Thursday, April 7th, 2005


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Good morning.  It’s Thursday, April 7, 2005, and this is your first early morning briefing.

Telemundo‘s top exec rung has seen a switch with President and CEO Jim McNamara stepping down and Don Browne stepping up. Don was previously COO and will now take on the daily managing of Telemundo’s broadcast, cable and studio operations and programming.  With Jim’s contract expiration, he has decided to move on to pursue outside production initiatives. Don will report to Randy Falco, President of NBC Universal Television Networks Group. 

Last month a group of 22 Congressmen sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking them to take a look at the questions surrounding Nielsen Media Research’s Local People Meters systems and various advocacy groups who suggest the system under counts minority groups. The FTC has basically said “not my table” and declined to step between the sparring partners.  In a responding letter to lawmakers, the FTC said it found “no evidence that Nielsen has engaged in deceptive or unfair trade practices” nor that Nielsen has been “misrepresenting its ratings system or failing to disclose material facts about the system.”  On the contrary, the FTC said it “…appears to the Commission that the self-regulatory approach is having a significant effect in attaining both extensive transparency and greater reliability in media ratings.”  The letter also suggested the better arena for questions concerning Nielsen be directed to the Media Ratings Council.   Not surprisingly, the Congress men and women were not happy with the response and urged the FTC to reconsider. The response from Don’t Count Us Out executive director Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno:  “We are disappointed but not surprised by the FTC’s response. We remain confident that working with our allies in Congress, as well as community leaders and representatives of the media industry, we can achieve meaningful oversight of this industry.”  Nielsen released a statement that read in part, “We believe the very small number of media companies who favor government regulation would do a real service to the TV industry if they’d drop their self-serving fight against Nielsen and work cooperatively with us.”

Rumors abound that Byron Allen and his Entertainment Studios Corporation may put in a bid for Paxson Communications Corporation’s Paxson TV.  With a supposed $2.2 billion cash offer on the table, the TV celeb/businessman’s plan is to take the struggling network and turn it into an African American-oriented network including some of the network’s current family-focused programming.  The cash bid would definitely help Paxson pay off at least its $2 billion senior debt/preferred stock.

ABC has renewed Alias, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives and Lost for next year.  I guess no duh in all that.

Fox will air feature movies on Friday nights for seven consecutive weeks, beginning April 15.  Titles/dates: April 15: Mr. Deeds; April 22: Maid in Manhattan; April 29: Spider Man; May 6: Rush Hour 2; May 13: X-Men; May 20: Shallow Hal; May 27: Me, Myself & Irene.


i.d.e.a.s. Entertainment has signed a first-look development deal with Conari Press, a deal which gives i.d.e.a.s. first dibs on Conair books/projects including Simple Pleasures and The Breakup Repair Kit. Based on the book by Marni Kamins and Janice Macleod, The Breakup Repair Kit: How to Heal Your Broken Heart is a 1/2 hour reality series.  Each episode follows one person’s step-by-step healing process, featuring methods for getting over a broken heart, pulling together and getting back into life. Simple Pleasures will be a celebrity-hosted 1/2 hour series based on author Susannah Seton’s popular nine book series by the same title.


The History Channel will launch in the first half of 2006 a special event of enormous scale titled 10 DAYS THAT CHANGED AMERICA. The 10 part is 10 days in American history as envisioned through 10 powerful documentaries that will be written, produced and directed by 10 award-winning filmmakers.  Some of those 10 days will be obvious ones, and the others not so obvious. Some may illustrate a single day event; some could be a day that triggered an event. Either way, the 10 are those days that represent the broad themes that ultimately shaped America’s people, culture and history.

Canadian sketch comedy series Comedy Inc. will make its US debut on Spike TV starting Monday, April 18 at 1130p. Spike has picked up the show’s first two seasons, each consisting of 26 half hour eps. This sketch and parody series stars comedian/writer Roman Danylo and co-starring Second City alumni Aurora Browne and Jen Goodhue, comedians Terry McGurrin and Winston Spear with Gavin Stephens and Jenn Robertson.

