Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


The Most Watched SUPERNATURAL Telecast Ever On The CW!

Significant ratings growth over its year-ago premiere!
+64% with W18-49
+23% with M18-49
+42% with A18-49

From Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Source: NTI Galaxy Explorer, L+SD, most watched = CW perf. 9/28/06-9/18/08. Growth = 9/18/08 v 10/4/07.



Good morning. It’s Wednesday, September 24, 2008, and this is your first early morning briefing.  
Tonight’s Premieres:
NBC: Knight Rider at 8p; Lipstick Jungle at 10p
CBS: The New Adventures of Old Christine at 8p; Gary Unmarried at 830p; Criminal Minds at 9p; CSI: NY at 10p

Branding Program for media and entertainment executives. Nov 17-19 NYC.


MTV continues its sex education for viewers as it premieres a new late-night stripped series called Man and Wife on September 29 at 11p. Man and Wife, which started as a podcast in 2007, stars hip-hop artist Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda, an HIV/AIDS counselor. Together they will offer advice on sex, love and relationships.

Friday Night Lights, the drama centered on high school football, returns for a third season with 13 new episodes which will air first on DIRECTV’s The 101 Network beginning October 1 at 9p. DIRECTV will air each new episode on Wednesdays at 9p. In addition, DIRECTV will air a custom-produced extended version of Friday Night Lights that will be commercial-free, plus a live weekly show called Live From Dillon that features interviews with cast members and a chance for viewers to chat with the actors. Later next February, NBC will air all 13 episodes. The series is produced by Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studio and Film 44.

Premium gay television network, here! announced it will continue with its supernatural soap opera The Lair. Thirteen new 30m episodes will begin production in November and will debut on the network next spring.

For the last baseball game broadcast from Yankee Stadium, ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball posted nearly 3.1 million total viewers, reports B&C. The pregame ceremonies which aired on ESPN2 and YES, approximately 2.4 million total viewers tuned in.

Broadcast Evening News Ratings Wrap-Up: The final results for the week of September 15, 2008:
ABC: 7.82 million total viewers and 2.0/8 A25-54
NBC: 7.65 million total viewers and 2.1/9 A25-54
CBS: 5.45 million total viewers and 1.4/6 A25-54


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FOX gave the approval for a new drama series called Lie To Me from Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television. Tim Roth and Kelli Williams star in this story based on true life about a specialist who can tell if someone is lying by clues embedded in their face, body and voice. FOX will debut the series midseason.

Comedy Central is working with Kanye West on a project called Alligator Boots that merges hip-hop and the Muppets, according to THR. A 30m pilot has been shot which showcases music produced and performed by West and rapper Rhymefest. Future episodes plan on having a different celebrity guest host like the original Muppet Show. The project is produced by Jackhole Productions, founded by Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel Kellison and Adam Carolla, the company that also produced Crank Yankers for Comedy Central. West, Rhymefest and Ellison are all executive producing Alligator Boots.


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Move over Apple. T-Mobile and Google took the wraps off of the G1, the first smart phone that will run off Google’s open source Android mobile operating system. The phone, compatible with T-Mobile’s new 3G network, features a touch screen that slides up to reveal a full keypad. A specially designed Google search interface will act as your portal to the mobile internet, of course, and give users access to their Gmail accounts for no extra charge. And it’s a bit cheaper than the iPhone: the G1 will sell for $179 with a two-year commitment with T-Mobile.  Full edition: CYN DIGITAL.

CYNOPSIS KIDS – TODAY’S TOP STORY: Netflix, Inc., signs new individual deals with CBS Television Network and Disney-ABC Television Group that will make their respective current season episodes of a number of shows to be streamed at Netflix.  Specifically of interest for the kid world is that included in the deal with ABC are Disney Channel’s original series Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck, the latter of which premieres this Friday on the network.  Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck can be streamed instantly at Netflix beginning this week, 24 hours after each episode’s initial broadcast.  Hannah Montana will be available online via Netflix beginning this November.  A range of other Disney Channel series episodes will be available beginning 2009.  Full edition: CYN KIDS.

CYNOPSIS INTERNATIONAL – TODAY’S TOP STORY: Europe’s RTL Group is picking up a two-thirds majority share is Greece’s Alpha Media Group after inking an acquisition deal with its current owner, Dimitris Contominas.  The 66.6% share went for 125.7 million euros ($185.8 million) with RTL Group also gaining 5 of the 9 Alpha Media Group Board of Directors seats and the right to nominate the CEO and COO.  Dimitris Contominas will retain the right to nominate the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Expected to be finalized in October or November, the deal is, of course, subject to approval by the Greek Competition Commission.    Full edition: CYN INTERNATIONAL.


Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among A18-49 for the week of: 9/15-9/21/08
Primetime     (000)         Total Pgm Day           (000)
ESPN             2297         ESPN                        877
USA               1384         NAN*                       676
TNT               1084         TNT                          641
TBSC               971         USA                         609
FX                   749         TBSC                        540
AEN                709          NICK                        505
LIF                  671         ADSM*                     504
SPK                 640         LIF                           451
NAN                612          FX                           409
SCIF                607         CMDY                       373
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,500,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among Total Viewers for the week of: 9/15-9/21/08      
Primetime     (000)          Total Pgm Day              (000)
ESPN             4464         NICK                           1880
FOXN             2749         ESPN                          1550
USA               2583         NAN*                          1469
TNT               2534         TNT                             1298
TBSC             1765         FOXN                           1287
NAN              1726         USA                             1163
LIF                1538         TOON                          1063
CNN              1360         ADSM*                          973
AEN              1354          LIF                               916
TOON            1347         TBSC                             894
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,500,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks
broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top 10 Cable Programs among A18-49 (000) for the week of: 9/15-9/21/08
ESPN   Eagles/Cowboys                                       10235
ESPN   NFL SportsCenter                                       3227
ESPN   College Football-Saturday                           2940
BRAV   Project Runway                                         2703
MTV    The Hills                                                    2399
TNT     The Closer                                                2364
LIF      Army Wives                                               2358
USA    WWE Entertainment 10p                             2086
USA    Burn Notice                                                2056
ESPN  Monday Night Countdown                            2048
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television
Universe of 114,500,000 homes

Top 10 Broadcast Programs among A18-49 rating/share and (000) for the week of 9/15-9/21/08
NBC    NBC Sunday Night Football                          9.1/22     11,930
NBC    Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick                          5.7/16       7,510
FOX    House                                                        5.7/16       7,450
FOX    Fringe                                                        5.1/13       6,740
NBC    Football Night in America PT 3                     4.4/13       5,760
ABC    Primetime Emmy Awards                              3.8/9        5,040
CBS    60 Minutes                                                  3.3/9        4,340
FOX    Bones                                                        3.3/10       4,310
NBC    Football Night in America PT 2                     3.2/10       4,130
NBC    Biggest Loser 6                                           3.2/9        4,170
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Galaxy Explorer, Live + SD Data

Saturday – A18-49 Analysis:  FOX held its own Saturday night winning with 1.7/6 A18-49, according to final national ratings from Nielsen Media Research. The “bad boys” on FOX were in charge at 8p as the two Cops episodes averaged a winning 1.6/6. FOX remained in the lead during 9p with America’s Most Wanted at 1.7/6. The 10p hour was a little unusual as a three-way tie prevailed between ABC’s Saturday Night Football, CBS’ 48 Hours Mystery rerun and NBC’s Law & Order: CI encore at 1.3/4 each. 

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Saturday, September 20, 2008  time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

FOX: 3.3/6          Cops 2.9/6, Cops [r] 3.3/6, America’s Most Wanted 3.4/6

CBS: 3.2/6         Crimetime Saturday [r] 2.1/4, Crimetime Saturday [r] 3.7/7, 48 Hours Mystery [r] 3.8/7

ABC: 2.7/5         Saturday Night College Football: Georgia at Arizona State 2.7/5

NBC: 2.4/5         Chuck [r] 1.5/3, Law & Order: CI [r] 2.4/4, Law & Order: CI [r] 3.4/6

UNIV: 1.3/3         Sabado Gigante 1.3/3

MNT: 0.7/1           My Saturday Night Movie: In the Army Now [r] 0.7/1

TELE: 0.3/1          Futbol Estelar: Chivas vs. Jaguares 0.4/1, Accion Extrema 0.2/0

A18-49: FOX 1.7/6, ABC 1.4/5, CBS 1.0/3, NBC 0.9/3, UNIV 0.8/3, MNT 0.5/2, TELE 0.3/1

Sunday – A18-49 Analysis:  NBC remained the defending champion Sunday night at 7.8/20 A18-49, according to final national ratings from Nielsen Media Research. CBS opened the night with a new 60 Minutes at 3.3/9 during the 7p hour. NBC’s Sunday Night Football action ruled the rest of the night: at 8p football did an 8.7/22; during 9p a 9.4/22 was achieved; then NBC tapered off slightly to a 9.2/22 at 10p. Elsewhere, the Primetime Emmy Awards on ABC posted fairly consistent ratings each hour: a 3.6/9 at 8p; a 3.9/9 at 9p; and ending with a 3.8/9 through 10p. 

