Tuesday, April 19th, 2005


Primetime’s Fastest Growing Series

+ 52% W12-34, +70% W18-34 +61% W18-49,
+45% P12-34 +63% P18-34, +54% P18-49

Tune-in Tonight:  9PM on The WB
Available exclusively from Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution

Source: NTI Galaxy Explorer,  9/20-4/10/05 & 9/22-4/11/04.  % US Rtg Gain.  Primetime=broadcast prime.



Good morning.  It’s Tuesday, April 19, 2005, and this is your first early morning briefing.

Are you ready for some football?  Then you’ll also have to be ready to watch it not on ABC for the 2006 season, but on ESPN. Working under a new 8-year deal with the National Football League to the tune of a reported $1.1 billion per year (double what ABC is paying), MNF will have 17 regular season games starting at 830p on ESPN (which means you may get to bed before midnight), and four pre-season games. No word yet if Al Michaels will follow the franchise to ESPN, but let’s hope so.  The pact also includes rights across a range of ESPN and other NFL and ESPN assets, including NFL PrimeTime program; the NFL Draft (covered by ESPN since 1980); NFL Live; NFL Films programming; ESPN HD; ESPN Desportes;  ESPN Mobile, video game and data feed platforms, etc.  ESPN will continue to air Sunday Night Football, as it has since 1987, during the 2005 season. 

And there’s more in the world of football.  GE, NBC Universal and the NFL unveiled a new 6-yr deal, bring Sunday Night Football to NBC with 16 regular season games beginning with the 2006 season, as well as two postseason Wild Card games, three preseason games in primetime, Super Bowls and Pro Bowls in 2009 & 2012. The reported cost to NBC for the games is $600 million per year Sunday Night Football on NBC will begin with the NFL pre-game show (7-8p) followed by kickoff at 8:15p.  NBC will present both the pregame show and the game in HDTV.  NBC will also kick off the regular NFL season with a Thursday night game on September 7.  NBC has not yet named its Sunday night lineup of sports anchors. The GE agreement will include international NFL preseason games that will air internationally, specifically in China.  NBC has seen football on its air since 1997.

As for CBS and Fox and the NFL, both networks will carry games for the next 8 years on Sunday afternoons.

Tonight’s Premiere:
PAX:  Cold Turkey II at 9p


TV Land has ordered six episodes of a new original series called One Night Only With David Steinberg, according to Daily Variety. A talk show somewhat described as being similar to Inside the Actor’s Studio but will include more performing from its host and guest. The first two episodes features chats with Martin Short and Jon Lovett.



  • Freddie (Warner Bros. TV/Mohawk Prods) has signed Chloe Suazo to join the cast.  Freddie, starring Freddie Prinze Jr., is about a young man who following the death of his brother, returns to live with his immediate family, all women.
  • The Night Stalker (Touchstone TV) has added Eric Jungman to this remake of a 1970s cult classic.  This new rendition starts Stuart Townsend as reporter Carl Kolchak, whose investigative reporting has a tendency to unearth vampires, serial killers and the like. Jungman will play a new investigative photographer.


  • Pool Guys (Regency TV) has cast Reed Alexander as the accountant for Pool Guys’ (Jonathon Sadowsky and Jake Sandvig) small business.


  • Blue Skies (NBC Universal) has added Nicole Dalton in the comedy pilot about a 27-year old ‘golden child’ played by Anna Faris. Other cast members include Missi Pyle, Jay Paulson and Michael McKean.


  • South Beach (Paramount Network TV/Flame TV/Nuyorican Prods) has cast Chris Johnson, to join Vanessa Williams, Sara Foster and Marcus Coloma. The drama pilot is set in Miami and focuses on the lives and loves of three young adults.
  • The Studio (Warner Bros. TV/Silver Pictures) has signed Mike Erwin to join the project about a group of twentysomethings all working as assistants on the studio backlot.  Gina Gershon, Kelly Overton and Jessica Lucas also star.


Verizon Communications and NBC Universal Cable inked a multi-year deal to distribute the NBC stable of cable networks including Bravo, CNBC, CNBC World, MSNBC, mun2, SCI FI Channel, ShopNBC, Trio, USA and Telemundo through Verizon FiOS TV.  The new subscription service, set to launch this year, will include a slew of Spanish-language programming on its basic package as well more English- and Spanish-language networks for the Hispanic population.  Verizon is also picking up the retransmission consent rights to NBC Universal’s broadcast stations and Universal HD.  The television service can be subscribed to as a standalone, or in conjunction with Verizon television and/or its high speed internet services. Previous Verizon carriage deals include the Starz Encore group and the Discovery Network.

Martha Stewart and Howard Stern?  Oh sure.  Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Sirius Satellite Radio are launching a new radio channel together, in a four year deal which will reportedly bring $30m in revenue for MSLO.  Additionally, Sirius and MSLO will share the ad revenue generated from the channel, which Sirius believes will be substantial as this will be one of the only radio channels targeting women in particularly.  According to Reuters, XM Radio was brought the deal with MSLO and turned it down, citing the economics didn’t make reasonable sense.

