Monday, March 8th, 2004





Good morning. It’s Monday, March 8, 2004, and this is your first early morning briefing. 

Last week had some serious ups and downs for Martha Stewart.  Earlier in the week her show is nominated for a half dozen Emmy’s.  By week’s end, she learns she may be looking at prison time.  The latter raises several questions about the future of the Martha Stewart Show.  Will King World continue with the syndicated show or pull it before the end of the current season? Will stations pull her show, citing various unusual circumstances to void their clearance contracts.  And will the Food Network continue with her show (which it did air over the weekend). The Viacom owned WCBS in New York has already answered that question by pulling the show effective today, and some reports indicate others in the Viacom group will follow.  Meanwhile the Food Network is evaluating the situation, and while they do that, From Martha’s Kitchen will continue to air as scheduled.

Midnight tonight is the expiration of a current restraining order requiring Echostar’s DISH Network to carry 15 O&O Viacom stations.  The restraining order was imposed by a federal judge as a result of an anti-trust suit filed by DISH following Viacom demands over retransmission fees for the stations, as well as must carry for the Viacom owned Nickelodeon Games & Sports Channel (aka Nick GAS). If the two cannot come to terms by midnight, DISH will remove the 15 O&Os from its line-up as well as other Viacom owned networks including Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, BET, TV Land, and Comedy Central.  Viacom ran crawl on those networks advising viewers DISH may pull the networks on Monday night, ran over the weekend.  The decision by DISH will not effect CBS affiliates not owned by Viacom.

NBC‘s second season of Last Comic Standing, an unscripted contest featuring stand up comics vying for top dog status, has come across a little controversy.  The show uses four celebrity judges, including this time around Drew Carey and Brett Butler (Grace Under Fire). Carey has been very vocal in what he views as a “crooked and dishonest” turn of events.  According to Carey, during the semifinal round held in Las Vegas designed to weed the top 20 down to the top 10, Carey’s choices and fellow judge Brett Butler’s choices were not taken into account.  Rather Carey submits, the shows exec prods, including Barry Katz who is also the manager of two of the Top 10 finalists, made the final choices.  “It was like somebody at NBC cast the show ahead of the event in Vegas. And they had 1,100 in the audience (for the semifinals competition) who saw how blatantly it was cast. If this happened on ‘Survivor’ or any other reality TV show, it would be a major scandal.”   On her website, Brett Butler chimes in with this statement:  “As panel judges, we can say that (a) we were both surprised and disappointed at the results and (b) we had NOTHING to do with them.” NBC provided this statement:  “The casting decisions were made by NBC and NBC Studios in consultation with talent scouts and we appreciate their valuable input. Now that the 10 participants have been selected, the program will begin. As was the case last season, during the show, the comic elimination decisions will now be made by audiences who watch the comics perform without any input from NBC, NBC Studios or anyone else associated with the program.”  So the judges “input” is just that, and it’s not final. I wonder if the audience knew that.

How’s this for bad timing.  A Nashville television station, WTVZ aired the Hillary Swank movie Quiet Days in Hollywood a week ago Sunday, in a slighted less edited form than the station had intended.  As a result, 8,000 viewers of the movie, according to Broadcasting & Cable, had a full frontal unclothed view of Ms. Swank as well as listen to some pretty strong language you don’t usually get on broadcast television.  The Sinclair station has issued a formal apology pointing to human error in running the wrong version.  That’s not quite good enough for Nashville City Councilman Jason Alexander, apparently one of the 8000,  who has filed a formal complaint with the FCC.  Ultimately the FCC which could peg WTVZ with the first fines under the new regulations which call for $500,000 for each individual violation. 

Premiering Tonight:  Univision:  Mariana de la Noche (Mariana of the Night) at 8pm

New in Development and Casting:

