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Overwhelming choice of young viewers: A18-24 +203%  |  A18-34 +178%  |  A18-49 +80%
Grows The Tonight Show franchise: 6% on A18-49 and 39% on A18-34

A18-34 + 62%  |  A18-49 +1%

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
Weeknights 11:35/10:35c on NBC
Source: The Nielsen Company NPM Prelim L+SD AA%; Conan, Letterman, & Fallon 6/8/09-6/12/09;
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 3/30/09-5/29/09; Subject to qualifications upon request.

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage


Good morning – it’s Tuesday, June 23, 2009, and this is your weekly issue of Cyn opsis: Classified Advantage!  This edition includes the top job listings in the Television, Media and Ad Agency markets, professional development advice from national experts, your Q & A’s with our experts, and a summary of executive moves among top companies.

It’s been said that when 100 economist are together in one room, the only certainty is 200 different opinions.  I am not an economist so I dare not predict what will occur in the upcoming months, (although most of the news I have read has been encouraging in that the ills of our economy are slowing and a reversing trend is nearing.) Instead I thought it might be prudent to explain, in very simple terms, what everyone is talking about so you can make your own predictions.

Leading economic indicators predict the state of the economy prior to it happening. To the economist and investors alike, this is the most important of the three indicators. There are also coincident indicators that move with the economy and lagging indicators that adjust after the economy.

The central indicator is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP.) The GDP is the total monetary value of all goods and services generated by the entire economy within a fiscal quarter. Most economists agree the best growth numbers for the GDP is between 2.5-3% per year. Higher growth begets concerns for inflation; lower growth indicates the economy is slowing which often leads to higher unemployment and lower consumer spending. The GDP is reported quarterly and will be revised twice prior to conclusive findings.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is generally used to calculate inflation. It measures the difference of retail costs in different sectors of consumer goods and services on a monthly basis. Typical sectors include: housing, healthcare, food, energy and luxury items. There are two CPI numbers, the overall CPI and the core CPI. The core CPI excludes the less stable sectors of food and energy.

The Producer Price Index (PPI) measures the same as the CPI but in wholesale terms. There are three types of goods measured by the PPI: crude, intermediate and finished. The finished data is generally considered most important because it most accurately gauges the price paid by the consumer.

Employment Indicators are reported monthly and contain a bundle of important data. The number of new jobs created, average hourly wages, average amount of hours worked within a week and of course, the unemployment rate. It is important to remember that the unemployment rate is measured against the work force and not the entire US population. It can be argued that this figure is considered most important among non-economist when assessing our current situation.

To be sure, these definitions are very simplistic, lacking all nuances but I hope that they will prove useful in these confusing times.

Next week: More economic indicators.

Cyn opsis: Classified Advantage is a work in progress, designed with our readers in mind. We welcome your feedback and will try to incorporate any suggestions into our weekly coverage.  And if you have any specific questions or topics of particular interest you’d like our Experts to address, please let me know!  You can reach me – John Cox – directly at [email protected].

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By Peter Roche

Every professional recruiter is trying to discover if you are capable of delivering the kinds of results he needs. Do you have similar experience, or at least experience that is relevant to the company’s situation and needs? And will you fit into the culture, share their values, relate well with their people and customers?

So how you conduct yourself in an interview will decide if you are the person who can best satisfy what it is that the prospective employer wants in a new hire.

Some absolute musts:

  • Be prepared. Do you know the business your potential employer is in? Have you read their website? Have you read the Annual Report? Do you know what they are known for? Do you know what the job you are interviewing entails. Bottom line: do you know enough about their business and what they are looking for to be a credible candidate?
  • Know the standard questions every experienced recruiter will ask (see Actionable Advice:
  • Five Questions You May Be Asked in a Job Interview) and be clear how you will answer

  • Have your questions prepared. See Actionable Advice:
  • Five Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

  • Be presentable – and appropriate to the culture of the organization
  • Your demeanor speaks just as clearly as your words, so be calm, composed, speak clearly.

Peter Roche is the Managing Partner of The London Perret Roche Group LLC. An international consulting and executive coaching firm who has the reputation for helping clients outperform themselves and their competitors. Contact: Peter’s direct line 732-933-9610, email: [email protected] and on the web http://www.lprgroup.com

Next week: Money Talks.

