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Cynopsis: Classified Advantage


Good morning – it’s Tuesday, June 2, 2009, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!  This edition includes the top job listings in the Television, Media and Ad Agency markets, professional development advice from national experts, your Q & A’s with our experts, and a summary of executive moves among top companies.

Tips For Interviews

Research the company. Many interviewers will cut short the interview if you do not have at least basic information about the company. Scour the company’s website for their history and what they do. Look at the size and breadth of the company, and study their products. Read trade journals, find articles on the recent trends of the company and it’s industry. Read Bios on the top executives, determine other than profits, what does the company value. To the best of your ability, find out what role you will be playing within the company so you can tailor your answers to meet their needs. But you must be careful not to slam the interviewer with irrelevant information.

  • Always prepare company specific questions; the culture of the company, future possibilities within the company.  It will give you some control over the interview, show your interest and demonstrate that you have done your research.
  • Be 10-15 minutes early but no earlier.
  • Turn off your cell phone!
  • Be gracious with EVERYBODY you meet.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask receptionist how to pronounce interviewer’s name if you are unsure.
  • Be prepared. Arrive with a copy of your resume and cover letter, pen and paper.
  • Write down past successes and the skills you used to achieve success. Find a way to work this information into your interview without repeating your resume.
  • Upon meeting the interviewer, say their name, then introduce yourself while giving a firm handshake and making eye contact. Experts are amazed at how many applicants fail to do this.
  • Wait until the interviewer offers you a seat to sit.
  • Vary the tone and tempo of your voice. Remember, you might be the fourth successive meeting for the interviewer, don’t bore them.
  • There is nothing more contagious than enthusiasm.
  • Make eye contact, especially when being asked a question, but don’t stare.
  • If asked a thought provoking question, take some time to think about your answer. The question may be asked just to see if you are impulsive or thoughtful.
  • If you have a portfolio on the web, bring your own laptop.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about something you don’t understand. Pretending will become apparent.
  • Don’t ask about salary or benefits, the interviewer will bring that up at an appropriate time.
  • NEVER talk about former employers or co-workers in a negative manner.
  • Reiterate how much you want the job while saying goodbye.
  • Get the interviewer’s business card so you can send a thank you letter after the interview.

Next week: How to add value to your resume

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage is a work in progress, designed with our readers in mind. We welcome your feedback and will try to incorporate any suggestions into our weekly coverage.  And if you have any specific questions or topics of particular interest you’d like our Experts to address, please let me know!  You can reach me – John Cox – directly at [email protected].


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BET, CAA, CableU/CABLEready, E!, Endemol USA, E3E Media Enterprises, Fox Mobile Studios, FearNET, Fremantle, FX, Granada America, The Gurin Company, Lifetime, Lionsgate, MGM, Moderati, MTV, RDF USA/Pangea, ShineReveille, William Morris Agency
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By Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine

Every person conducting a job search looks for reasons to eliminate candidates. They want to make their life as easy as possible and that means narrowing the field as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Not giving them reasons to scratch you off the list is more than half the battle.

  • Don’t schedule meetings on Mondays or Fridays if you can help it. Monday they’ll feel burdened by their workload, and Friday they’ll be preoccupied about escaping for the weekend. In either case they won’t give you undivided attention.
  • Don’t meet over a meal or drinks. If it’s unavoidable, have them order first. If pressed, explain you’ve never been there and ask what they’d suggest. Whatever is served, make sure you leave the occasion still hungry and thirsty.
  • Don’t cut a memorable appearance. Forget flamboyance and style, even if you’re in an artistic industry. Think plain vanilla business garb. You want them to remember your qualifications, accomplishments and erudition, not that you wore cowboy boots or a giant parrot head pin.
  • Don’t make small talk. No comments on pictures on the wall, the furniture, or the view. You’re not going to get an offer because you both own Airedales or appreciate the work of Cindy Sherman. This isn’t speed dating it’s a business meeting.
  • Don’t volunteer. This is their show, not yours. You can try to subtly steer things, but only in ways that keep the focus on their interests. You want them to feel like they’re buying, rather than being sold.
  • Don’t ask about anything that benefits you, like salary, vacation, or perqs. This is all about your being able to fill their needs, not about their being able to fill your wants.
  • Don’t follow up too soon or pester. Wait 24 hours before offering written thanks via email or telephone. And then don’t get in touch again unprompted, for another 48 hours. If you don’t hear back after 96 hours, forget about the job. If they eventually call back later than that it can be a pleasant surprise.

