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Cynopsis: Kids !magination Awards

Good afternoon. It’s still Thursday, June 7, 2012, and this is a special edition highlighting the inaugural Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards.

The first annual Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards were handed out this beautiful spring morning at a breakfast atop Le Parker Meridian overlooking Central Park. This spectacular event had an embarrassment of riches in our inaugural year in terms of quality submissions from key producers and media companies in the entertainment industry. A very big thank you to our judges for their time, effort and thoughtfulness with the judging process.

A packed room with buzzing anticipation of who will take home that first-place prize for each category fueled the first-ever occasion. Filling the room were many executives from Crown Media, Disney, Cartoon Network, PBS, and Mattel just to name a few.  Kicking off the event Cynopsis Media Founder and President, Cynthia Turner welcomed everyone and congratulated Cynopsis Kids on 10 great years. Turner credited much of the success to Cynopsis Kids Managing Editor, Gwen Billings who oversaw the remainder of the presentation.

Assisting Gwen in the presentations were Kevin M. OConnor, Director/Business Development & Publisher Relations NOOK Kids Barnes &, Linda Kahn, President/Linda Kahn Media LLC and Adina Pitt, VP/Content Acquisitions and Co-Productions for Cartoon Network and Boomerang.  Thank you to them, as well as, a huge expression of gratitude to outdoors man, explorer, field scientist and Host of the Daytime Emmy Nominated show, Born to Explore, Richard Wiese who was the Keynote for the morning.

The winners were asked to include in their acceptance speech, an answer to one of the following questions.  Which Cartoon Character do you associate with the most or
What object, person or place sparks your imagination.  For some the cartoon character they associate with was Phin, Blue, Scooby Doo, and The Cat in the Hat while others said their imagination is sparked by their own young children and one said even by our keynote Richard Wiese.  Weiss himself answered, Either Jiminy Cricket or Kyle from South Park both of whom are driven by their conscience.”

If you missed it, heres a recap.  And the winners are!

Advertising Campaign
Which advertising campaign for kid or tween media broke through the clutter?

Winner: Radio Disney — Radio Disney: Your Music. Your Way!

The Your Music: Your Way! campaign was designed to raise awareness of the Radio Disney Brand. It featured contemporary music and worked with its Disney partners to create buzz and showcase the network as not just for little kids. The campaign was strategically placed in teen/tween publications, sports programs, out of home placement and events nationwide.

Honorable Mentions:
PBS – PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Big City
Radio Disney – Radio Disney: Lifestyle Campaign “With Radio Disney”
The HUB Television Network – The HUB TV Network Launch Campaign
The HUB Television Network – Transformers Prime Television Series Launch

App Educational
Theres an app for just about everything and now, three categories to recognize outstanding apps for kids.

Winner: PBS – PBS Kids Video App

The PBS Kids Video App for iPad provides kids with more than 2,000 educational videos from PBS Kids and PBS Kids Go! series. The app support a number of curriculum goals, with features that are easy for young kids to navigate on their own.

Honorable Mentions:
ClickN KIDS, Inc. – Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics
National Geographic Society – National Geographic Kids App
Ruckus Media Group – My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day
Scholastic Inc – The Magic School Bus Dinosaurs App
Tales2Go  Kids Mobile Audiobook App

App K6-11

Winner: ToonBox Entertainments Bolts and Blip: Quest of the Battle Bots

Bolts & Blip: Quest of the Battle-Bots is an original game that features clips from the original 3D animated Bolts & Blip series and the 3D film. The game integrates both cinematic and first person water-pistol shooter gaming action. Players can also win prizes through its connection to social media outlets.

Honorable Mentions:
CB Labs – The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run
Disney Publishing Worldwide (The Walt Disney Company) – “Don’t Let The Pigeon Run This App!”
Disney Publishing Worldwide (The Walt Disney Company) – “The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story”

App Preschool

Winner: Sesame Workshops The Monster at the End of This Book…Starring Grover!