Attention Royal Junkies:  WE: Women’s Entertainment has acquired the exclusive rights to air the BBC1 live coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles on Saturday, April 9.  Coverage begins at 7a, continuing until 1030a.  WE will carry the event commercial- free and live.  Encore airing is scheduled for 4p.  Then a primetime wrap-up at 9p with host CBS News Correspondent Mike Brzezinski, covering the fashion, protocol, gossip and history of the day and feature footage of the event. The primetime special also includes commentary by British royal watcher and Majesty Magazine editor, Ingrid Seward and best-selling author and journalist Diane Clehane. 

Couple of key dates coming up for Bravo – Project Runway season finale is scheduled for May 12 at 10p; Sports Kids Moms & Dads debuts on May 31 at 11p; and Blow Out makes its return series in June.

On Sunday, April 17, NBC will air a backdoor pilot called Home Intervention (aka Design Intervention) with former Trading Spaces designer Vern Yip. Scheduled to air at 7p, it is described as designer Yip rescues a family who has lost all hope, becoming nearly bankrupt in their quest to build a home. The Rutledge family are living in a house with gaping holes, no bathroom doors and no kitchen. Yip arrives with his team of contractors and builders to help Rutledge finally finish the house of their dreams. Rutledge must still do the work — but now he has a much larger team supporting him. Okay, so there’s no Disney vacation, no limos, no ‘move that bus’ dramatics, and the homeowner has to help with the work, but otherwise, this sounds pretty familiar. 

MTV Networks will launch MTV Overdrive, a hybrid channel that will live on broadband with VOD capabilities, on April 25, 2005.  MTVO will launch will debut with advertisers including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Sony Pictures.  Jason Hirschhorn, SVP/Digital & Media, MTVN explained the need and importance for the broadband internet outlet and its content saying, “With an incredibly high percentage of young people using broadband, it seemed essential to create a new hybrid screen with its own content to complement MTV, MTV2, and MTV.”  MTV is building a new digital media studio at its Times Square NY HQ, where much content for MTVO will be produced.  MTVO will be delivered via Windows Media Video and Windows Media DRM. MTV will soon release a version of MTVO optimized for Microsoft Media Center Edition PCs, as part of the networks recently announced partnership with Microsoft. Consumers can reach MTV Overdrive via

MTVO content described as individual ‘channels’ will include:

  • The Lineup: features the highlights of the day’s programming, this channel plays automatically when the user first engages MTVO.
  • News: story updates, MTV News 4 x day, feature segments, artist profiles & interviews, political coverage, social issues, movie & video game news etc.
  • Music: this channel will live in the center of the MTVO screen featuring music videos, music blocks, new artists, clips from Live performances.
  • On TV: behind the scenes on MTV shows, original online programming including Real World/Road Rules Challenge-Aftershow, and exclusive clips from TRL, Punk’d and others.
  • Movies: movie trailers for upcoming features, celebrity interviews etc.
  • Upcoming channels will include video game culture and personal style.

Top 10 Broadcast Network Programs among A18-49 for the week of 3/28-4/3/05:
Fox      AMERICAN IDOL-TUESDAY         11.0/29
CBS      CSI                                                  9.9/24
CBS     SURVIVOR: PALAU                        7.7/21
ABC     GREY’S ANATOMY                        7.6/18
Fox      HOUSE                                          7.2/17
CBS     WITHOUT A TRACE                      6.6/18
ABC      LOST                                               6.5/18
CBS     NCAA BASKETBALL, SAT-2           6.2/19 * (1st game on this evening not included as it began prior to primetime)
Source:  Nielsen Media Research, Galaxy Explorer

If you haven’t seen or heard this in its entirety yet, this is Peter Jennings’ email to staffers on Tuesday:

Dear All – Forgive me the group mailing – but it seems the easiest way to tell a lot of people I care for ….. about a change in my life. I have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, it was quite a surprise. As you all know, this is a challenge. I begin chemotherapy next week. I will continue to do the broadcast. There will be good days and bad, which means that some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky! Almost 10 million Americans are living with cancer. I am sure I will learn from them how to cope with the facts of life that none of us anticipated. In all the years I have worked here, I have had the most outstanding support from this news division. Hundreds of you have been like family. It feels good to have such a family right now.