Stephen M. Pollan is one of America’s most trusted and admired career and financial advisors and is the author of more than a dozen books including the national bestsellers Die Broke and Second Acts. Information about his practice and writing can be found at stephenpollan.com. Mark Levine ( http://www.gostryter.com ) has been Pollan’s collaborator for more than 20 years.

Next week: Do the Math

If you have any specific questions you’d like our Experts to address, please email them to me, John Cox at [email protected].

Questions from our Readers

Hi John! I like that the Classified Advantage is taking things to the next level by creating more of a forum rather than just the news. I would love to ask about agents or management companies that represent reality/documentary tv series producers. I am sure they are out there, I just don’t know how to go about getting representation. Who are they and what are they looking for in a client? Thanks again!

Getting an agent has always been something of a Catch-22. With so many looking for representation, agents tend to focus on sure things who provide them with a chance to make as much in commission in possible, as quickly as possible. Occasionally they’ll take on a newbie long shot if he or she has extraordinary potential or fills a gap in their stable. Your best chance with an established agent is to have one of his or her existing (and successful) clients recommend you. If you don’t have that kind of connection, look for an agent who is just starting out – someone who’s just as in need of a break as you.

How do you suggest approaching the topic of relocation, and when, in the application process? I want to move to a specific city, and am applying to jobs in that area. However I am currently working and living about five hours away.. While having a future employer help fund the relocation expenses would be great, I’d be willing to pay them myself for the right opportunity. But if I mention that in my cover letter, am I coming across as too presumptive? “Look this one’s already asking about moving and we haven’t even interviewed her yet!” On the other hand, am I in danger of not even being considered because my address on my resume is not local?

The act of applying for the job indicates your willingness to relocate. As long as you don’t give any indication otherwise, employers will assume your first priority is finding a job you want, not lining up an income in a location to which you want to move. Assume you’ll have to pick up the costs of relocating and leave it there. Remember, you’re applying to them, they’re not recruiting you. If you’re accessible for conversations and interviews your current location won’t matter.

Ask the Experts answers provided by Stephen M. Pollan [email protected] and Mark Levine http://www.gostryter.com

Have a question for our experts? Send it to [email protected]


Turner Sports Scores: The NBA on TNT is #1 in Broadcast Prime.
Broadcast network averages include season finales including American Idol
TNT NBA Playoffs: 994
FOX Prime Average: 870
ABC Prime Average: 516
CBS Prime Average: 462
NBC Prime Average: 439
Source: Nielsen Media Research. Full Source info click here
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Account Executives  
MIVA Media – Adknowledge
New York Sales Office
Job Code: MIVAAE


On June 9 in NYC, Horizon Media will co-sponsor a workshop with Human Resources International for 200 advertising media professionals who are looking to develop their personal brand to land a a job and develop their overall job search strategies.. Register at



day to day management of all of ESPN Deportes’ Advertising and Multimedia Sales & Marketing across all of ESPN Deportes’ Multimedia Platforms (TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile, Broadband, Magazines, and Events) within the U.S. Hispanic market and Puerto Rico
Vice President, Multimedia Sales & Marketing  188902

drive revenue by selling Google TV solutions to top-tier advertisers
Account Executive
Google TV Advertising

drive revenue by selling Online Audio Ads solutions to top-tier advertisers
Account Executive, Online Audio Ads

managing relationships with direct clients in the travel industry
Account Manager, Travel Vertical

take charge of high-performing and highly skilled client services and operations associates
Advertising Management Consulting Manager

selling Google Enterprise solutions in large accounts within your territory
Enterprise Regional Sales Manager

seasoned and energetic professional, responsible for leading Google’s research and analysis to support advertising sales efforts
Advertising Research Director, North America Business Marketing

driving and managing revenue generating activities for the DOOH line of business, specifically new business development and ongoing account/program management
Director, Digital Out of Home Development
MTV Networks

maintaining existing relationships with 25+ feed providers as well as developing relationships with new providers
Business Development Exec, Keyword Feeds

ensure flawless campaign execution as well as provide ongoing monitoring and support for assigned Partners, Advertisers and Agencies
Digital Account Manager
Interactive One
New York, NY

increase and maximize the advertising revenue across the Radio One and Interactive One online network of websites
Digital Sales Manager
Radio One

develop and manage unique advertising sales driven and marketing projects
Director Digital Advertising Sales Marketing
Radio One

measuring and analyzing performance on a day to day basis of the group as a whole and the advertiser partners in particular
Account Analyst
Radio One

