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Monday March 15, 2021

Facebook announced product updates aimed at helping content creators build a business on Facebook. Noting that in-stream ad payouts grew over 55% from 2019 to 2020, the company shared new ways content creators can monetize Facebook, including making it possible for content creators to monetize all video types and testing sticker ads in Stories; updating in-stream ad eligibility so more video creators can access the program, opening access to in-stream ads for Live and expanding paid online events and fan subscriptions to more countries; and making it easier for creators to get access to fan support while growing consumer adoption via free Stars giveaways to viewers.

HBO Max is introducing interactive digital experience HBO Max Orbit at SXSW Online. The experience will respond to facial movements and voice prompts to allow viewers to interact with characters and stories in a personalized way, surfacing clips of HBO Max characters. “The pandemic has forced brands from all sectors to reimagine experiential marketing and devise new ways to engage and delight users with content,” said Jason Mulderig, SVP Brand Marketing, HBO Max. “HBO Max Orbit is an impressive technical feat, and we’re so pleased to use this technology to create fun, meaningful connections with people from the comfort of their homes.” SXSW Online takes place March 16-20.

TikTok is rolling out two new tools “to promote kindness” on the app. The first feature, Filter All Comments, enables creators to decide which comments appear on their videos. The second is a comment prompt that asks people to reconsider posting unkind or inappropriate comments. “Our goal is to promote a positive environment where people support and lift each other up,” said Tara Wadhwa, Director of Policy, TikTok US.

Conservative social media app Parler, kicked off Apple’s App store after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, tried and failed to get reinstated, reports Bloomberg. Although Parler instituted new community guidelines last month, Apple said, “simple searches reveal highly objectionable content, including easily identified offensive uses of derogatory terms regarding race, religion and sexual orientation, as well as Nazi symbols.”

Global data and technology company Spherex unveiled a technology solution that enables media and entertainment companies to adapt their content to be compliant, relevant, rated, and culturally appropriate for any global market. Using AI and machine learning in addition to human curation, the Spherex solution assesses and recommends a course of action on each individual title in a company’s library. “We’ve taken ten years of deep insight and research on culture and how it applies to film and television and we’ve successfully embedded our knowledge into this technology solution,” said Spherex CEO Teresa Phillips. “Beginning with local age ratings for over 100 markets, Spherex will apply its AI technology to auto-generate culturalized listings and unique title DNA that will fuel international expansion and content recommendations around the world.”

A bipartisan group of lawmakers reintroduced legislation that would allow the news industry to collectively negotiate content deals with tech companies like Facebook and Google, creating an exemption from existing antitrust laws. Sponsored in the Senate by Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Kennedy (R-LA) and in the House by David Cicilline (D-RI), Ken Buck (R-NY) and Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA), similar legislation was first introduced in 2019 but failed to advance..

FreeWheel, A Comcast Company announced the launch of Data Warehouse, part of the Strata ad management platform. Data Warehouse provides Strata users with a single source of consolidated insights into their cross-media campaigns from the Strata system, and it is interoperable with agencies’ existing business intelligence solutions. “In today’s cross-screen advertising world, multi-platform data insights are a must,” said Mark McKee, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel. “But often, the process for obtaining these insights can be time-consuming and complicated. With the Strata Data Warehouse, our clients are seeing measurable time savings.” Data Warehouse will be available to all Strata users in April.

Prime Focus Technologies has been issued a patent for its Just-in-Time embedded watermarking solution of streaming proxies within CLEAR. The solution comes with two major innovations: The ability to apply user-specific burnt-in watermarks, real-time, and to make the experience of a “Just-In-Time-Watermarked” stream as seamless as that of a CLEAN stream. The invention treats every streaming-segment request from a user’s video player, as an atomic segment that will need to be transcoded by a GPU-farm and handed back in real-time to the player. “Piracy has been and continues to heavily impact our industry at the world-wide level. Such an invention now provides studios and content owners the ability to protect their pre-release content through strong and reliable deterrence mechanisms that are embedded within their streaming infrastructures” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and Global CEO, Prime Focus Technologies.

