Friday, April 17th, 2009


Cynopsis: Kids!


Good morning. It’s Friday, April 17, 2009, and this is your first early morning Kids briefing.

MTV Networks International (MTVNI) launches MTV Impact, a new events division set up and operated by its Emerging Markets group, which together with partners will create and run events, festivals and activities across Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, The Middle East, Africa and India.  Neil Sharma is appointed to head MTV Impact, as Sr. Director and will be based in London.  Kicking things off, MTV Impact inks a partnership in Poland with the city of Gdansk to launch an outdoor two-day live music festival, Festival MTV – Gdansk Dzwiga Muze, which is scheduled for July.  Sharma, who will report to Bhavneet Singh, MD and EVP/Emerging Markets, MTVNI, joins the new division from MTV Networks in NY, where he was Sr. Director/Emerging Technologies Ad Sales, and also led the launch of MTVN’s first domestic all-music HD channel, Palladia.

Disney Channels EMEA GM Michael Cairns and VP/Global Original Programming Steven Aranguren exit from the company as Disney integrates with Jetix Europe, per Broadcastnow.  Jetix and Disney Channels EMEA SVP/Original Programming, Marc Buhaj, who takes over Aranguren’s responsibilities, will now lead the combined Jetix and Disney production and programming groups.  Boel Ferguson, MD Jetix UK and Nordic, takes over for Cairns and has been named Manager for both Jetix and Disney Channels in the UK and Ireland.  Buhaj and Ferguson will report to Georgio Stock, VP and MD, Disney Channels EMEA.


Principal photography has officially begun on Summit Entertainment‘s The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which will film on location in Vancouver, BC and Tuscany, Italy.  Reprising their roles are Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner as Bella, Edward and Jacob.  Directing the Twilight sequel is Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, About A Boy).  The movie features a range of other returning cast members and welcomes equally as many including those who will serve as the Volturi coven of vampires such as Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen.  The Twilight Saga: New Moon is slated for release on November 20, 2009.


BabyTV extends its reach in Eastern Europe launching on Volia (Ukraine).  The channel also recently launched on Comstar-Ukraine and AB Ukraine, as well as on National Cable Networks and Krokus in Russia, among others.  Additionally, BabyTV is already available in the region via operators such as MTU, Corbina and Kubtelekom in Russia, Romtelecom (Romania), ITI Neovision (Poland), SBB (Serbia), T2 & Planet 9 (Slovenia), Teo (Lithuania) and THT (Croatia).

Actor/host Mario Lopez is co-writing a kid’s picture book with his sister Marissa Lopez-Wong. Titled Mud Tacos!, the book has been acquired by Raymond Garcia, Publisher of Celebra Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) and is set for publication on October 15, 2009.  The book is the first of Celebra’s celebrity-driving kid’s program.  Illustrated by noted illustrator Maryn Roos, Mud Tacos! features stories from Mario and Marissa’s childhood.


Chapman Entertainment expands with the appointment of Natasha Dyson as Head of Licensing and Emma Way as Legal Affairs Manager.  Dyson, who had been with 19 Entertainment prior to this, joins Chapman as the company’s agency agreement with Target Entertainment is set to conclude and thus the Fifi and the Flowertots licensing comes in-house.  Way will work alongside exiting Legal Affairs Manager, Katie Errington.

The ASCAP Board of Directors elects songwriter/singer Paul Williams as the new President and Chairman of the Board.  Williams takes over the reins from Marilyn Bergman who announced she would step down after 15 years.  Songwriter Jimmy Webb has been elected writer Vice Chairman to replace Williams, who held that post for the prior two years.  On the publisher side, the re-elected officers are: Irwin Robinson of Paramount Allegra Music as Vice Chairman; Kathy Spanberger of peer music as Secretary; and James M. Kendrick of Schott Music Corporation/European American Music Corporation as Treasurer.


Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 2-11 for the week of 4/6-4/12/09 , 6a-6a:
K2-11                                     Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    iCarly (4/11; 8p)                                 2709
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (4/11; 9:30a) 2352
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (4/11; 9a)      2200
NICK:    Penguins of Madagascar (4/11; 10a)     2186
NICK:    True Jackson, VP (4/11; 8:30p)            2030
NICK:    Penguins of Madagascar (4/6; 8p)        1916
NICK:    Penguins of Madagascar (4/9; 8p)        1875
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (4/8; 5:30p)            1873
NICK:    iCarly (4/11; 1:30p)                            1862
NICK:    iCarly (4/11; 7p)                                 1839
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 6-11 for the week of 4/6-4/12/09 , 6a-6a:
K6-11                                     Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    iCarly (4/11; 8p)                                 2084
NICK:    True Jackson, VP (4/11; 8:30p)            1652
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (4/8; 5:30p)            1449
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (4/11; 9a)      1410
NICK:    Penguins of Madagascar (4/11; 10a)     1392
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (4/6; 6p)                   1377
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (4/11; 9:30a) 1347
NICK:    iCarly (4/11; 1:30p)                            1338
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (4/7; 7p)                   1332
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (4/6; 5:30p)   1330
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Tweens 9-14 for the week of 4/6-4/12/09 , 6a-6a:
Tweens 9-14                              Total Delivery (000)
NICK:    iCarly (4/11; 8p)                                     1939
NICK:    True Jackson, VP (4/11; 8:30p)                1503
FOX:     American Idol (4/7; 8-9:09p)                    1316
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (4/8; 5:30p)                 1260
FOX:     American Idol (4/8; 9-10p)                       1234
NICK:    Naked Brothers Band Movie (4/11; 9-10p) 1195
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (4/6; 5:30p)       1159
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (4/12; 8:30p)     1117
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (4/8; 5:30p)                 1071
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (4/6; 6p)                        1068
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Teens 12-17 for the week of 4/6-4/12/09 , 6a-6a:
Teens 12-17                                            Total Delivery (000)
NICK:      iCarly (4/11; 8p)                                                1167
FOX:       American Idol (4/7; 8-9:09p)                               1135
FOX:       American Idol (4/8; 9-10p)                                  1088
CBS:       NCAA Michigan State vs. UNC (4/6; 9:15p-11:47p)  902
NICK:     True Jackson, VP (4/11; 8:30p)                               812
FOX:       House (4/6; 8-9p)                                                  789
DSNY*:   Wizards of Waverly Place (4/6; 5:30p)                     687
DSNY*:   Wizards of Waverly Place (4/12; 8:30p)                   682
ADSM**: Family Guy (4/12; 11p)                                          680
NAN:       George Lopez (4/10; 11:30p)                                  676
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.
**Abbreviation for Adult Swim, which airs on Cartoon Network

Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, April, 11, 2009 Broadcast Networks only (Live + SD Data):
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data
ABC 0.8/4 Avg. (9a-1p)
The Emperor’s new School 0.5/3; The Replacements 0.6/3; That’s So Raven 0.9/4; That’s So Raven 1.1/5; Hannah Montana 1.2/6; Suite Life of Zack & Cody 1.1/6; Power Rangers RPM 0.6/4; Power Rangers RPM 0.6/4
CW (TheCW4Kids) 0.6/4 Avg. (7a-12p)
Huntik 0.2/2; Sonic X 0.6/4; Gogoriki 0.5/3; Gogoriki 0.7/4; Dinosaur 0.7/3; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 0.9/4; Chaotic 0.6/3; Chaotic 0.7/4; Yu-Gi-Oh 5D 0.7/4; Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 0.7/4
NBC (Qubo on NBC) Avg. 0.3/2 (10a-1p)
Veggie Tales 0.2/1; 3-2-1 Penguins 0.3/1; Turbo Dogs 0.2/1; Babar 0.2/1; The Zula Patrol 0.5/3; My Friend Rabbi 0.5/3
CBS (KEWLopolis on CBS) 0.3/1 Avg. (7-10a/10a-12p)
Cake 0.2/1; Horseland 0.4/2; Dino Squad 0.2/1; Strawberry Shortcake 0.3/1; Care Bears 0.4/2; Sushi Pack 0.1/1

Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, April, 11, 2009 Cable Networks only (Live + SD Data):
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data
NICKELODEON 4.1/24 Avg. (7a-1p)
Jimmy Neutron 1.5/19; Jimmy Neutron 2.5/21; Fairly OddParents 3.5/22; Fairly OddParents 4.6/26; SpongeBob SquarePants 5.8/28; SpongeBob SquarePants 5.5/27; Penguins of Madagascar 5.7/28; Back at the Barnyard 4.1/20; Mighty B! 4.0/21; SpongeBob SquarePants 3.8/21; SpongeBob SquarePants 4.0/23; SpongeBob SquarePants 3.9/23
DISNEY CHANNEL 2.1/12 Avg. (7a-1p)
Mickey’s Great Clubhouse (55 minutes) 1.9/20; Special Agent Oso 2.4/15; Handy Manny 2.0/11; My Friend Tigger & Pooh: Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too (60 minutes) 1.6/8; Imagination Movers 1.5/8; Handy Manny 1.5/7; Phineas and Ferb 2.2/12; Phineas and Ferb 2.6/14; Herbie Fully Loaded (105 minutes) 2.8/16
CARTOON NETWORK 1.8/10 Avg. (7a-1p)
George of the Jungle 1.5/13; Transformers: Animated 1.9/12; Secret Saturdays 2.3/13; Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl  Battle Dimension 2.6/13; Star Wars: Clone Wars 2.5/12; Ben 10: Alien Force 2.2/11; Batman: Brave & The Bold 2.0/10; Bakugan 1.7/9; Robotboy 1.4/8; Ben 10: Alien Force 1.1/6; Ben 10: Alien Force 1.1/6
DISNEY XD 0.6/4 Avg. (7a-1p)
Suite Life of Zack & Cody 0.3/3; Phineas and Ferb 0.6/5; Phineas and Ferb 1.1/7; Jimmy Two Shoes 0.7/4; Kid vs. Kat 0.8/4; Phineas and Ferb 0.8/4; Monster Buster Club 0.6/3; Yin Yang Yo 0.5/3; Static Shock 0.5/3; Static Shock 0.4/2; Static Shock 0.7/4; Spectacular Spider-Man 0.6/3

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON:         K2-11 1158; K6-11 523; TWEENS 9-14 383
DISNEY CHANNEL:     K2-11   817; K6-11 519; TWEENS 9-14 449
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   480; K6-11 308; TWEENS 9-14 206
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   120; K6-11   60; TWEENS 9-14   47
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data

Friday Fun Fact: 
Punctuation was not invented until the 1500’s … and has been a pain in the neck ever since!

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:   On this sitcom, the state motto was “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  What show was this?   BENSON  Kudos to … none.  Oh, tough one, eh?  Well, give this one a whirl ….

Today’s Trivia Question:  What TV character is famous for this line:  “Heavens to Murgatroid!”? (Email [email protected] with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

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