executing, monitoring, and optimizing online advertising campaigns
Manager Client Services
Radio One

oversee and drive revenue targets for performance based business channels where the back-end advertiser metrics being measured include CPA, CPC and CPL goals
Director Performance Review
Radio One

develop, evaluate and approve deals (deal metrics, creative formats, impression volumes and pricing) to maximize the gross profit generated by online inventory
Manager, Online Ad Sales Operations   57279
Lifetime Networks

develop sales strategies and with the sales support teams you will ensure compliance to standardized workflows from initial insertion of orders to invoicing
Advertising Sales Manager
John Wiley & Sons Inc
Hoboken NJ

participate in management decisions, assist in the company’s growth planning and will manage the end-to-end Marketing function for SAT-GE
Marketing Director  1059181
GE Capital
Bethesda MD

mentor and train the Account Management team to deliver the highest quality media plans, optimization recommendations and mid and end of campaign reports and analyses
Manager, Account Management  FIM15644
MySpace US
Chicago IL

coordinating the launch of advertising campaigns, managing client relationships
Account Exec or Sr Account Exec
Traffic Marketplace
Texas, TX
[email protected]

experience with online policy and social networking websites, blogs, and e-pitching tools
Director Media Relations
Seattle WA

determine and prepares documentation in accordance with Fox policies, legal requirements, and customer specifications
Analyst, Sales Ops   FFE15400
Fox Filmed Entertainment
Los Angeles CA

servicing key national accounts, negotiating carriage and maximizing distribution of LES’ products and services
Director, National Accounts   58104
Lifetime Networks
Los Angeles  CA

aid in development and implementation of media plans for Lifetime programming
Manager, Media Planning   58020
Lifetime Networks
Los Angeles CA

manage and execute daily marketing initiatives/strategies for SOAPNet and ABC Daytime in conjunction with marketing leadership
Senior Manager – Marketing   191605
SOAPNet, ABC Daytime
Burbank CA

proven understanding of Direct Marketing, Brand Management and CRM
NBMBAA 2008 – Marketing/Sales   31510
Burbank CA

generate new leads, organize meetings and open new accounts
Sales Executive, Television/VOD
SmartJog USA, Inc.
Century City  CA
[email protected]

coordinating all company-wide activities involving advertising, promotion and marketing (online, print, newsletter, promotions, trade shows)
Marketing Coordinator
Megatrax Production Music
North Hollywood  CA
[email protected]

primary driver of the Studio Franchises business line, establishing the strategic direction of the business and ensuring the development of global marketing strategies and execution of marketing programs to ensure the growth and success
Director, Global Brand Marketing   194890
Disney Interactive Media Group
Glendale CA

responsible for analyzing data to maximize revenue opportunities
Media Analyst   FIM16273
Fox Entertainment Group
Brisbane CA

lead the online experience related to LeapFrog handheld gaming platforms, defining marketing strategy, consumer experience and long range strategy
Senior Brand Manager, Online Gaming
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.
Emeryville CA

Sources: CareerCast, MediaPost, Ad Age, iMedia Connection, indeed, iMedia Connection, Fox Careers, Walt Disney, Google


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SOURCE: Nielsen Media Research. Click here for full source data.


Cynopsis CLASSIFIEDSFor More classifieds, visit the Cynopsis.com classifieds page here

JOB OPENING: SALES PLANNER/TV One/NY: prepare post analysis, prepare advertiser’s scheds; create presentations; research; track liability schedules. Exp sales/plnnig preferred. Visit www.tvoneonline.com to apply. (6/6)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL PRODUCTION COORDINATOR/NYC: Seeking FT with strong Excel skills, self-motivated, able to work in a fast-paced, evolving and dynamic environment, ent. industry experience required. Apply: [email protected] (6/6)

JOB OPENING: SR. MGR, RESEARCH/Music Choice: Support sales, mrktng& prgrmng initiatives across multiple platforms w/accurate & actionable research. BA/BS, plus 6-8 yrs relevant media research exp. required [email protected] (6/6)

JOB OPENING: RESEARCH ANALYST/Screenvision Cinema/NYC: 2-4 yrs exp; proficient w/Nielsen & Research systems. Ability to analyze data & execute for sales in fast pace environ. Apply at www.screenvision.com (6/5)

JOB OPENING: ENT CAREER COUNSELOR (LA temp FT thru Sep 09): Career support to grad students in young, unique Carnegie Mellon mgmt prog. Advise on career paths & job srch, dvlp ntwrks w/in ent industry. Info: heinz .cmu.edu/MEIMCS (6/5)

