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Good morning.  It’s Wednesday, August 3, 2005, and this is your first early morning briefing. Remember, if you’d rather listen than read, you can sign up for the Cynopsis: In Your Ear podcast available for download each morning by 630a.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has declined to renew ABC’s news accreditation following ABC’s airing of an interview with the Chechen warlord, Shamil Basayev last Thursday, and deems the network “persona non grata.”  The Russian state office, which is the same office to decide which media outlets can work in Russia, said the interview showed a “clear fact supporting the propaganda of terrorism” and that ABC would be deemed “undesirable” for contacts with all Russian state agencies.  Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov took the action one step further on Sunday by saying he had decided to bar military personnel from contact with the US network. The Russian journalist who conducted the interview for ABC, Andrei Babitsky, is reportedly being accused of being a Chechen sympathizer. He may also see his employer, the U.S.-backed Radio Liberty, face an investigation by the Russian agency.  Shamil Basayev has taken responsibility for several terrorist acts including 2004’s Beslan school siege and 2002’s Moscow theater seizure.  Basayev also has a $10 million bounty on his head. 


On August 15 ESPN2 will launch a new series called ESPN Hollywood. The show looks at the point when an athlete becomes a Hollywood celebrity – special appearances, movie careers, TV shows, magazine covers (for non-sporting magazines), etc.  The magazine formatted show is described by its executive producer Bill Bonnell, as “wherever there is an intersection of sports and entertainment.”  Hosting duties will be managed by Thea Andrews and Mario Lopez.

All four 24/7 cable news networks were up in July 2005 vs. July 2004, thanks in large part to the news surrounding the bombings in London.  In total day averages among A18-49 Fox News delivered 230,000 viewers, up 6% vs. last year; CNN delivered 115,000 up 4%; Headline News averaged 86,000 up 26% year to year; and MSNBC averaged 72,000 up 13%.  In primetime, same thing — all were up year to year:  Fox News avg’d 381,000 up 31%; CNN 164,000, up 6%, Headline News 119,000 up 72% and MSNBC 90,000 up 3%.

The Fox Reality Channel has made ABC an offer.  The cable net would like to acquire the reality series Welcome to the Neighborhood, the same show ABC pulled from its schedule just days before it was set to air because of its potential controversy surrounding discrimination. ABC is not responding to the offer.  It’s plans for the show remain undecided, and ABC says if they decide not to air the show at all, they have no plans to sell it to another network.

Portions of CBS’ Rock Star: INXS will get their airing on VH1, not CBS.  The show currently airs 3x week.  Starting this upcoming week, the Monday night 30m installment which focuses more on the backstage and rockers-under-one-roof portion of the show, will move to VH1, airing on Sundays at 8p.  (CBS will fill the Monday hole with reruns of 2-1/2 Men.) The Tuesday night 60m performance installment, and the Wednesday night 30m elimination episode, are staying put on CBS, but will also be repurposed on VH1 on Saturday nights.  With all that said,according to Variety the show has also sped up its schedule and will air two weeks earlier than originally planned, with its final ep scheduled now for September 20.

Lifetime‘s limited summer drama series Beach Girls starring Rob Lowe, debuted this past Sunday night and became the network’s most watched premiere  in its history.  Lifetime kicked off the series with back-to-back 60m eps from 8-10p on July 31, and both hours averaged 3.6 million viewers, passing the season debut of Missing last August which delivered 3.3 million viewers.