The Monster at the End of This Book – Starring Grover is designed to enhance the 40-yr-old Sesame Street book title by providing an interactive experience that draws young kids into the story  on their own or with a family member.

Honorable Mentions:
BabyFirstTV – BabyFirst Mobile
Disney Publishing Worldwide (The Walt Disney Company) – “it’s a small world”
Mindshapes – Jellytoons Toddler Skills: Bobo’s Birthday Challenge
Starz Entertainment, LLC – Chuggington: Terrific Trainee!
Todobebe – Todobebe Mobile Apps
Yoopa! – Les Etoiles du dodo

Digital Marketing Campaign
Honoring excellence in digital marketing to promote a TV series, special or movie.

Winner: Cartoon Network – Level Up Game – Conqueror of All Worlds

The strategy for the Level Up digital marketing campaign was designed to transport the Conqueror of All Worlds game from the movie into the hands of viewers and gamers through social media and gaming sites.

Honorable Mentions:
Nickelodeon – Kids’ Choice Awards 2011
Nickelodeon – Winx Club Mobile Marketing
The Walt Disney Company, Australia – Phineas and Ferb: Perry’s Mission of the Day

When a kid says please read me a story it used to mean getting a book from the shelf  now there are all sorts of ways to interact with books – and this category recognizes interactive books created for electronic devices aimed at kids.

Winner: Peanuts Worldwide and Loud Crow Interactive Inc. A Charlie Brown Christmas

This e-Book is an interactive version of the classic 1965 animated A Charlie Brown Christmas Special for tablets and smartphones. It features animation and various interactive activities and games built into the story, as well as digitally re-mastered artwork, audio and original voices from the special.

Honorable Mentions:
Hachette Book Group International – Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes
Hachette Book Group International – You Will Be My Friend
Random House, Inc. – Go, Dog, Go!

Educational Series/Special Parent/Teacher Curriculum
This category honors the best online curriculum content to support an educational series or special aimed at kids of any age.

Winner: CCI Entertainment Ltd – Artzooka!

This innovative series with engaging hosts stimulated kids creativity, imagination and personal expression by providing them with tools and inspiration to create simple project. In addition to the TV series, Artzooka! features apps, an international website with activities and downloadable instructions for the projects that have aired. The also connects kids with art in their local markets at museums and galleries.

Honorable Mentions:
Enzoology Entertainment – Exploration Nation
Norm Hill Entertainment LTD – The Centables
Prudential Corporation Asia – Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Interstitial Series  Educational
Many times, whats between shows is just as entertaining or informative as long form programming. The next three categories honor short-form TV or web-based series.

Winner: Prudential Corporation Asia – Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

This interstitial creatively encouraged discussions about money between kids and parents. Prudential Corporation Asia teamed up with Cartoon Network Asia and kids educational specialist Dr. Wilder to create this original multi-platform music-based series, which focuses on how people earn, save, spend and donate.

Honorable Mentions:
B2-Studios – Disney Channel – My Family Tree
Mattel, Inc. – Monster High: Volume 2
Scripps Networks Interactive – Food Network’s “Cooking With Kids”
Seftel Productions – The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Interstitial Series  Promotional

Winner: Disney ABC Television Group – Disney Movie Surfers

Disney Movie Surfers is a series of teen-hosted interstitials airing on Disney Channel. They offer a kid point-of-view from behind the scenes of Disney movies. Viewer meet special effects artists, stunt people, directors, actors, and some cases the real life characters they are portraying.

Honorable Mentions:
Disney ABC Television Group and 7ate9 Entertainment – Leo Little’s Big Show
Disney XD – Disney XD – The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Disney XD – Disney XD: Kick Buttowksi – Dwight Howard Hosted Stunt
M3 Creative – Radio Disney’s NBT

Interstitial Series  Reality Based

Winner: HDNet Movies – MyScene: The Stink Bug Project

HDNet Movies KidScene: myScene is an interstitial series that showcases regular kids doing extraordinary things. This installment focused on the non-profit group The Stink Bug Project, which supports families dealing with childhood cancer by matching them with a pet.