JOB OPENING: DIR DVLPMNT/2C MEDIA/LA or NYC: Creative, aggressive idea generator to oversee dev. Net or prod co dev exp a must w/demonstrated series picked up to air & casting exp a +. Res: [email protected]  2Cmedia.com (6/5)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR NAT ACCTS/Los Angeles: Dist ntwks/prdcts/srvcs aff cbl/sat/telco dist/srvc nat accts/neg carge/5+ yrs sles w/ cble/new media exp
https://www.abso.com/jobboard/Default.aspx?JOBBOARDID=507&JobDetail=58104 (6/4)

JOB OPENING: SR DIR COMMUNICATIONS/iVillage/NY: Develop & lead creative communications plans centered around editorial content/community stories/talent/business wins. Min 7 yrs exp.
www.nbcunicareers.com job#1058374 (6/4)

JOB OPENING: SR MGR MKTG/ABC Daytime/SOAPNet/LA: Mng/execute mktg strategy initiatives; lead devl of digital mktg/social netwk strat; 4+yrs enter /consumer mktg exp. Apply www.disneycareers.com , Req ID# 191605 (6/4)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, OUT OF HOME DEVELOPMENT/mtvU/NYC: 5+ yrs exp w/Digital Out of Home Sales, Strg OOH contacts w/agencies and clients, Successful track record in building partnerships EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply www.mtvncareers.com (6/3)

JOB OPENING: MGR NEW BIZ DVLPMNT/KIDZ BOP/NY: Resp for new biz outreach consumer goods licensing, tech, sponsorship, touring, kids’ TV& films, dig. & mobile apps. Exc written/oral skills/PPT/Excel/P&L’s. Apply: [email protected] (6/2)

JOB OPENING: SR DIR, DRTV MEDIA BUYER/Razor & Tie/NYC: Resp for set up & execution of successful DRTV campaign. Min 5 yrs exp. Req biz to biz sales exp in advert/ent/media. Must have TV/DRTV exp.Apply: [email protected] (6/2)

JOB OPENING: MANAGER, MEDIA PLANNING/LA: Develop/implement media plans/anlyz off-air media campaign/comp activity/rtngs/ROI/Mng vendors/identify ad concepts/products.  https://www.abso.com/jobboard/Default.aspx?JOBBOARDID=507&JobDetail=58020 (6/2)

JOB OPENING: NEW MEDIA SPECIALIST/AETN/NY:Asst ops AETN VOD & other new media initiatives. Strong proj mngmt exp within brdcst/cbl ind. Emerging media & VOD mktplace exp a +. Prof database apps a must. Apply: www.aetn.com/careers.html (6/2)


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Ian Russell will join Cineflix Productions this September as Director/Co-Production and Executive Producer. Ian will be in charge of creating co-productions and presales in Europe and serving as executive producer on programming for a variety of genres. Based at the company’s office in London, Ian will work closely with Rob Carey, Creative Director and be a part of the Cineflix’s senior programming team.

RHI Entertainment is upping its presence in Hollywood by opening a new Los Angeles-based programming office and has plans to increase its original television production and development in addition to co-financing opportunities. The company appointed Tom Patricia as EVP/Movies and Miniseries and Elizabeth Stephen as EVP/Series to head the new LA office, working closely with the company’s New York creative team as well as Robert Halmi, Sr., Founder/Head Creative Executive and Lynn Holst, SVP/Development.

WE tv added former NBC Universal Manager/Ad Sales Business Development, Steve Kravetz as Director/Ad Sales New Business Development. Steve is charged with developing new sales goals aimed at key advertising clients. In addition, Steve will work together with the network’s ad sales team on custom proposals. He reports to Allison Clarke, VP/Advertising Sales, WE tv.

Ted Brunt takes on the new position as VP/Interactive Production with Canadian-based marblemedia. Ted will focus on development and management of all interactive productions at marblemedia.