  • ABC has cast Willie Garson in Plan B (Universal), a comedy pilot starring Carolina Rhea. The drama pilot Lost (Bad Robot/Touchstone) has added Maggie Grace to the cast that already includes Dominic Monaghan, Ian Somerhalder, Jorge Garcia and Evangeline Lilly, about a group of castaways on a deserted island.  The network’s drama project Desperate Housewives (Touchstone) has added Michael Riley Burke to the extended ensemble cast.  And That’s My Rodney (Touchstone) starring stand up comic Rodney Carrington, has added Matthew Josten and Oliver Davis to the cast which also includes Jennifer Aspen.  In the John Stamos pilot project (Brad Grey/20th), Madchen Amik has been added to the cast.
  • CBS has pushed back its drama pilot Nice Guys (Shoe Money Prods/Silver Pictures/Warner Bros. TV) to midseason after a request from the show’s producers who are having some trouble casting the leads.  The show was also being reworked with the addition of producer Shaun Cassidy. Also at CBS, the network is continuing negotiations with Gary Sinise to lead the cast of CSI: New York, according to Variety.  Elsewhere at CBS, Monica Potter has been added to the growing cast of its drama pilot The Amazing Westerbergs (Sony/CBS Prods) which also include Chris O’Donnell, Jay Harrington and Kathleen Rose Perkins.  And Michael Rooker has been cast as an FBI agent in the drama pilot Numbers (Scott Free/Paramount) about an MIT math whiz hired by the FBI.
  • Fox has cast Peter Facinelli in its Untitled Katherine Bigelo project (Imagine/20th) about a undercover officer (Rachel Nichols) posing as a high school student. Facinelli will play Nichol’s boss.
  • NBC has signed Julie Bowen for its new comedy pilot The Friendlys (NBC Studios) about a family which inherits a candy factor from a dead relative.  Dave Foley, Billy Gardell and Ana Gasteyer had been cast earlier.
  • UPN has added Kate Levering to its drama pilot Kevin Hill (Icon/Touchstone) which also stars Taye Diggs, Jon Seda and Patrick Breen about a 30-something single guy who suddenly finds himself the guardian of his infant niece.
  • WB‘s drama project Rocky Point has been pushed back to midseason 2005 as the production waits for exec prod John Stockwell to come on board this summer as director. WB has cast Jon Tenney and Kevin Wheatly to its comedy project Joint Custody (Warner Bros. TV) which stars Kate Walsh, according to Hollywood Reporter about two teenage siblings who spend the week with easy going mom, and the weekends with a much stricter dad.

Sci Fi Channel‘s new Thursday night schedule: Mad Mad House, Scare Tactics, and Tripping the Rift, are finding younger viewers, bolstering that night by 194% among P18-34 vs. 2003 time period averages for the night.  Unscripted drama Mad Mad House found 1.57 million total viewers; the premiere of the second season of Scare Tactics held the lead-in with 1.576m total viewers, and Tripping the Rift topped both by jumping to a 2.1m total viewers.

In a deal that was engineered by The WB along with TBS/TNT a couple years back, the first of the trilogy Lord of the Rings will air on the WB in High-Def in November.  Then each of the next two succeeding Novembers, the remaining two films of the group will air. The network also has the rights to air the films during the 2006-07 season. 

Weekend Box Office Estimates – March 5-7, 2004
Passion of the Christ (Newmarket)            $51.4 million – 2 wk total $212.0m
Starsky & Hutch (Warner Bros.)                 $29.1 million – opening weekend
Hidalgo (Disney)                                          $19.6 million – opening weekend
50 First Dates (Sony)                                 $7.7 million – 4 wk total $99.4m
Twisted (Paramount)                                  $5.20 million – 2 wk total $16.4m
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Disney) $4.0 million – 3 wk total $21.8m
LOTR (New Line)                                        $3.2 million – 12 wk & 11 Oscar total $368.3m
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Lions)         $2.9 million – 2 wk total 10.0m
Miracle (Disney)                                          $2.6 million – 5 wk total $59.9m
Monster (NewMarket)                                  $2.3 million – 11 wk total $30.2m
Source: Box Office Mojo

The sweeps are finally over, whew, but Thursday night remains a powerhouse.  NBC won  the night with an 8.1/21 A18-49 according to Nielsen Media Research, not far ahead of CBS’ 7.2/18, which in turn was followed distantly by ABC 2.7/7, UPN 1.9/5, FOX 1.5/4, WB 1.2/3.  At 8pm the Survivor All Stars on CBS owned the hour with a 8.7/23. NBC began with a viewer’s choice repeat of Friends (7.2/20) and an original ep of Will & Grace (7.0/18).  As is typical, Survivor climbed from the first half hour to the second, 8.1/22 up to an 9.4/24.  At 9p the tables turned, this time advantage Apprentice with an original over a repeat of CSI on CBS.  The Apprentice on NBC delivered a strong 9.9/24 over CSI’s 7.4/18.  At 10p, the NBC News Special: Princess Diana: The Secret Tapes (part 1, [part 2 is next Thursday]) won the 10p hour with a7.2/19 over CBS’ repeat of Without a Trace (5.3/14). ABC’s Primetime was third with a 3.6/10.