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among Total Viewers for the month of July 2005:
Primetime      (000)    Total Pgm Day   (000)
TNT              2692     NICK              2096
USA              2259     NAN*              1728
FOXNEWS 1913     CARTOON 1420
LIFETIME         1912    TNT               1381
NAN              1910     ADULT SWIM*     1380
TBS              1631     LIFETIME         1313
CARTOON 1608     USA              1007
SPIKE            1602     FOXNEWS 988
SCIFI            1248     TBS               983
ESPN             1182     MTV               754
 Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 109,600,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among A18-49 for the  month of July 2005:
Primetime     (000)     Total Pgm Day   (000)
TNT              1081     NAN*              699
USA              1021     TNT               638
TBS              973      TBS               589
SPIKE            794      ADULT SWIM*     576
LIFETIME         768     LIFETIME         504
FX               673      USA               500
SCIFI            668      NICK              439
MTV              617      FX                368
DISCOVERY        605     MTV               367
ESPN             547      SPIKE             364
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 109,600,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top 10 Cable Programs among A18-49 (000) for the  month of July 2005:
BET      BET Awards Show    3696  (6/28)
ESPN    Home Run Derby     3301  (7/11)
TNT     Nextel Cup Racing/Loudon  3268 (7/17)
TNT     Nextel Cup Racing/Pocono  3248 (7/24)
SPK     WWE Ent Mon 10p    3197  (6/27)
SPK     WWE Ent Mon 9p     3120  (7/18)
SPK     WWE Ent Mon 9p     2903  (6/27)
MTV     Real World                  2610  (6/28)
MTV     Real World                  2600  (7/12)
SPK     WWE Ent Mon 10p    2599  (7/25)
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 109,600,000 homes

Top 10 Broadcast Programs among A18-49 (000) for the week of 7/25-7/31, 2005:
CBS:     CSI                                                 5430
FOX:    HELL’S KITCHEN                4620
CBS:    CSI: MIAMI                                      4620
CBS:    WITHOUT A TRACE                      4490
CBS:    BIG BROTHER  TUE                     4390
ABC:    BRAT CAMP                                  4340
CBS:    TWO & A HALF MEN                     4220
FOX:    SIMPSONS (830p)                          4230
FOX:    FAMILY GUY                                  4220
Source:  Nielsen Media Research, Galaxy Explorer

Casting note:  Discovery Health Channel is looking for families in Southern California who need to lose weight and want to do it together over a 12-week period. Parents with children 8 years and older will be provided with a professional weight loss program, gym membership and one-on-one instruction with nutrition and fitness experts.  Single parent families can also apply.  To apply online:

Casting note #2:  MTV’s “The Reality Show” is looking for people who believe they are living in what can only be described as their own Reality Show.  Is it your nutty household? Your crazy job?  Your whacked out friends?  If you think you may qualify, look for more information on The Realty Show at . Here’s the clinker — you need to have your application and 2-minute video tape sent in by Thursday of this week, that’s right, August 4th is the deadline. Good luck and maybe we’ll see you on MTV!



  • ER (Warner Bros. TV):  Sherry Stringfield is checking herself out of ER, effective immediately.  Stringfield had originally planned to appear as a recurring character next season, but has since changed her mind.

has signed Paul Scheuring to a three year development deal, and first order of business is upping his status on his show Prison Break to Executive Producer. Prison Break debuts on Fox on August 29. Scheuring will also work on creating new projects for the studio.


Frank Tanki has returned to Nickelodeon as Senior Director/Nickelodeon Brand Marketing.  Frank oversees Nick’s new show launches, property management, advertising, and consumer and trade efforts in support of major network initiatives. Frank returns to Nickelodeon after a stint with Jujamcyn Theatres and two years as the Director of Promotions Marketing for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

Shop At Home has named Geoff Smith as SVP/Interactive Commerce and Kevin Kritch as VP/Production and Broadcast Operations.  Geoff will be responsible for the redesign of and the development of new online retailing synergies with Scripps Networks’ other lifestyle television networks including HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Fine Living and Great American Country.  Kevin’s responsibilities include oversight and strategic implementation of all production activities for the network, in addition to managing the operations division. Both executives will be based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bakers Man, providing internet based technology, marketing communications and digital information management for the entertainment industry, has formed a new production company, TrueLight Entertainment.  With that announcement, comes the naming of TrueLight’s new President:  Kevin O’Donnell.  Kevin’s directive is to spearhead efforts to offer a one-stop-shop to effectively market brands from development through delivery using animation production, creative and online services, and design capabilities across a multitude of platforms, including the Web, mobile and DVD. 


