ID’s Final Vision: The Drama of True Crime

Dave Annable as Joe McGinniss

Dave Annable as Joe McGinnis

ID movie Final Vision is based on the true story of Jeffrey MacDonald, an Army Green Beret doctor convicted of brutally murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters, told through the eyes of author Joe McGinnis. Actor and true crime fan Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters), who plays McGinniss, talks about the challenges and surprises in the twisted real-life tale.

Final Vision premieres on ID Sunday, December 10 at 8p.

Cynopsis: What were the personal challenges to telling the story of such a monster?

Dave Annable: In terms of personal challenges I can say that when I started shooting this project I had recently become a new father. To imagine the horror that those little girls went through just broke my heart. Although, I did have the benefit of playing Joe, the journalist, who is trying to find the truth in the film. I was able to bring that objective to work everyday as I would be relentless in trying to find the truth as well. 

Cynopsis: What kind of research did you do for the role?

Annable with Scott Foley as Jeffrey MacDonald

Annable with Scott Foley as Jeffrey MacDonald

Annable: The research became the fun part for me. I always love diving in and learning as much as I can about whatever job I’m doing. This was so fun because I’m such a true crime fan. The case has so many interesting aspects to it. Fatal Vision written by my character was a terrific book to familiarize myself with the case and Joe’s experience. We just don’t know if it’s true. 

Cynopsis: What will viewers learn about the Jeffrey MacDonald and Joe McInniss that might surprise them?

Annable: I think it’s the relationship that’s surprising. I think at times Joe McGinniss really liked Jeffery MacDonald. There are times when Joe believed that Jeffrey may have even been innocent. Then as the case against him grew Joe and Jeffrey’s relationship obviously changed. Perhaps there were hidden motivations on either side at that point. 

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