Friday, October 8th, 2004





Good morning. It’s Friday, October 8, 2004, and this is your first early morning briefing.

ABC was in front on Wednesday night, a statement that can be said with more regularity thus far this season than it seems all of last year.  In any case, ABC led with a 4.7/13 A18-49 rating according to Nielsen Media Research, ahead of CBS 4.2/11 and NBC 3.3/9, Fox 3.0/8, UPN 2.2/6, WB 1.5/4.
At 8pm ABC’s Lost left everyone else in the dust with a 6.2/17 (can you say ‘hit’?), more than twice the share of #2 Fox’s 3.0/8 for the hour. UPN’s Top Model continues to do well with a 4.1/11 W18-34, second to ABC in that demo. Hawaii on NBC is struggling, delivering a modest 2.1/6 A18-49, and down 16% vs. last week.
At 9pm CBS was in front with a repeat of CSI: Miami (last time before the premieres of King of Queens/Center of the Universe).  ABC’s The Bachelor was #2 behind CBS by just 2 share point, averaging a 3.8/10 for the hour. Kevin Hill on UPN averaged a 2.0/5, having a little trouble identifying its key target audience.  Kevin Hill averaged a 5 or 6 share across all key male and female adult demos, with the one exception of a 7 share among W18-34 (tho slipping considerably from the sizeable Top Model lead in).  WB’s Mountain at 9pm is also having a bit of a tough time, averaging a 0.9/2 A18-49, and either a 2 or 3 across most adult and teen demos with the exception of the young men, to wit: 1.2/4 M18-34, 1.1/4 M12-17, 1.1/4 M12-34.
At 10p CBS’ CSI New York again beat Law & Order in the A18-49 demo (6.0/16 vs. 4.3/11) and in fact Wife Swap tied Law & Order for ABC.

Tonight’s Premieres:
ABC:  Presidential Debate #2 at 9p
CBS:  Presidential Debate #2 at 9p
FOX:  Presidential Debate #2 at 9p
NBC:  Presidential Debate #2 at 9p
Telemundo:  Presidential Debate #2 at 9p

Tonight’s Finale:
Fox:  The Complex: Malibu [f]

Casting / Development / Production:

  • Kristen Chenoweth joins the cast of NBC’s The West Wing this season in a recurring role as a media consultant to the White House.
  • Fox has picked up a project based on the book Misdemeanor Man by Dylan Schaeffer wherein a public defender accepts only misdemeanor cases so he has time to tend to an ailing father and build his career as a singer, according to Variety. The project comes from Western Sandblast and Craftsman Films, produced by Paramount Network TV.
  • Harry Hamlin and his wife actress Lisa Rinna have joined the cast of UPN’s Veronica Mars for three episodes playing a married couple who are both actors (reaching!) and parents of a teenager who attends school with our heroine.

Program Change:  Next Tuesday the 12th, NBC will air three eps back to back of Father of the Pride, preempting the final episode of Last Comic Standing.  Where and when this final ep will air seems to be up in the air.

Jane Pauley will be moved on WAVY/Norfolk from 4pm as the station’s news lead-in, to 3pm.  The move takes Jane away from competing with Oprah and puts her up against network soaps.  Montel goes in at 3pm starting Monday.  Season to date Jane has averaged a 2.4/5 in Norfolk, down 41% from its current Montel lead-in, and down from last year’s time period average of 4.1/9 STD.

The result of an inadvertent expletive uttered by Dale Earnhardt Jr. after winning a race last weekend on NBC’s NASCAR coverage, is NASCAR on NBC will now be delayed by 5 seconds, beginning with this Sunday’s Nextel Cup Banquet 400.

TV One will ad four new series to its lineup, in addition to offnets Boston Public and Martin, and season #1 of the syndicated series Starting Over from NBC Universal.  Premiering in October are Turn Up the Heat with G Garvin (Powerhouse Prods) will pass on simple recipes from more traditional and non-traditional African American dishes. Makeover Manor (Point Seven Ent) will provide makeover tips for African Americans (both men and women) starting October 19.  Coming in November is the Phyllis Bowie-hosted Living With Soul (Park Hill Ent), a designer-look inside homes and providing advice on non-expensive interior design changes with a particular emphasis on African-American heritage.  Also in November, new eps of Living It Up with Patti LaBelle, (Powerhouse Prods) which highlights new trends in the fields of cuisine, travel, fashion, accessories, music and health.