NBC led on Friday night among A18-49 with a combination of a 2-hour Dateline (which included the day & date Martha Stewart news) and Third Watch.  According to Nielsen Media Research, NBC earned a 3.0/10 for the night, followed by ABC 2.7/9, Fox 2.1/7, CBS 2.0/7, WB 1.5/5, UPN 0.8/2.  At 8pm the ABC TGIF sitcoms posted a 2.7/9, in front by a share point over CBS and NBC (tied at 2.2/8). At 9p NBC leaned out in front with a 2.8/9, followed closely by the continuing ABC TGIF sitcoms (2.6/8). Fox stepped up to #3 for the hour with a 2.2/7, ahead of CBS’ repeat of JAG (1.7/5).  WB’s premiere of its newest sitcom The Help earned a 1.4/4, holding its lead-in share.  AT 10p, NBC’s Third Watch led with a 3.9/13, followed by 20/20 which led with day & date info on Martha Stewart, and earned a 2.8/9. 48 Hours followed with a 2.3/7.

Fox‘s hold on Saturday night continues beyond the sweep with a 3.0/10 A18-49 rating for the night according to Nielsen Media Research.  NBC was second with a 2.0/7, followed by ABC 1.8/6 and CBS 1.7/6.  At 8pm Fox averaged a 2.8/10 for back to back Cops, well ahead of #2 CBS with Star Search (2.0/7).  ABC and NBC tied wtih a 5 share for the hour.  At 9p Fox again led with a 3.1/10; ABC a distant #2 with a 1.8/6 for the second hour of its 3-hour movie; and CBS and NBC tied with a 5 share.  At 10p NBC won the hour with a repeat of L&O: SVU earning a 2.9/7 ahead of the final hour of Frequency on ABC (2.3/7) and The District on CBS (1.4/4).

Steve Shaw has been upped to EVP/Human Resources of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.  The announcement was made by MGM Sr. EVP/Secretary William A. Jones, to whom Steve reports.  Shaw will continue to oversee all aspects of Human Resources administration, including policy development and administration, organizational development, recruitment, affirmative action, employee relations, training, compensation, benefits and recordkeeping.  He previously was senior vice president, human resources.

Starz Encore Group LLC has upped Ann Ivancie to VP/Marketing Campaign Management. Ann will manage national promotions, corporate and point-of-sale campaign development as well as custom campaign management for Starz affiliates.  Miles McNamee, SVP/Affiliate Marketing, announced her promotion.

ClarificationRegarding the distribution rights for Comedy Central’s South Park to Tribune and Debmar, it is Debmar who controls the distribution rights and will oversee the distribution of the show.  Debmar will distribute to the Top 30 US TV markets, while Tribune will take care of the rest of the markets as well as oversee ad sales.

Thursday, March 4, 2004. Fast Affiliate Household Ratings for all Networks. Fast affiliate numbers which reflect time period data, not program data, and can change slightly once the finals come in, particularly for LIVE programming (i.e. Football). Source Nielsen Media Research. Time Period Averages Only. [p] = Premiere; [o] = Original; [r] = Repeat

CBS     13.2/21 Survivor: All Stars 13.7/21, CSI [r] 14.5/22, Without a Trace [r] 11.5/19

NBC     11.9/18 Friends [r]11.2/18, Will & Grace 10.3/16, The Apprentice 12.9/19, NBC Special: Princess Diana; The Secret Tapes Part 1 11.9/19

ABC     5.2/8   Extreme Makeover 4.3/7, Extreme Makeover 5.1/8, Primetime 6.2/10

UPN     3.3/5   WWE Smackdown 3.3/5

FOX     2.7/4   Tru Calling [r] 3.0/5 , Tru Calling [r] 2.4/4

WB      2.0/3   Steve Harvey’s Big Time [r] 2.3/4, All About the Andersons [r] 1.7/3, JKE [r] 2.0/3

A18-49  NBC 8.1/21, CBS 7.2/18, ABC 2.7/7, UPN 1.9/5, FOX 1.5/4, WB 1.2/3

Friday, March 5, 2004. Fast Affiliate Household Ratings for all Networks. Fast affiliate numbers which reflect time period data, not program data, and can change slightly once the finals come in, particularly for LIVE programming (i.e. Football). Source Nielsen Media Research. Time Period Averages Only. [p] = Premiere; [o] = Original; [r] = Repeat

NBC     6.7/12  Dateline NBC 6.3/11, Third Watch 7.4/13

CBS     5.8/10  Joan of Arcadia [r] 6.0/11, JAG [r] 5.7/10, 48 Hours Investigates 5.8/10

