09/19/19: Collegiate StarLeague is getting a rebrand


Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Today will see Collegiate StarLeague undergo an overhaul that includes a rebrand that features a new logo and visual identity as well as a new classification system for players as the company prepares for season 11. CSL now features over 1,800 participating universities with 55,000 active players. The new season, however, will now feature player levels known as The StarLeague (Varsity/Competitive) and the Open League (Casual and Social), instead of Divison 1 and Division 2/3 with games set to include League of Legends, Dota, CSGO, Fortnite, Street Fighter V, Madden, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. Melee & Ultimate, and more.
“We are excited to launch our updated branding for CSL! The rising importance of collegiate esports for the development of the overall competitive gaming ecosystem is in full evidence, and CSL is in a lead position to provide and deliver the appropriate collegiate leagues, on-campus events, programming and content, building paths for aspiring players as well as building and supporting careers in the business of esports,” said CSL CEO and GM Wim Stocks. “ We are proud of CSL’s accomplishments as one of the leaders in collegiate esports, we believe our new branding properly reflects our stature and position in this exciting realm of ours.”

DreamHack opened a new partnership with Nintendo of Europe, which recently announced a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit. Competition will now take place across seven events around Europe — including DreamHack Winter, DreamHack Leipzig, and DreamHack Summer — culminating with a grand final.
Meanwhile, DreamHack also announced an extension with Elmia, the venue owned and operated by the Municipality of Jönköping, Sweden, to keep DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter festivals at Elmia in Jönköping through 2022. “It feels great to have come to an agreement with Elmia, ensuring that DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter festivals stay where they belong over the coming years,” says DreamHack co-CEO Marcus Lindmark. “The people of Elmia, and all of Jönköping, have always been great partners, welcoming gamers from all over the world to their city and supporting us as best they can, in whatever way they can.
Riot Games mapped out plans for the League of Legends 2019 All-Star Event, which will once again take place at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas from Dec. 5-7. The three-day event will offer fans multiple competitive tournaments, including the addition of TeamFight Tactics this year, as well as charity events, and other offerings. Riot also invited more than 60 people from the League of Legends Partner Program to compete with and against pro players in a variety of game modes and tournaments for the first time.
Meanwhile, IEM Katowice locked in its framework for CS:GO with a 16-team tournament that will once again be held in Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland and taking place from Feb. 28 -March 1 with a $500,000 prize pool. Ten teams will receive direct invitations while six will be determined via regional qualifiers. “Here in Katowice we do not only remember but also make espo rts history. This Intel Extreme Masters will be very special in that respect,” said Michal Blicharz, Vice President of Pro Gaming at ESL. “When it first took place in 2013 it started the era of esports mega tournaments. Now, a new era starts for us with the first ever Masters Championship of the ESL Pro Tour.”
The Overwatch League is down to two for its second season, as playoff action has seen the Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock emerge as last teams standing for the sold-out Grand Finals in Philadelphia on Sept. 29. The event will be livestreamed on Twitch in 190 countries and broadcast on ABC from 3–6p on Sept. 29. The match will also be available on the ESPN app, overwatchleague.com, and the Overwatch League app.
BLAST unlocked its newest CS:GO competitive circuit, titled the BLAST Premier for 2020, dangling $500,000 for winners of each of the two Season Finals, with a grand prize of $1,000,000 for the 2020 Global Final. Total prizing for the series will hit $4,250,000. The tournament series will be played with both a spring and fall season, starting with 12 teams in three groups, with a week of matches per group.
Gears Esports mapped out more of its esports plans for players of all skill levels from around the world to compete for more than $2 million worth of prizing. The 2019-2020 season will be divided into four quarters, each capped off with a major international event. Beginning Sept. 22 will open play with teams and at the end of each quarter, the team with the most Challenger Points in each region, and the winner of a double elimination playoff between the top six teams on each regional ladder, will be awarded travel to that quarter’s major event. Top teams in North America, Europe and Latin America will also have the opportunity to qualify for the Gears Pro League.
2K is shoring up the competitive opportunities for NBA 2K20, announcing – in partnership with the NBA, the National Basketball Players Association and ESL – the NBA 2K20 Global Championship. Dangling than $100,000 in prizes, the event is designed for aspiring NBA 2K20 players worldwide and will feature head-to-head competition in a series of online and offline events that will take place from October 2019 to February 2020. The slate ends with a final event in the United States to crown the first-ever NBA 2K20 global champion. The Global Finals will take place on February 22, 2020 at the ESL studio in Los Angeles, where eight finalists will compete to determine who will be crowned the first-ever global champion.
SailGP entered the esports arena with the launch of eSailGP – in partnership with Virtual Regatta and World Sailing – allowing fans to experience the world’s fastest sail racing in a virtual environment. Virtually, the eF50s will match the look and performance of the real vessel, capable of breakneck speeds in the 50-knot range (60 mph/100 kph) on courses mirroring those used in SailGP. Subsequently, eSailGP will become part of the eSailing World Championship, jointly organized by World Sailing and Virtual Regatta.
The United State Golf Association’s upcoming virtual U.S. Amateur Championship esports event will take place this Saturday as part of the WGT at the TCL Lounge at Topgolf in Las Vegas. The event takes place on Saturday at 3p and will be live streamed on Periscope, YouTube and Twitch. The season saw 103,076 players enter the competition, with over 460,000 rounds started with the four remaining players traveling from the USA, Canada, Germany and Brazil (UK citizen) to compete live in the event.


