Friday, May 19th, 2006



Welcome Back, Kotter, Chico and the Man, Perfect Strangers, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Head of the
Class, Kung Fu, The Fugitive, Dark Justice, La Femme Nikita, Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Growing Pains, Maverick, The F.B.I., F Troop, Alice, Sisters, Eight Is Enough, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Falcon Crest, Spenser: For Hire, Wonder Woman, Freddy’s Nightmares, Lois and Clark, V, Babylon 5, Beetlejuice, Freakazoid!, Histeria!, The New Adventures of Batman, Pinky and the Brain

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Good Morning. It’s Friday, May 19, 2006, and this is your first early morning briefing.


8p      7th Heaven
9p      Runaway

8p      Gilmore Girls
9p      Veronica Mars

8p      America’s Next Top Model (Beauty & The Geek between cycles of AMTM)
9p      One Tree Hill

8p      Smallville
9p      Supernatural

8p      WWE Smackdown

7p      Everybody Hates Chris
730p    All of Us
8p      Girlfriends
830p    The Game
9p      America’s Next Top Model [r]


8p      Prison Break
9p      Vanished  (January = 24)

8p      Standoff  (January = American Idol)
9p      House

8p      Bones   (January = Justice)
9p      Justice (January = American Idol Results, and The Loop at 930p)

8p      ‘Til Death
830p    Happy Hour
9p      The O.C.

8p      Nanny 911   (January = Bones)
9p      Trading Spouses  (January = The Wedding Album)

8p      Cops
830p    Cops
9p      America’s Most Wanted
11p     Mad TV
1130p   Talk Show with Spike Ferensten

7p      Football Overruns (comedy repeats) (January = Comedy Repeats)
730p    Football Overruns (comedy repeats) (January = King of the Hill)
8p      The Simpsons
830p    American Dad
9p      Family Guy
930p    War at Home


If it calls itself a network, it looks like a network, is carried and cleared like a network, is it a network?  Listening to CBS and The CW this week, MyNetwork TV is not a network at all.  CBS and CW referred frequently to the “five networks.”  When asked yesterday why The CW didn’t categorize MyNetwork TV  as one of the five, Dawn Ostroff of The CW said “MyNetwork TV programs differently because they run the same show every night, unlike everyone else.  They’re a different kind of network and their business model is very different.”  Is that enough to take them off the network list?  I think Rupert’s been here before.

Cablevision Systems Corporation, Media Storm and FX Networks have launched the first network-branded promotional VOD channel with content from FX’s linear channel. The new FX Preview Channel, available for Cablevision’s i0 digital subscribers, will have exclusive on-demand content from The Shield, Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me, plus new original content, interactive polling, sneak previews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Everything’s coming up weddings beginning June 3 when the Style network airs its 3-week celebration of love and marriage with special-themed programs of How Do I Look?, Modern Girls Guide to Life, Clean House and new episodes of the reality series Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? The 21-Day Wedding Party will also have new specials like Whose Destination Wedding Is It Anyway? and the third installment of Wedding Altered. To date, 115 cable systems, representing 26 million subscribers, have signed on to take part in this themed programming opportunity and will begin airing tagged spots on May 27.

Tonight’s Finales:
ABC:  AFV at 8p
CBS:  Close to Home at 9p and Numb3rs at 10p
NBC:  Conviction at 9p

You may be entitled to only 15 minutes of fame, but noted American Idol “singer” William Hung just doesn’t want to let go of his 15.  Yesterday he was named Artichoke King of the Castroville (California) Artichoke Festival.  Lest you think this title is for the feint of heart, rethink it — Marilyn Monroe was Artichoke Queen in 1947.

Today’s Cynopsis: MultiCultural Edition 5/19 includes upfront news from Telefutura, Discovery Networks US Hispanic Group, and SiTV.  You can check them out at the Cynopsis website by clicking here.

Upfront 2006: The CW

In its Upfront at Madison Square Garden Theatre yesterday, The CW revealed a primetime schedule that blends existing programs from the WB and UPN with just 90 minutes of new programming.

