Thursday, January 6th, 2005

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Good morning. It’s Thursday, January 6, 2005, and this is your first early morning briefing. 

Sirius Satellite Radio is getting into the video content business with a roll out expected in 2006.  Check that – make it mobile video content. That is video in vehicles, more specifically 2-3 channels targeting the backseat viewers – kids. Video and DVD watching in automobiles has become a mainstay for many families, and for the automotive industry has become a prime feature in new family car sales.  “We will take the DVD experience to the next level, offering the best content easily available to families and consumers,” said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS.  Sirius will collaborate with Microsoft in the development of the video applications.  With that announcement comes the additional news that Delphi Corp. has inked a deal with Comcast Corp. to also provide video content that is first uploaded at home and then transferred to the family car. Delphi is in the process of developing the hardware; while Comcast looks at software and access to that software. Delphi/Comcast expect to full development and launch their service in the next 6-18 months.  While all this is going on, XM Satellite Radio has deal with Toyota, Lexus, General Motors and Honda to factory install XM radios. Sirius has similar deals with DaimlerChrysler and Ford Motors. Sirius ended 2004 with approx 1.1 million users to XM Satellite’s 3.1 million users.

Tonight’s Premieres:
CBS:  Wickedly Perfect at 8pm

NBC‘s newest comedy Committed debuted on Tuesday night at 930p after a 90m episode of The Biggest Loser.  It’s lead-in, Loser, earned a 4.8/12 A18-49 rating according to Nielsen Media Research, winning its time period vs. non-sports programming, and Committed debuted with a solid 4.5/10, also winning among non-sports competition. Amazing Race on CBS was just a tenth of a rating point behind with a 4.4/10.  The big game on ABC, the Fed Ex Orange Bowl scored a healthy 7.0/20 for the full game (which ended at approx 12:09am).

UPN‘s new mid-season comedy CUTS has been scheduled to premiere on Monday, February 14 at 830p.  A week prior, UPN’s One on One series at 8pm (from which CUTS is a spinoff), will air the original episode introducing the characters in the 830p time period.  Half and Half will make room for CUTS by moving to its new time period at 930p on 2/7. 

Casting / Development / Production

  • MTV has ordered up five more seasons of and Bunim-Murray Prods’ The Real World through its 20th season, and two additional seasons of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. That order takes these two favorites through 2008 and 2006, respectively. 
  • WB has ordered a pilot from David E. Kelley called Halley’s Comet (20th/DEK Prods), written by Andrew Kreisberg.  At the center of this ensemble drama is a cancer survivor who goes on to attend medical school, and all her quirky friends and colleagues.
  • Fox has ordered a pilot called House of Payne (20th) about a lawyer after a nervous breakdown who partners with a lawyer with anger management issues, to represent people with all sorts of issues of their own.
  • CBS has given a cast-contingent pilot order for a medical drama called 3 Lbs (Paramount Network TV) about a group of brain surgeons.
  • HBO has ordered up a sitcom, as yet untitled from HBO Independent Prods, starring and written by Louis C.K.  Per Hollywood Reporter, this will be the standard sitcom set up – focus on a father and his wife and son and the funny stuff they do.  This is the first ‘traditional’ sitcom ordered by HBO.

King World has renewed Dr. Phil through the 2008-2009 season in 80% of the country including all of the Top 20 markets.  Specifically: WCBS/New York; KCBS/Los Angeles; WBBM/Chicago; KYW/Philadelphia; WBZ/Boston; KRON/San Francisco; KTVT/Dallas; WRC/Washington, DC; WXIA/Atlanta; WWJ/Detroit; KPRC/Houston; KING/Seattle; WTSP/Tampa; WCCO/Minneapolis; KTVK/Phoenix; WKYC/Cleveland; WPLG/Miami; KCNC/Denver; KMAX /Sacramento; and WKMG/Orlando.  As of Fall 2006, Dr. Phil will move stations in several markets–to wit: LA where it moves from KNBC to KCBS; Chicago from WMAQ to WBBM; Detroit from WDIV to WWJ; Miami from WFOR to WPLG; Pittsburgh from WTAE to KDKA; and Baltimore from WBAL to WJZ.

Revolution Studios has entered into a deal with Mort Marcus’ Debmar Studios and Ira Bernstein’s Mercury Entertainment whereby Marcus and Bernstein will handle the television distribution rights to all of Revolution Studios films produced through December 2006.  Rights included are syndication, network television and certain basic cable rights outside Revolution’s current output deal with Fox Bcsting.  Titles in the deal include 27 theatrical films, among them Anger Management, Christmas with the Kranks, Daddy Day Care, The Forgotten, Mona Lisa Smile, and American Sweethearts.  Marcus and Bernstein will be offering a movie package at NATPE later on this month.