Honorable Mentions:
Disney ABC Television Group – Shake It Up, Break It Down
HDNet Movies – MyScene: Kid Quarterback
The Madison Square Garden Company – MSG Media – MSG KidCam

Kids 2-11 Action/Adventure
This next group of awards is for excellence in programming for kids 2-11

Winner: The Hub TV Network – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series

The Hubs live-action, horror anthology series is based on R.L. Stines scary books and stories for kids and tweens. Presenting stories that are just scary enough for kid viewers, The Haunting Hour: The Series takes us on creepy adventures each episode.

Honorable Mentions:
Cartoon Network – Adventure Time
m4e AG – Mia and me
Marathon Media – REDAKAI

K2-11 Comedy

Winner: Cartoon Network – The Amazing World of Gumball

This series is the first UK-produced, full-length animated series out of Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe. It mixes 2D and 3D animation in a live-action setting and revolves around Gumball  basically an average boy who happens to be a blue cat with a giant head. He faces the ups and downs of the average 12-year-old, like being chased by a T-Rex or dressing like a cheerleader to impress the girl he admires. Other than that, Gumball lives a regular suburban life with his Dad, who is a giant pink rabbit, and his Mom, who works in a rainbow factory. Hes got a 4-year-old genius sister and a pet goldfish, which happens to have legs.

Honorable Mentions:
Big Bad Boo Studios – 1001 Nights
Cartoon Network – Adventure Time
Cartoon Network – Regular Show
LMNO Productions – Seriously Funny Kids with Heidi Klum
The Hub TV Network – Pound Puppies

K2-11 Educational

Winner: Stone and Company Entertainment/310 Entertainment – Family BrainSurge

Stone & Company Entertainment and 310 Entertainment produce the brain-teasing and messy game show Family BrainSurge for Nickelodeon. The series offers a perfect mix of testing the visual, memory and analytical skills of real kids — while having fun, and of course getting slimed.

Honorable Mentions:
CCI Entertainment Ltd – Artzooka!
Sesame Street Workshop – The Electric Company

Marketing for a Toy/Game

Winner: We have a tie

Young Minds Inspired for LEGO Hero Factory – Be an Eco-Hero: Tame the Savage Planet

This was an educational outreach program created for Lego by Young Minds Inspired. The program was distributed free to third grade teachers at public, private and parochial schools to help promote the release of Savage Planet, a new Lego Hero Factory DVD, which has an inspirational ecology theme.

Artifact Studios – Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension

The strategy of this campaign was to capture the unique voice and offbeat humor of the Phineas and Ferb TV special and series for marketing pieces that cause the viewers to ask are these commercials or are they animated shorts. Videos appeared on and were distributed virally through a Facebook page, a dedicated game site and on retailer websites.

Marketing Campaign for a TV Series

Winner: Cartoon Network – Adventure Time

To drive momentum for Adventure Time, Cartoon Networks marketing campaign successfully engaged Adventure Time fans who knew the show from TV and/or the web, as well as attracting new viewers by reaching out to then across multiple platforms with a range of on and off air messaging, stunting, and sampling, social media outreach, and events, as well as products. On average Adventure Time reaches 3.5 million K6-11.

Honorable Mentions:
Nickelodeon – House of Anubis Season One Launch Strategy
PBS – PBS Kids Go!’s Wild Kratts Launch Campaign
The HUB Television Network – My Little Pony Friendship is Magic TV Series Launch
The HUB Television Network – Transformers Prime Television Series Launch
The Walt Disney Company, Australia – Phineas and Ferb: Year of the Platypus

Marketing Campaign for a TV Special/TV Movie

Winner: PBS – Curious George Holiday Spectacular

The campaign drove tune in for PBS Kids Curious George Holiday Spectacular, a three movie event, through a variety of media avenues, including promos, a Twitter party, and mommy bloggers, among other things, to reach kids and Women 25-49. Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend The Curious George Holiday Spectacular was watched by 4.5 million K2-11. The paid media campaign had almost 70 million combined impressions nationwide, and the Twitter party had nearly 200 participants.

