Friday, November 18th, 2005


The Fourth Installment of the Blockbuster Franchise

“Captures the magic that made J.K. Rowling’s books
such a phenomenon.” – Los Angeles Times

“Best Harry Potter film yet.” – People

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Good morning.  It’s Friday, November 18, 2005, and this is your first early morning briefing. 

Avgs of November 2005 Sweep-to-Date, according to Nielsen Media Research11/3-11/16/05
:  CBS 4.5/12 (-6 in rtg vs. same time frame Nov 2004), ABC 4.3/11 (+8%), NBC 3.3/9 (-20%), Fox 3.1/8 (NC), UPN 1.5/4 (-6%), WB 1.5/4 (-6%),
Total Viewers: CBS 14.62 million (-2%), ABC 11.53m (+10%), NBC 9.40m (-14%), Fox 7.31m (+4%), UPN 3.77m (-3%), WB 3.62m (-8%)

* MORE GOOD STUFF *ABC is expected to slot Alias in the Wednesday 10p time period as of December 7th for a two week play, airing the final two episodes of the previous season.  The show will then return with originals in midseason.  Invasion will return to Wednesday nights on December 21.

And CBS is understandably pleased with the first week results of Close to Home on Friday nights.  We’ll see how it does tonight.  Assuming that will go well, CBS has already booked the show to extend another week in the time period.

NBC‘s Howie Mandel hosted game show Deal or No Deal will get four airings next month, all during the week of December 19-22, at 8p. The gamer is from Endemol USA.

NBC Universal and Wurld Media have inked a deal to enable access to Universal films and NBC Universal TV events content for Wurld’s Peer Impact customers on demand.  The content will be available as a 24-hour rental on the Peer to Peer (P2P) service.  This is the first time that major studio content has been licensed to a legit P2P service. On demand movies from the Universal film library include Ray, The Motorcycle Diaries, and the upcoming DVD releases Cinderella Man and The Forty Year Old Virgin. Series, specials and stunts include Jerry Springer: Uncensored, 5th Wheel and Blind Date franchises.

Kathleen Abernathy a Republican Commissioner of the FCC, turned in her letter of resignation yesterday, effective December 9. Abernathy’s term expired last year, and due to the federal rules that govern the FCC, she was entitled to remain until December 2005.  Her exit is no surprise. Abernathy served at the agency for 4.5 yrs.  No information about a potential replacement for Abernathy has been released.

You know the Shaolin Temple, tho you may not realize it.  See if this sounds familiar – “try to snatch the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper.”  Yep, those scenes took place in the Shaolin Temple.  And now its on its way back to TV with its very own reality series. No Grasshoppers and no pebbles this time.  The show is called Chinese Kung Fu Star Search (you can’t just make this stuff up) and it will be searching for the next martial arts star.  According to the Xinhua news agency, the show is schedule to premiere in March and has high hopes of beating the ratings magnet Inner Mongolian Cow Sour Yoghurt Supergirl (really, you can’t make this stuff up), which is to China what American Idol is here.

Rachel Ray‘s new talker for King World has apparently been sold in several top markets including CBS O&Os in NY, Boston and Chicago, as well as the Viacom owned stations in San Francisco and Dallas, so reports Hollywood Reporter.  No comment from King World.

Time Warner Cable has a new carriage deal with TV One in NYC and NJ with its digital customers, including subscribers in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, as well as Bergen and Hudson Counties, New Jersey.  Carriage began yesterday.
Sundance Channel has picked up the US pay TV rights to the UK reality series Ladette to Lady.  A ladette is a working class girl, and in this show ten of them are transformed to proper ladies with proper style. The setting for their morphing is Eggelston Hall, a ladies’ finishing school.  There they will learn some of the fine arts including flower arranging, dressmaking, and elegant cooking, as well as proper etiquette for all occasions. Five 60m episodes are set to premiere in the spring.  Ladette to Lady is produced by Grant Mansfield and Rod Williams.

* NEW ORDERS / CASTING / DEVELOPMENT / PRODUCTION *Spike TV has announced its development slate – all scripted series.  Among them are:

  • Amped from Fox 21, focuses on a bizarre outbreak that genetically alters some of the people living in LA, and the upshot is often violent and dangerous. From Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan, the executive producers of The X-Files.
  • The Big Empty from Sony TV is described as a gritty drama portraying the life of run of the mill private investigators working and living in a most unsavory world. 
  • Paradise Salvage from Fox Television Studios is about a pair of childhood friends who find an old captain’s diary that points them to a lost treasure. This comes from Jim Kouf who also wrote the film National Treasure, and exec prod Gary Randall.
  • Crystal Meth Cowboys from Fox Television Studios follows a young Boston cop who moves to a small town in New Mexico where he partners with the local sheriff.
  • The Bridge from Lions Gate TV is a cop drama about two homicide detectives working on either side of the El Paso/Juarez border. This project is from exec producer David Eick.
  • Tequila County from Sony TV and writer Mark Rosner focuses on an Iraqi war hero who returns home with hopes of leading a quiet life as the sheriff of a small town, but encounters a level of murder and corruption that rivals some of the battles that he fought overseas.

