Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


Sunday at Scripps Networks. A Prime Time for “Star” Gazing.

The finale of Next Food Network Star achieved the Highest Ratings in the network’s history:
*   3.0 HH      2.8 W25-54     2.4 W18-49      2.1 A25-54  
*   #1 Prime Time show of the week in All of Cable on all three demos
*   #1 Sunday Prime Time show in All of Television on Women 18-49

Design Star delivered 2,164,000 Women 18+, the Largest Primetime Female Audience in the network’s history.

Source: The Nielsen Co. Qualifications Upon Request. Visit



Good morning. It’s Wednesday, July 30, 2008, and this is your first early morning briefing.  

Tonight’s Premieres:
Comedy Central: Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil at 1030p
Investigation Discovery:  Call 911 at 8p
Tonight’s Finales:
NBC: Baby Borrowers at 9p
Style: Dress My Nest at 11p


American Latino TV and LatiNation are both firm go’s for next season, and both set to debut on their 7th and 5th seasons respectively during the week of September 29, 2008.   American Latino TV has renewals and new affiliates in more than 100 cities, representing more than 91% of the Hispanic TV homes.  LatiNation will be available in 85% of the total US Hispanic homes and in 85 cities across the country.

Broadcast Evening News Ratings Wrap-Up: The final results for the week of July 21 2008:
NBC: 7.31 million total viewers and 1.8/8 A25-54
ABC: 7.17 million total viewers and 1.8/8 A25-54
CBS: 5.60 million total viewers and 1.4/6 A25-54

Outdoor Channel launched in hi-def on Time Warner Cable Inc. in these major markets: Kansas City, Mo.; Portland, Maine; Rochester, N.Y. and San Antonio, Texas.


Sean Maguire has been cast in the lead role of Comedy Central‘s new series Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire.  This marks the networks first attempt into medieval comedy, which will be shot on location in Hungary and is scheduled to premiere in early 2009.  The story features Maguire as the reluctant hero Krod Mandoon, a sensitive, clueless freedom fighter, as the last great hope in a medieval struggle.  The series is a co-production between Comedy Central and MRC.

HBO has picked up a project based on the novel by Liza Palmer called Conversations with a Fat Girl.  The story focuses on Maggie and her now not-so-fat friend who is getting married to a guy Maggie thinks is all wrong.  Author Palmer won’t be writing any of the episodes, reports Variety.

Showtime‘s pilot project Possible Side Effects has cast Josh Lucas in the lead role as Max Hunt, who oversees a family owned and operated pharmaceutical company.  Tim Robbins is exec producer and will direct.

Casting CallTLC’s What Not To Wear? is holding an open casting call in New York City’s Times Square on Thursday, July 31st from 130-330p (early arrival is encouraged).  You’ll have an opportunity to step in front of the infamous 360-degree mirror and tell Stacy & Clinton and the producers why you should have a fashion transformation on What Not To Wear?, and win new hair, makeup and a $5,000 wardrobe.  You should report to the military recruitment island (between 43rd & 44th Streets and between Broadway and 7th Avenue), and remember, this is not the time to dress for success!  Show us how fashionably-challenged you are!

Casting Call:  Fine Living Network wants to know if you’re having trouble on the dating front and may be interested in getting yourself a really great Dating Coach!  FLN is looking for singles – guys and girls – who could use a little help.  You must be 25-45 years old, and need to send the following information to this email address: 

.  Name, age, contact number, address, email, what is your dating dilemma, how do you find dates, what type of relationship are you looking for, and what type of person do you want to meet?  Good luck!


POLITICO.COM : stellar content & high-impact ad units. POLITICO DELIVERS RESULTS

CYNOPSIS DIGITAL – TODAY’S TOP STORYGames appealing to broad audiences are proving to be little engines that could pull media companies through uncertain times. While ad revenue at Viacom was mostly flat during Q2, revenues from Rock Band and other ancillary streams were up 62% to $307 million, helping the company beat Wall Street estimates. Meanwhile game publishing giant Electronic Arts reported narrowed losses as revenue doubled to $809 million during the quarter. EA executives expect the turnaround to continue with a variety of releases planned for later this year on multiple platforms, from Spore on the PC to Dead Space on the PS3 and Xbox 360 to MySims on the Wii and Nintendo DS.  Full edition: CYN DIGITAL.

Cynopsis Kids – now with HTML elements!

