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To date, Unruly Media‘s social video advertising platform has delivered and measured over 1.5 billion video views, as well as over 1,400 social video campaigns for clients, including major brands such as Google, T-Mobile, Coke and Old Spice. I chatted with Art Zeidman, Unruly’s U.S. President and Chief North American Evangelist to discuss the value of social video advertising, as well as the company’s place within the industry.

What sets social video advertising apart from other forms of video advertisements?

I would argue that social video delivers the most valuable form of engagement because it is user-intended. The user has to first elect to engage with it. It is not pushed to them in any way. For Unruly, we never auto-play our video units. This user intent to engage provides a filter that television or pre-roll, where ads just pushed to you, don’t. Because of the high functionality of Unruly’s player, we have a really powerful way of creating and leveraging consumer advocacy. We’re never going to be in a place where we’ve completely supplanted push engagement. That is a reality of our lives. There is no question that television is the biggest and most efficient way to reach people with message. But if you start to dissect and quantify the different values stemming from the different types of engagement that comes with video, social media can be more valuable, because there is that implied advocacy.

What is the biggest current challenge to social video advertising?

Awareness of the channel, especially at the media buying level. Currently, the systems and processes at agencies have been built out to execute video buys using the old model. If you look at the bulk of online video, it is purchased as if it was just television. So for us, it’s just a question of coverage and getting the message out and convincing the agency and brand world that social video is something they should invest in… When we get in front of someone who cares about the success of their content, whence they learn of the capabilities of social video, they love it, they want it and they buy it.

How so?

What really speaks to them is that social video brings with it tremendous insight into engagement metrics. Unruly’s platform gives buyers access to tremendous amount of data. Share rates, access to commenting, sentiment analysis, video dwell time, and more. In this way, it is a fantastic testing ground before brands invest heavily in television. They can get a good understanding of which piece of video is resonating the best. We are seeing more examples of clients starting video efforts with social video, and then applying what they learn to how they execute TV campaigns. Another great feature of social video is no strict time limits. We like to say, “67 seconds? No problem.” We have delivered over 1.5 billion user-intended videos to date. Our average view length is in excess of 60 seconds.

Unruly recently found that viewers are far more likely to engage with an ad if the video was recommended to them by a peer. How does the company ensure that what it’s delivering is actually being shared?

Layer upon layer of implied advocacy and user intent. Recommendations don’t necessarily have to be on a peer-to-peer basis. It could very well be that you’re encountering the video on your favorite blog. In that sense, you feel that blogger is sharing it to you. With that in mind, we take a portfolio approach to video distribution. There is tremendous value and power in sites and blogs. Every campaign that we built has large components of site and blog placement. The blogger can post the video, choose to include it with their video content or even provide their own editorializing of the content. They see Unruly as providers of content. We give them something to talk about with their readers. Beyond that, we distribute the video into Facebook apps and games and other social environments where there is already a heightened level of user engagement, advocacy and interest built-in. On mobile devices, we have developed a series of custom ad units that have a built-in sharing functionality. We have found tremendous share rates there as well. And of course we optimize all the time.

What has been a recent successful ad campaign from?

We distributed a cool video for T-Mobile this past holiday season, in which a thousand women dressed as the wireless carrier’s spokesperson participated in a flash mob. We used the technology that powers our viral video chart to get an understanding of who on the web is driving a meaningful amount of sharing of T-Mobile like content. Say, people who have a natural affinity for talking about and sharing content relating to flash mobs, the T-mobile spokesperson, holiday music, etc. In less than two weeks, we were able to secure a million and a half video views.

Where do you see web video five years from now?

There is a diversification of sharing on the web. The web is becoming more social in general. It’s not just Facebook and Google, but also Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Digg and so many more. As the television industry embraces the web and web-enabled TV, as well as whatever social TV is going to become, a day will come where sharing will become ubiquitous across the web. For a company like ours, who is in the business of making sense of it all for our clients, it’s a diverse marketplace. Unruly has the technology to power effective distribution and generate tremendous insight. If you’re making great content, and you care about success, get in touch with us. Because we know how to make it famous, and get the right people to share and talk about it.


Yahoo! is premiering two new original shows, which were announced last December as part of the Yahoo! Comedy Channel launch, today, reports the New York Times. One is Sketchy, a weekly comedy series featuring sketches written and performed by the likes of Ed Helms, Justin Long, Rob Corddry, Rob Riggle, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and more. The other is Funny Or Die Presents: First Dates with Toby Harris, starring Seth Morris, is an L.A.-based series about a perpetually single character going on numerous ill-fated dates. Yahoo! said “each episode centers around a different woman and issue that will leave the audience bickering amongst themselves on who was right and who was wrong.” Other comedy shows currently in development for Yahoo! include HACKERAZZI and Burning Love, the latter which is created by The State alum Ken Marino and exec produced by Ben Stiller, according to the Times.

Timed with the premiere of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman at 10pm ET on Tuesday, March 6, SCIENCE has partnered with the SETI Institute and TED to launch SETI Live, a digital platform designed to bring viewers into the search for extraterrestrial life by enabling them to analyze data from the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) and decide on what the ATA observes next. Developed by Zooniverse, SETI Live is part of the “Are We Alone?” multimedia initiative that came into fruition after Dr. Jill Tarter, senior research director at the SETI Institute, voiced her desire for a community-led search for extraterrestrial life forms after winning the annual TED Prize for her extensive research and work on the same matter. The TED Foundation responded with SETI Live, which will receive a boost from a month-long programming initiative from SCIENCE Channel, which is complemented by a dedicated fansite that offers a programming guide and a gateway to SETI Live. Finally, SCIENCE has also launched a sweepstakes, in which viewers who enter can earn badges for joining and interacting with the platform to be eligible for a trip to the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California.