The most entertaining moment of the presentation was when Chris Rock took the stage, poked a little fun at the diversity in the Sunday night schedule and its four comedies of primarily black actors, and then turned to the network slogan. While there didn’t seem to be a network tag line, he assured the hundreds of advertisers before him there was — “The CW:  We’re not bulls***ing”  Big laugh.  And his last line before leaving the podium was more advice to the crowd: “You better spill some mother-f***ing money!”.  Huge laugh.

The CW’s new comedy:


  • The Game – the girlfriend of a third-string NFL player finds out who has the real power in the game – the women behind the players. From executive producers, Kelsey Grammer and Mara Brock-Akil, Produced by Happy Camper and Grammnet Productions in association with CBS Paramount Network Television.

And, the dramas:

  • Runaway – the Rader family, living a new life in Iowa, is on the run, hiding from the legal system that unjustly accused the father of a terrible crime. From Sony Pictures Television, Darren Star Productions and Golly Inc.
  • Hidden Palms – after his father commits suicide, 15-year-old Johnny moves to Palm Springs to live with his mom and her new husband and finds secrets lurking beneath the glossy surface of his glitzy new neighborhood. (Scheduled for mid-season.)

The returning programs are: Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, America’s Next Top Model, 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Supernatural, Friday Night Smackdown and Beauty and the Geek.

While 7th Heaven will be back in the fall, negotiations with cast members is ongoing. Present yesterday at the Upfront were Stephen Collins and Beverly Mitchell.  And also confirmed to return is exec prod Brenda Hampton will return.  Meanwhile, tho Reba is no where on the returning list provided by The CW yesterday at 11am, Broadcasting & Cable reports this morning the show will be returning after a late deal completed yesterday.

The CW also announced its plan for advertiser and viewer friendly commercial breaks, called Content Wraps (or CW, get it? yeah.).  Content Wraps are available to advertisers as content-driven, CW-produced “programming” that one advertiser can sponsor.  Within this two-minute pod, which will air two or three times during the course of the evening, a story will unfold.  In the unfolding of that story, the characters are also using, engaging in or somehow showcasing the advertisers product.  For instance, if it’s on Wednesday during America’s Next Top Model, the advertiser may be Clairol. Whatever the story content, the characters are using Clairol products. While Bill Morningstar and Dawn Ostroff of The CW say the advertiser response to the project has been wholly positive, they do not have any signed clients yet to speak of.

In other news from The CW, 11 new affiliates have been added to its stable of stations, taking the national coverage to more than 90% of the U.S. including all 20 of the Top 20 markets and now all 50 of the Top 50 markets. The new stations are: WLYH/Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York WLMT/Memphis KCZ/Springfield WBMN-DT/Macon KMTR-DT/Eugene WSEE/Erie KWBZ-DT/Lubbock WABI-DT/Bangor WENY-DT/Elmira-Corning WWTI-DT/Watertown KATN-DT/Fairbanks

Upfront 2006: Fox

FOX unveiled its slate of three new dramas and two new comedies for fall. The dramas:

  • Vanished – after the beautiful young wife of a prominent Georgia senator goes missing, the FBI delves into her life and discovers her disappearance may be part of a huge conspiracy. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television.
  • Standoff – Emily and Matt are top negotiators for the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit and when it’s revealed that they are sleeping together tension mounts between them, their boss and colleagues. From 20th Century Fox Television.
  • Justice – a dream-team of four attorneys who tackle high-profile, attention-grabbing cases. From Warner Bros. Television and Jerry Bruckheimer Television.
  • The Wedding Album – the ups and downs of weddings as seen through the eyes of  consummate bachelor who is also the wedding photographer. Produced by Fox Television Studios and 20th Century Fox Television. This program will premiere in January.