CYNOPSIS KIDS – TODAY’S TOP STORY:  (Now with HTML elements!) Dentsu Inc. has launched a new US-based division, DCI Los Angeles (DCI-LA), to develop, co-produce, distribute and license original animation programs.  DCI-LA is seeking North American and European co-production partners to develop new animated properties aimed at K6-12 and males 17-25 for TV, home entertainment and other media, which will be backed by Dentsu Inc.  Additionally, DCI-LA is set to release the animation fantasy series Deltora Quest, based on Australian author Emily Rodda’s books by the same name, outside of Asian markets.  Helmed by Yuma Sakata, SVP, and Marc Harrington, VP/Business Development, DCI-LA is looking for broadcast partners and licensees across all territories and categories respectively.  Produced by OLM in association with Dentsu, the popular Deltora Quest series airs on TV Tokyo’s TV Aichi programming block. Now published by Scholastic, Inc., the Deltora Quest series is available in 30 countries. Full edition: CYN KIDS.

CYNOPSIS INTERNATIONAL – TODAY’S TOP STORY: VOOM HD Networks entered into its second global carriage agreement for its RUSH extreme sports/action channel with Germany’s Kabel BW cable operator (Kabel Baden Wurttemberg GmbH & Co. KG, Heidelberg).  It will be in the new Pay-TV-Package with its 2.3 million available homes.  The deal was brokered by Chello Zone.   Full edition: CYN INTERNATIONAL.


Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among A18-49 for the week of 7/21-27/08
Primetime      (000)         Total Pgm Day        (000)
USA               1199          NAN*                      673
TBSC             1071          NICK                        558
TNT                946          TNT                         558
AETN              777           USA                        546
DISC               758          ADSM*                     541
ESPN              704           TBSC                       535
FX                  607           ESPN                       445
NAN                 603          LIFE                        426
CMDY              597           DISC                       401
SPK                 586          FX                           383
Source Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 112,800,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among Total Viewers for the week of 7/21-27/08         
Primetime       (000)        Total Pgm Day              (000)
USA                2963         NICK                          2283
TNT                2373         NAN*                         1597
TBSC              1936         USA                           1280
NAN                1718         TOON                         1258
FOXN              1602         TNT                           1182
ESPN              1501         ADSM*                       1132
LIFE               1443         TBSC                           958
AETN              1417         LIFE                            931
TOON             1387         FOXN                           900
HALL               1353        ESPN                           829
Source Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 112,800,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks
broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top 10 Cable Programs among A18-49 (000) for the week of 7/21-28/08
ESPN  NASCAR Sprint Cup                                   2770
USA     WWE Entertainment 10p                           2471
DISC    Deadliest Catch                                      2361
USA     WWE Entertainment 9p                            2292
FOOD    Spec Food Network Star Finale                  2285
TNT     The Closer at 9p                                     2159
USA     Burn Notice                                           2116
TNT     Sprint Cup Racing/Chicago                       2311
TBSC    Last Holiday                                           2098
ESPN    Yankees/Red Sox                                    1879
USA      Psych                                                   1836
Source Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television
Universe of 112,800,000 homes

Saturday – A18-49 Analysis:  With tried and true programming thru the years, Fox wins again on Saturday night, delivering an overall 1.5/6 A18-49 according to final national live + same day ratings from Nielsen.  From 8-10p, Fox lead with each of its programs – Cops 1.3/6, Cops 1.5/6 and America Fights Back delivered a 1.6/6.  At 10p, the final hour of CBS’ Saturday Night Fights was in front with a 1.2/4.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: SATURDAY, JULY 26, time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

FOX  2.8/6      Cops 2.5/6; Cops [r] 2.8/6; America Fights Back 2.9/6

NBC  2.3/5      The Office [r] 1.0/2; The Office [r] 1.0/2; Law & Order [r] 2.7/5;  Law & Order: CI 3.4/7

CBS  2.1/4      48 Hours Mysteries 2.8/6; CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights 1.7/4

ABC 1.7/3       Wonderful World of Disney: Peter Pan 1.7/4; Eli Stone [r] 1.5/3

MNT  1.0/2      My Saturday Movie: Under the Tuscan Sun 1.0/2

UNIV 1.1/2      Sabado Gigante 1.1/2

TELE 0.4/1      Cine En Casa: Ice Age  0.3/1; Cine De Impacto Mummy Returns 0.4/1

A18-49:  FOX 1.5/6, CBS 9.9/4, ABC 0.7/3, NBC 0.7/3, UNIV 0.7/3, MNT 0.4/1, TELE 0.4/1

Sunday – A18-49 Analysis:  With a list of comedy repeats throughout primetime, Fox won the night with a 1.8/5 A18-49 rating according to final national live + same day ratings from Nielsen.  That’s just one tenth of a rating point over NBC’s 1.7/5.  At 7p ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Video led the charge with a 1.7/6.  At 8p CBS led the first half of the hour with a 2.0/6 for Big Brother, but the second episode of The Simpsons stepped it up at 830p with a 2.3/7.  At 9p the Family Guy and American Dad combo won with a 2.3/7; while the second hour of Dateline Sunday was in front at 10p with a 2.2/6.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: SUNDAY, JULY 27, time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