SaaS platform Quantum Metric announced that John Chambers, current Founder and CEO of purpose-driven venture firm JC2 Ventures and former Executive Chairman and CEO of Cisco, will join the company’s Board of Directors. As an investor in Quantum Metric and mentor to its CEO, Mario Ciabarra, Chambers will support the company’s endeavors to scale Continuous Product Design as brands continue to adapt to the fundamental digital shift in customer engagement accelerated by COVID-19. “Every company needs to become a technology company if they want to succeed in the digital era, and the need for tools that facilitate digital transformation, optimization, and innovation has increased exponentially as CEOs continue to recognize that fact,” said Chambers.





125+ Leading TV & Media Brands, No Open Exchanges
Audience Targeting Across All DMAs, Website & Location Attribution



Zenreach, the brick-and-mortar marketing solutions company and the creator of Walk-Through Rate technology, is offering omnichannel visibility that allows businesses to see both online and in-store shopping attribution from online advertising efforts. Companies can now know how their online ad spend impacted their in-store foot traffic as well as their site traffic. With their point-of-sale integration capabilities, Zenreach can also identify the precise customer spend driven from marketing efforts.

Integral Ad Science announced that Xandr’s buying platform, Xandr Invest, now offers IAS’s contextual targeting and contextual avoidance capabilities across all programmatic buying. Advertisers using the Invest DSP can access IAS’s list of 300+ contextual segments to target suitable content and optimize their programmatic campaigns on a pre-bid basis. “Programmatic growth continues to surpass expectations, and by partnering with Xandr we’re helping more advertisers achieve even stronger results for their campaigns with the latest contextual tools,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. “Context has never been more relevant for marketers in the current ad landscape, and now they have more control to ensure the most suitable contextual adjacencies for their campaigns directly within the Xandr’s Invest DSP.”

Data Axle, provider of data and real-time intelligence solutions, is partnering with Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, to make Data Axle’s consumer, business and specialty data available in the Tru Optik Data Marketplace, which enables brands, agencies, media organizations, and technology companies to engage consumers across a variety of digital channels. “Combining business data sets and consumer purchase behaviors provides a powerful source of knowledge for advertisers and brand marketers when developing media plans,” said Michelle Swanston, Chief Client Officer at Tru Optik.

Comcast Technology Solutions, a division of Comcast Cable, announced a new technology integration with ad server Flashtalking that centralizes linear and online video creative management. “This is a best-of-both-worlds solution for advertisers,” said Richard Nunn, VP and General Manager of Advertiser Solutions at Comcast Technology Solutions. “Creative management has always been a pain point for marketers and their agency partners as it consists of many moving parts usually managed through manual workflows. Comcast Technology Solutions has an enterprise ad management solution that brings these moving parts together – media buy system(s), creative asset library, rights management and traffic and delivery engines – into a single unified platform.”

Lots of news from IAB last week, as the organization held its Annual Leadership Meeting. IAB is focusing its AI Standards Working Group to develop AI standards, best practices, use cases, and terminologies. “AI is the only technology that can keep up with the petabytes of data that are the hallmark of successful digital marketing playbooks today,” said Angelina Eng, Vice President, Measurement & Attribution, Programmatic+Data Center, IAB. “But AI should not be blindly trusted. The IAB AI Standards Working Group is helping define the groundwork and best practices the industry needs to ensure privacy, measurement, and addressability. Ultimately, this will lead to creating agreed-upon standards.” The guide includes nine use cases spanning internal robotic process automation and data migration for agencies to AI use cases for creative, contextual, video, and beyond.

IAB Tech Lab is opening to industry comment several technical specifications and best practices, designed to be pragmatic, secure, scalable, supportive of marketplace innovation, and enablers of conformity to data transparency standards across the advertising ecosystem. The Accountability Platform helps ensure that all supply chain participants can consistently prove that they are adhering to user preferences, while the Global Privacy Platform specification builds on prior standards to ensure that user data is passed in a safe and transparent manner. “Predictable user privacy – across platforms and devices – can only be achieved through open standards where all stakeholders have a say at the table,” said Jordan Mitchell, SVP, Head of Consumer Privacy, Identity and Data, IAB Tech Lab. “This foundation must be established and provide transparency and control to users. It must not only comply with consumers’ preferences, but it must also consistently demonstrate that compliance.”