And the comedies:

  • ‘Til Death – half-hour about old marriage versus new marriage between neighbors. Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher star as the middle-aged couple. From Sony Pictures Television.
  • Happy Hour – Henry moves to Chicago at the behest of his girlfriend who ends up dumping him and he has to learn to survive being single in a big city. From Warner Bros. Television and Werner-Gold-Miller.
  • The Winner – Wonder Years type show narrated by a 43-year old man looking back at his life when he lost his innocence and started experiencing adult life at the age of 32. From 20th Century Fox Television. This show is scheduled for mid-season.

FOX has a few unscripted series that are scheduled to premiere this fall:

  • Duets – From Simon Cowell, pairs singing stars with celebrities outside the music industry to perform for charity. From Simco and Fox Television Studios.
  • Talk Show with Spike Feresten – late-night show with comedy sketches inside and outside the studio. Produced by Fox Television Studios.
  • On the Lot – competition show where one filmmaker will win a studio development deal at DreamWorks studio working with Steven Spielberg. From Mark Burnett Productions, DreamWorks Television and Amblin.

The returning series include 24, American Dad, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted: America Strikes Back, Bones, Cops, Family Guy, House, King of the Hill, The Loop, Madtv, Nanny 911, The O.C., Prison Break, The Simpsons, Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy and  The War at Home.


Judy Doctoroff
has been upped to President/Public Affairs Television, Inc., the production company founded by Bill Moyers and his wife Judith Davidson Moyers. Judy will also retain the title of COO.
InfoSpace, Inc. has appointed Russell Arons as VP/Marketing. She will be based in the company’s L.A. office, reporting to Stephen Davis, President/Mobile and Online Media.


Top 10 M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of 5/1-5/7/06 ranked by HH Rtg
Wheel of Fortune (King World)                            7.8 AA
Oprah (King World)                                             7.0 AA / 7.1 GAA
Jeopardy (King World)                                         6.4 AA
Everybody Loves Raymond (King World)          5.4 AA / 7.0 GAA
Dr. Phil (King World)                                          5.1 AA / 5.2 GAA
Seinfeld (Sony)                                                    5.0 AA / 6.4 GAA
Entertainment Tonight (Paramount)                    4.9 AA / 5.0 GAA
Friends (Warner Bros.)                                         4.5 AA / 5.7 GAA
Judge Judy (Paramount)                                       4.5 AA / 6.8 GAA
That ‘70s Show (Carsey-Werner)                         3.7 AA/ 4.6 GAA
Source: Nielsen Media Research – Live + SD Data
Top 10 M-F Syndicated Strip Series for the week of 5/1-5/7/06 ranked by A18-49
Seinfeld (Sony)                                                   3.3 AA / 4.2 GAA
Friends (Warner Bros.)                                       3.1 AA / 4.0 GAA
Everybody Loves Raymond (King World)         2.9 AA / 3.7 GAA
Oprah (King World)                                           2.8 AA / 2.8 GAA
That ’70s Show (Carsey-Werner)                       2.5 AA / 3.0 GAA
Entertainment Tonight (Paramount)                  2.1 AA / 2.1 GAA
King of the Hill (Carsey-Werner)                         1.9 AA/ 2.4 GAA
Dr. Phil (King World)                                        1.9 AA / 1.9 GAA
Wheel of Fortune (King World)                         1.9 AA
Jeopardy (King World)                                      1.7 AA
Source: Nielsen Media Research – Live + SD Data
Broadcast Daytime Ratings Rankings – Women 18-49, week of 5/8-5/14/06
General Hospital                2.1
Young & Restless              2.1
All My Children                2.0
Days of Our Lives             1.9
One Life to Live                1.9
Bold & Beautiful               1.5
The View                           1.4
Guiding Light                       1.3
Passions                            1.3
Price is Right 2                  1.3
As the World Turns          1.2
Price is Right 1                  1.1
Source: Nielsen’s Galaxy Explorer, NTI as dated *Sorted by W18-49 Rtg.  Data reflects Live + Same Day and does not include share because playback occurs outside the normal time period.

