Monday, May 21st, 2007


Best Season Ever for ABC Family!

ABC Family is a top 10 network in all key demos:

P12-17• F12-17 • P12-34 • F12-34 • A18-49 • W18-49 • A25-54 • W25-54
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Source: Nielsen Media Research 2006-2007 STD (9/25/06 – 2/25/07), primetime M-Su, 8p-11p. Best season ever: Each season to date through February, 2001-2002 through 2006-2007. Top 10 rank among ad supported cable excluding non-commercial, sports and news networks, and networks that program less than 50% of daypart. Based on live (000s).



Good morning, it’s Monday, May 21, 2007 and this is your first early morning briefing.

The NFL issued a new set of rules that severely restricts media sites usage of video shot from NFL press conferences, interviews or practices. The rules stipulate a maximum of 45 seconds of video per day, no use of live footage, a 24-hour window for all content and that content must contain links back to and official team sites.  Additionally, the video footage cannot be sponsored, and no more than 45 seconds per day of team practice footage.  The good news, perhaps?  The NFL has set no limitations on the amount of talking head video a station uses, as long as that video does not also contain an interview or any press conference footage. 

As for online usage, the rules allow for up to 45 seconds per day of interviews or press conference footage of a single team, or no more than 90 seconds of multiple team footage.  Again, no live footage is permitted, the video window is limited to 24 hours, and everything has to point back to

Tonight’s Finales:
ABC: Dancing with the Stars (Performance Show) at 8p and The Bachelor at 901p
FOX: 24 at 8p
NBC: Heroes at 9p
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LIN Television is considering selling its TV stations and has hired J.P. Morgan to possibly to find a buyer, although no firm decision on whether to sell or not has been made. According to Broadcasting & Cable, LIN has made an about-face with its company profits so far this year, as it announced last week that it made $20.7 million in first quarter 2007, compared to a loss of $4.3 million in first quarter last year. The year to year up tick is reportedly due to the sale of its Puerto Rico stations, new business revenues, cost-cutting measures and the acquisition of Fox affiliate KASA/Albuquerque. LIN currently owns or operates 29 stations and websites in the U.S. that reach 9.25% of the country.

Leaders of the Writers Guild of America are demanding a bigger cut of new media revenues in upcoming contract negotiations with studios, according to published reports. Bigger royalties for work created and reused for the internet, cell phones and other digital platforms are at the top of a wish list or “pattern of demands” submitted to the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers for consideration.

Two local Iraqi news crew working for for ABC News in the network’s Baghdad bureau were ambushed and shot on their way from work Thursday night. The deaths of cameraman Alaa Uldeen Aziz, 33, and soundman Saif Laith Yousuf, 26, were confirmed by ABC on Friday morning. According to ABC News correspondent Terry McCarthy, “Many places in Baghdad are just too dangerous for foreigners to go now, so we have Iraqi camera crews who very bravely go out, and without them we are blind, we cannot see what’s going on.”

In case you missed the link last Friday, click here for the Fall 2007-08 Primetime Broadcast Schedule.

Weekend Box Office Estimates: May 18-20, 2007
Shrek the Third (Paramount/DreamWorks)  $122.0 million – opening weekend
Spider-Man 3 (Sony)                              $28.5 million – 3 wk total $281.9m
28 Weeks Later (Fox Atomic)                   $5.2 million – 2 wk total $18.6m
Disturbia (Paramount/DreamWorks)           $3.7 million – 6 wk total $71.3m
Georgia Rule (Universal)                          $3.5 million – 2 wk total $12.6m
Fracture (New Line)                               $2.5 million – 5 wk total $34.7m
Delta Farce (Lionsgate)                          $1.8 million – 2 wk total $6.1m
The Invisible (Buena Vista)                      $1.3 million – 4 wk total $17.7m
Hot Fuzz (Rogue Pictures)                       $1.3 million – 5 wk total $21.1m
Waitress (Fox Searchlight)                      $1.1 million – 3 wk total $2.2m
Source: Box Office Mojo
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CorrectionGraham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … Graham Norton … hosting Lifetime’s Popularity.