Top 5 Broadcast Spanish Language Primetime Programs for the week of September 27-October 3, 2004 **
UNIV Amarte Es Mi Pecado (M-F 9p)        22.8 NHTI HH Rtg
UNIV    Don Francisco Presenta (Wed 10p)      19.5 NHTI HH Rtg
UNIV    Rubi (M-F 8p)                                        19.3 NHTI HH Rtg
UNIV    Gloria de Los Angeles (Tue 10p)          19.0 NHTI HH Rtg
UNIV    Cristina (Mon 10p)                                 17.6 NHTI HH Rtg
Source: Nielsen Media Research
Note: NHTI Ratings are based on 10.57 million Hispanic TV Homes
** Please note that Nielsen Media’s rating parameters are listed for some shows that air Monday-Friday to include the 5 day average instead of listing each individual weekday.

Top 10 Broadcast English Language Primetime Programs in Hispanic TV Homes for the week of September 27-October 3, 2004
ABC     NFL Monday Night Football (Mon 9p)      8.9 NHTI HH Rtg
ABC     Desperate Housewives (Sun 9p)                7.3 NHTI HH Rtg
ABC     George Lopez (Tue 830p)                           6.0 NHTI HH Rtg
ABC     NFL Monday Showcase (Mon 9p)              5.8 NHTI HH Rtg
CBS     CSI: Miami (Mon 10p)                                 5.7 NHTI HH Rtg
CBS     CSI (Wed 9p, OTO)                       5.5 NHTI HH Rtg
ABC     Lost (Wed 8pm)                          5.4 NHTI HH Rtg
ABC     Extreme Makeover: Home Ed (Sun 8p)      5.4 NHTI HH Rtg
Fox     Fox Sunday Movie (Sun 8p)               5.1 NHTI HH Rtg
CBS     CSI: NY (Wed 10p)                       5.0 NHTI HH Rtg
Source Nielsen Media Research
Note NHTI Ratings are based on 10.57 million Hispanic TV Homes

African American television homes in the US represent 12,870,000 households. Here are the rankings for the week of September 27-October 3, 2004 – highest rated primetime network programs in African American TV homes according to Nielsen Media Research
UPN     Girlfriends (Mon 9p)                                   17.2 HH Rtg
ABC     NFL Monday Night Football (Mon 907p)    17.0 HH Rtg
UPN     Half & Half (Mon 830p)                              15.9 HH Rtg
UPN     Second Time Around (Mon 930p)              14.6 HH Rtg
UPN     One on One (Mon 8p)                                14.4 HH Rtg
UPN     Eve (Tue 830p)                                           13.3 HH Rtg
ABC     NFL Monday Showcase (Mon 9p)              11.7 HH Rtg
UPN     Kevin Hill (Wed 9p)                                     11.3 HH Rtg
UPN     America’s Next Top Model (Wed 8p)          11.1 HH Rtg
CBS     CSI:NY (Wed 10p)                                       11.0 HH Rtg
Source Nielsen Media Research

College Sports Television (CSTV) has gained carriage on the digital tier of New York and New Jersey’s Time Warner Cable system beginning today on Channel 457.

Another addition to Time Warner’s digital lineup as of today is Black Family Channel, on Channel 152 .  This will add another 730,000+ digital subscribers to Black Family Channel’s reach.

Si TV inked a new distribution deal with Cox Cable for 6 new affiliates in Bakersfield, Eureka, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and Topeka and Wichita, KS.  The digital variety launches will begin this month starting with Kansas.  These affiliate additions will bring Si TV into an additional 200,000 households for an estimated total of 8 million across the country.

NOTE:  Monday is Columbus Day and Cynopsis is sleeping in.  See you Tuesday and have a wonderful long weekend!