WE: Women’s Entertainment has ordered a pilot of Bling! (working title) from Burrud Prods.  Bling! follows the rich and famous as they shop their way thru the day, buying only the most expensive and most outrageous bling.

Fox has ordered a script with penalty of a comedy from Mac Mac Productions.  This project focuses on the anti-Archie Bunker – that is an African American head of the family, daughter and new son-in-law living with the parents, father and son-in-law are polar opposites, and the whole family is fairly dysfunctional.  According to Variety, what this show will do that is different from All in the Family, is stay away from politically charged issues.  The project will be produced by Regency and 20th, and will be written by Bernie Mac, Dean Young, both will also exec produce along with Steven Greener.

Logo and Maverick TV are partnering to develop a soap opera with the working title San Rafael.  The series, still in development, will center on a group of GLBT friends living in the same complex (think of Melrose Place).  San Rafael was created by Christian McLaughlin and Valerie Ahem and will be exec produced by Maverick TV and president Michael Rosenberg principal Guy Oseary.

Shalom TV will debut a new 30-minute series titled Faith To Faith from the New York Board of Rabbis (NYBR).  The show, hosted by NYBR EVP Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, will be a roundtable format with diverse panelists and their views on religion and modern challenges. NYBR has relationships with New York religious organizations of different denominations and ethnicities.

The fifth season of Fox’s 24 from Wonderland Sound and Vision and Warner Bros. TV, will add to its regular cast with Julian Sands, JoBeth Williams and Peter Weller.  Sands has been cast as a bad guy billionaire, Williams and Weller will be husband and wife – he’s a federal agent.

* EXECUTIVE MOVES *BBC World has named Russ Stein as its Regional Director/Americas for airtime sales.  Based in New York, Russ will report directly to BBC World’s corporate headquarters in London. His mandate is to expand the scope of BBC World’s client portfolio across the United States.  He will manage key accounts, develop cable and digital sales strategies, and form global brand partnerships between BBC World and US-based clients.
ABC Radio Networks has named Michael Knize as Director/Southwest Sales.  Michael will be responsible for leading the sales efforts for all ABC Radio Networks properties in the eight-state Southwest territory.  He will report to Mike Connolly, SVP/ Sales.
ALL3MEDIA International has appointed Stephanie Hartog to SVP/International Formats. Stephanie will work with MD Louise Pedersen on developing the formats business coming from within the ALL3MEDIA group of companies.  

* RATINGS*Top 10 M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of Oct 24-30, 2005 ranked by HH Rtg
Wheel of Fortune (King World)                  8.3 AA
Oprah (King World)                                    7.3 AA / 7.4 GAA
Everybody Loves Raymond (King World)  6.4 AA / 8.3 GAA
Jeopardy (King World)                                6.3 AA
Seinfeld (Sony)                                           5.7 AA / 7.1 GAA
Dr. Phil (King World)                                  5.3 AA / 5.4 GAA
Entertainment Tonight (Paramount)          5.3 AA / 5.4 GAA
Friends (Warner Bros.)                              5.1 AA / 6.6 GAA
Judge Judy (Paramount)                            4.6 AA / 7.1 GAA
That ’70s Show (Carsey-Werner)  4.3 AA / 5.4 GAA
Source: Nielsen Media Research

Top 10 M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of Oct 24-30, 2005  ranked by A18-49
Seinfeld (Sony)                                           3.7 AA / 4.6 GAA
Everybody Loves Raymond (King World)  3.5 AA / 4.4 GAA
Friends (Warner Bros.)                               3.5 AA / 4.4 GAA
That ’70s Show (Carsey-Werner)              3.1 AA / 3.7 GAA
Oprah (King World)                                    2.8 AA / 2.8 GAA
Wheel of Fortune (King World)                  2.2 AA
Entertainment Tonight (Paramount)          2.0 AA / 2.0 GAA
King of Queens (Sony Pictures TV)       1.9 AA / 2.4 GAA
Dr. Phil (King World)                                  1.9 AA / 1.9 GAA
Jeopardy (King World)                                1.7 AA
Source: Nielsen Media Research

Broadcast Daytime Ratings Rankings – Women 18-49, week of Nov 7-13, 2005:
ABC:     GENERAL HOSPITAL                 2.1/12
ABC:    ONE LIFE TO LIVE                 1.8/12
NBC:    DAYS OF OUR LIVES                1.8/11
ABC:    ALL MY CHILDREN                  1.7/11
CBS     PRICE IS RIGHT 2                 1.4/10
NBC:    PASSIONS                          1.4/9
CBS:    AS THE WORLD TURNS      1.4/8
ABC:    THE VIEW                          1.3/10
CBS:    GUIDING LIGHT                     1.3/8
CBS:    PRICE IS RIGHT 1                 1.2/8
Source: Nielsen’s Galaxy Explorer, NTI as dated