Monday — A18-49 Analysis:   Fox‘s two hour finale of Hell’s Kitchen won the night on Monday with an overall 3.7/11 A18-49, according to final numbers from Nielsen Media Research.  CBS was second with a 2.7/8, followed by ABC 2.5/7, NBC 2.0/6, UPN .8/2, WB .6/2.  At 8p Fox’s 3.1/10 for the first hour of Hell’s Kitchen led, in front of CBS’ sitcoms averaging a 2.3/8.  At 9p Fox was again in front with the final hour of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking series, delivering a 4.4/12 in the demo.  Rock Star INXS on CBS was the only other original program during the 9p hour, and it earned a 2.2/6 for CBS. At 10p a repeat of CSI Miami led with a 3.2/9.

Fast Affiliate Ratings: Monday, August 1, 2005, for all Networks – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

CBS     5.7/10   King of Queens [r] 4.9/9, Raymond [r] 5.6/10, 2-1/2 Men [r] 6.4/11, Rock Star INXS 3.8/6, CSI: Miami [r] 6.8/11

NBC     3.8/7    Fear Factor [r] 3.4/6, Las Vegas [r] 4.0/7, Medium [r] 4.1/7

ABC     4.5/8    Movie:  The Sixth Sense  4.5/8

FOX     4.8/8   Hell’s Kitchen [finale]  4.8/8

WB      1.3/2    7th Heaven [r] 1.4/2, Summerland [r] 1.3/2

UPN     1.5/3    One on One [r] 1.4/3, All of Us [r] 1.4/3, Girlfriends [r] 1.6/3, Half & Half [r] 1.5/2

A18-49            Fox 3.7/11, CBS 2.7/8, ABC 2.5/7, NBC 2.0/6, UPN .8/2, WB .6/2

The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1492 – Christopher Columbus sets sail from the Spanish port of Palos.  His small fleet, which sighted land in the Bahamas on October 12, was the first European expedition to travel to the Americas since the Norse settlers of the tenth and eleventh centuries.  Columbus returned to Spain in March of the following year and would command a total of four expeditions to the New World, which he never doubted was the Far East.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question courtesy of Bobby Rivers/Food Network:   Only once in his career did Marlon Brando star opposite the same actress twice.  Who is she? JEAN SIMMONS. Kudos to: Karen Neal-TNT/Atlanta; Dan Knowles-CNBC TV/Englewood Cliffs NJ; Joanne Milano-RJ Palmer/NY; Peter Bakalian-Rankin Bass Productions/NY; Ron Vartanyan-Echostart Productions/Denver; Jackie Blumer-Charter Advertising/St Louis; Kathy Alexander-Spot Plus y Mas/Dallas; Robert Campbell-QuickNickel-Valley Village; Mathew Morse-NSM; Diana Lesmez-Caterpillar Jazz Entertainment/LA; Nancy Tuthill-ABC TV Network


Court TV’s Favorite Quote of the Day:

“Target success continues in key demos as the power of Dominick Dunne grows!”

New season of Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege, and Justice premieres in January. Explore sponsorship opportunities available with Court TV’s 1st Q ’06 national consumer sweepstakes.

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  M/F/V/D EOE  (8/05)

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SITUATION WANTED:  ASSOCIATE BRAND MANAGER Atlanta.  MBA, BS in Marketing, and BFA in Graphic Design.  6+ years of solid brand management skills, including cable broadcasting ad sales and agency experience. 

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT:  Wednesday, August 3, 2005

ABC              Brat Camp [2hrs], Lost
CBS              Still Standing [r], Yes Dear [r], Rock Star: INXS, The King of Queens [r], CSI: NY [r]
FOX              So You Think You Can Dance, Bernie Mac [r]
NBC              Outrageous TV Moments, Law & Order [r], Law & Order [r]
PAX              Doc,  Diagnosis Murder, Early Edition
UPN              R U THE GIRL, Veronica Mars [r]
WB               One Tree Hill [r], Smallville [r]
TELE             La Mujer en el Espejo, Los Plateados,  Decisiones
UNIV             Apuesta  por un Amor, La Marastra,  Don Francisco Presenta

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