Honorable Mentions:
Cartoon Network – Hall of Game 2012
Cartoon Network – Level Up Original TV Movie Launch
Nickelodeon – iParty with Victorious
Nickelodeon – SpongeBob’s Runaway Roadtrip

New TV Program

Winner: The Hub TV Network – Majors & Minors

Majors & Minors is a music competition series that follows 12 performers — ages 10-16 — as they are mentored by noted artists in the music industry. A twist on music competition series, rather than eliminating contestants throughout the series, their progress is chronicled over the 12 weeks of competition. The winner earns a recording contract with Boardwalk Records/RCA Records.

Honorable Mentions:
Litton Syndications – Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin
m4e AG – Mia and me

PR Campaign
Recognizing the creativity in a PR campaign, including premiums, designed to support a kid-targeted TV series, special or movie, network or other project.

Winner: Cartoon Network – Firebreather

The PR campaign promoted Cartoon Networks Firebreather CG animated TV movie, which is based on popular graphic novel series. The campaign aimed to hit a range of press outlets and in fact reached a wide range of popular traditional newspapers and magazines as well as specialty animation/anime and pop culture press outlets, as well as mommy bloggers. The effort also included previews and screenings at San Diego Comic-Con, which featured appearances by the creators and director. The November 24 premiere of Firebreather was the top telecast of the night on all TV among Kids and boys 2-11, 6-11 and 9-14.

Honorable Mentions:
Disney XD – Karate Desk Gong
HIT Entertainment – Fireman Sam’s ‘Little Heroes’ PR Campaign
Nickelodeon – Elevate – 2nd Album from Big Time Rush
The HUB Television Network – Clue
The HUB Television Network – The HUB TV Network Launch Campaign

Preschool Series
Recognizing excellence in TV series produced specifically for preschoolers.

Winner: Little Airplane Productions – Small Potatoes

The Small Potatoes are a band of four singing potatoes who travel making music and friends speaking beautifully to every day experiences and emotions. Their songs range from Motown to Rock & Roll to Hip Hop.

Honorable Mentions:
Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Chloe’s Closet
Noodle and Doodle
Dinosaur Train
Sid the Science Kid

Preschool Special

Winner: We have a tie

Little Airplanes Small Potatoes

The Small Potatoes special addresses emotions in a unique and musical way that connects with young children and supports their emotions and early social skills.

Mattels Big Rig Buddies

When Roger The Helicopter is forced to land in a salvage yard — messing up his delivery schedule — his new pals come to the rescue. The story emphasizes how the group learns that by coming together they can solve a difficult challenge by trying new ideas and looking at problems from a different point of view.

Promotional Campaign
How did an inspiring on or off-air promotional tie-in carry the message for a series or special beyond expectations?

Winners: We have a tie

Astral Media, Inc.  Really Me Dream Cruise

Astrals Really Me Dream Cruise is a strategic partnership with Disney Cruise Lines to drive viewership and contest entries for Astrals Family Channels teen comedy Really Me. The promotion featured 10 Really Me minisodes, which aired as interstitial programming.

Disney Media/Nestle  Wheres the Bunny!

Nesquiks goal was to re-engage with K6-12 and connect them with their brand and the Nesquik Bunny. By partnering with Disney Channels Phineas and Ferb the promotion came to life, making the Bunny and the brand more contemporary, relevant and exciting.

Honorable Mentions:
Six Flags Entertainment – Cartoon Network presents National Looney Tunes Day at Six Flags
The HUB Television Network – Sugar Free Kool-Aid Presents the HUB Family Movie
WGBH – Martha Speaks/Chick fil-A

Pro-Social Campaign
This award recognizes the importance of an on-air or off-air campaign that supports a pro-social initiative.