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TV Guide Network has non-stop coverage of America’s hottest show and wildly anticipated finale
We won’t miss a minute as Justin Guarini, Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez celebrate another great season with interviews, footage, fashion commentary and a LIVE red carpet show

For information about Idol Tonight 2008 opportunities,
contact Richy Glassberg or your AE 212.852.7500



HGTV has combined its marketing and creative services departments into one unit called Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategy Department. In so doing, the network has made changes in staffing:

  • Mike Boyd is now SVP/Consumer Marketing to supervise off-air marketing, press and public relations. He will also manage other personnel such as the Director/Online Marketing and Director/Partnerships and New Business Marketing.
  • Jennifer Leitman has been advanced to VP/Brand Promotion to oversee the network’s brand advertising campaigns that include on-air and multi-platform elements.
  • Chris Moore has been made Creative Director where he will lead the visual identity of HGTV in all forms both on-air and off.
  • Paige Hardwick has been promoted to Director/Strategy and Planning for on-air and off-air network advertising and marketing campaigns.

Litton Entertainment has tapped Marc Brody as EVP/Distribution based in the company’s New York offices. Marc joins Litton from Westwood One/Metro TV in New York where he was VP/Television.
Chris Alexander has been elevated to SVP/Corporate Communications at 20th Century Fox Television where he will manage vital communications on behalf of the studio relating to corporate positioning, development initiatives and deal-making strategies. In addition he will be the spokesperson for the studio to industry-wide publications as well as represent TCFTV Presidents Gary Newman and Dana Walden, their senior management team, Fox21 and other internal divisions including Fox Mobile Entertainment and Licensing and Merchandising. Furthermore, he will lead the publicity campaigns for the series 24 and Family Guy. He will report to Steven Melnick, SVP/Marketing.
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Today in Cynopsis Kids, listen to the audio version here, or subscribe to the iTunes CynKids podcast

  • Shrek the Third takes first in biggest animated movie openings
  • Warner Bros. and Animal Logic pact to develop and co-produce animated movies
  • Mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games to get their own animated TV series

Today in Cynopsis International, listen to the audio version here or subscribe to the iTunes Cyn Int’l podcast  

  • Two major acquisitions: Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. to buy Dufferin Gate Productions Inc.; and U.K.’s Elevation Sales to be jointly acquired by StudioCanal’s Optimum Releasing and Lionsgate U.K
  • MGM signs licensing deal with Hong Kong’s Tengxun Entertainment and Management Ltd. to create MGM Studio World
  • Querido Profe and Mi Ultimo Deseo first two mobi-series slated for production by Venevision International

Today in Cynopsis Digital, listen to the audio version here or subscribe to the iTunes Cyn Digital podcast

  • Microsoft acquires aQuantive for $6 billion
  • Marketers of Michael Moore’s Sicko use net for guerilla marketing, kick off separate controversy
  • Texas Pacific Group and Goldman Sachs are close to acquiring Alltell Corp. for $25 billion



THURSDAY – A18-49 AnalysisABC led the pack Thursday night with 5.8/16 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. CBS played second fiddle with 4.4/12, and then NBC 3.4/9, UNIV 1.8/5, CW 1.5/4, FOX 1.4/4 and TELE 0.5/1. Starting off, NBC won at 8p with the one-hour season finale of The Office at 3.8/12, while the season finale of ABC’s Ugly Betty came in second with 3.5/11. ABC dominated at 9p with the one-hour plus Grey’s Anatomy season finale at 8.6/22. ABC kept up that momentum through 10p with the end of Grey’s Anatomy and the Lost Clip Show in first at 5.4/15.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Thursday, May 17, May Sweep Day #22 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS       10.3/17     Bob Barker: A Celebration of 50 Years on Television 9.4/16, CSI [f] 12.5/20, CSI [r] 9.0/15

ABC       9.9/16         Ugly Betty [f] 7.0/12, Grey’s Anatomy [f] 14.0/22, Grey’s/Lost Clip Show 8.7/15

NBC       4.8/8           The Office [f] 4.8/8, Scrubs [f] 3.3/5, ER [f] 6.3/11

FOX       2.6/4          Movie: The Day After Tomorrow 2.6/4

UNIV      2.2/4          La Fea Más Bella 2.3/4, Destilando Amor 2.5/4, Aquí y Ahora 1.8/3