“IAB Outlook: 2021 Digital Ad Ecosystem” report, from PwC, builds on the theme “The Great Reset.” Major trends to watch, based on interviews with thought leaders, include:
· Consumers no longer think the exchange of free content for ad delivery is good enough–the value exchange must be reset. Free content in exchange for seeing ads is losing its value, as consumers have grown accustomed to content without interruption from streaming services, and advertising pods may feel too long and too disruptive
· Expect more Walled Gardens with higher walls, as third-party identifiers go away. The industry is ill-prepared for the loss of third-party cookies and identifiers. Publishers are at risk of losing substantial advertising dollars to Walled Gardens, as brands already struggling to build first-party data supplies may find themselves too reliant on those Walled Gardens to connect them to consumers.
· Some retailers, spurred by the pandemic and accelerated changes in digital shopping habits, have already evolved into media companies and are building real strength.
· Attributable business results are now media imperatives. As marketing is redefined and new consumer purchasing paths captured, future innovation will require both human and machine working in tandem. This means that ad formats must be brand safe and have clear measurement and attribution built in.
· For all to thrive, hate speech, fraud, and misinformation must be solved for. Clear drawbacks to digital media include the proliferation of hate speech, misinformation, fraud, and more.
“The challenges for our industry have never been more complex. The stakes have never been higher, and opportunities have never been greater,” said David Cohen, CEO, IAB. “With new consumer behaviors and needs at the core we have an opportunity to reinvent addressability — balancing personalization, privacy, and safety with emerging technologies. We have a rare moment to reset this ecosystem to make it work better for all participants.”

From 1Q20 to 4Q20, app-ads.txt adoption increased by 79% across the top 10,000 Android app and 77% across top 10,000 iOS apps, according to Pixalate’s Mobile App-ds.txt. Adoption Reports. The IAB Tech Lab’s Ads.txt / App-Ads.txt programs aim to “increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem” by allowing traffic rights owners “to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory.”



DistroScale announced its new DistroTV Platform Services unit, aimed at lowering the barrier to entry for media brands interested in creating, monetizing and distributing their own streaming TV channels. “Channel creation used to only be accessible to content owners with big budgets and infrastructure,” said Navdeep Saini, co-founder and CEO of DistroTV. “Given how quickly streaming has evolved from a niche to a standard media consumption platform, we saw a need to create a solution that would reduce any perceived cost, complexity and risk barriers that were preventing media brands from making the leap to OTT.”

Cinenso launched its Cinenso Channel platform last week, enabling curators to create channels for film screenings, discussions and archival content. The secure platform includes DRM and payment infrastructure and storage for global programmers of independent film content. Basic costs are $19 per month, and Cinenso Channel creators earn subscription revenue from followers and from referrals.

Vudu, the on-demand streaming service from Fandango, is rolling out on Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs and Fire TV streaming devices. “Fire TV has been one of our customers’ most-requested devices for streaming content,” said Kevin Shepela, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer at Fandango. “With Vudu’s vast library of premium content from new release event movies to favorite films and TV shows, we are excited to deliver to Fire TV users so many new viewing options to watch in their living rooms.”

Crackle Plus is launching the Crackle app on smart TVs and set-top boxes powered by Vewd, the provider of OTT and hybrid TV solutions. Vewd powers the app store, home screen, and promotion experiences on such brands as Sony, Hisense, Vestel, Vodafone, Swisscom, as well as many others. At launch, Crackle content will be available to customers in the USon TVs powered by Vewd’s software.

Film at Lincoln Center announced the return of Film Comment with the relaunch of its podcast and a new weekly letter. The announcement follows a months-long hiatus prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. “We are so thrilled to bring Film Comment back!” said Publisher Eugene Hernandez. “It has been such a challenging year and although so much remains uncertain, we know that there has been a glaring absence in our film community without Film Comment’s essential critical voice. In the coming months, we’ll continue to expand our efforts as FLC’s operations resume.”