One of the often under looked sectors of the esports market is racing games. When comparing Lebron James to Faker of SKT can be difficult for brands to understand, the similarities between racing simulator games are one-to-one. Games like Forza, iRacing and many others base their mechanics on actual car telemetry data. This week, Stream Hatchet investigates trends related to the top eRacing titles:
  • The impact of eRacing: esports racing tournaments generated 162.9k H. Watched on streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Mixer from March to August.
  • iRacing leads in eRacing market share: Viewers of iRacing competitions generated 71.9k H. Watched in the past six months. That’s 40% of the total eRacing H. Watched.
  • Opportunity for Gran Turismo: While Gran Turismo Sport placed 3rd in H. Watched, GT leads in Avg CCV, indicating an audience that is hungry for content. 
For more information on esports and racing, visit our blog at: Blog.Streamhatchet.com.

Twitch is counting down to TwitchCon San Diego, set to run Sept. 27-29 at the San Diego Convention Center, with a slate of esports competition as well as a sponsor lineup for the celebration. Streamers will compete in Fortnite, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Apex Legends for a piece of the $1 million prize pool. Sponsors include onda, Kraken Rum, Alienware, Totino’s, first-time sponsor M.A.C. Cosmetics, and more. In addition, performers this year are set to include Lil Nas X, blink-182, Madeon, Au/Ra, and Y2K.
Huawei signed on as sponsor for ESL’s Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open Grand Finals, where competitors will now play on Huawei Mate 20X 5G smartphones using Vodafone’s 5G network. The event runs Sept. 28-29 during Milan Games Week at Milano Fiera Rho and feature both racing title Asphalt 9: Legends and as well as PUBG MOBILE.
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A roster of gaming industry veterans are teaming up to launch VENN, described as a new network launching in 2020 that will feature live studios in New York and Los Angeles, aimed at the core gaming, esports and entertainment audiences. Ariel Horn, the four-time Emmy winning producer that pioneered esports broadcast production at Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment, and Ben Kusin, former Global Director of New Media at Vivendi Games, unveiled the company, which already landed $17 million in seed round funding from investors spanning multiple industries. The investment round is co-led by BITKRAFT, with other investors that include: Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games; Mike Morhaime, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment; Amy Morhaime, former head of global esports, Blizzard Entertainment; Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch; aXiomatic Gaming; BDMI; YuChiang Cheng, co-founder of World Golf Tour and President of Topgolf Media; Lifeline Financial Group, and Reimagined Ventures, the private capital group of Alec Litowitz.
North American high school esports platform PlayVS announced that it had raised $50 million in its Series C funding round. The round was led by NEA and also included Battery Ventures, Dick Costolo and Adam Bain of 01 Advisors, Michael Zeisser, Sapphire Sports, Dennis Phelps, General Partner at IVP, and Michael Ovitz, Co-founder of CAA.
Meanwhile, XY Gaming announced a $2.5 million seed funding round co-led by KB Partners and Varga Capital. Funds will also be used to expand the team, create marketing campaigns, partnerships and influencer sponsorships to grow the site, and add new well-known game titles including Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Rocket League.
Skillz is working with the International Game Developers Association to provide game developers with new tools to “forge sustainable businesses, by retaining, engaging and monetizing their content.” The mobile esports proponent said the collaboration connects its 30 million registered players and over 20,000 game makers to IGDA’s extant network over 10,000 developer chapters and special-interest groups. Via the new venture, Skillz joins Amazon, Microsoft and Unity among IDGA’s partners, with an eye toward providing resources and support services that can help game makers create the next industry sensation.
Twitch added Internet Gaming Database under its umbrella. “Going forward, that means that you will now contribute information to Twitch as well as IGDB and the thousands of apps, services, and websites that are powered by this information,” said IGDB product owner Jerome Richer De Forges in a blog post.

