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CYNOPSISBackstage at Advertising Week

On this date in 1960, Howdy Doody broadcast its final episode, while The Flintstones aired its first. Nowhere was it more evident that times have changed than at the third, slightly soggy day, at Advertising Week in NYC.

TV networks have not lost younger viewers, they just need to be found and accounted for on other platforms not contributing to Nielsen ratings, according to “ABC Unified: Videobiquity Insights 2015,” presented for the first time at Advertising Week.

Consumers live in a world of Videobiquity, defined as the “presence of video everywhere or in many places, especially simultaneously,” said Lisa Heimann, VP, Research, ABC. Viewership growth is being driven by viewer-controlled time-shifting via DVR, VOD, and streaming, but Nielsen is not capturing all of this data. As a result, a complete view of the video marketplace is not available, making it difficult to accurately reflect total TV viewing, she said.

For example, when incremental VOD and online viewing is added to Nielsen A18-49 ratings, ABC’s Prime average increases by +21%, and some individual shows by up to +40%.

“The data is based on ABC shows, but we think it will also translate to other content providers,” said Heimann, “the future of TV has to be measured differently.”

What are you hoping to learn/focus on at Advertising Week?

Lewis Gersh, Founder, Chairman and CEO, PebblePost:
“I am interested to see what traditional marketing vehicles are embracing the data revolution, and how brands perceive the value in the tried and true vs. shiny new objects.”

David Cooperstein, CMO, PebblePost:
“I hope to have a better understanding of how brands are navigating the challenge of attention in an environment where consumers can opt out of advertising, via channels like Netflix or tools like ad blockers. Additionally, I am curious what brands have to say about the role of the agency over the next 2-5 years, given the massive changes in marketing in the past 2-5 years."

Ocean Fine,Director, Agency & Strategic Partnerships, Factual Inc.:
“I’m really looking forward to hearing from brand, agencies and industry thought leaders on what they have been focusing on, especially in the mobile space, to move their businesses forward this year.Lessons learned from the year, success stories, and the challenges they are facing for the next year will set me up with how to approach the market and help our key customers for 2016.”

Victor Wong, CEO and co-founder, PaperG
"I’m hoping to see what agencies and brands are doing about making ads more relevant beyond just better data targeting.”

David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS, on Measuring Up: What Marketers Need to Know About Changes in Audience Measurement

What are some of the biggest challenges facing the measurement world?
“There are two parallel tracks, and the industry has to focus on how to reach new goals simultaneously. The first is the proliferation of devices that results in the fact that media consumption is occurring in very different ways and through different distribution systems. And that has challenged our traditional way of counting the house, being able to determine how many people are watching a particular program or taking part in a particular event.”

Traditional, broad-based demographics, such as Adults 18-49, are becoming “increasingly irrelevant,” Poltrack says, due to shifts in the population, the aging of the baby boomers, and other factors.
“The second challenge is the whole question of the effectiveness of advertising, the challenge to the marketing department that advertising in general works, and how much it works, and what it’s delivering to the ROI.

“That is now moving away from just counting the house to actually counting the results. And that is where everybody really should be focusing, and where everybody should want to eventually end up.”

With a system that can measure the impact of a TV advertisement in a live broadcast, in a time-shifted broadcast, a streamed exposure, all these things must be addressed in terms of a number of aspects, Poltrack says, including when people are exposed to ads in these environments, do they in fact have an impact, and do they in fact “move the needle” on both a long-term and short-term basis.
“Proof of performance is really in its embryonic stages right now, but moving forward is ultimately where we all want to get.”


Linda Ong CEO,TruthCo., on The New World of Advertising: TV with Cultural Cred:
“With so much changing in the relationship between consumers and content, it’s important to examine how they relate to advertising as well. From a cultural perspective, we see that industry principles established over decades now are distrusted and even alienating to many consumers, especially Millennial and digital consumers. Brands and marketers who embrace this paradigm shift will lead in this new era.”

Natan Edelsburg, EVP at Muck Rack and Executive Editor of Found Remote on the Drum, on How Brands Can Participate in The Future of TV:
Even as social media and technology have matured over the last five years, brands still had few options to reach viewers. With programmatic television in the near future, TV Everywhere apps across all devices becoming the norm, OTT platforms popping up every day, and social platforms maturing, there have never been more opportunities for brands to reach consumers in a trackable and customized way.”

“In a mobile first world, one of the biggest issues we’re addressing is measurement. There has to be a fundamental shift.” – Sarah Kramer Chief Operating Officer, Mediavest

A Q&A with Rick Erwin, President, Audience Solutions, Acxiom; some illuminating stats on key industry topics from PwC; and more!

By Rod Granger

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