HBO Max app is now available to Cox Contour customers on their set top boxes. Cox customers can access HBO Max via their Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player devices by opening the HBO Max app using their Contour remote or by saying “HBO Max” into their voice remote. Customers are also able to subscribe to HBO Max directly via their Contour TV device using their remote.

Arts streaming service Marquee TV announced the Access Digital program, aimed at aiding arts organizations’ digital efforts. Access Digital offers a suite of digital solutions to help arts organizations host, promote and monetize their digital content. “Opening Access Digital widely to arts organizations is part of our pledge to support the recovery of the creative community,” said Marc Kirschner, Marquee TV co-founder and Head of Product. “We created this capability based on feedback we received from arts organizations who are looking for a more effective solution to deliver digital and hybrid seasons to their patrons while growing their audience and brand.”

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PBS DISTRIBUTION/ARLINGTON VA: Lead PBSd’s digital scheduling function to support our growing distribution business across VOD, streaming and educational platforms by ensuring accurate, on-time content launches. Direct day-to-day activities of the scheduling team and execute on content release plans. 7-10 years’ experience in Content Scheduling/Programming required. Full info HERE (3/29)

SAG-AFTRA/NY or LA: Conduct financial statement and operating analyses of publicly-held companies. Research, analyze and identify the implications for internal clients. Comprehensive understanding of micro- and macro-economics principles and have an understanding and awareness of worker rights impacting SAG-AFTRA members. Full info HERE (3/26)

ViacomCBS/NY/CA/REMOTE: Lead and track multiple creative projects and timelines simultaneously, work with agencies and marketing teams to assess initial requests for information, project parameters and priority scheduling. Significant experience working in production management/digital marketing/creative agency and/or professional services/consulting required. Full in HERE (3/24)

: 1+ yrs. w/ traffic exp. is a plus, communicating, scheduling, data entry, hands on coordination, log changes/revised promo scheduling/run logs and reports/ensure correct promo elements etc. Team player with strong attention to detail and strong time management. Full info HERE (3/24)

Add the current date – Ctrl + ; (Windows & Mac). Add the current time – Ctrl + Shift + ; (Windows) or Command + ; (Mac). Want to learn more shortcuts? MST offers three levels of real-time training in a safe, supportive environment. Use promo code CYNOPSIS20 to unlock a 20% savings. Full info HERE. (3/24)

APM STUDIOS/ST PAUL MN: Develop and create innovative, high quality content. Set editorial vision and brand voice for APM Studios’ new podcasts and their product development across platforms and formats. Lead collaborations with external media and distribution partners. 10+ years’ experience in media, 4+ years management experience required. Full info HERE (3/23)

Striking partnerships with DSPs, agencies, brands, and agency trading desks to integrate with Origin’s programmatic solutions. Sourcing and managing PMP/PG business and adopt existing clients and grow their relationships. 5+ years of programmatic advertising video sales experience. CTV experience is a plus. Full info HERE (3/22)

ORIGIN MEDIA/REMOTE: Oversee administrative tasks, work with Sales to assist in the production, maintenance, and delivery of sales materials and RFPs from advertisers. Manage contracts with in-house legal counsel and organize and manage all company contracts and documents. 1-3 years of experience in sales or operations and familiarity with the Google Suite of products. Full info HERE (3/22)

NEP GROUP/EASTERN US-LONDON: Establish a global purchasing community and build procurement capability to ensure a consistent approach to negotiations with key suppliers. Design and implement a global procurement strategy to add value and efficiency to the organization. and Understand global needs and lead negotiations. Fifteen years of industry-related experience in procurement required. Full info HERE (3/22)

MARATHON VENTURE/NYC: Serve as the primary point of contact for our media partners, responsible for exceeding expectations by effectively anticipating and solving problems. Review client orders for accuracy and resolve discrepancies. 2-3 years related experience and strong organizational skills and attention to detail required. Full info HERE (3/19)