Call of Duty has now recruited a full dirty dozen with the official announcement that NRG Esports, Rogue, and Luminosity Gaming had all locked in franchise slots for the upcoming city-based league. The other nine cities had previously been announced, including: Atlanta Esports Ventures for Atlanta; Envy Gaming Inc. for Dallas; Misfits Gaming for Florida; WISE Ventures for Minnesota; Sterling VC for New York; c0ntact Gaming for Paris; OverActive Media for Toronto; and Immortals Gaming Club and Kroenke Sports and Entertainment would both own separate franchises in the LA market, similar to how they run the Gladiators and Valiant in Overwatch League respectively.
Meanwhile, former OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriquez announced that he would head over to NRG to serve as co-CEO of the team. The news came shortly after Rodriguez announced his departure from OpTic Gaming and new owner Immortals Gaming Club.
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment will now use its own esports front office to manage the Los Angeles Gladiators and one of the upcoming Los Angeles-based Call of Duty teams after mutually parting ways with Sentinels, according to ESPN. The organization had been running the Gladiators, but now the front office is expected to be overseen by KSE executive Josh Kroenke and Michael Neary. According to the report, among potential front-office candidates the two have spoken with is former Echo Fox president Jared Jeffries.
Team SoloMid announced plans to start construction on a 25,000-square-foot training center in Playa Vista. The $13-million facility is slated to be completed by February 2020 and will be the home of TSM, which fields players and esports teams competing in the likes of League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros., Rocket League and others. The facility will be the largest esports training facility in North America when it opens and will house studios, streaming rooms, gaming rooms, coach rooms as well as a fitness studio and wellness center, making it the first esports training center to include both.
POWER PLAYERS – The Story Mob’s Nicola Piggott.
The Story Mob released its newest insights into the world of esports with the release of “Beautiful Weirdos: Telling the Stories of Esports Heroes.” Below, Nicola Piggott, co-founder at The Story Mob, broke out key takeaways of the new guide to esports storytelling.
Every good sports story starts with passion – and with a human at the center of it all.
When it comes to the newest sport of them all – a sport played with keyboards and controllers instead of cleats – we believe that we have the opportunity to completely rewrite the rulebook when it comes to how those stories are told. At The Story Mob, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can tell stories truly worthy of esports champions – what we learn from traditional sports and what we need to rip up and start again.
For those millions of gladiators who roam digital battlefields every day to discover themselves and prove their worth, we owe them nothing less. Here’s our key learnings:
Esports pros can fit the sports archetypes….
From the hero to the underdog, esports players fit the age-old narratives just as closely and can tell universal stories of struggle and sacrifice.
If you’ve taking a friend who’s never played a game in their life, to an esports event, there’s one surefire way to get them cheering along with the crowd, and it’s not teaching them their barons from their minions. Everyone understands a human story – and esports pros train harder, sacrifice more and play with more precision than almost any sportsman in the world.
…But if we confine them to the traditional playbook, we’re ignoring what’s so unique about them.
Just like digital sports created new innovation in online streaming technology, it’s also brought a new breed of star – a multi-dimensional, quirky, highly relatable superstar that appeals directly to a target audience that has felt wholly unseen and unrepresented in mainstream culture.
Whether it’s Cloud9’s Sneaky and his gender-bending cosplay, or pros from different ecosystems sharing their struggles of anxiety and trolling their rivals online, this is an entirely new breed of hero.
Esports pros have the ability to be a whole new breed of sportsmen, connecting with and reflecting their fan audience more than any other group in history.
This level of celebrity is unprecedented. These sportsmen not only connect directly with the biggest digital audience in history – they are spearheading a cultural movement that show them to the world as heroes and dreamers, not losers or underacheivers.
As esports becomes more and more embraced by the mainstream (and traditional sports increasingly reaches out to learn how to hang on to a young audience), it’s vital that we hang on to what made us so powerful. We must allow our esports superstars to be exactly who they are – in all of their multi-dimensional, weird and beautiful glory.
For more information, check out The Story Mob’s full piece, “Beautiful Weirdos: Telling the Stories of Esports Heroes” here: www.thestorymob.com/beautiful-weirdos