ABC     5.1/9   George Lopez [r] 4.7/8, Married to the Kellys 4.3/8, Hope & Faith 5.0/9, Life with Bonnie 4.5/8, 20/20 6.1/11

FOX     3.2/6   Fox Special: Test the Nation 2  3.2/6

WB      2.6/4   Reba [r]  2.8/5, Reba [r] 2.9/5, Grounded for Life 2.3/4, The Help [premiere] 2.3/4

UPN     1.5/3   Movie:  Operation Condor 1.5/3

A18-49  NBC 3.0/10, ABC 2.7/9, Fox 2.1/7, CBS 2.0/7, WB 1.5/5, UPN 0.8/2

Saturday, March 6, 2004. Fast Affiliate Household Ratings for all Networks. Fast affiliate numbers which reflect time period data, not program data, and can change slightly once the finals come in, particularly for LIVE programming (i.e. Football). Source Nielsen Media Research. Time Period Averages Only. [p] = Premiere; [o] = Original; [r] = Repeat

CBS     5.1/9   Star Search 5.0/9, Hack [r] 5.2/9, The District [r] 5.2/10

FOX     4.9/9   Cops 4.8/8, Cops [r] 4.9/9, AMW 5.1/9

NBC     3.8/7   Tracy Morgan 2.6/5, Whoopi [r] 2.9/5, Frasier [r] 3.2/6, Happy Family [r] 2.7/5, L&O: SVU [r]  5.7/10

ABC     3.5/7   Movie: Frequency 3.5/7

A18-49  Fox 3.0/10, NBC 2.0/7, ABC 1.8/6, CBS 1.7/6



Starring Steven Seagal

FX’s #1 Program of the week!
FX’s #1 Movie of the week!

Available exclusively from
Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution

Source: NHI Explorer, 2/23/04-2/29/04. Mon, 8-10PM. Program rank ties Cops. HH Cvg Rtg.

The History Channel presents This Day in History: 
1917 – In Russia, the February Revolution begins in St. Petersburg with riots and strikes stemming from food shortages. This first chapter in the Russian Revolution leads to the abdication of Czar Nicholas III a week later. (This paroxysm is known as the February Revolution because Russia then still used the Julian calendar, which was thirteen days behind the Gregorian calendar.)

Answer to yesterday’s Trivia Question:  What was the name of this duo’s segment on an NBC show that coined the phrase “Shyeeeeah!  Rriiigggghhhhttt!!!!!”? WAYNE’S WORLD! Kudos to:  Melissa Booth-Wonder Group/Cincinnati; Sarit Rus-WPHL/Philadelphia; Steve Karmazin-ABC NewsOne/NY; Donna Smera-Food Network/NY; Jennifer Nolan-Starcom Worldwide/Chicago; Christina Mejia-KCEN/Waco; Ashley Green-Spot y Mas/Dallas; Dustin Lee-Steele & Assoc; Jake Guswa-Warner Bros./LA; Jamie Vernhes-Cox Media/LA; Wendell Foster-ABC/Burbank; Sari Scharf-MGM/LA; Erica Beesemyer-Carsey Werner Mandabach/Studio City; Amy Sutton-YTV/Toronto; Zoe Zakhem-Warner Bros. Canada/Toronto.


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Today’s Trivia Question:
   If you combine the sounds from a hyena’s howl, a dog’s growl, a violin G-string and a camel’s bleat, what will you get? (
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Later — Cyn

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Court TV
The Investigation Channel
Source: Nielsen Media Research Custom Analysis (NPower) Minute-by-Minute program minutes vs non-program minutes, November 2003. Mon-Sun 8p-11p.

COURT TV:       The I-Zone, Forensic Files, The Investigators
ABC             20/20 (OTO);  ABC Premiere Event: Judas
CBS             Yes, Dear [r], Still Standing [r], Raymond [r], Two and a Half Men [r], CSI: Miami [r]
FOX             That 70s Show [r], That 70s Show [r], Forever Eden
NBC             Fear Factor, NBC Movie: Behind the Camera: Charlie’s Angels
PAX             AFV,  Early Edition, Diagnosis Murder
UPN             The Parkers [r], Eve [r], Girlfriends [r], Half & Half [r]
WB              7th Heaven [r], Everwood [r],
TELE            Amor Descardo, El Alma Herida, Mujeres Apasionadas
UNIV            Mariana de la Noche [p], Bajo la Misma Piel, Cristina


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