New Study Looks at How – And Why – Consumers View Video

The Anatomy of a Video Experience, a study conducted by MAGNA, IPG Media Lab and Vevo, explores the  ways consumers view video across OTT, linear TV, PC and mobile, and what motivates their viewing habits.

The study found that viewers have no true “go-to” device to watch video – instead, device selections are made in the moment based on situational factors. (For example, viewers select OTT for video/audio quality, select linear for exclusive content, and select mobile and PC for accessibility.)

Additional key findings of the study include:

  • Consumers are in  different mindsets on each video device. For example, people have relaxation in mind when watching on bigger screens, and utility on PC.
  • Audio attention reigns supreme, even in a video environment, with the highest full attention to audio at 56% on PC, as opposed to highest full attention to visual, 44% on OTT. Video ads should rely on more than just visuals to get its message across.
  • Video co-viewing offers  purpose-driven viewing, longer session lengths, and higher receptivity. In fact, OTT was the best device for co-viewers (49%), and they are especially attentive on it (43%).
  • The music genre is strongly tied to positive moods and high cultural relevance, allowing advertisers to reach music video viewers in moments where their brand message will resonate most.  
  • Linear TV users are more likely browsing on other digital devices if they’re multi-tasking than users of other devices, providing an advertiser opportunity for simultaneous cross-screen exposure.
  • There is more passive video search discovery happening on OTT (24%) than other digital devices like PC (18%) and mobile (16%).

“The industry tends to focus on mobile and OTT, but the truth is that people are using several devices and we need to understand the nuances of why/when,” said Kara Manatt, SVP, Group Director, Intelligence Solutions, MAGNA Global. “People are focused when listening to rock music, excited when watching action movies…their mood states vary wildly throughout the course of a day and so does their openness to receiving an ad. Brands that understand the mood behind the action are dramatically more likely to grab the attention of listeners and viewers.”

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