25)

BLOOMBERG MEDIA/MIAMI FL: Digitally savvy business sales person to help drive the growth of Bloomberg Media Distribution. Seeking an Account Manager who can leverage our broad portfolio of multi-platform media assets and create new opportunities with key accounts while driving new revenue streams through licensing, syndication, business development & strategic partnerships. Full info HERE (8/24)

Min of five years of experience as a successful General Manager for a commercial broadcast station. Significant sales management experience in leading and driving revenue growth in broadcast and digital. Special emphasis on New Local Direct revenue growth, including self-created non-traditional revenue success and sports and community sponsorships. Full info HERE (8/24)


Build outstanding sales pitches and build equity with all external stakeholders to drive incoming briefs and pitches. Own all North & South America’s music responses and liaise internally to bring the best commercial propositions to market. Align on corporate messaging and own activation and launch. 5+ yrs of working in a business development req. Full info HERE (8/23)

GAC MEDIA/FORT WORTH TX: Perform the processing and management of media assets in a results-driven environment and create and archive edit projects for the edit team. Accountable for MAM and S3 ingest activity and tracking, as well as ingest activity that may occur outside GAC Media’s MAM & S3 storages. Bachelor’s degree required or relevant work experience. Full info HERE (8/23)

GAC MEDIA/FORT WORTH TX: Responsible for episodic scheduling of specific series, implement multi-platform scheduling on VOD and primary scheduler for GAC Family and GAC Living. Wide Orbit (scheduling software), including air schedules, revisions, formats, piece number creation, etc. Bachelor’s degree in communications, film, television, or related field preferred. Full info HERE (8/23)

Drive sales to new clients and engage with leaders at Fortune 500 brands to understand their needs and our value. Develop a targeted list of prospect accounts, and maintain a solid pipeline of meeting and proposal activity. 7+ yrs of sales experience within the adtech, marketing, data/analytics, and/or advertising research industries required. Full info HERE (8/22)

FANDOM/NYC or LOS ANGELES: Build our external brand through securing press coverage in the B2B space. Daily pitching and regular cadence of secured press coverage in B2B space and develop and maintain a comprehensive database of industry conferences and awards. 6+ years in a communications function at a global entertainment company required. Full info HERE (8/22)


Maintain agency accounts including upfront and scatter order entry, inventory moves, and product allocations and Electronic Data Interchange, flowcharts, change notices, handling program changes, booking billboards for marketing sponsorships. (B.A.) in Communication or equivalent; Prior internship experience in sales and/or media industry a plus. Full info HERE (8/22)


Work with a team of highly talented individuals to release new features in a timely manner.
Senior C++ Developer


Responsible for animating 3D character models in a realistic game, including working with motion capture data, hand key frame animations.
Senior Artist/Animator
NetherRealm Studios
Chicago IL


Ensure that the team is able to deliver to customers on a regular cadence.
Lead DevOps Engineer – Web Services
Hunt Valley MD


Read and write professional-grade source code in a variety of languages.
Senior Application Security Engineer
Hunt Valley MD


Driving the design and iteration of new features and games, making good use of internal and external feedback.
Game Development Software Engineer
Bellevue WA


Join a multi-disciplinary group of electrical, mechanical, software engineers and designers who are defining new entertainment experiences.
Acoustic Systems Engineer
Bellevue WA


Identify opportunities to improve business outcomes by connecting teams to data that helps them make better decisions.
Lead Data Engineer
Remote CA


Responsible for SEO optimization, content categorization and structure, content development, distribution and measurement.
Senior Associate, Content Marketing
Remote CA


Work side by side with a fast-moving talented team that is going to win.
SEO Marketing Lead
San Francisco CA


Responsible for assigning appropriate metadata for assets to ensure accurate usage rights.
Digital Asset Management Administrator
Fremont CA


Clearly define and communicate targeted technical solutions via technical design specifications.
Oracle ERP Cloud Developer
Fremont CA


Work in tandem with our Designers, a joined creative and technical effort to build worlds from initial concept to complete, polished form.
Senior Environment Artist
Crystal Dynamics
Redwood City CA


Primary focus for this position is on ranged combat control, tuning and balance in a multiplayer environment.
Lead Combat Designer
Crystal Dynamics
Redwood City CA


Deliver product on time, on price, and with the features needed to succeed.
Product Developer, Systems
Irvine CA


Work with project managers, architect, technical leads, and vendors on defining the scope, achievements, deliverables, and resources needed for the project.
Senior Oracle Service Cloud Consultant
Irvine CA




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