Akimbo Systems has partnered with National Geographic Television & Film Channel and three A&E networks – A&E, The History Channel, The Biography Channel – to provide Akimbo with programming content for its internet delivered VOD service for television. Akimbo service allows a consumer to download and store up to 200 hours of video to an Akimbo setup box.  The service will provide a wealth of programming from Akimbo’s partner networks allows consumers including Cold Case Files, American Justice, Biography, Airline, Growing Up Gotti, Dog the Bounty Hunter, History’s Mysteries as well as Spanish language programming from History Channel En Espanol.  Additional programming from National Geographic will include Egypt: Quest for Eternity, Inside the Pentagon and 21 Days to Baghdad.

No surprises here – Tucker Carlson is leaving CNN after being told his contract will not be renewed, and his show Crossfire will likely head for the sunset as well.  Carlson has made plenty of noise in recent weeks and the rumors abound as to his moving over to MSNBC and filling the Deborah Norville’s spot at 9pm, a spot she will vacate by month’s end.

The Sundance Channel has acquired the television rights to the film version of Embedded, the Tim Robbins controversial and satirical play about the “madness surrounding the brave women and men on the front lines” in Iraq. The premiere is set for Sunday, March 20, 2005.

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among Total Viewers for the week of December 27-January 2, 2005:
Primetime       (000)   Total Pgm Day   (000)
ESPN             4468     NICK              2457
USA              2772     ESPN              1691
TNT              2729     NAN*              1589
LIFETIME         1897    USA               1543
NAN              1780     TNT               1454
TBS              1755     CARTOON 1393
CARTOON 1688     LIFETIME         1191
FOXNEWS 1371     TBS              1087
HISTORY 1249     FOXNEWS 941
AMC              1222     FX                751
Source Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 108,400,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among A18-49 for the week of December 27-January 2, 2005:
Primetime       (000)   Total Pgm Day   (000)
ESPN             1928     ESPN              831
USA              1324     USA               787
TNT              1231     TNT               744
TBS              1036     NAN*              697
LIFETIME         789     TBS               627
FX               713      NICK              589
COMEDY  677      LIFETIME         546
SPIKE TV         625     FX                437
HISTORY 559      COMEDY   430
MTV              550      MTV               373
Source Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 108,400,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Cynopsis question for you:  By your own estimation, how much of your headline news intake comes from online vs. on air? And how different, would you say, is ratio versus a year ago? 
Your responses:  Pointing to many factors including ease of use 24/7, a wide variety of news topics available on the internet, and for many a general disinterest in network and local television news, Cynopsis readers get their 67% of their news online vs. 33% on-air news watching, radio and hard print.   That’s up considerably from your estimates of last year:  48% online and 52% on-air. It should also be noted that many said when a big news story breaks, you will often then turn on the TV to see what’s going on.  You also mentioned often that you get a good portion of your news during the work day when going on line is easy and available, and when televisions, radio or newspapers may not be as easily accessible.

If you need a distraction from the media-buzz of the Super Bowl, and are in the mood for something a little warmer and fuzzier, okay a little dog breath too, then check out the first annual Animal Planet Puppy Bowl on Sunday, February 6, 3-6p.  The cast includes a shepherd mix, a French bulldog, and a Chihuahua with names like Roxie, Maxie and Ralphy. 

Lunch is on Evan Shapiro, who has just been been upped to EVP/GM of IFC Network, one of the Rainbow Entertainment Services nets.  The announcement was made by Rainbow’s Prez Ed Carroll.  Evan, reporting to Carroll, will oversee the day to day operations of the network including program development and marketing.  Congrats Evan! Also upped is Jennifer Caserta to SVP/Marketing, where she will oversee the branding, trade and consumer marketing for IFC.  This Friday IFC launches its new on-air look which focuses fully on IFC’s and its viewers devotion to film.  New  IFC tagline:  TV Uncut.

Eleo Hensleigh has been promoted to CMO/EVP-Marketing & Brand Strategies, Disney-ABC Television Group. The announcement was made by by Anne Sweeney, Co-Chairman, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company and President, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group. Eleo will oversee the marketing, advertising, research, media planning, synergy, creative services and promotion divisions for the Group; and will coordinate, manage and enhance the Disney-ABC Television Group’s marketing and brand strategy initiatives, research departments and synergy efforts, as well as manage the dept’s long-term, global plans.

Jorge De La Rosa has been named Research Manager for the National Geographic Channel, making a move from Sr. Mgr at MTV Networks.  Based in Washington DC, Jorge reports to Brad Dancer, VP/Research, and will manage all primary and secondary research for program scheduling and development, consumer marketing, online and new media and other areas of the channel.