Nov Sweep: Day #14 – Wednesday — A18-49 Analysis: ABC rings up another win on Wednesday night in final numbers from Nielsen Media Research, posting a 5.7/15 A18-49 over CBS 4.2/11, Fox 3.1/8, NBC 2.9/7, UPN 1.9/5, WB 1.3/3.  At 8p E-Ring, George Lopez/Freddie, and CBS’ Johnny Cash Special all averaged a 9 share for the hour, with America’s Next Top Model a close #2 with an 8 share.  Lost blew them all away at 9p with a 9.2/22, more than doubling Criminal Minds at #2 with a 4.1/10.  At 10p CSI: NY was top dog with a 5.5/14; Invasion fell off from its lead-in by a full 50%, and Law & Order scared up a 9 share.

FINAL HOUSEHOLD RATINGS: Wednesday, November 16, 2005, for all Networks – program averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

CBS     9.3/15   I Walk the Line: A Night for Johnny Cash (OTO) 8.2/13, Criminal Minds 9.3/14, CSI: NY 10.2/17

ABC     8.4/13   George Lopez 5.5/9, Freddie 5.6/9, Lost 12.7/19, Invasion  6.6/11

NBC     6.1/10   E-Ring 6.2/10, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart 4.4/7, Law & Order 7.8/13

FOX     4.3/7    That ’70s Show 4.1/7, Stacked 3.3/5, Trading Spouses 4.8/7

UPN     2.9/5    America’s Next Top Model 3.9/6, Veronica Mars 2.0/3

WB      1.9/3    One Tree Hill 2.4/4, Related [r] 1.4/2

A18-49            ABC 5.7/15, CBS 4.2/11, Fox 3.1/8, NBC 2.9/7, UPN 1.9/5, WB 1.3/3



MARTHA is Cooking in Nashville
WKRN/A – 11:00am-12:00n
3.3 HH Rating November-To-Date

  • Up +18% vs. October ’05
  • Up +57% vs. Year Ago Time Period
  • Up over The View Lead-in
  • Head-To-Head Beats Ellen on WSMV/N by +18%

 Source: NSI WRAP Overnights, 11/3/05-11/14/04 vs. Oct ’05 and Nov ’04, Live HH rating, 1/4 hour lead-in.

Friday Fun Fact:
Drowning yourself doesn’t work. At worst, you lose consciousness and the lungs would start to breath automatically.  Of course, drowning yourself in chocolate is always much more fun.

The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1883-Standard time zones are introduced in Canada and the United States by railroad companies frustrated with the variations in local timekeeping.  Moving from east to west through North America, railroad clocks were reset at noon, according to the new standard time.  Although local time was still kept in many places, “railroad time” was quickly accepted in most cities, becoming the beginning of a national time standard that would be formally adopted in 1918.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  The pathological liar who was the corporate spokesperson for this certain make of cars was big during late ’80s.  He said horrible things and promised all kinds of wild guarantees.  Who was he?  DAVID LEISURE, aka JOE ISUZU     Kudos to:  Valerie Cooley-Elliott-D M & M Media Group/Reston VA; Josh Lasser-Martha/NY; David Bank-RBC Capital Markets; Dan Margherita-ICR/Media PA; Judy Margolis-The Ad Place/Dallas; Keith Paxton-KDFI/Dallas; Jim Gray-FrogLight Pdns/Missoula MT; Nicky Skubal-Charter Media/S. Wisconsin; Lou Fazio-GSN/Santa Monica; Mike Buzzelli/LA; Jake Guswa-Warner Bros/Burbank; Marty Webb-Rubin Postaer & Associates/Santa Monica; Mitch Altman-Click Media Inc/Toronto ON


T hank G od I t’s S moking G un® F riday!

PLEASE. Go to . Look at Bill Gates’s mugshot (taken after a traffic violation). Do you not LOVE his sweater? His floral shirt? His boyish smile? His aviator glasses? He’s even wearing his ID sign with panache, like it’s some sort of hip-hop necklace. Even 30 years ago, the guy was cool.
Court TV® wishes you a good weekend.

Today’s Trivia Question:
The Ford Pinto, Cobra and Mustang were seen in many scenes in what 1970s series? (click here with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT: Friday, November 18, 2005

ABC               Supernanny, Hope & Faith, Hot Properties, 20/20
CBS              Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home, Numb3rs
FOX              The Bernie Mac Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Killer Instinct
NBC              Dateline NBC,  L & O: Criminal Intent
i                America’s Most Talented Kids, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
UPN              Friday Night Smackdown
WB               What I Like About You, What I Like About You [r], Reba, Twins
TELE             El Cuerpo del Deseo, Corazon Partido, Decisiones
UNIV             Contra Viento  y Marea, La Esposa Virgen, Cristina

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