IAG Research’s Top Ten Most Recalled New Ads and Top Ten Most Liked New Ads for new campaigns airing during the month of March (2/28/05-3/27/05).  The list is ranked by viewers’ ability to recall the new ads (or how much they like them) and their associated products and brands. The Recall Score is the percentage of TV viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand of an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing TV.  The Likeability Score is the percentage of TV viewers who report to like “a lot” an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing TV (among those recalling the brand of the ad).  For example, with a Likeability Index of 159, the top ranked ONDCP spot has proven 59% better-liked than the average new commercial during the past four-week period. The scores are then indexed against the mean score for all ads during the time period to create the Recall Index; 100 is Average. For example, with a Recall Index of 232, the top-ranked American Online spot was more than twice as memorable as the average new ad during the four week period.

Top Ten Most Liked New Ads:
159 – ONDCP:–Girl in pink sweater recites poem about resisting peer pressure and drug use
157 – PLAYSTATION: PSP–man in red shirt morphs into musical performer, film footage of westerner, basketball player
155 – GILLETTE TAG:  Body Spray–Mrs. Drake answers door, smells Steven and hits on him, product warning
155 – MOUNTAIN DEW: Man gets soda from vending machine, car remote changes car into various vehicles, turns friend into woman
150 – PAPA JOHN’S: Sicilian Meats Pizza–woman dances and eats pizza, Papa John wants you to taste a better pizza
150 – COCA COLA:  With Lime–scientist thinks of adding lime, board meeting, factory, news anchor, put the lime in the Coke song
147 – QUIZNOS SUB: Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub–Baby Bob on chair, close-up of food
145 – UNILEVER AXE:  Shower Gel–plumber pulls earring, bra, and riding crop out of bathtub drain
144 – CRAYOLA:  Erasables–girl thinks Mississippi is the hardest state to spell, has too many S’s; sister thinks there has to be a Mister-sippi
141 – HOME DEPOT:  Flooring–I don’t want to spend a lot on floors, but want it to look like I did,  family plays cards on floor
Source: IAG Research (

Top Ten Most Recalled New Ads:
232 – AMERICA ONLINE: Two men in cafeteria, ham sandwich and tuna comparison, protection from spam and viruses (:60)
221 – AMERICA ONLINE:  Two men in cafeteria, ham sandwich and tuna comparison, protection from spam and viruses (:30)
221 – AMERICA ONLINE:  Comprehensive Virus Protection Service–man says new viruses, why should I be worried about new viruses
217 – AMERICA ONLINE:  Comprehensive Virus Protection Service–hacked like kung pow chicken, likes to share private e-mail with public
210 – HOME DEPOT: Box appears in a variety of rapidly changing, colorful designs,  employee builds chest, free Apprentice clinic Saturday April 2nd
204 – BLOCKBUSTER: All You Can Watch–people celebrate outside store, sign unravels, people dance
204 – CRAYOLA:  Erasables–girl thinks Mississippi is the hardest state to spell, has too many S’s, sister thinks there has to be a Mister-sippi
204 – CHARMIN:  MegaRoll–no one likes changing the roll, Family of bears lines up, 4 times the sheets in one
203 – SEARS:  Ty Pennington takes men to check out lawn care equipment, power to clean, need to cut some weeds, carry out
190 – BURGER KING: TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch–Hootie singer sings about fantasy ranch, lotto tickets; Brooke Burke on swing
Source: IAG Research (


Chris Licht is joining MSNBC’s Scarborough Country as a Senior Producer. As part of his role, Chris will coordinate daily production of the show.  Chris makes the move to MSNBC from the NBC O&O in San Francisco/San Jose.

Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. has made the following announcement about its Affiliate Sales and Marketing Group: Patrick Dodd has been named SVP/National Accounts; Betsy Brightman was upped to SVP/Sales Operations; Sharon Metz has been named VP/Affiliate Marketing; Eric Rutter was elevated to VP/National Accounts; and Dan Yokich has been promoted to VP/National Accounts.