If you have any specific questions you’d like our Experts to address, please email them to me, John Cox at [email protected].

Questions from our Readers

I was laid off “due to the economy” in January. The job I had prior to my last company I was “terminated”. Never was given a solid reason other than I ‘did not look happy”. I could have sued for wrongful termination but chose not to as I wanted to stay in the industry. Prior to these last two positions, I have never been terminated or laid off (14 years of previous work experience). The way I have been handling it is when asked if ever terminated I am honest and say yes but that I was never given a reason. I believe if I gave the reason the company gave me it could appear I am trying to “slam” them. Being laid off due to the economy has not presented any challenges as most realize the current situation. These two events consecutively could create the perception that there is a problem. Is there a better way for me to handle this??

Since you weren’t fired “for cause,” and you weren’t given a specific reason, you’re justified to assume it was for economic reasons, which weren’t disclosed because the company didn’t want to advertise its financial trouble. When asked, you can explain that you lost your previous two positions for economic reasons. That won’t raise an eyebrow on even the most inquisitive interviewer. If pressed, explain that your position was sacrificed in an effort to compensate for shortcomings and failures in another division of the company.

When an interviewer asks “how your job search is coming along,” how should one answer?

This question is either an entirely innocent inquiry, no more probing than asking “how are you,” or it’s a perversely ingenious attempt to determine if you’re desperate enough to accept a low ball offer. In either case the answer is the same. Just say, “fine, thank you,” and immediately segue into a question you have about the position. If you’re pressed for more info you’ll know it’s an underhanded probe. In that situation, politely say you view the process, including this interview, as a confidential matter between professionals. Don’t worry about that annoying the prober, you wouldn’t want to work for this person anyway.

Stephen M. Pollan is one of America’s most trusted and admired career and financial advisors. Mark Levine has been Pollan’s collaborator for more than 20 years.

Have a question for our experts? Send it to [email protected]


The good folks at mediabistro are having a cocktail party for Media Professionals in Los Angeles on June 30th from 7p to 9p at Wokcano Cafe.  There is no cover charge.  If you wish to attend, you must RSVP here.  http://www.ersvp.com/reply/cocktailpartyla .


noun. Pop culture devotion, celebrity obsession and an insatiable craving
for all things entertainment.

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develop a strategy to maximize existing and future
digital distribution platforms
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Tribeca Enterprises LLC
[email protected]


create media strategy to facilitate successful press and marketing for the institution and the programming
Director of Public Relations
The Film Society of Lincoln Center
[email protected]

develop, evaluate and approve deals (deal metrics, creative formats, impression volumes and pricing) to maximize the gross profit generated by online inventory
Manager, Online Ad Sales Operations   57279
Lifetime Television Network

responsible for acting as system administrator for the DCI Account Budgeting System (ABS) as well as the DCI Yield Management Process(Distribution of ADU’s/Recaps)
Manager – Strategic Sales Services
Discovery Communications

overseeing creative development of promotional campaigns, Network branding and cross-promotional marketing initiatives
Director – Creative Writing
Discovery Planet Green Division

responsible for the project management of assigned networks including the marketing strategy/account management lead
Account Director – DCR   10007253
Discovery Communications
Silver Springs MD

contributing to generating program ratings that drive revenue, while building and maintaining the quality of the network brand
Director – Marketing Strategy
TLC Division
Silver Spring MD

responsible for researching and vetting new program ideas and genres for TLC
Director-Development, East Coast
TLC Division
Silver Spring MD

responsible for launching social media for Uverse, Internet services, and other AT&T products quickly and successfully – including design, development, release, and maintenance of these tools
Lead Online Marketing Manager Social Media
Atlanta GA

identify and deliver improvements in self-help capabilities
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Atlanta GA

gathers, consolidates, links and analyzes data/metrics from multiple sources such as site analytics, customer sat, order flows, back-offices, submitted sales and posted sales and revenue
Lead Online Marketing Manager Metrics
Atlanta GA

provide support for ad sales teams in all regions in order to achieve company objectives
Director, Advertising Sales Operations
Discovery Networks
Miami FL

create and manage the development of media relation strategies and initiatives for the media businesses. Write and edit press releases, media alerts and other promotional materials for all media businesses.
Director of PR – Media Businesses
Playboy Enterprises
Chicago IL