Wednesday – A18-49 Analysis: FOX saw an increase Wednesday night to win with a 6.8/18 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. NBC followed at 3.9/10, tying for third place ABC 3.7/10 and CBS 3.7/10, then UPN 1.8/5, UNIV 1.5/4, WB 1.0/3 and TELE 0.5/1. Deal or No Deal on NBC handily won the 8p hour with a 4.1/12. America’s Next Top Model delivered a 2.8/8 A18-49 but won the W18-34 demo with a 5.4/16. Over on Fox, the finale of Bones was #3 in the time period in the A18-49 demo with a 3.1/9. FOX’s American Idol at 10.5/25 was nearly twice as high than second place ABC with Lost at 5.9/14. Then at 10p, NBC did a tenth of point better with the finale of Law & Order at 4.5/12 than CSI: NY on CBS at 4.4/12.
Live + Same Day Ratings: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 – time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

FOX     11.2/17   Bones – Finale 6.0/10, American Idol Results Show 16.3/24

NBC     8.0/13   Deal or No Deal 8.9/15, Dateline 6.2/9, Law & Order – Finale 9.0/15

CBS     6.4/10   The Amazing Race – Finale (2 hours) 5.4/8, CSI: NY 8.4/14

ABC     5.9/9   Alias 3.9/6, Lost 8.7/13, Invasion 5.3/9

UPN     2.6/4   America’s Next Top Model – Finale 3.8/6, Half & Half [r] 1.5/2, Half & Half [r] 1.3/2

UNIV   1.9/3    La Fea Mas Bella 1.9/3, Barrera de Amor 2.0/3, Don Francisco Presenta 1.7/3

WB       1.4/2    The WB Movie: Final Destination 2 (2 hours) 1.4/2

TELE   0.7/1   Tierra de Pasiones 0.7/1, Corazon Partido 0.6/1, Decisiones 0.7/1

A18-49:  FOX 6.8/18, NBC 3.9/10, ABC 3.7/10, CBS 3.7/10, UPN 1.8/5, UNIV 1.5/4, WB 1.0/3, TELE 0.5/1

Friday Fun Fact: 
The United States Capitol in DC has 365 steps, representing one step for each day of the year.

The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1960 – The man who coined the term “rock ‘n’ roll,” disc jockey Alan Freed, is arrested on charges of pay-for-play commercial bribery, otherwise known as “payola.”
Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question: At the end of what game show did the person with the highest total try to start one of five cars, and if it started, won it? IF YOU ANSWERED HOLLYWOOD SQUARES OR SPLIT SECOND YOU WERE A WINNER!    Kudos to: Lynn Rosenfelt-Merlyn Monitoring Services/Montville NJ; Alan Asarch-Pearson Education/Parsippany NJ; Bob Eisenstaedt-Granite Springs Productions/Tampa; Anthony Salerno-Media Marketing Solutions/NY; Kyle Krebs-KLTY/Dallas; Judy Margolis-The Ad Place/Dallas; Dan McDonald-Comcast Spotlight/Nashville; Kristin Staskowski-Marketron International/Birmingham AL; Lizz Westman-CBS 2 KCAL/LA; Sam Zoda-Granada America/LA; Evan Weinstein-The Amazing Race; Lenn Klatt-Premiere Radio; Tracey Cohen-Breakthrough Films/Toronto



Source: Nielsen Media Research, 9/26/05-3/26/06, W25-54 AA (000), Live+SD. Rank on strict daypart program-based half hours among all ad supported cable, excluding Kids. Subject to qualifications available on request.

Today’s Trivia Question: Nancy Cartwright, who is the voice of Bart Simpson, was the voice of a character named Kip in what cartoon? (click here with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)



American Idol Rewind on Superstation WGN

American Idol Rewind re-introduces viewers to the exciting first season of American Idol, with never before seen footage that gives new energy to this cultural phenomenon. Discover the unique marketing opportunities available with this new show. Contact your Sales Rep for more information.