Wednesday, October 6, 2004. Fast National Household Ratings for all Networks. Fast affiliate numbers which reflect time period data, not program data, and can change slightly once the finals come in, particularly for LIVE programming (i.e. Football). Source Nielsen Media Research. Time Period Averages Only. [p] = Premiere; [o] = Original; [r] = Repeat

CBS     8.8/14  60 Minutes 6.4/10, CSI Miami [r] 9.0/14, CSI New York 10.8/17

ABC     8.0/13  Lost 10.3/17, The Bachelor 6.6/10, Wife Swap 7.2/12

NBC     6.6/11  Hawaii 4.6/7, L&O: SVU [r] 6.9/11, L&O 8.4/14

FOX     3.9/6   That 70’s Show 4.2/7, Quintuplets 3.7/6, Bernie Mac Show [r] 3.9/6, Bernie Mac Show [r] 3.9/6

UPN     3.2/5   Top Model 3.6/6, Kevin Hill 2.9/4

WB      2.4/4   Smallville 3.2/5, The Mountain 1.6/2

A18-49  ABC 4.7/13, CBS 4.2/11, NBC 3.3/9, Fox 3.0/8, UPN 2.2/6, WB 1.5/4



#1 in its Tuesday Time Period

Builds on its My Wife and Kids Lead-In (+11%)

Grows Over its Premiere (+9%)

Available exclusively from
Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution

Source: NTI Explorer, 9/28/04 & 10/5/04.  Based on A18-49.  TP & Premiere Growth = Rtg.  Lead-in = Share.

Friday Fun Fact: While Theodore Roosevelt was campaigning in Milwaukee in 1912, a would-be assassin fired a bullet into the right side of his chest. Much of the force of the slug was absorbed by the President’s eyeglasses case and by the 50 page speech he was carrying double-folded in his breast pocket. Nevertheless, the bullet lodged itself just short of his lung, and, dripping in blood, Roosevelt pulled himself up to the podium. He asked the crowd to please “…be very quiet and excuse me from making a long speech. I’ll do the best I can, but there’s a bullet in my body. . . I have a message to deliver, and I will deliver it as long as there is life in my body.” He spoke for 90 minutes, but was unable to refer to his text due to the gaping hole which the bullet had torn through it.

The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1871:  According to legend, Mrs. Patrick O’Leary’s cow kicks over a lantern, starting a fire in a Chicago barn.  By the time the fire was extinguished two days later, nearly 300 people were dead, almost one hundred thousand were homeless, and Chicago’s downtown had burned to the ground.  The city quickly rebuilt, maintaining its place at the junction of America’s Eastern cities and the nation’s vast Western forests, prairies, and farms. 

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  On Night Court, what was Bull’s real first name? NOSTRADAMUS.  Do you think his nickname “Bull” was in response to someone learning his first name?  Just a thought.  Kudos to: Chris Gale-The Scream Channel/NY; Chris Walch-Island Def Jam Records/NY; Lisa Villalobos-Court TV/NY; Ben Whitney-BET/NY; Kathy Riffle-GSD&M; Cary Minor-Showcase Cable Sales/Houston; Byron Williams-HRP/Dallas; John Maroney-MMT/Chicago; Russ Talley-Turner Bcsting/LA; Telmo Tabuas-ABC/Burbank; Robin Fuller-KFXO/Bend OR; Micah Dyer-USA Network; and internationally from Chris Ingram-TNS/London; and Ray Sweeney-CTV Television/Toronto.
Today’s Trivia Question:  What was Tom Selleck’s first movie after Magnum PI? a) High Road to China; b) Three Men and a Baby; c) Quigley Down under; d) Lassiter?  (click
to respond to the trivia question and please be sure to include with your answer your name, company, city and time zone. Only the second four correct responses from each time zone will be listed in tomorrow’s kudo list.)


Court TV: The Investigation Channel’s
is on the case…

File it under: For Whom the Bowl Tulls

Jethro Tull doesn’t want the audience smoking cigarettes or lighting up what?
Click here for answer

Check out for more exclusive dish on your favorite celebs!

Later — Cyn

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ABC             8 Simple Rules, Complete Savages, Presidential Debate
CBS             Joan of Arcadia, Presidential Debate
FOX             The Complex: Malibu [f], Presidential Debate
NBC             Dateline, Presidential Debate
PAX             Talented Kids, MGM Movie: Illegally Yours
UPN             Star Trek, Top Model [r]
WB              What I Like About You, Grounded for Life, Reba, Blue Collar TV [r]
TELE            Prisonera, Gitanas, Presidential Debate
UNIV            Rubi, Amarte es mi Pecado, La Escuelita VIP, La Casa de la Risa

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