ITVS/San Francisco: Optimize project management processes to create sustainable, scalable standards and best practices that improve cross-functional collaboration and long-range planning. Set, manage, and execute our audience development workflows. Identify, plan, and execute effective, “right-size” workflows. 5-7 years of professional experience in project management and communications required. Full info HERE (3/19)

Manage clients for various emerging OTT verticals including but not limited to US Hispanic and Latin American/Brazilian platforms. Coordinate delivery of new content and looking for new ways to optimize revenue. Experience working in international digital content programming/ sales; familiarity with various platforms and Spanish language fluency required. Full info HERE (3/19)

Managing branded content projects, ensuring the flawless execution of sold concepts through to delivery across media platforms. Tracks projects through all phases; from requests through approvals and distribution. 3+ years in creative/digital project manager role at a related production house/agency. Full info HERE (3/18)

Managing sales and co-production activity with designated clients across both television and digital. Keep in constant contact with all key US buyers pitching upcoming programmes –for both TV and SVOD sales. 7+ years of experience at executive level within programming and/or distribution. In-depth understanding of the UK television industry, in particular the BBC. Full info HERE (3/18)

Provide full support to all accounts for the Ad Sales team, assist Account Executives, Sales Planner and Pricing Inventory in managing day-to-day Ad sales responsibilities. Communicate daily with Traffic Department, and create and maintain quarterly flighting grid. B.A. in Communication or equivalent from a four-year college; prior experience a plus. Full info HERE (3/18)

Strong knowledge and understanding of legal and business issues related to media, strong negotiation and drafting skills and a solid understanding of business issues. Draft and/or negotiate a wide variety of agreements and contract summary/tracking/management. A minimum of two years of legal experience in a media and/or entertainment transactional environment either in-house or with a law firm is required. Full info HERE (3/17)

NEXSTAR INC., KRON4-MYNETWORK/SAN FRANCISCO: Leading broadcast operational teams with sales-driven organizations, developing locally originated content, and commitment to community service. Track record of high performance in developing revenue across multiple platforms. Minimum of five years of general management experience at a commercial broadcast television station with accompanying digital assets required. Full info HERE (3/17)

Set overall community strategy as it relates to supporting brand initiatives, structure implementation of community-facing strategy across FailArmy, communicate on behalf of the brand across multiple channels. Min 3 yrs experience in brand communications, strong expertise in and a passion for current and emerging social and OTT platforms. Full info HERE (3/17)

Responsible for overseeing, guiding and elevating all programming for each of the Streaming TV channels, Works with VP Streaming to establish long-term creative programming strategy to achieve business unit KPIs. Plan and budget to help develop, help commission, and acquire programming for Jukin streaming channels. 7+ years in creative production for digital/streaming/television required. Full info HERE (3/17)

Lead the talented and resourceful journalists, manage digital teams in multiple locations and editorial content; encourage innovation and unique story telling techniques. Impeccable integrity and ability to support our writers and editors in making tough journalistic calls in fast-moving news cycles. Full info HERE (3/17)

Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience, ability to oversee production of Live Newscasts. Drive integration and collaboration with other managers to achieve station goals. Work closely with other managers to determine daily scope of coverage. Full info HERE (3/17)

Creates schedules/rollout plans for series/films, live news, and special events on CNN & HLN. Manages inventory and evaluates performance to optimize usage. TV Programming exp, 5+ yrs. Can project manage/multi-task. Must know current events. Full info/apply HERE (3/17)

THE JIM HENSON COMPANY/ HOLLYWOOD: Responsible for building out relationships with writers, directors, agents, managers, and talent in the prime-time arena, identifying new projects and talent in both comedy and drama for live-action and animation, and will oversee development of series to pitch A background in prime time television required and demonstrated knowledge of television development and production processes a must. Full info HERE (3/17)

Gravity Road is a creative company bringing together marketing, entertainment, and technology to create things people want to spend time with. We are looking for someone that is a commercially minded gamer, a strategic thinker and a proactive doer to join as our VP Gaming and Esports. Full info HERE (3/17)



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