As in previous years, this January Cynopsis will provide its NATPE Syndicated Program Guide listing of NEW SERIES only coming to market in preparation for this year’s conference in Las Vegas.  If you have information you’d like listed for a new strip or weekly series, please send it to me at
(with NATPE listing in the subject line), and provide the name of the series, #/eps, distributor name/phone/booth or suite number, terms (cash, cash+, barter split), and frequency.  Because of space, no OTOs, specials, movie packages, quarterly shows or returning series are included in the listing. For Children’s Programming, please send your new series information (please add if its live action/animation and target age group) to Gwen Billings for the Cynopsis Kids NATPE Syndicated Program Guide at
.   The deadline for submissions is January 14; the Syndicated Guides will be sent to all subscribers on Wednesday, January 19, the week before the convention.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005. FINAL Ratings for all Networks – program averages only.  Source: Nielsen Media Research.
[p] = Premiere; [r] = Repeat

ABC     14.7/23  The Fed Ex Orange Bowl 13.7/22 (game ended at 12:09a)

NBC     8.7/13   The Biggest Loser 7.6/11, Committed [p] 7.0/10, Dateline 11.3/18

CBS     6.1/9    Red Carpet Confidential (OTO) 5.7/9, The Amazing Race 6.7/10, Judging Amy [r] 6.0/10

FOX     3.2/5    The Rebel Billionaire 2.7/4, House 3.6/5

WB      2.1/3    Gilmore Girls [r] 2.6/4, High School Reunion 1.6/2

UPN     2.0/3    All of Us 2.0/3, Eve 2.2/3, Veronica Mars 2.0/3

A18-49  ABC 7.9/20, NBC 5.2/13, CBS 3.2/8, Fox 1.9/5, WB 1.3/3, UPN 1.2/3



Return To The Zone


Available for Renewal

See you at NATPE!


The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1957 – Elvis Presley made his last appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in New York City.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  According to this ad campaign that kicked off in the mid 1970’s, who “answers to a higher authority”?  Apparently, everyone in the free world knows this one, except of course, those that said Oscar Meyer.  The answer is HEBREW NATIONAL.  Kudos to:
Guy Maxtone Graham/NY; Josh Kane-equation entertainment/NY; Steve Woodward-UPN/Atlanta; Gary Stein-GMA/NY; Travis Mitchell-Arizona Western College/Yuma; Mark Edwards-KEZK/St. Louis; Dale Warshaw-KWBA/Tucson; Malachy Wienges-Sedona Bcsting Co./Sedona; Linnea Klein-Dotson Klein Ent/Studio City; Alice Candiotti-DreamWorks SKG/Glendale; David Scott Jones-Marleigh Ent/LA; Aaron Paquette-OTX: Online Testing Exchange/Hollywood


Do you know what “palynology” is?*

Viewers who watch Court TV know.

Find out tonight on an all new Forensic Files at 9:00pm on Court TV: The Investigation Channel.

Watching Court TV can improve your vocabulary.

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*Palynology is the study of pollens.  Now you know.

Today’s Trivia Question:  In the series Remington Steele, Michael O’Leary, Douglas Quintaine, Richard Blaine, Paul Fabrini and Jacques Murrell are …. who? (click here with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone with your answer.  Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Cyn
01.06.06 5:08am

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JOB OPENING:  SR. PROJECT MANAGER/LA: Ent. research co needs high energy indiv w/ 3-5 yrs exp in supplier/client interaction, analysis, & rpt writing for qualitative/quantitative research.  Ent. Exp pref. Fax resume: 818 637-6436  (1/13)

JOB OPENING:  DIRECTOR, EVENTS, OLN- Stamford, CT –Create/implement overall events strategy and consumer promotions.Heavy travel required. See Resume/salary:

JOB OPENING:  RESEARCH ANALYST-King World/CBS-Short Hills, NJ. 1-3 yrs exp analyzing local mkts data, writing research-based sales pres.; knwldg of Nielsen, WRAP Sweeps, Ovnt systems; Pwrpnt, Excel. Resume:

JOB OPENING KUVN 23/ KSTR 49 RESEARCH ANALYST. Compile & analyze Nielsen ratings data & syndicated market research info. Min 2 yrs research/ marketing/sales exp.  Bilingual (Engl/ Span) is pref.