Not sure how this one will play, but CBS will air the wedding of former Survivor winner(s) Boston Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich in a two hour event on Tuesday, May 24, creatively titled Rob and Amber Get Married.  Lest you think everyone has probably forgotten about this pair, remember they are contestants on the current season of Amazing Race.

The Weekender is coming!  The Weekender is coming!  What’s a Weekender ? Well of course I know, and so will you in just a couple more days …


Cable network Fuel has named Jake Munsey as VP/Marketing; Scott Paridon to VP/Production and Development; and Shon Tomlin to VP/Programming and Development.  Jake’s expanded responsibilities will include the creation and implementation of broad-based and endemic consumer marketing strategies.  He will continue to lead creative development and production of all network branding, on-air promotions, show graphics, and sales collateral material.  Scott will have sole management of FUEL’s production staff and their productions, technical operations and in-house show development.  Shon will focus on program scheduling and acquisition, as well as overseeing development and production of shows by FUEL’s network of independent production companies. Additionally, Oren Hatum has joined FUEL as Director/On-Air Promotions, overseeing on-air promotions, including staff management and all elements of production in support of the network’s creative strategy. 


Friday – A18-49 Analysis:  NBC was in front on Friday night according to fast affiliate numbers from Nielsen Media Research, posting an overall 2.7/9 A18-49, followed by CBS 2.3/8, Fox 2.0/7, ABC 1.8/6, WB 1.2/4, UPN 1.0/4.  At 8p a three way tie between NBC, CBS and Fox, each delivering a mild 7 share. The 9p hour was only slightly more interesting wtih NBC earning an 8 share, Fox holding at a 7 share, and CBS dipping to a 6 share.  WB’s newest sitcom Living with Fran offered up a 1.5/5 A18-49, sliding by just one share points from its lead-in Reba. At 10p NBC bounced up to a 3.5/11 for L&O: Trial by Jury, while CBS delivered a 3.0/9 for NUMB3RS. 

Fast Affiliate Household Ratings:   Friday, April 15, 2005, for all Networks – time period averages.  Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

NBC     6.6/12   Dateline 5.8/11, Third Watch 5.7/10, L&O: Trial by Jury 8.3/15

CBS     5.8/11   Joan of Arcadia 4.9/8, JAG 5.8/10, NUMB3RS 6.8/12

ABC     4.1/8    8 Simple Rules 3.9/8, 8 Simple Rules 3.8/7, Hope & Faith 3.8/7, Less than Perfect 3.4/6, 20/20 5.0/9

FOX     3.1/6    Movie: Mr. Deeds 3.1/6

WB      2.1/4    What I Like About You 1.4/3, Reba [r] 1.6/3, Reba 2.9/5, Living with Fran 2.4/4

UPN     1.7/3    Star Trek Enterprise 1.8/3, Top Model [r] 1.6/3

A18-49                NBC 2.7/9, CBS 2.3/8, Fox 2.0/7, ABC 1.8/6, WB 1.2/4, UPN 1.0/4

Saturday – A18-49 Analysis:  Fox was in front on Saturday night, as usual, with a tepid 2.6/10 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research.  CBS was #2 with a 2.0/7, followed by NBC 1.5/5 and ABC 1.1/4. At 8p Fox’s combo of back to back Cops eps delivered a 2.4/10, solidly beating its nearest competitor, CBS with a 1.4/6.  At 9p Fox does it again with America’s Most Wanted, earning a 2.8/10, ahead of #2 CBS 2.4/8. At 10p with Fox out of the picture, NBC stepped up with an ep of L&O delivering a 2.5/8, a single share point ahead of CBS’ 48 Hours.

Fast Affiliate Household Ratings:   Saturday, April 16, 2005, for all Networks – time period averages.  Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

CBS     5.2/10   Price is Right 4.6/9, CSI [r] 6.1/11, 48 Hours 5.1/9

FOX     4.3/8    Cops 3.6/8, Cops [r] 4.2/8, AMW 4.6/9

NBC     4.2/8    LAX 2.2/4, L&O: SVU 3.9/7, L&O 6.6/12

ABC     2.7/6    WWOD: Little House 3.3/7, Movie: Spy Kids 2 2.4/4

A18-49                Fox 2.6/10, CBS 2.0/7, NBC 1.5/5, ABC 1.1/4

Sunday – A18-49 Analysis:  Another sterling win for ABC on Sunday night with an overall 6.4/18 A18-49, more than doubling its closest competitor, Fox (2.6/8), and trailed by NBC 2.4/7, CBS 2.3/6, WB 1.1/3.  ABC won every hour of prime. At 7p AFV squeaked by a win with a 2.5/9, nudging out CBS’ 2.2/8. EM: Home Edition delivered the win at 8p with a 4.6/13, beating Fox’s 3.4/10.  At 9p Desperate Housewives left everyone in the dust with a 10.5/25, NBC a distant #2 with a 3.0/7 for L&O: CI. At 10p Grey’s Anatomy held the lion’s share of its lead-in, posting an admirable 8.1/21, outpacing NBC’s repeat of Revelations (2.8/7).