develop communications plans and media strategy for the licensing businesses, including products, retail and LBE.
Manager of PR – Licensing
Playboy Enterprises
Chicago IL

implement sales strategies for designated territory of responsibilities in order to optimally achieve set sales targets and assist in strategy for all accounts in territory.
Regional Ad Sales Manager – Midwest
Playboy Enterprises
Chicago IL

optimize site design for increased conversion rates and improved monetization.
Sr. Director of Online Marketing
Playboy Enterprises
Chicago IL

responsible for sales of SAS software products, solutions and services in a high-volume, multi-tasking environment to current and prospective accounts
Account Executive – Communication, Content and Entertainment   09001389
SAS Institute Inc
Los Angeles CA

performs on-site inspections of the union members’ workplaces to ensure compliance with DGA collective bargaining agreements, provides contract interpretation and enforcement.
LA Field Representative, Public Relations
Directors Guild of America
Los Angeles CA
fax to 310-289-2029 – Only resumes that specify “LA Field Representative” either on cover letter or in resume will be considered.

develop and execute marketing strategies to meet the goals of the Distribution team
Director, Distribution Marketing   54196
Lifetime Television Network
Los Angeles CA

develop and execute strategy for maximizing distribution of LES’ products and services to achieve annual subscriber and revenue goals
Director, National Accounts   58104
Lifetime Television Network
Los Angeles CA

aid in development and implementation of media plans for Lifetime programming, as well as advertising plans for publicity/PR and affiliate marketing when needed
Manager, Media Planning   58020
Lifetime Television Network
Los Angeles CA

oversee and supervise all schedules and revisions for LMN and VOD/non-linear programming
Vice President, Scheduling & Acquisitions
Lifetime Movie Network   57854
Los Angeles CA

primary client contact for existing accounts and is responsible for fostering and strengthening all client relationships
Account Director
Los Angeles CA

strategically present and distribute first-run and off-network syndicated programming directly to approximately 32 television markets in the Western Region
Account Executive   701427
Sony Pictures Television
Los Angeles CA

researching and vetting new program ideas and genres for TLC
Director – Development
TLC Division
Los Angeles CA

leading special projects relating to new business development and new revenue generation from ancillary exploitation
Director – Operations
TLC Division
Los Angeles, CA

aid in the development and execution of sponsorship and integration ideas that will drive broadcast and digital revenue
Director Integrated Marketing, Broadcast
OWN Miscellaneous
Los Angeles CA

aid in the development and execution of original and on air/online cross media sponsorship opportunities
Director Integrated Marketing, Digital
OWN Miscellaneous
Los Angeles CA

manage requests from marketing and ad sales departments: promotion review, talent interviews, talent endorsements, legal clearances, ad pub materials, collateral Coordinate with marketing resources on SPTI and non-SPTI product
Director, Networks Marketing   700662
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Culver City CA

responsible for planning and pursuing obtaining theaters for upcoming movies by studying the territory, deciding which theatre is in Sony Pictures Releasing’s (SPR) best interest to play, approaching and following up with the theater’s film buyer to secure the playdate
Regional Sales Manager
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Culver City CA

determine which programs will have promotion and with what elements (ie. Promo, snipe)
Programming Manager
Ovation TV
Santa Monica CA
[email protected]      Subject line must read: Ovation – Programming Manager

focus on selling brand integration and sponsorship packages into RedLever’s productions and custom developed content
Senior Brand Strategist
Santa Monica
[email protected]          Please indicate ‘Sr. Brand Strategist’ in the subject line

identification, analysis and negotiation of business development opportunities and relationships for the following market segments: content owners/media companies, content aggregators, and consumer digital service providers
SVP of Business Development   09-0108
Ascent Media
Santa Monica CA

source, structure and implement deals to grow Roiworld.com traffic and digital business
Director, Business Development – RoiLife   53482
RoiLife, a Lifetime Digital Co
San Francisco, CA

Sources:  MediaPost, Paid Content, Variety


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Cynopsis CLASSIFIEDSFor More classifieds, visit the Cynopsis.com classifieds page here