RadiumOne, an online ad network that uses social data to serve ads, is close to securing a $50 million round of funding from investors, which could net the start-up an evaluation around $500 million, according to TechCrunch. RadiumOne collects information through its ShareGraph technology, which analyzes what consumers are sharing with each other online, such as blog posts, videos, links, photos and more. After that, the technology places the consumers on a social graph, identifying their behavioral type as well as how they match up with a particular brand’s customer type. Then, the startup delivers targeted ads across its network of publishers, which it says serves more than 10 billion impressions per day.


DoubleVerify’s data for brand-safe impressions is now available for real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges, starting with the integration the company has announced with the AppNexus platform. DoubleVerify’s brand-safety data can be used by agency trading desks, DSPs or ad networks, and looks to provide accountability and transparency for RTB impressions, as well as protection and improved targeting in ad exchanges. CPX and Dedicated Media are among the first ad buyers to sign on to use the data before bidding to ensure compliant ad pages and impressions. Advertisers can customize their impression preferences by page sentiment, ad placement, audience geo-targeting and competitive positioning, enabling them to bid on quality impressions that they feel are right for them. DoubleVerify’s system in the AppNexus campaign management dashboard will also track advertiser preferences, so that if the brand switches agencies or DSP partners, new ad buying partners can have access to the brand’s targeting preferences on the AppNexus exchange, and therefore continue the brand’s efforts without a hitch.


Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed start-up that aims to deliver broadcast TV streamed through the cloud, is in a heap of trouble with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Univision and PBS. The networks have filed lawsuits against the start-up claiming that Aereo is violating copyright laws and does not have the legal rights, or permission, to deliver their content through the web. The lawsuits, one from ABC, CBS and NBC and the other from FOX, Univision and PBS, were filed in a U.S. District Court in New York. In a statement, Aereo said that the broadcasters’ argument does not hold any ground and is looking forward to “a full and fair airing of the issues.” Aereo was on track to be launched on March 14 in New York City, offering broadcast TV and access to 40 hours of digital storage for $12 a month.


Trendrr.TV has released its final social TV rankings and data analysis for February 2012: CBS programming had the highest share of voice in February, at 31%, as well as the biggest jump in broadcast social share from the previous month, at 8%. ABC programming came in at second with 24% share of voice, which was up 4% from January, followed by FOX (20%, +0%), NBC (13%, -5%) and the CW (9%, +0%). As for the top cable networks, they are as follows: CNN (13%), MTV (12%), Nickelodeon (9%), TNT (6%) and Comedy Central (5%). Trendrr defines share of voice as the percentage of total broadcast or cable activity, including Twitter conversations, and Facebook, Miso and GetGlue actions, which are attributed to a particular network or show. Interestingly, when it came to special events or one-off shows, such as the Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star Game or awards ceremonies, Twitter held down a commanding 94+% share of activity when grouped with Facebook and GetGlue.

Good news for Apple in advance of its upcoming launch of the next iPad: A new study from mobile ad network InMobi finds that 29% of mobile users intend on purchasing an iPad 3, and 54% of those respondents do not own a tablet at the moment. In addition, 65% of respondents who intend to buy an iPad 3 would also consider an older model at a reduced price. 50% indicate they are willing to purchase the next iPad for over $500. If the iPad 3 is priced above $599, however, then 57% indicate they would opt for an older model. 53% of respondents cited entertainment as the reason for purchasing an iPad 3, while the feature mobile users are most looking forward to is “faster processer speed” (57%). Furthermore, 44% of respondents said that they would not consider a tablet brand other than the iPad. For those who would, the Samsung Galaxy is the top choice, with 27% of respondents saying they would consider buying it. Incidentally, Amazon’s Kindle stood at 14%.

The average Hispanic internet user in the U.S. is more active on social media than the average U.S. web user, according a survey from BIGinsight, per eMarketer. The study found that on an average daily basis, 26.8% of Hispanic users spent six hours or more on social media sites. In comparison, 20.4% of black internet users and 8.5% of total internet users indicated the same. The social media sites that Hispanics are visiting are diversified, with the group being more open to checking out sites that aren’t Facebook or Twitter, such as Pinterest (visited at least once a day by 13.2% of U.S. Hispanics), LinkedIn (15.5%) and Foursquare (13.2%).

A+E Networks posted another month of growth in web traffic as its digital properties across the web attracted 22.9 million unique visitors in February 2012. It’s a new record for the company, breaking the previous one of 20.9 million unique visitors that was set in the month prior. The number also represents an 82% jump in web traffic from February 2011. In terms of individual websites, received 7.9 million unique visitors (also +82%) and received 6.5 million unique visitors (+129%), both of which also established new records. (4.1 million, +41%) and (2.2 million, +48%) also had a successful month.


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You are probably familiar with, or already have downloaded, the SoundHound app that uses voice-recognition technology to identify music. Here’s one, from the same company, that basically puts that process in reverse. Hound also uses voice-recognition, but this time for music search. Simply say the name of a song or a band and the app will deliver a bounty of information on that subject, including lyrics; song previews and full-length videos; and artist bios, tour information and top songs. It’s available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

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