NBC Universal has promoted Jennifer Skorlich to SVP/NBC Universal Cable Publicity and Late Night Publicity for NBC. The announcement was made by Rebecca Marks, EVP/NBC Universal Television Publicity and Jeff Gaspin, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment & Cross Network Strategy.  Skorlich will continue to be in charge of overseeing all of the company’s cable entertainment publicity

Jedd Gold has been upped to VP/Marketing, DIC Entertainment, reporting to Brad Brooks, President, DIC Ent.  In his new post, Gold will oversee all marketing and promotional initiatives including marketing strategies for the company’s brand properties Strawberry Shortcake and Trollz.  He will be responsible for creating and executing multi-layered retail and consumer campaigns, including advertising, promotions and publicity.  Additionally, Gold will oversee the production of and ongoing support for the upcoming launch of .

SCI FI Channel has made a number of key promotions and appointments in its marketing division.  Blake Callaway joins as VP/Brand Marketing and Gunilla DeSanto has been upped to VP/Production & Project Management.  Both report to Adam Stotsky, SVP/SCI FI Marketing & Creative.  Additionally, Tahira Bhatti-McClure has been promoted to VP/Marketing Operations, which expands her previous duties from SCI FI Channel to include USA Network, with a dual report to Stotsky and Chris McCumber, SVP/Marketing & Creative at USA Network.  

Los Angeles-based entertainment production and marketing firm The Hatchery, LLC, is expanding its business and program development ranks and has created two new key positions.  David Haddad has been named EVP, focusing on new business development for the company.  Sean Gorman has been named VP/Program Development.  Announcement of the senior-level hires was made by The Hatchery founders and Co-CEOs Margaret Loesch and Bruce Stein. Mr. Haddad will report to both executives. Mr. Gorman will report to Dan Angel, a co-founding member of and Executive Producer for The Hatchery.   

Carolyn Bivens, President/COO of Initiative North America, announced media services executive Richard Alcott is joining the company to lead Western region client services, as EVP/Managing Director, based in the LA office. Richard will lead the day-to-day operation of Initiative’s west coast business, with an emphasis on the group’s strategic media planning offering.  He will guide strategic direction of media planning assignments and work in close collaboration with the company’s strategic and tactical assets and, where appropriate, in association with a number of Interpublic communication agencies.  He reports to Rich Simms, EVP/GM, Western and Southeastern regions.


Monday – A18-49 Analysis:  CBS scored the winning numbers on Monday night thanks to its coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game.  CBS delivered an overall 6.1/16 A18-49 based on final numbers from Nielsen Media Research.  Fox was #2 for the night with a 4.0/11, followed by NBC 3.4/9, ABC 3.2/8, WB 1.2/3, UPN 1.1/3.  The 8p hour was led by Fox with Nanny 911 delivering a 3.4/10 in the demo, though CBS’ back to back repeats of 2-1/2 Men was a close #2 with a 9 share.  The basketball game scored an 8.7/22 A18-49 rating from 9p-1131p. 24 on Fox delivered a 4.5/11 at 9p; and Supernanny at 10p on ABC earned a 4.0/10.

FINAL HOUSEHOLD RATING:   Monday, April 4, 2005, for all Networks – program averages.  Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

CBS     11.5/18  2-1/2 Men [r] 6.5/12, 2-1/2 Men [r] 7.2/12, NCAA  Men’s Basketball Championship (ended 1131p) 15.0/23

FOX     6.2/10   Nanny 911 5.6/9, 24   6.7/10

ABC     5.7/9    EM:HD How’d They Do That? 4.6/8, The Bachelor 5.6/8, Supernanny 6.8/10

NBC     5.3/8    Fear Factor [r] 4.7/8, NBC Movie: Behind the Camera: the Unauthorized Story of Mork & Mindy 5.6/8

WB      2.2/3    7th Heaven [r] 2.1/3, Summerland 2.3/3

UPN     1.8/3    One on One [r] 1.7/3, Cuts [r] 1.7/3, Girlfriends [r] 2.0/3, Half & Half [r] 1.8/3