JOB OPENING: VIDEO PROD SUPR/Rainbow Media/NY: TEMP supr prod of all assets w/prog for interactive platforms. Knwldg On Demand & encoding tech, Final Cut Pro,XML, FTP or related exp needed. res: www.cablevision.jobs ref#8791BR

JOB OPENING: CABLE AFFILIATE SALES EXECUTIVE/Los Angeles: Media Company seeking Top-Tier Cable Affiliate Sales Exec. Min 10 years experience; excellent compensation package with Benefits.Please Email Resume to: [email protected] EOE

JOB OPENING: SR DIGITAL AE/Sony Pictures Ent/LA: Generate leads, sell invntry, maintain deals & manage invntry rel. to online initiatives.Reports to NY. Apply: www.sonypicturesjobs.com

JOB OPENING: CASTING PRODUCERS for a cable reality series in NYC. Must have excellent screening & pre-interviewing skills & be able to shoot casting videos. Apply: [email protected]

JOB OPENING: SR DIRECTOR/ESPN/NYC: ESPN seeks Sr Director – Direct Response Ad Sales leader for NYC office. Must have strong mgt and DR skills. Contact [email protected]

JOB OPENING: PT FREELANCE AP, ONLINE/Sesame Workshop/NYC: 2+yrs web exp.; Support producers on content dev& production; CMS, basic HTML, digital platforms;log +track assets. EOE/M/F/D/AAP Apply [email protected]
JOB OPENING: ONLINE MEDIA BUYER/ADVERTISING/Serino Coyne/NYC: 3+ yrs exp in buying with some planning. Develop & execute online media campaigns. Strong negotiation skills. Inc. Sal. Req. Apply: [email protected]

JOB OPENING: TRAFFIC COORDINATOR/The Hotel Networks/NYC: 1-2yrs exp broadcast contracts, copy & logs. Must be detailed/self-starter. Resumes to: [email protected]

JOB OPENING: FORECASTING ANALYST/MTVN/NYC: 1-2yrs exp budget models & finance or ad sales pricing/inventory. Must have advanced Excel and strong analytical skills. EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply www.mtvncareers.com

JOB OPENING: FORECASTING MGR/MTVN/NYC: 3+yrs exp preparing revenue forecast reports and budget models. Must have advanced Excel, analytical and quantitative skills. EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply www.mtvncareers.com

JOB OPENING: CNS-PROJ COORD/Comcast/NY: Supp Sales & Traffic sys by identifying, resrchng/resolving tech/bus issues. Help w/Quality Assurance, app train’g/implementation. Apply: http://www.ecentralmetrics.com/url/?u=2151145880|166 EOE


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Bob Cook, President/COO of Twentieth Television announced his resignation to establish his own business called MBN Inc. Bob’s new company will create digital platforms for Twentieth Television’s syndicated programs and for other production companies. Twentieth Television is currently embarking on “an internal and external search for Cook’s successor,” according to a Fox spokeswoman, though word is Greg Meidel, head of MyNetworkTV may be a consideration. Bob’s contract ends in November and he will stay on at Twentieth Television for a few months during the transition period.

Welsh-born Sony Chairman Howard Stringer had President added to his title as part of a larger management shuffle approved by the Sony board in Tokyo. Other changes include the naming of Masao Morita, son of Sony co-founder Akio Morita, to Chairman of Sony Music Entertainment in Japan. Mr. Stringer replaces Ryoji Chubachi, who stepped down in April.
Discovery Channel rehired Steve McGowan as SVP/Research, effective July 13. Most recently, Steve worked for The Nielsen Company based in New York where he served as SVP/Insights and Client Research Initiatives. In his new position, Steve will manage all broadcast, digital media, marketing, and other research associated with the Discovery Channel. He replaces Kevan Mabbutt in this position and will report to John Ford, President/GM, Discovery Channel.

Richard Bates expands his role, becoming CCO/North America with The Brand Union, a WPP-owned brand strategy and design agency. Prior to this appointment, Richard was with Ogilvy & Mather where he held the position of Executive Creative Director of the agency’s Brand Integration Group which recently merged with The Brand Union.

Former VP/Daytime Programming at MSNBC, Mark Effron was named Executive Producer of The Takeaway, a new national morning drive news program that is a co-production of Public Radio International (PRI) and WNYC Radio and is hosted by former NBC Correspondent and MSNBC host John Hockenberry. The Takeaway is based editorially from The BBC World Service, The New York Times and WGBH Boston Radio.

