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Dive into Artificial Intelligence at NAB Show New York, Oct. 18-19, Javits Convention Center

Check out Thursday’s lightning talks “Artificial Intelligence: A World of Solutions”

With richer metadata, create more customized video-on-demand offerings, provide better ROI data to sponsors, and accelerate postproduction work. Other topics include Driving Efficiency and Engagement, and Using AI and Metadata to Unlock Value.

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Cynopsis Presents:
Live from Advertising Week

Randee Dawn

Advertising week kicked off on Monday with a flurry of activity in the Times Square area, where sessions were spread around in multiple venues. One of the key attractions was the Tech Xperience, which gave visitors a look into upcoming augmented and virtual reality tech. Here are a few highlights from what you might have missed, a look at what’s coming up tomorrow, and a little chit-chat between sessions:
Panels aren’t supposed to have stars, but when it comes to being excited, engaged and informative, CNBC‘s Bonin Bough, host of Cleveland Hustles, absolutely commanded the stage before a packed house for the panel “Media Planning in an AI-Fueled World.”
After exhorting the audience for “more energy” and plugging a shirt he had for sale that read “Innovative AF,” Bonin directed the conversation around where he felt where analysts and ad agencies should be mining their data. Social Media is out; personal texts and emojis and GIFs are in, he said. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does the emoji mean?” he asked. “Nobody’s talking about this. Social media’s perception of what I might be thinking [doesn’t express] the things I really think about.”
Erin Rech, Initiative head of digital, agreed that AIs are not really at the level to appreciate that kind of granular data. “How you know an image of a rock in grayscale as a real rock – that’s the thinking human brains can do right now,” she said. “A computer cannot tell that. Not yet.”
Meanwhile, Horizon Chief Analytics Officer Rick Watrall suggested that it’s important to know what data to use to give your clients what they want: “Be honest about what the hell all this technology is going to do for your clients,” he said. “Don’t get pigeonholed into putting all your money into something that’s only going to gain half a point of spend for your client. Point it at the big stuff.”
In the end, noted Watrall, “There’s a lot of bull**** in this state. With any new technology, you have to be careful.”
For more on AI, check out this session at next month’s NAB Show New York.
PBS delivers thoughtful, credible and brand-safe News/Current Events
Over and over viewers agree that PBS is the most trusted network with loyal audiences across programs
Opinion leaders ranked PBS NewsHour as the “Most Objective” & “Most Credible”
And 64% of viewers say that sponsor messages are different and better than other advertising
Get them while they’re thinking…
2015 TV Heritage Group: PBS Commercialism, City Square Associates, Erdos & Morgan National Opinion Leaders Study

Stephanie Abrams Cartin, Co-CEO Socialfly, at “Will Data and Digital Resurrect TV?”: “Facebook has a huge advantage [when creating original content] because of the amount of data it has on all its viewers. They know what’s likely to perform well. They can almost guarantee what shows on Facebook are going to perform well, and it’s a very big advantage.”
Jill King, SVP marketing and partnerships for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang, at “Not Your Parents’ Branded Content”: “More and more brands are able to create social-broadcast moments. Adult Swim has done this well over the years – we create Instagrammable moments where fans end up doing a lot of the broadcasting for you.”
Just for fun: If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
“Instead of a superpower, I’d prefer a portal gun from Rick and Morty, so I can travel to any alternate universe that I’d like.”
Fred Schonenberg, Founder, VentureFuel at the TechX VC Power Breakfast: “Brands that are trying to enhance consumers’ lives and provide them a new experience they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise is really resonating. It doesn’t feel like advertising; it’s like a friend helping you to do something special. It becomes part of their daily experience, rather than a forced app they don’t want to see.”
Just for fun: What talent do you have that not many people know about?
“I played basketball about 50 pounds ago. I was a shooting guard; I was pretty good – I led the state of Alabama in 3-point percentage during my senior year of high school, then went on to play at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.”
“You don’t have to send a crew to [Mt.] Everest every time.” – Otto Bell, VP and Group Creative Director, Courageous, at “Not Your Parents’ Branded Content,” regarding streamlining costs for original branded content
This may be Mari Kim Novak‘s first Advertising Week as president of the event, but she’s actually been on board virtually since it started 14 years ago –  in year one as an investor while at Microsoft Advertising, and for the past 13 years on the advisory board. That makes her uniquely qualified to take AW to the next level, both at home and abroad. Cynopsis spoke with Novak just before the event began.
How are you using your expertise to make changes and improvements in Advertising Week?
Some of the changes are internal, some are external. The biggest opportunity internally was to help the global expansion of Advertising Week be done right – we wanted to hold on to our core markets in New York and London, then be able to have the bandwidth to go out to Japan and Mexico and maybe Australia. Externally, my whole career has been about monitoring emerging technology and the change that technology has caused within the industry. So I wanted to ensure that story was being told on stage, and build out the experience so people can dive in and really touch that technology.
Is there another area that’s important to you as well?
As the woman at the table, it’s important to me to make sure there’s strong women empowerment and diversity throughout Advertising Week. We’ve consciously made sure we have diversity on all panels, so it’s not an afterthought.
Is there any way to get beyond what feels like a cold war between consumers and advertisers? One always seems to be avoiding advertising, while the other is finding new ways to layer it in.
Advertising has been put in a box to some degree, and some levels of advertising have had to be taken out of that box. Anything that influences a consumer’s decision to purchase a certain brand is advertising. We’re lacking standards in order to understand the value of each one, but certain types of advertising have gotten a bad rap. People want to redefine advertising, and the industry is changing to meet consumers’ needs – but it’s not going away.
* TV advertising in the US is the largest advertising market in the world, accounting for nearly 42% of revenue in 2016
* Emerging markets will likely lead to a share decline to 39% by 2021
* The multichannel sector will see ad venue grow at 2.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching $30.2B in 2021
* But while TV advertising CAGR will increase more slowly to 1.3% by 2021, it will still hold a big piece of the pie: earnings are expected to be $75.2B in 2021
Statistics courtesy PricewaterhouseCoopers
The week gets into full swing tomorrow, with panels including “The Next Era of Programmatic,” “When Programmatic Gets Placement Right” and “Scaling Branded Visual Content Creation for Digital.” Plus, we’ll have much more from Adult Swim‘s Jill King, who’ll let us know that Millennials are definitely not ruining the world. See you then!

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