Travel Channel announced Patrick Younge, President/GM will step down as of January 2010. Patrick is fulfilling plans he has long made and shared with Cox Communications’ President, Pat Esser and Travel Channel staff, to return to London as his youngest child begins high school. In a statement, Patrick said, “As tough as I will find it to leave my team at Travel Channel Media (TCM), I’m fulfilling a promise I made to my two children, who remained in the UK when I joined TCM in 2005. I have a terrific team here at TCM, and despite these unprecedented economic conditions we are enjoying record ratings, audience delivery and web traffic. We are also recognized as leaders in social media marketing, and through innovative programs like the Travel Channel Academy and mobile products like Travel Channel GO, we are extending our reach and revenue into new arenas. Pat Esser and the TCM staff have long known of my plans, and they also know they can rely on me to continue to give this business 100% through year-end to ensure our upfront commitments are delivered and there is a smooth handover to my eventual successor.”

BBC Worldwide continues to expand its US business and in so doing promoted Susanna Pollack to SVP/Children’s and Children’s Business Development and Matt Forde as EVP/Sales and Co-Productions. Susanna will head efforts to launch CBeebies, BBC’s worldwide preschool channel in the US in addition to increasing the company’s children’s brands in North and Latin America. Matt will relocate to New York from London to supervise sales and co-production efforts for all genres in the US and Latin America.   Whoo-hoo Susanna!!!

Mindshare adds Scott Sorokin to the new position as Head/Digital, Global. Scott will be responsible for worldwide digital media activity on behalf of Mindshare’s client, Unilever, in addition to working in tandem with Phil Cowdell, Head of Mindshare North America to engage and execute digital efforts for all clients. Based in New York, Scott will report to London-based Dominic Proctor, CEO, Mindshare Worldwide.

Los Angeles-based McCann Erickson announced three staffing additions with all reporting to Cathy Saidiner, President:

  • Christian Cocker will become SVP/Director of Account Planning to head the firm’s strategic planning division.
  • Michael Rice was tapped as SVP/Director of Digital to increase the company’s digital strategy and production. He will also be involved with business development and talent recruitment.
  • Joe Bock was added as SVP/Group Account Director for the Nestle account encompassing Nesquik, Coffeemate and NESCAFE/Taster’s Choice brands.

Lindsay Sloane
is the new Co-Head/Drama Development with Fox Broadcasting Company. Lindsay is charged with jointly heading FOX’s drama programming unit along with Terence Carter and in unison they will be the main creative contacts for writers and producers developing scripted dramas for the network. Both Lindsay and Terence will oversee all administrative duties pertaining to drama development for primetime series. Lindsay will report to Matt Cherniss, EVP/Programming, FOX. In addition, Lee Hollin advanced to Manager/Drama Programming where he will work on the development of one-hour drama scripts, manage drama pilots and identify future writing and directing talent.

Greg Yavello moves up to VP/Domestic Distribution with Discovery Communications, responsible for the distribution of Discovery’s 13 domestic networks, Travel Channel and BBC America in the eastern region of the US. Greg will also spearhead strategy and negotiations for national accounts at the corporate level. Based at Discovery’s Charlotte, NC location, Greg reports to Jennifer Dangar, SVP/Domestic Distribution.

Madison Square Garden appointed Gail Stern as SVP/Merchandising and Licensing to be the strategic manager of product, licensing and retail programs surrounding Madison Square Garden’s brands. Gail will focus on business development strategies for such properties as New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Liberty, the MSG Entertainment brands, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, the Radio City Rockettes and other live entertainment events. Gail will report jointly to Scott O’Neil, President, MSG Sports and Melissa Ormond, COO, MSG Entertainment.

Debmar-Mercury recruited former EVP of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, Lenny Bart as EVP/GM. In this newly-created position, Lenny will oversee domestic and international business operations, financial areas, accounting, contracts, IT, administration and management reporting.

Geoff Schiller joins the digital advertising sales team at Hearst Magazines Digital Media as NSM. Geoff will supervise the sales team in addition to targeting new advertising and sponsorship opportunities involving the Hearst network and its 25 online and nine mobile properties.

Apparent Gravity Media (AGM), extreme sports and youth culture lifestyle producer/distributor, hired Nicolas Bonard and Courtney Williams to manage sales and distribution for AGM in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nicolas and Courtney are both based in London.

Canoe Ventures tagged two senior-level executives for its Engineering and Development team: Tom Huber as Executive Director/System Integration and Test will spearhead the integration between Canoe Ventures, programmers and cable operators. Kevin McHugh takes on responsibility as Executive Director/Interactive Applications to manage advanced television application development and to work with the company’s partners on interactive advertising projects on a national basis.

Todd Asher is the new COO for NYC Media Group, effective immediately. Todd will be in charge of daily operations of the company’s broadcast, DTV and cable television networks, the company’s web site as well as its FM radio station. Previously, Todd was the COO of The Core Club.

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