USA Network welcomes back Bill McGoldrick to the position of SVP/Original Scripted Programming. Bill will manage all scripted development for the network, reporting to Jeff Wachtel, President/USA Original Programming and Co-Head/Original Content, Universal Cable Productions. In addition, Jackie de Crinis, Senior Program Executive will re-locate to Hawaii from Los Angeles and will continue supervising original series and pilot production while also reporting to Jeff Wachtel.

ABC Entertainment Group completed its overall organizational structure, a process that began last January. Starting immediately, the Business Affairs, Business Development, Casting, Program Planning, Scheduling and Distribution units will be supervised as integrated areas and ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios will keep separate creative teams, though each will combine development and current programming positions. ABC Entertainment Group President Stephen McPherson announced the following appointments:

  • Jeff Bader as EVP/ABC Entertainment Group, Planning, Scheduling and Distribution will continue to oversee primetime and late-night program planning and scheduling. He will also be in charge of worldwide programming, distribution and windowing strategies for all ABC Entertainment Group programs for all platforms both domestically and internationally. Reporting to Jeff will be Steve Kern, VP/Broadcast Program Planning and Scheduling; Wendell Foster, VP/Multiplatform Programming and Scheduling; and Catherine Korda, Executive Director/Program Planning and Scheduling.
  • Barry Jossen as EVP/ABC Entertainment Group, Studio Creative and Production will manage the creative and production at ABC Studios. Reporting to Barry will be Josh Barry, SVP/Drama Series (who also functions in this role at the network); Kevin Plunkett, SVP/Comedy Series; Gary French, SVP/Production; Paula Warner, SVP/Post-Production; and Dawn Soler, VP/Music.
  • Suzanne Patmore-Gibbs as EVP/ABC Entertainment Group, Network Scripted Creative will oversee the company’s primetime scripted creative group encompassing the development and current programming in the areas of drama, comedy and made-for-television movies and miniseries. Reporting to Suzanne will be Channing Dungey, SVP/Drama (who also functions in this role at the studio); Samie Falvey, SVP/Comedy; and Quinn Taylor, SVP/Movies, Miniseries and Acquisitions.
  • Mia Rondinella as VP/ABC Entertainment Group, Business Planning and Development will be responsible for targeting growth areas and business strategies and will manage the efforts of the business licensing and merchandising team. Reporting to Mia will be Rosalie Villapando, VP/Business and Franchise Development and John Hanna, Executive Director/Merchandising.
  • Jana Winograde as EVP/ABC Entertainment Group, Business Affairs and Administration will supervise agreements pertaining to the development and acquisition of all primetime and late-night programming, marketing and ABC.com among other duties. Reporting to Jana will be Howard Davine, EVP/ABC Entertainment Group, Studio Business Affairs; Jennifer Mayo, SVP/ABC Entertainment Group, Network Scripted Business Affairs; Kerry Kennedy, VP/ABC Entertainment Group, Alternative Series Business Affairs; and Peter DiCecco, SVP/Disney/ABC Television Group, Music-Business and Legal Affairs.
  • Several continue in their current roles: Vicki Dummer and John Saade, as co-heads and SVPs/Alternative Series, Specials and Late-Night; Keli Lee as EVP/Casting; and Mike Benson and Marla Provencio as co-heads and  EVPs/Marketing. All report to Stephen McPherson.

The New York Times Company promoted Richard Samson to Senior Counsel. Richard joined the company two years ago, in charge of the company’s trademarks and a member of the intellectual property and contracts group.

Jeff Pryor, former EVP/Corporate Communications with MGM resigned his position in April to lead Priority PR, a full-service film and television marketing and publicity agency he founded in 1990. Since leaving his MGM position, Jeff brought on MGM as a client for Priority PR focused on the areas of  television and digital media. Jeff is also concentrating on growing Priority PR’s Asia business.

Here Networks LLC has combined with its publishing unit, PlanetOut Inc., publisher of The Advocate and Out. The new entity will be named Here Media Inc. and Stephen P. Jarchow was named Chairman and Paul Colichman as CEO. Stephen, Paul and PlanetOut Inc. Chairman Phil Kleweno will be part of the initial board of directors of Here Media.