A18-49                CBS 6.1/16, Fox 4.0/11, NBC 3.4/9, ABC 3.2/8, WB 1.2/3, UPN 1.1/3

Tuesday – A18-49 Analysis:  Fox led on Tuesday night among A18-49 with an overall 7.8/21, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research.  CBS was second for the night with a 3.5/9, followed by NBC 2.8/8, ABC 2.7/7, WB 1.2/3, UPN 1.0/3.  At 8p Fox’s American Idol delivered a strong 9.6/28, dusting the competition. The closest competition came from CBS with a 2.4/7 for NCIS.  At 9p a repeat of Fox’s House won the hour with a 5.9/15, though this time CBS was much closer with Amazing Race’s 4.8/12.  NBC’s The Office at 930p earned a 2.9/7, holding its full demo share lead-in, something it didn’t do last week.  At 10p a repeat of Law & Order: SVU was on top with a 4.0/11, while ABC’s Blind Justice and CBS’ Judging Amy tied at 3.1/8.

Fast Affiliate Ratings:   Monday, April 5, 2005, for all Networks – time period averages.  Source: Nielsen Media Research. 

FOX     12.0/19  American Idol 14.3/23, House [r] 9.6/15

CBS     7.3/12   NCIS [r] 7.0/11, Amazing Race 7.6/12, Judging Amy 7.4/12

ABC     4.9/8    My Wife & Kids [r] 3.8/6, George Lopez [r] 3.6/6, According to Jim [r] 5.3/8, Rodney 5.2/8, Blind Justice 5.7/9

NBC     4.7/7    Will & Grace [r] 3.0/5, Scrubs [r] 2.7/4, Scrubs 4.0/6, The Office 4.0/6, Law & Order: SVU [r] 7.2/12

WB      2.1/3    Gilmore Girls [r] 2.2/4, The Starlet [F] 1.9/3

UPN     1.8/3    All of Us [r]1.7/3, Eve [r] 1.8/3, Veronica Mars 1.9/3

A18-49                Fox 7.8/21, CBS 3.5/9, NBC 2.8/8, ABC 2.7/7, WB 1.2/3, UPN 1.0/3

The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1985 – At the World Table Tennis Championships in Goteborg, Sweden, China continues its longstanding domination of international table tennis by winning top honors in every category but one: men’s doubles.

Answer to Tuesday’s Trivia Question: On the 1990 series H.E.L.P. starring David Caruso and Wesley Snipes, what did the title acronym stand for?  HARLEM EASTSIDE LIFESAVING PROGRAM.  Alas, the show lasted less than a season.  Kudos to:  Mike Bell-WDBJ/Roanoke; Eli Bailin-Coca Cola City-Mediavest/NY; Eric Litt-WGN/Chicago; Ed Zuckerman-Crazy/LA; Aaron Paquette-OTX: Online Testing Exchange/Hollywood.


Tonight, shortly before midnight, everybody will be seeing stars…

Celebrity Justice joins the Court TV: The Investigation Channel line-up Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. e/p.

Check out for a whole galaxy of advertising opportunities.

Today’s Trivia Question:
  This substance is considered to be “highly addictive.”  In fact, they said, “5 milligrams today, 5 milligrams tomorrow, and a person would give their first born for just 1 milligram more.”  What is this stuff?  (click here with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Cyn
04.07.05   5:11am

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ABC              Jake in Progress, Jake in Progress, Extreme Makeover, Primetime Live
CBS              Survivor, CSI, Without a Trace
FOX              The O.C., Tru Calling
NBC              Joey, Will & Grace, The Apprentice, ER
PAX              AFV, AFV, Diagnosis Murder, Diagnosis Murder
UPN              WWE Smackdown
WB               Blue Collar TV, Blue Collar TV [r], The Starlet [r]
TELE             La Mujer en el Espejo, Los Platedos, La Ley del Silencio
UNIV             Apuesta por un Amor, La Madrastra, Aqui y Ahora

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