CW        2.1/3          Smallville [f] 2.3/4, Supernatural [f part 2] 1.8/3

TELE      0.7/1          Marina 0.7/1, Zorro 0.7/1, Esclava Isaura 0.6/1

A18-49: ABC 5.8/16, CBS 4.4/12, NBC 3.4/9, UNIV 1.8/5, CW 1.5/4, FOX 1.4/4, TELE 0.5/1

FRIDAY – A18-49 Analysis:  CBS and NBC shared the top spot Friday night at 2.0/7 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. ABC was close behind with 1.9/7, and then FOX 1.6/6, UNIV 1.5/5, CW 1.3/5 and TELE 0.5/2. At 8p, the season finale of America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC did the best with 1.8/7. CBS took over in first place at 9p with the Dr. Phil Special at 2.1/7, followed by the second hour of NBC’s Dateline at 1.9/6 and the premiere of ABC’s National Bingo Night at 1.8/6. CBS stayed in the lead during 10p with the season finale of Numb3rs with 2.8/9, while NBC’s season finale of Law & Order came next with 2.6/8.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Friday, May 18, May Sweep Day #23 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS       5.3/10       That’s the Way It Is 4.0/8, Dr. Phil Special: Caged 5.3/10, Numb3rs [f] 6.6/12

NBC       5.2/10         Dateline (2 hours) 4.6/9, Law & Order [f] 6.4/12

ABC       4.1/8          America’s Funniest Home Videos [f] 4.1/8, National Bingo Night [p] 3.7/7, 20/20 4.3/8

FOX       3.3/6          House [r] 3.2/6, Bones [r] 3.4/6

CW        2.5/5          Friday Night Smackdown! 2.5/5

UNIV      1.9/4         La Fea Más Bella 2.1/4, Destilando Amor 2.1/4, Casos de la Vida Real: Edición Especial 1.5/3

TELE       0.7/1         Marina 0.6/1, Zorro 0.7/1, Esclava Isaura 0.7/1

A18-49: CBS 2.0/7, NBC 2.0/7, ABC 1.9/7, FOX 1.6/6, UNIV 1.5/5, CW 1.3/5, TELE 0.5/2

SATURDAY – A18-49 Analysis:  FOX had what the viewers wanted Saturday night with 1.8/7 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. ABC moved to second place with 1.6/6, followed by CBS 1.3/5, NBC 1.2/4, UNIV 0.9/3 and TELE 0.3/1. FOX led the first two hours with its long-time reality series: at 8p double Cops episodes averaged a 1.7/7 and at 9p America’s Most Wanted was #1 with 1.8/6. ABC came back to win the 10p hour with the last half of its movie at 2.0/7.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Saturday, May 19, May Sweep Day #24 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS      3.9/8       NCIS [r] 3.9/8, CSI: NY [r] 3.7/7, 48 Hours Mystery 4.3/8

NBC      3.4/7         Dateline: NBC 3.0/6, Law & Order: SVU [r] 3.2/6, Law & Order [r] 4.0/8

FOX      3.3/7         Cops 2.8/6, Cops 3.3/7, America’s Most Wanted 3.5/7

ABC      3.2/6         America’s Funniest Home Videos [r] 2.4/5, Movie: The Pacifier 3.6/7

UNIV    1.3/3         Sábado Gigante 1.3/3

TELE    0.4/1          Entre Monjas Anda el Diablo 0.5/1, Las 50 Mas Bella de People en Espana 0.3/1

A18-49: FOX 1.8/7, ABC 1.6/6, CBS 1.3/5, NBC 1.2/4, UNIV 0.9/3, TELE 0.3/1



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This Day in History: 1932 – Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo, from Newfoundland to Ireland.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia:  In the movie Anchorman,what are his station’s call letters? KVWN  Kudos to: Emily Dillon-Zenithmedia/NY; Gerry Bixenspan-TV Marketing/NY; Ivan Tafur-Initiative/Atlanta; Esteban Burgarelli-Fox Cable Networks/NY; Joanna Kuebel-Kelly,Scott & Madison/Chicago; Bob Sieber-Sieber Media Research/Birmingham, AL; John Butkovich-ARENAS/Beverly Hills; Ashley Bank-HRP-LA/LA

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT: Monday, May 21, 2007

ABC:     Dancing with the Stars [f ], The Bachelor [f ]
CBS:    Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami
CW:     Everyone Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game
FOX:    24 [f ]
ION:    Mama’s Family, Mama’s Family, Diagnosis Murder, Wonder Years, Wonder Years
MNT:    IFL Battleground
NBC:    Deal or No Deal, Heroes [f ], Law & Order: Criminal Intent
PBS:    Antiques Roadshow, The Blitz: London’s Longest Night, City at War: London Calling
TELE:   Marina, Zorro, La Esclava Isaura
UNIV:   La Fea Mas Bella, Destilando Amor, Cristina

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