Rainbow Media Holdings LLC recruited Thomas Ziangas as SVP/Research, effective immediately. Thomas, who joins after a 19-year stint at Nielsen Media Research, will supervise all research efforts for Rainbow Media encompassing programming and ad sales research for the networks AMC, WE tv, IFC and Sundance Channel. Thomas will report to Michael DiPasquale, EVP/Operations.

Molly Kelly advanced to Station Manager with Weigel Broadcasting Co., up from Director/Marketing and Promotions for the company’s Chicago stations. In her new position, Molly will manage the daily operations of the Marketing, Promotion, Content, Programming and Web departments.   Molly!  You go girl!

NYC Media Group tapped Diane Petzke as Director/Production, effective immediately. Diane will have responsibility over the company’s original productions focused on New York City’s services, its culture, lifestyle and history. Diane will manage all facets of production, including program development to final product.

Nancy Harrington was upped to VP/Sales and Marketing with NewsMax where she will manage the Sales, Marketing and Product Purchasing departments. Nancy joined NewsMax in August 2007.

Joy Tashjian Marketing Group, LLC (JTMG) added Lisa Napolitano as Director/Sales and Retail as well as Heather Cavalli as Product Development and Administration Coordinator. Previously, Lisa gained her experience in the consumer packaged goods industry at such companies as Disney Consumer Products, Master Foods and Levi Strauss & Company. Heather joins JTMG from NBC Universal’s Business Affairs division and its licensing group.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. appointed Mike Pavone as EVP/WWE Studios to oversee theatrical releases, direct-to-DVD films, series and reality programming. Mike will report to Vince McMahon, Chairman, WWE.

Howard Burkat left his position at Odyssey Networks after five-and-a-half plus years as Marketing Director. Howard will rejoin Burkat Company based in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, a company he operated for many years with Iris Burkat. There are no plans thus far at Odyssey Networks to replace Howard.

MTV Networks International (MTVNI) named Roger James as SVP/General Counsel for MTVNI and MTVN UK and Ireland. Roger’s role will now include overseeing all of MTVNI’s business and legal affairs as he replaces Sofia Ioannou who was recently appointed Managing Director of MTVN Latin America. Based in London, Roger will jointly report to Pierluigi Gazzolo, COO, MTVNI and Andra Shapiro, EVP/Business Affairs Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids & Family group and MTVN Co-General Counsel. Additionally, Roger will continue to report to David Lynn, EVP/Managing Director, MTV Networks UK and Ireland.

Russell Arons joins Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) as SVP/Worldwide Marketing where she will be in charge of brand marketing, product marketing, product public relations and consumer research for all WBIE franchises and brands. Russell will report to Martin Tremblay, President, WBIE.

Cory Shields takes on responsibility in the newly created position as EVP/Global Policy Strategies and Alliances with NBC Universal. Cory will work to expand and strengthen the company’s IP protection for its content worldwide and continue to build relationships with other IP-related industries, labor unions and other organizations whose goal it is to protect jobs and grow the US economy. Cory will report to Jeff Zucker, President/CEO, NBCU and Rick Cotton, EVP/General Counsel, NBCU.

New York-based The Strand Creative Group promoted Todd Lichten as VP/Program Development and Production up from Director/Development. Todd will manage the company’s new syndicated daytime court show Street Court which debuts this fall as Co-Executive Producer in addition to supervising all series development for the production company.

Frank Sandusky was tapped by Titan Worldwide as VP/GM of its Southern California region based in Los Angeles. Frank will manage all facets of the company’s Orange County Transportation Authority and Los Angeles Department of Transportation Bus business as well as other ship out sales from this area to other Titan markets.

Jonathan Axelrod becomes COO of AECG to supervise the integration of all AECG divisions covering services and content to the film, TV and other media communities. Jonathan will report to Peter Isacksen, AECG Entertainment.

Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE), a unit of Viacom Inc. and a division of Paramount Pictures Corporation, tagged Keith Quinn as SVP/Creative Development and Production. Keith will manage the development and production of original digital content, reporting to Thomas Lesinski, President, PDE.

Anne Corsak was elevated to VP/Sales and Marketing with Global Telemedia, Inc. 

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