Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Cynopsis: Kids!


Good morning. It’s Wednesday, April 27, 2011, and this is your first early morning Kids briefing. 

Ahoy there – it’s graduation for the kids of Seven Seas High School on the series finale of Suite Life on Deck, premiering Friday, May 6 on Disney Channel, 8-8:40p.  Then, following the finale, the network will offer a special preview of its new series A.N.T. Farm.  The new comedy revolves around 11-yr-old music prodigy Chyna Parks, who attends high school as part of the A.N.T. (Advanced natural Talents) program.  Additionally, kids are invited to visit where they can vote for their favorite episodes (in various categories) of The Suite Life on Deck and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, with the top fan picks set to air leading up to the series finale of all week beginning Monday, May 2.  Kids can also offer their graduation wishes to the cast, with select messages airing during the on-air programming event.


Lionsgate‘s The Hunger Games Facebook page reveals more casting for director Gary Ross’s feature film adaptation of the first title in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games book trilogy.  Relative newcomers Ian Nelson and Kalia Prescott have been cast as tribute boy and tribute girl from District 3, the characters are unnamed in the book.  That leaves 16 tributes from eight districts yet to be cast.


The Weinstein Company (TWC) enters into a deal with Submarine Entertainment to acquire all distribution rights to the new documentary The Bully Project (  ) from filmmaker Lee Hirsch (Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony).   While the documentary is not specifically for kids, it does examine bullying and its long-term impact and consequences on everyone, as the movie focuses on how bullying has touched five kids and their families.  Under the deal TWC takes all rights to the movie for North America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany.  TWC also acquired the film’s distribution rights for pan-Asian satellite TV, and will be the sales agent for the remaining global territories.  The Bully Project premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival over this last weekend.  The Bully Project is produced and written by Hirsh and Cynthia Lowen.  Cindy Waitt is the executive producer.

The Verizon Foundation and Sesame Workshop‘s series, The Electric Company, partner to provide free kid-centric educational resources online via (  ).  An educational website, funded by the Verizon Foundation, provides a myriad of free educational resources to teachers, parents and students to use in and out of the classroom.  The Electric Company resources on the site feature curricular games, printable activities, and videos for both educators and kids.  Sesame Workshop created the new Electric Company resources for with a $100,000 grant from The Verizon Foundation.  The third season of The Electric Company, which features a new cross-media segment, debuts on May 2, 2011.  Additional content for Thinkfinity is provided by partnerships between the Verizon Foundation and a range of education and literacy organizations including, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Council for Economic Education, International Reading Association, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, National Center for Family Literacy, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Council of Teachers of English, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Geographic Society, ProLiteracy and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. launches Project Exonaut! ( ), a new 3D multiplayer online action game.  Players can join Atlas Brigade or Banzai Squadron and train to defend Cartoon Network Universe with various weapons.  Players can also don Exosuits armors based on popular Cartoon Network brands including Adventure Time, Generator Rex, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, among others, while battling across four different maps (e.g. Finn’s Treehouse and Abysus Castle to start).  Additionally, while playing fans can earn credits to unlock more Exosuits, each featuring its own strengths and weaknesses.  Players can also earn Cartoon Network Badges and accomplish in-game missions to win bonus XP and credits.

The newest round of the Mattel and MGA Entertainment battle, a retrial, over rights to the Bratz dolls goes to MGA.  According to a jury ruling from the US District Court in Santa Ana, MGA Entertainment owns the rights to the Bratz dolls and Mattel will have to pay the company damages of $89 million for misappropriating trade secrets.  The jury also found that MGA did interfere with Bratz designer Carter Bryant’s contract with Mattel, and MGA thus pay Mattel $10,000, a small sum in comparison to what is at stake.  Back in August 2008 a federal judge in California found that Mattel owned the Bratz dolls and ordered injunction to MGA to cease selling the doll line and pay damages to Mattel.  That injunction was overturned by a court of appeals earlier this year.  Of course, another court date is set for next month.


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Spin Master is teaming up with McDonald’s US to feature two girl-targeted brands Zoobles and Liv in McDonald’s Happy Meal promotions in 2011.  First up, beginning April 29 throughout North America, McDonald’s will feature the magical world of Zoobles by offering eight different Zoobles characters in various colors.  Zoobles will also be featured in Happy Meals in various regions worldwide from fall 2011.  Spin Master is also working with McDonald’s to feature the girls fashion doll line Liv in Happy Meals globally this year.


The Hub‘s premiere of the special Chuck’s Big Air Dare on Friday, April 22 (10-11a) delivered increases in the time period week-to-week among K2-11 (84,000) and K6-11 (41,000) up by + 236% and +4,000% respectively.  The network’s Easter Family & Friends series marathon programming event on Sunday, April 24 (8a-4p) also saw growth over the previous week with K2-11 (56,000) an increase of +124%, and K6-11 (35,000) up by +119%.