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Sunday, September 21, 2008 – time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

NBC: 11.5/19       Football Night in America [730p start] 4.8/9, NBC Sunday Night Football: Dallas at Green Bay 13.3/21

ABC: 6.9/11          Jimmy Kimmel Big Night of Stars 3.1/5, Primetime Emmy Awards 8.2/13

CBS: 6.1/10         60 Minutes [715p start] 9.2/15, Cold Case [r] 5.3/8, Cold Case [r] 5.2/8, Criminal Minds [r] 4.4/8

FOX: 2.8/4          American Dad [r] 1.3/2, The Simpsons [r] 2.6/4, The Simpsons [r] 2.9/5, The Simpsons [r] 3.0/5, Family Guy [r] 3.2/5

UNIV: 1.5/2        Show Suenos Sangre 1.5/2

CW: 0.9/1          One Tree Hill [r] 0.8/1, Privileged [r] 0.8/1, America’s Next Top Model [r] 1.2/2

TELE: 0.4/1        Cine en Casa 0.4/1, Cine Millonario 0.4/1

A18-49: NBC 7.8/20, ABC 3.2/8, CBS 2.3/6, FOX 2.1/6, UNIV 1.1/3, CW 0.6/1, TELE 0.4/1

The Official Start of the 2008-09 Television Season! Monday – A18-49 Analysis:  CBS officially opened the new fall programming season Monday night by winning with a slim margin at 4.5/11 A18-49, according to final national ratings from Nielsen Media Research. ABC, which posted its most-watched season opener in nine years, swept the first two hours as Dancing with the Stars did a 5.2/13 at 8p and a 5.4/12 at 9p. Also at 8p, CBS debuted The Big Bang Theory at 3.6/10 and How I Met Your Mother at 830p with 4.0/10; the average of both (3.8/10) came in second. During 9p, NBC’s Heroes opened its new season with a 5.1/11 which came in second after ABC’s Dancing and ahead of CBS’ season start of Two and a Half Men at 5.3/12 and the series debut of Worst Week at 3.8/8. Then at 10p, the season premiere of CBS’ CSI: Miami won with 5.2/13 over the second half of NBC’s Heroes at 4.9/12 and ABC’s Boston Legal premiere at 2.4/6. In addition, UNIV supplied three new premieres: at 8p Cuidado con El Angel with 1.8/5; at 845p Fuego en la Sangre with 2.0/5; and at 10p Christina with 2.0/5.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Monday, September 22, 2008 time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

ABC: 10.9/17       Dancing with the Stars [p] 13.4/20, Boston Legal [p] 5.7/9

CBS: 8.2/13          The Big Bang Theory [p] 5.7/9, How I Met Your Mother [p] 5.9/9, Two and a Half Men [p] 9.1/13, Worst Week [p] 6.7/10, CSI: Miami [p] 11.1/18

NBC: 5.2/8             Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere 3.8/6, Heroes [p] 5.9/9

FOX: 3.7/5            Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles 3.8/6, Prison Break 3.5/5

UNIV: 2.3/4           Cuidado con El Angel [p] 2.2/3, Fuego en la Sangre [p] 2.4/3, Cristina [p] 2.4/4

CW: 2.2/3            Gossip Girl 2.2/3, One Tree Hill 2.1/3

TELE: 0.7/1          El Juramento 0.4/1, Dona Barbara 0.7/1, Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso 1.0/2

MNT: 0.5/1           Celebrity Expose [r] 0.6/1, Celebrity Expose [r] 0.4/1

A18-49: CBS 4.5/11, ABC 4.4/11, NBC 4.2/10, FOX 2.4/6, UNIV 1.9/5, CW 1.6/4, TELE 0.5/1, MNT 0.3/1



Hearst-Argyle Television appointed Frank A. Bennack, Jr. as Chairman. Frank has served on the company’s board since 1997 and is Vice Chairman/CEO of Hearst Corp., which owns 82% of Hearst-Argyle.

News Corp. made some executive production shifts within its talk properties, reports Variety. David Brown will become Executive Producer of The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, syndicated by Twentieth Television. David takes over from Nancy Duffy who will be involved with special projects for Fox News. David was previously the executive producer with FOX’s Fox and Friends and will be replaced in this position by Lauren Petterson who rejoins News Corp. after working at WCBS/New York.

Science Channel rehired Roger Henry as VP/Programming and Development to create and implement the network’s programming strategy, supervise daily operations for the scheduling team and manage acquisitions and projects in development. Roger returns to the Science Channel after being most recently at Discovery Health Media as VP/Programming. Prior to that, he was with Science Channel as VP/Programming. Roger is based at Discovery’s world headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

Dee Mc Laughlin is the new SVP/Brand Marketing with CMT. Dee relocates to Nashville from Los Angeles where she worked for Virgin Group. In her new role, Dee will oversee the marketing and creative for CMT with an emphasis on brand management across all CMT properties. She will report to Brian Philips, EVP/GM, CMT.

NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution tapped Todd Whiting as VP/Cable and Ancillary Sales up from Director/Cable and Ancillary Sales, a position he held since September 2006. Just recently Todd was involved in the off-network licensing deal of NBC’s The Biggest Loser to Scripps’ Fine Living Network.

YES Network advanced Michael Spirito as VP/Business Development and Digital Media. Michael will supervise all digital media efforts including the oversight of and involvement with new business activities. Michael has been with the network since June 2006 and will continue to report to Ray Hopkins, COO.

Correction: Margie Ruttenberg will take up her new post as Assistant News Director of WTTG, the FOX affiliate in Washington, D.C.

Delivers more of America’s hard-to-reach business leaders than any other news site
7.5 Million Unique Visitors in the U.S.
Intelligence: #2 in post graduate degrees
Influence: #1 in C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO)
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Source: comScore, Nielsen @Plan. Comparison against CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Fox News

This day in History:
  1955 – Millions of Americans tuned in to watch Judy Garland make her television debut on the Ford Star Jubilee on CBS. The show received the highest television ratings to date for that time.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  S ubmitted by Marc Grossmann of Taffy Entertainment:  What star of the TV series Scrubs also once appeared in an episode of American Gladiators – Celebrity Challenge?  JOHN C. MCGINLEY (Dr. Perry Cox) Kudos to: Bob Von Kohorn-INVISION, Inc./NY; Tom Velez-Discovery Communications/NY; Eric Adler-Eric Adler Research/Clearwater, FL; Kimberly Keeley-Safety4Kids/Stamford, CT; Henry Urick-Incentive Plus Network/Castaic, CA; Terah Bingham-KJCT News 8/Grand Junction, CO; Todd Schliewen-KMSB TV/BELO/Tucson; Ryan Hopkins-Cox TV/Reno; Nancy Dixon Welch-Eclipse Television & Sports Mktg./ Tortola, British Virgin Islands; Stephanie Watsa-Canwest Broadcasting/Toronto

Today’s Trivia Question, Sponsored By Fuse. Ignite Your Brand.: At this summer’s Bonnaroo Festival, which hip hop artist nearly incited a riot by keeping his audience waiting for almost 2 hours? (Email
with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Cyn

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT –  Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ABC: Dancing with the Stars, David Blaine: Dive of Death
AZTECA: Camino a la Fama, Vidas al Limite, Pasiones Prohibidas
CBS: The New Adventures of Old Christine [p], Gary Unmarried (Pilot ), Criminal Minds [p ], CSI: NY [p ]
CW: America’s Next Top Model, 90210 [r]
FOX: Bones, ‘Til Death, Do Not Disturb
ION: Movie: Grumpier Old Men, ER
MNT: Twilight Zone [r], Twilight Zone [r], Whacked Out Videos [r], Whacked Out Videos [r]
NBC: Knight Rider [p ], America’s Got Talent, Lipstick Jungle [p ]
PBS: Killer Stress: A National Geographic Special, American Masters
TELE: El Juramento, Dona Barbara, Junto al Tri
UNIV: Cuidado con El Angel, Fuego en la Sangre, Don Francisco Presenta

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04/17/24: Cynopsis Jobs

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DIRECT RESPONSE ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE TV One NEW YORK, NY – HYBRID REMOTE Carry out the entire sales process from initial contact to deal close as well as build and maintain exceptional relationships with advertisers and agencies by communicating TV One Network’s values and brand strength. Full info HERE *** […]

Cynopsis Digital Out of Home 04/17/24: SambaTV and GSTV team to analyze ad effectiveness; Vistar Media expands in Latin America

Wednesday April 17, 2024 SambaTV and GSTV have teamed for a national quick-service restaurant brand and a national CPG brand to analyze the reach and frequency of GSTV campaigns compared to national and local TV schedules. “Our collaboration with GSTV unifies the impact of advertising effectiveness both in and out of the home,” said Samba […]

Cynopsis 04/17/24: Amazon picks up Travis Kelce-hosted game show

Wednesday April 17, 2024 Today’s Premieres Hulu: Under the Bridge; See You in Another Life Netflix: Our Living World; Don’t Hate the Player; The Grimm Variations; The Circle Speedvision: Helping Hands Garage at 8p TVMonde5USA: Sortez-mol de moi at 11:30p IN THE NEWS Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) want details about […]

Cynopsis 04/16/24: “Tamron Hall” renewed for season six

"Tamron Hall" renewed for season six

A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT TV Family Entertainment TV & Family Movie Classics The Family networks run by a real family, serving families • Quality Programming • • Brand-Safe Environment • • Valuable Audience • Click here to learn more Tuesday April 16, 2024 Today’s Premiere Paramount+: CTRL+ALT+Desire Today’s Finale HGTV: […]