Fast Affiliate Household Ratings:   Sunday, April 17, 2005, for all Networks – time period averages.  Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

ABC     9.9/16   AFV 4.6/9, EM: HE 7.2/12, Desperate Housewives 15.1/23, Grey’s Anatomy 12.5/20

CBS     7.0/12   60 Minutes 8.2/16, Cold Case [r] 8.8/15, Movie: Don’t Say a Word 5.6/9

NBC     4.4/7    Home Intervention 2.9/6, The Contender 3.3/6, L&O: CI [r] 6.5/10, Revelations [r] 4.9/8

FOX     3.5/6    King/Hill 2.8/6, Malcolm 3.0/6, Simpsons 5.0/9, Arrested Development 3.6/6, Simpsons [r] 3.6/5, Stacked [r] 2.8/4

WB      1.7/3    Charmed [r] 1.2/2, Charmed 2.1/4, Steve Harvey’s Big Time 1.7/3

A18-49                ABC 6.4/18, Fox 2.6/8, NBC 2.4/7, CBS 2.3/6, WB 1.1/3


Pop quiz from Court TV: The Investigation Channel!

Which method of communication do Court TV viewers prefer?
a. carrier pigeon
b. smoke signals
c. mime
d. morse code
e. none of the above

The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1956 – The lovely film actress Grace Kelly becomes Princess Grace when she marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Princess Grace died in a car crash in 1982.

Answer to yesterday’s Trivia Question: This classic 1960’s commercial was at issue with the Senator from Rhode Island, John Pastore, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Communications who believed its s#xual connotations flew in the face of decency on television and urged the Code Review to prevent such “egregious s#x” from appearing on television.  What was the offending commercial?  NOXEMA’S “TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT ALL OFF”.  Kudos to: Jeff Breslow-Corp. for Public Broadcasting/Washington; Meade Camp-The Weather Channel/NY; Peter Hamilton-Rubenstein Assoc/NY; Tim Sullivan-CBS Digital Media/NY; Charlie Conner-Tulsa Television Ops Center/Tulsa; Dale Warshaw-KWBA/Tucson; Chuck Lomis-Starz Entertainment Group/Englewood; Phil Olsman-NBC4/LA; Barry Katz-NEP Studios/from NAB in Las Vegas; Albert Fisher-Fisher Television Prods/LA; Nick Monroe-KGTV/San Diego.


Cell phones are actually the method of choice for Court TV: The Investigation Channel viewers. 

38% have text messaging, with Internet access among the top features; 45% are more likely to spend $200+ on their cell phone bills.
Visit www.courttvmediakit.com for more facts and figures.

Simmons Fall 2004 NCS Adult Full Year Study

Today’s Trivia Question:
  What is the proper and scripted response to this statement and who said them:  “I take a little seed, I put it in the ground, I put dirt over it, I water it, and then do you know what I get?” (click here with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)


Superstation WGN is heating up
latenights this Fall

Superstation WGN heats up the night with one of the most talked about shows
on television, “S#x and the City.” Upscale audiences will spend the nights with
the girls they love, 7 nights a week this fall. Make it a date with your Sales Rep to
learn about more great opportunities.

Later — Cyn
04.19.05  5:35am

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JOB OPENING: RESEARCH ANALYST/THE WB NETWORK-100+ STATION GRP, Burbank. Superb analytical/Pres dev skills; keen knowledge of local mrkt/syndi prog’g. Strong PC, Nielsen WRAP Sweeps/Ad Views. #40829BR www.timewarner.com/careers/ . (4/26)

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JOB OPENING: AE -KUVS/Sacramento. 4 yr college degree or equivalent sales exp. Bilingual Spanish-speaking a +. Skilled at MS Office, TV Scan and CMR. Resume:

, Attn HR; Job #05-05U and 05-06U. EOE (4/23)

JOB OPENING: SALES ASSISTANT. Small TV PROGRAM DIST. CO in Southern CT seeks energetic multi-tasker. 2+ years exp. Proficient in all MS Office apps and Quickbooks.Send resume/salary requirements to:


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.  (4/20)

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SITUATION WANTED: ASSOCIATE PRODUCER (Reality TV) — Major network experience — Well rounded — Results oriented — Team player — Available immediately — Great references. LA based.

SITUATION WANTED:  Experienced BROADCAST MEDIA BUYER/PLANNER looking for telecommuting position. Long or short term, Contract or Direct Hire. Please respond to

for rates and specs for Job Openings.

Are you looking for a job? Post your Situation Wanted Ad here — Email
for specs.


ABC              My Wife & Kids [r], George Lopez [r], According to Jim, Rodney, Blind Justice
CBS              NCIS [r], Amazing Race, Judging Amy
FOX              American Idol, House
NBC              Outrageous Moments (OTO), Outrageous Moments (OTO), Scrubs, The Office, Law & Order: SVU [r]
PAX              Lie Detector, Cold Turkey II [p], Diagnosis Murder
UPN              All of Us, Eve, Veronica Mars
WB               Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill
TELE             Amarte Asi (7p), Los Platedos, La Ley del Silencio
UNIV             Apuesta por un Amor, La Madrastra, Casos de la Vida Real

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