Winner: Cartoon Network – Stop Bullying: Speak Up

A passionate campaign  the goal of which is to effectively reach out to kids/tweens 6-14, parents, educators and policy makers. The message is clear – If you are a bystander, you can speak up and possibly prevent bullying. The campaign was developed in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration, the Department of Educations Office of Safe and Drug-Free School, the Department of Justice, and advisory panel of experts, as well as partner organizations.

Honorable Mentions:
Cookie Jar Entertainment – AAA’s Safe Seats 4 Kids featuring Richard Scarry’s Busytown
Disney ABC Television Group – Joining Forces
Litzky Public Relations – Chuggington: ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’: A Traffic Safety Program
Nickelodeon – Nickelodeon’s Day of Play
Saban Brands – Power Rangers emPower
The HUB Television Network – The HUB’s GenerationON Service Event

Social Media Campaign
Honoring the impact of a campaign on social media platforms for a series or special

Winner: Nickelodeon  Kids Choice Awards 2011

Nickelodeon expanded its Kids Choice Awards (KCA) digital experience beyond through various social media outlets, including several Facebook events and opportunities, Twitter and, to encourage kids and tweens to engage in the show in the weeks leading up to the event and ultimately drive voting and tune-in. Examples of the success is that Facebook drove over 17 million votes via the KCA Facebook slime/voting app, while 15 worldwide trending topics on Twitter related to KCA for day of show.

Honorable Mentions:
Nickelodeon – SpongeBob Social Media

Song for a TV Series
What original song created specifically for a long or short-form series that captured the spirit of the series?

Winner: Portfolio Entertainment Inc. – The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (Theme Song)

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat and his pals Nick and Sally use their curiosity and imagination to go anywhere from the bottom of the ocean to the center of a beehive. The theme song features clever lyrics and the melody expresses the whimsy of Dr. Seuss and draws viewers into the series. The animated series is inspired by Random Houses Cat in the Hat Learning Library science books.

Honorable Mentions:
Jr. Cuisine Productions Inc. – Red Dove Records for Jr. Cuisine (Theme Song)
Toonzone Studios – YooHoo & Friends (Theme Song)

Song for a TV Special/TV Movie/TV Interstitial Special/TV PSA
Celebrating an original song for a TV Special/Movie/Interstitial Special/PSA

Winner: Little Airplane Productions – Small Potatoes  Imagination

The Small Potatoes song Imagination is a sweet and imaginative one  with an adorable kid singing voice. The music is memorable and you want to sing along.

Honorable Mentions:
Disney ABC Television Group – “Determinate”
Disney ABC Television Group – “We Can Change the World” by Bridgit Mendler
G&E Music – PBS Kids Jamz – Weather
Prudential Corporation Asia – Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Sweepstakes/Contest Campaign
Honoring creativity in a sweepstakes or contest tied to a TV series or special.

Winner: The HUB Television Network – The Haunted HUB’s Haunt Your House Sweepstakes

The Hub integrated this multi-platform Halloween sweepstakes into its Haunted Hub programming stunt throughout October. The sweepstakes also helped promote the season premiere of R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour: The Series. It also drove viewers to its Halloween-centric episode of the series, as well as its other holiday-themed programming. The winner received a total haunted house front yard makeover by professional set decorators.

Honorable Mentions:
Astral Media, Inc. – Disney Junior Sienna Summer
Astral Media-Disney XD – Disney XD’s “X Games Fly-Away” Contest
Nickelodeon – Nick Rocks Your School

TV Series Based On Books
Recognizing a successful TV series based on a book or book series

Winner: Portfolio Entertainment Inc. – The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat and his pals Nick and Sally use their curiosity and imagination to go anywhere to the bottom of the ocean to the center of a beehive. The animated series is inspired by Random Houses Cat in the Hat Learning Library science books.