NBC  4.1/7      Most Outrageous [r] 2.3/5; Most Outrageous [r] 2.4/5; America’s Got Talent [r] 3.4/6; Dateline Sunday 5.2/9

CBS  4.0/7      60 Minutes [r] 6.3/13; Big Brother 3.7/7; Cold Case [r] 3.4/6; Flashpoint [r] 2.6/5

ABC  2.6/5      AFHV [r] 3.3/7; High School Musical 2.0/4; EM: Home Edition [r] 3.1/5; Desperate Housewives [r] 2.1/4

FOX  2.3/4      Til Death [r] 1.4/3; Til Death [r] 1.5/3; Simpsons [r] 2.4/4; Simpsons [r] 2.9/5; Family Guy [r] 3.1/5; American Dad [r] 2.7/4

UNIV 1.1/2      Tecate Pr Deportes 1.1/2; Primer Impacto Ed 1.1;2; Pantera Sun 0.9/2

TELE 1.0/2      Cine Millonario–titanic 1.0/2

CW   0.6/1      One Tree Hill [r] 0./5/1; Everybody Hates Chris [r] 0.7/1; Aliens in America [r] 0.7/1; The Game [r] 0.6/1; Girlfriends [r] 0.6/1

A18-49:   FOX 1.8/5; NBC 1.7/5; CBS 1.4/4; ABC 1.3/4; TELE 1.1/3; UNIV 0.8/3; CW 0.4/1

Monday – A18-49 Analysis:  CBS and Fox tied for the night, each posting a 2.2/6 A18-49 ratings according to final national live + same day ratings from Nielsen.  American Gladiators on NBC and Fox’s Bones tied at 8p, each scoring a 1.9/6 for the hour.  At 9p the CBS comedies prevailed, earning a 2.7/7 for the hour.  And at 10pa repeat of CSI Miami was in front with a 2.0/6.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: MONDAY, JULY 28, time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

CBS  5.0/8      Big Bang Theory [r] 3.6/6; How I Met Your Mother [r] 3.6/6; Two and a Half Men [r] 6.2/10; Old Christine [r] 5.0/8; CSI Miami [r] 5.9/10

FOX  4.6/8      Bones [r] 4.2/7; House [r] 4.9/8

NBC  3.6/6      American Gladiators 3.1/5; Nashville Star 3.7/6; Dateline NBC 3.8/7

ABC  2.2/4      High School Musical 2.5/4; Wanna Bet? 2.1/3; The Mole 2.0/3

UNIV 2.1/4      Cine De Las Estrellas Mon :  La Novia De Chucky  0.4/1; Dama De Troya, La-mon 0.2/0

CW   0.8/1      Gossip Girl [r] 0.9/2; One Tree Hill [r] 0.7/1

TELE 0.6/1      Juramento 0.3/1; Victoria 0.7/1; Sn Senos No Hay Paraiso 0.8/1

MNT  0.5/1      Celebrity Expose [r] 0.7/1; Decision House [r] 0.4/1

A18-49:  CBS 2.2/6; FOX 2.2/6; NBC 1.8/5; UNIV 1.7/5; ABC 1.1/3; CW 0.4/1; TELE 0.4/1; MNT 0.3/1


Meredith Corporation upped Dalton Lee to VP/Finance for the Meredith Broadcasting Group, from his previous post as Group Controller. In addition to overseeing all financial activities, Dalton is also responsible for strategic planning for the group.  He will continue to report to Doug Lowe, EVP/Meredith Broadcasting Group.  

Evolution Media added two producers to its executive staff – Lisa Lettunich as VP/Production, overseeing all logistics for the company’s programming; and Susan Seide to VP/Current Series, responsible for Evolution Media’s growing slate of production. 

Thomas Moody promoted to SVP/Programming Planning and Acquisitions for A&E Network and Bio Channel, reporting to Bob DeBitetto, President and General Manager.  Tom will be responsible for developing and implementing the programming, scheduling and acquisition strategies for the flagship A&E Network, Bio Channel, as well as new initiatives such as the Crime & Investigation Network. 
Breakthrough Films & Television will expand its television movies division to include original development and production.   The company named Marina Cordoni as Head of Sales and Business Development, Theatrical & TV movies to oversee the division’s growing slate of in-house productions.   Her role will encompass a variety of tasks, including the acquisition of movie scripts, the development and production of original TV movies and the international distribution of original and acquired productions.  The first project under the newly expanded division will be the development of Shadow Island Mysteries, a wheel of TV movies which take place on the same mysterious island located in the middle of Shadow Lake. Breakthrough will also continue to engage in co-production partnerships with both domestic and international producers, as well as aggressively pursue acquisitions and format development. 
Greg Neal is making a move from VP/Creative at Food Network/Scripps, to EVP/Creative at VM Foundry, Digital Marketing Agency, in Austin, TX.  Greg reports to Jim Eustace, CEO.