Later  — Cyn
05.19.06 – 5:07a

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JOB OPENING: MGR, PRICING & Planning/Ad Sales/Fox Cable/NYC: Dvlp revenue report & forecast, rate cards, manage stewardship & inventory, 2-4 yrs rel industry exper, strong comm/present skills, pro multi-tasker, (5/26)

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JOB OPENING: PR COORDINATOR/NFL NETWORK/LA: 3+yrs exp. in PR/Media relations, strong writing/comm. skills, working knowledge of TV industry and football. Apply (5/25)

JOB OPENING: CREATIVE SERVICES DIR/THE WEATHER CHANNEL/ATL: Implement/maintain creative dir in promos & packaging. Strong background Brdcst creative and/or advrtsng req’d.  See:   Apply: [email protected] (5/25)

JOB OPENING: SR. PROD/SHORT FORM/THE WEATHER CHANNEL/ATL: Creative writer w/excel storytelling skills & int. in outdoors/DIY/safety to devel/prod/supervise for ntwrk & platforms. See   Apply [email protected] (5/25)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR RESEARCH, OLN-Stamford:  Provide research support to all depts.  7+ yrs exp nat’l cable/broadcast tv & sports exp req’d. More info: www.olntv.c om  Resume/Salary: [email protected] EOE/AA/Drug (6/2)

JOB OPENING: SR. ANALYST, PROGRAM RESEARCH/Starz Entertainment Group/Englewood CO: BA and 2+ yrs hands-on ratings exp at station/net/rep firm. Strong analytical, writing, presentation skills. Fax cvr ltr/resume to 720.852.5891 (5/25)

JOB OPENING: BRAND MGR, KIDS PROPERTIES/American Greetings/NYC: Drive Interactive growth and all brand building aspects. Innovative, collegial demeanor. See full post and apply (5/24)

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SITUATION WANTED: STRATEGIC MRKTNG LEADER: Proven success. Innovative marketing passion. Hands-on brand bldr. Digital multi-plat specialist. Mngr’l excellence. Team spirit. For hire or consult. Contact: [email protected] (5/26)

SITUATION WANTED: PRODUCER/WRITER/FIELD DIRECTOR AVAILABLE. Exp’d in reality; entertainment; news; magazine format; excellent story teller. Three-time Emmy nominee. LA based, willing to travel. [email protected] 310-594-6917(5/25)

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT: Friday, May 19, 2006

ABC             AFV [f], 20/20
CBS             Dr. Phil PrimetimeSpecial Escaping Danger, Close to Home [f ], Numb3rs [f ]
FOX             Movie Special: X2: X Men
NBC             Dateline NBC, Conviction [f ]
i               Mary Higgins Clark’s: Try to Remember, It’s a Miracle
UPN             Friday Night Smackdown
WB              The WB Movie: Bend it Like Beckham
TELE            Tierra de Pasiones, Corazon Partido, Decisiones
UNIV            La Fea Mas Bella, Barrera de Amor, Lucero La Trayectoria Especial

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Friday March 24, 2023 Today’s Premieres Apple TV+: My Kind of Country Disney: Secrets of Sulphur Springs at 8p; Saturdays at 9p Hulu: Up Here Netflix: Love Is Blind; I Am Georgina Sunday’s Premieres CNN: Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico at 10p Fox: HouseBroken at 9:30p Fyi: Barrett-Jackson: REVVED UP at 10p Hallmark Channel: Ride […]

03/23/23: Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

  Thursday March 23, 2023 Good morning! It’s Thursday and this is your early morning Esports and gaming brief. Stinging rain, bike valet stations and long lunch lines at Chipotle have made for a feisty atmosphere at the 2023 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, which is hosting tens of thousands of attendees. […]

03/22/23: Cynopsis Jobs


AD SALES PLANNER SINCLAIR BROADCASTING GROUP NYC, Hybrid Responsible for creating, analyzing & communicating sales proposals to the Sales team for presentation to advertising agencies and/or clients. Collaborate w/all media platforms & departments to create proposals, execute campaigns, manage stewardship & pacing of linear & digital deals. Point of contact post sale & provide excellent […]