Honorable Mentions:
Crown Media Family Networks – “Jingle All the Way”
NELVANA Ltd. – Scaredy Squirrel
Radical Sheep Productions Inc. – Stella and Sam
The Hub TV Network – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series

Tweens 9-14 News & Information Series
These next categories recognize excellence in programming for Tweens 9-14

Winner: Litton Syndications – Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown

This informative and fun program is part of Litton Weekend Adventure programming block. Jack Hannas Wild Countdown has excellent production values and features the animal expert inspiring, entertaining and educating viewers about the worlds creatures. The series also offers a good use of the countdown format.

Honorable Mentions:
Alan Weiss Productions / Teen Kids News – Teen Kids News
Connection IIII Entertainment Corp. – Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition
Shimmer & Shine Productions – The Know Better Effect
Sweety High – Sweet Beat TV

Tweens 9-14 Series

Winner: Disney ABC Television Group – Phineas and Ferb

This creative animated series follows the music-filled adventures of stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb, as they set out to out to make every day of their summer vacation count. They also save the world. Luckily they have their pet platypus Perry, who is a secret agent, to help. The series is well written, funny and accurately portrays tweens without talking down to viewers.

Honorable Mentions:
Disney ABC Television Group – A.N.T. Farm
Disney ABC Television Group – Jessie
Disney ABC Television Group – Shake It Up
Fresh TV – My Babysitter’s a Vampire
marblemedia – Splatalot
Shaftesbury Films – Connor Undercover

Tweens 9-14 Special/TV Movie

Winner: Disney ABC Television Group – Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension

As inventive and creative as the series, this special is based on the animated series Phineas and Ferb. The Disney Channel Original Movie features the stepbrothers Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher thrust into Dr. Doofenshmirtzs Evil Inc. They go through portals that open into other dimensions and wind up in an alternate version of their own town. Once there they come face-to face with their alternate egos, and learn a secret about their trusted pet Perry.

Honorable Mentions:
Cartoon Network – Firebreather
Cartoon Network – Level Up
Disney ABC Television Group – Disney Friends for Change Games Finale Special
Disney ABC Television Group – Lemonade Mouth

Videogame Based on a Series
This award is for a video game created to support a new TV series or special.

Winner: Its a Tie

– Nickelodeon – Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Together, Samurai Forever Game

Nickelodeon – Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Together, Samurai Forever Game As part of Nickelodeons plan to support the new Power Rangers Samurai series, the network created this action game for in order to get viewers excited about the show, and familiarize them with the characters and their powers.

– The Jim Henson Company – Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid is an educational animated TV series that uses comedy and music to encourage exploration, discovery and science readiness and critical thinking among preschoolers. The series website features games and activities to extend the learning featured in the show. Online there is also Sids Science Fair  a suite of nine math-centric games.

Honorable Mentions:
Cartoon Network – Maldark: Conqueror of All Worlds
Cartoon Network – Project Exonaut
CCI Entertainment Ltd – GeoFreakZ
Nickelodeon – Nickelodeon Dance

Website for a TV Series or TV Special
This category recognizes a website or a microsite created for a TV property.

Winner: CSE, Inc. – NBA Hoop Troop is the official online kids club of the NBA, created and produced by CSE for Tuner/Cartoon Network. This website features everything to help kids to learn about the NBA and WNBA. Targeted specifically to Kids 6-14, the site offers basketball-themed games, official game videos, original programming, scores, league standings, and an online store for kids and parents.

Honorable Mentions:
marblemedia – Skatoony Interactive
Prudential Corporation Asia – Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids
Random House – The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About That
Sesame Workshop – The Adventures of The Electric Company on Prankster Planet – Online
The Walt Disney Company – Disney Friends for Change Games

Congratulations to all of the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards winners and our honorable mentions, we wouldn’t be here without your great work. Heres to next year!

Later — Gwen
Gwen Billings for Cynopsis Kids!

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