Three key executive moves at National Geographic Channel:

  • Brad Dancer to SVP/Research & Digital Media, reporting to Steve Schiffman, GM/EVP.  Brad heads up a team responsible for all network research, providing guidance for program development, strategy, and scheduling, as well as ad sales, consumer marketing and digital research.
  • Bridget Whalen upped to VP/Development, Co-Productions & Acquisitions, reporting to Steve Burns, EVP/Content, and responsible for developing and identifying the best programming ideas, producers and talent for the network, as well as purchasing completed shows that complement the network’s programming strategy.
  • Lisa Clark promoted to VP/Consumer Marketing & Media Strategy, reporting to Kiera Hynninen, SVP/Marketing & Creative.  Lisa is responsible for developing and executing the network’s marketing and media strategies designed to drive consumer awareness and tune-in to NGC programs.

Thomas Ehlmann, VP/GM of WGN-TV in Chicago, has moved to Pres/GM of KXAS/Dallas, effective August 11.  KXAS is an NBC owned and operated station.  He reports to Larry Wert, President/Central & Western Region, NBC Local Media. (Congratulations Tom!) Tom steps in at KXAS for Tom O’Brien who moved to WNBC as Pres/GM last April.

As for Tribune’s WGN-TV, Marty Wilke has been named interim GM effective immediately.  Marty has been the Director of Sales at WGN since 2002.

Fuse hired Karen Ramspacher as VP/Research, reporting to Theresa Chillianis, SVP/Strategy & Business Operations.  Karen will be responsible for all research activities at Fuse, providing strategic analysis for brand development, programming, ad sales and content distribution.


The Institute for Media and Entertainment and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management present a high-impact Branding Program for media and entertainment executives. Learn from the #1 marketing faculty in the world while networking with industry colleagues.
Nov 17-19 in New York City
Master branding, positioning and how to build and reinforce your brand system across multiple platforms.

This day in History:  2003 – The last “old style” Volkswagen Beetle rolled off an assembly line in Mexico.

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  Before starring on the series Two and Half Men, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer previously worked together. In what movie did they both appear?  HOT SHOTS Kudos to:Clare Taricska-WJW Cleveland/Cleveland, OH; Catherine Clowers-Eastman Radio/NY; Jim Bono-Hallmark Channel/NY; Beth Krinock-Zenithmedia/NY; Jonathan Miller-QNI/Quincy, IL; Brian Fleming-WNOL/New Orleans; Mary Brannen-Merriam-Webster Inc./Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc./Chicago; Drew Kearse-New Control/Chicago; Sarah Karam-Max Media of Montana/Missoula, MT; Greg Carroll-IMG/Big Fish Entertainment/Santa Barbara; Conal O’Herlihy-Traveling Light Media/Burbank; Suzanne Silberstein-TeleRep/LA; Caroline A. Godin-One Girl Revolution Inc./Toronto

Today’s Trivia QuestionWhat late ’80s sitcom spinoff featured a group called the Lubbock Babes?   (Email
with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Cyn

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT –  Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ABC: Wife Swap [r], Supernanny [r], Primetime: Crime
AZTECA: Vidas al Limite, Historias Engarzadas, Pasiones Prohibidas
CBS: Greatest American Dog, Criminal Minds [r], CSI: NY [r]
CW: America’s Next Top Model [r], Pussy Cat Dolls Present: Girlicious [r]
FOX: So You Think You Can Dance [r], So You Think You Can Dance
ION: Quantum Leap, The Dead Zone, ER
MNT: Under One Roof [r], Whacked Out Videos [r], Twilight Zone [r], Twilight Zone [r]
NBC: America’s Got Talent [r], The Baby Borrowers, Law & Order [r]
PBS: Click & Clack’s As the Wrench Turns, Nova Science Now, Carrier
TELE: El Juramento, Victoria, Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso
UNIV: Al Diablo con los Guapos, Fuego en la Sangre, Don Francisco Presenta

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Wednesday April 17, 2024 SambaTV and GSTV have teamed for a national quick-service restaurant brand and a national CPG brand to analyze the reach and frequency of GSTV campaigns compared to national and local TV schedules. “Our collaboration with GSTV unifies the impact of advertising effectiveness both in and out of the home,” said Samba […]

Cynopsis 04/17/24: Amazon picks up Travis Kelce-hosted game show

Wednesday April 17, 2024 Today’s Premieres Hulu: Under the Bridge; See You in Another Life Netflix: Our Living World; Don’t Hate the Player; The Grimm Variations; The Circle Speedvision: Helping Hands Garage at 8p TVMonde5USA: Sortez-mol de moi at 11:30p IN THE NEWS Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) want details about […]