Weekly Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported networks, Total Day and Primetime Rankings among K2-11 (000) 4/18-4/24/11 :
Total Day     (000)   Primetime     (000)
NICK° :             1172    DSNY* :             1460
DSNY* :              990    NICK JR°°:          550
CARTOON:          545    NAN** :              538
NAN** :              394    ADSM** :            296
NICK JR°°:         378    DXD:                  189
ADSM** :            210    NICKTOONS:      158
DXD:                  206    ESPN:                  90
NICKTOONS:        97    DISCOVERY:         73
SPROUT***:        53    MTV:                    73
TEENNICK:           42    SPROUT***:        59
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data Live + SD Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Denotes a network that broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24hr day.
The Sprout network became publicly measured as of November 1, 2010.
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
°°Nick Jr is not an ad supported cable network, unlike most of the others in this listing

Weekly Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported networks, Total Day and Primetime Rankings among K6-11 (000) 4/18-4/24/11 :
Total Day    (000)  Primetime    (000)
NICK° :             669    DSNY* :            1074
DSNY* :            636    NAN** :             394
CARTOON:        336    ADSM** :           179
NAN** :            310    DXD:                 150
ADSM**:          136    NICKTOONS:      105
DXD:                152    NICK JR°°:          92
NICKTOONS:       66    ESPN:                 52
NICK JR°°:          63    ANIMAL PLANET:  51
TEENNICK:          36    MTV:                   42
ANIMAL PLANET:  28    DISCOVERY:        42
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data Live + SD Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Denotes a network that broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24hr day.
The Sprout network became publicly measured as of November 1, 2010.
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
°°Nick Jr is not an ad supported cable network, unlike most of the others in this listing

Weekly Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Networks, Total Day and Primetime Rankings among Tweens 9-14 (000) 4/18-4/24/11 :
Total Day     (000)  Primetime      (000)
NICK° :              528    DSNY* :               861
DSNY* :             512    NAN** :               437
NAN** :             381    ADSM** :             225
CARTOON:         263    DXD:                   120
ADSM** :           206    COMEDY:             103
DXD:                 121    MTV:                     93
MTV:                   53    ESPN:                    75
COMEDY:             52    NICKTOONS:          73
NICKTOONS:        51    DISCOVERY:          56
TEENNICK:           50    ANIMAL PLANET:    51
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data Live + SD Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Denotes a network that broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24hr day.
The Sprout network became publicly measured as of November 1, 2010.
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
°°Nick Jr is not an ad supported cable network, unlike most of the others in this listing

Monthly Year-to-Year Comparison: Total Day Rankings among K6-11 (000) 3/28-4/24/11 vs. 3/29-4/25/10, Cable Networks Only:
Network:                                     (000)    %diff?
NICK° :                                          626      Flat
DSNY:                                           593      +11%
NAN*:                                           427      -28%
CARTOON:                                     303      -16%
ADSM**:                                       188      +9%
DXD:                                             120      +41%
NICK JR:                                          59      +4%
NICKTOONS:                                    58      -2%
TEENNICK:                                       44      -4%
ANIMAL PLANET:                               26      -7%
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
*NAN Total Day: Sun-Thurs 8p-6a; Mon-Thurs 6a-7a; Fri 9p-7a; Sat 10p-6a;
**Cartoon Network & Adult Swim share channel space ADSM airs
Sat.-Thurs. 9p-6a?The networks listed are mostly those cable networks that regularly appear on the K6-11 weekly ranking charts.
Source: Disney Research from Star Media Multitrak Reporting System Live+7 Blended with Live+SD from 10/16/2006 to date; Data prior to 12/26/2005 is based on Live Viewing

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Saturday, April 23, 2011, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON:         K2-11 1375; K6-11 932; TWEENS 9-14 751
DISNEY CHANNEL:     K2-11 1077; K6-11 740; TWEENS 9-14 577
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   661; K6-11 740; TWEENS 9-14 577
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   251; K6-11 189; TWEENS 9-14 139
NICKTOONS:              K2-11   133; K6-11   98; TWEENS 9-14   61
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Sunday, April 24, 2011, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
DISNEY CHANNEL:    K2-11 1165; K6-11 715; TWEENS 9-14 525
NICKELODEON:         K2-11   992; K6-11 661; TWEENS 9-14 523
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   411; K6-11 274; TWEENS 9-14 222
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   185; K6-11 148; TWEENS 9-14 108
NICKTOONS:              K2-11     88; K6-11   65; TWEENS 9-14   50
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Monday, April 25, 2011, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON:         K2-11 1286; K6-11 600; TWEENS 9-14 400
DISNEY CHANNEL:     K2-11   931; K6-11 527; TWEENS 9-14 400
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   590; K6-11 435; TWEENS 9-14 343
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   220; K6-11 178; TWEENS 9-14 145
NICKTOONS:              K2-11   125; K6-11   86; TWEENS 9-14   75
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data


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