.  EOE.  (1/11)

JOB OPENING:  INITIATIVE-NY/LA Calling all Media Professionals! PLANNERS/BUYERS/SUPS/AD, exp people all levels for new accounts.
REF: CYN/MP  (1/11)

JOB OPENINGDIRECTOR/MANAGER, AFFILIATE MARKETING (2), OLN- Stamford, CT – Develop/execute affiliate and LAS promos for anchor pgming. 5+ yrs affiliate mktg exp at cable network. See Resume/salary:

JOB OPENING:  MTV Networks-MANAGER, AUDIENCE RESEARCH, Detroit. 3-5 years exp req. Creative story teller with solid management skills and thrives in a team-centric work environment. EOE. Go to to apply  (1/11)

JOB OPENING:  PROGRAMMING COORDINATOR, OLN- Stamford,- Assist pgming dept (acquisitions/scheduling/operations)in all aspects of daily ops & communication.1-2 yrs prior exp req’d.See . Resume/salary:

JOB OPENING:  WRITER/PRODUCER ON AIR PROMOS/TRAILERS-Strong bite manipulation, production and innovative writing skills. PROMO/TRAILER background ONLY. Send reels, bio to: STUDIO CITY, 3330 Cahuenga Blvd.#500, Los Angeles CA 90068  (1/8)

JOB OPENING:  Winnercomm Sports, America’s largest production/sponsorship-sales co, has opening for SALES ASSISTANT/NY – Self-starter with strong computer skills and a vast knowledge of media. Resumes to

JOB OPENING:  RESEARCH MGR Initiative 5+ yrs, IMS & similar programs, targeting & consumer segmentation, forecasting, trend analysis, media and ad effectiveness.  Email resumes to ny
. (1/8)

JOB OPENING:  National Geographic Television & Film seeks a SR. WRITER for EXPLORER. Reqs: 4-6 yrs award-winning, TV writing exp, incl superior post-production skills.  To apply, visit E/O/E. (1/8)

JOB OPENINGSALES ASSISTANT/Galavision, Miami. Detail-oriented, exc comm & math skills; prof at MS Office, to asst Sales Team w/presentation prep/reports/clerical work. Spanish speaking highly pref. EOE. Resume:

JOB OPENING:  Starz Ent. Group, FILM EVALUATOR-Screen/evaluate films for 15+ pay tv nets. Broad film knowledge, strong written/verbal skills. Industry exp or BA in Film Studies. No pd reloc. Job #402-10323CY. Apply (1/8)

JOB OPENING:  ANALYST, STRATEGIC SALES SRV/Discovery NY: Report, analyze & track DCI Nets’ deal revenue. 3-5yrs Excel detail oriented analytical media exp. For details/apply: (1/8)

JOB OPENING:  SALES RESEARCH ANALYST, The Golf Channel/ORLANDO. Story-teller w/ 3+ yrs audience/ad sales rsch exp. Nielsen, MRI, etc. Golf/Sports media bckgrnd helpful, not required. EOE. M/F/D/V Fax: 407.363.7976. No calls pls (1/8)

JOB OPENING:  RESEARCH COORD-Cablevision, NYC. Copy/distribute materials. Access daily ratings for each division’s needs. Organize pgming materials for each product. College grad/entry level. Apply:


JOB OPENINGVP PUBLICITY-SCI FI CHANNEL, NY. 10+ yrs Ent &/or TV exp, consumer press & publicity. Strong industry contacts; solid relationships. Flair for bldg buzz. Apply: keyword search #387308. EOE  (1/7)

JOB OPENING:  LIFETIME TV, NY-DIRECTOR, PARTNERSHIPS.As Sales bkgrnd. Will create and customize sponsorship packages for advertisers. Resume & cover:
. Note “Partnerships Dir” in the subject of email  (1/6)


SITUATION WANTED:  GREAT TEAM PLAYER seeks job in NYC. Have worn many hats – 4 yrs in Media Research and 4 yrs as a Radio Buyer. Ability to work independently & in group. Knowledge of Strata, SmartPlus & Galaxy.

SITUATION WANTED:  Seasoned/Versatile REALITY/DOC PRODUCER NY Emmy Award 2 Academy Award noms supervise broadcast/cable prime time reality/doc series/specials Fox PBS A&E Bravo+ strong organizer problem solver. ProducerReality

SITUATION WANTED:  L.A. based SCREENWRITER for hire. Do you have a great idea for a movie but lack the knack for putting it on the page? I can help. Rate is modest, but talent is abundant.

SITUATION WANTED#1 billing LOCAL AE in top 35 market seeks growth opportunity in warm major market. 19 years sales experience with3 years in broadcast specializing in new local direct. E:mail televisionsales

SITUATION WANTED:  Seeking an ENTRY LEVEL POSITION IN TV/RADIO news, programming, production, promotions, or creative services. 3 years exp. in media industry. NY area. SJU grad,May 2005. Email: NickOrlandoEntertainment

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ABC              life as we know it, Extreme Makeover, Primetime Live
CBS              Wickedly Perfect [p], CSI, Without a Trace
FOX              The O.C., North Shore
NBC              Joey, Committed, Will & Grace, Will & Grace, Medium [r]
PAX              AFV, AFV, Diagnosis Murder, Diagnosis Murder
UPN              WWE Smackdown
WB               WB Movie:  Summer Catch
TELE             La Mujer en el Espejo, Gitanas, Te Voy a Ensenar a Querer
UNIV             Rubi, Amor Real, Aqui y Ahora

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