League of Legends laid out groundwork for its tenth anniversary in October, kicking off a celebration on Oct. 15 with livestreams, events, and reveals for the game’s future. In addition, Riot Games served up a refresh to the official League logo. In the announcement, the game sees a worldwide peak of eight million concurrent players on a daily basis, stating that it puts League at the top of the charts among PC games.
E3 appears to be poised for an overhaul. The Entertainment Software Association revealed plans to change E3’s format by rebranding as a “fan, media, and influencer festival” that will invite an additional 10,000 visitors to the show, according to GameDaily.biz. In the proposed plan, ESA noted plans to include more influencers in activities, as well as revisions to its usual show floor plan for new “on-floor” experiences.
Activision is bringing Call of Duty to mobile devices on Oct. 1 for iOS and Android players with both a multiplayer as well as a battle royale mode. Call of Duty: Mobile will serve as a blend of both the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops titles, with maps that include Nuketown, Hijacked, and Crash.
OS NYC is set to open its doors for business, serving as a home for gamers and content creators in New York City, at 50 Bowery, on Sept. 20. The venue offers a mission to an “open and welcoming home for anyone interested in gaming, content creation and streaming” and has already hosted a bootcamp for 100 Thieves for the Fortnite World Cup, streamed the first episode of Twitch’s FreshStock show, and Hypebeast’s launch of GFuel’s new drink with FaZe. Partners include HyperX, ASUS/Republic of Gamers, Scuf, Elgato, and Raynor Chairs. ‘OS NYC is a home where everyone can belong and we can unite under a shared passion for gaming and content creation,” said Sam Asfahani, CEO. “It’s a place people can learn, share, enjoy and celebrate the powerful and growing culture of gaming and esports, while welcoming new people to the industry”.

Team Liquid is adding John Patterson as its Chief Financial Officer, where he will be overseeing the evolution of Team Liquid’s revenue structure into a new stage, including developing new tools and procedures which will be a foundation for growth and managing the organization’s ever-increasing, highly diverse revenue streams. Just prior to joining Team Liquid, John was CFO at user-generated video licensing and syndication company Jukin Media, where he built the tools to manage their global operations and streamlined internal licensing processes.
The Cynopsis Best Of The Best Awards salute excellence in national TV programming, from writing and directing to casting and hosting. In addition, we recognize outstanding achievement across teams, platforms, and overall merit in social good initiatives and kids programming. In short, winning a Cynopsis Best Of The Best Award is acknowledgement that your work has risen to the top in entertaining and enriching a broad audience.
ON THIS DAY in 2002
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is released.
Easy one! Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik is the antagonist of which video game character? (Email
[email protected] with your answer and be sure to include your name, company and city.)

Answer to Our Last Sports Trivia Question
What is the name of the young star pictured last week of the 1982 commercial for the game Pitfall who went on become an actor, comedian, musician, songwriter, and media personality? Answer: Jack Black. Kudos: Julie Reuther/Sydney; Chris Davies-Virgin/London; Ross A. Spielfogel-NBC Impact Group/NY; Matt Volpe-EPIX/NY; Jason Valluzzi-Active International/NY; Rob Casalaina-ITN/NY; George Mazarakis-ENDEAVOR/NY; Rick Dascher-Turner Studios/Atlanta; Aron Dunn-Treason Media/Toronto; Matt Sautter-WideOrbit/Harrisburg; Brady Knippenberg-Fandom/Chicago; Jessica Estipona-Blizzard/Austin; Jason Morrow-Toyota/Houston; Dan Hanson/Vail; Miguel Gil-United States Esports Association/Redmond; Johannes Waldstein-FanAI Inc/San Francisco;
Greg Dudsic/Venice; Paul Cambria-Echo Entertainment/LA

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 Seasoned comms pro to dvlp press materials, internal comms & message points for execs, maintain press relationships & oversee events. 7+ yrs exp in PR & crisis comms req’d. Full info HERE (10/3)

9 Story Media Group/NYC:
Work w/Dir of Prod to help ensure all series prod teams have the resources they need to produce great work. Strong orgnztn’l skills/detail oriented & strong MS Excel skills a must. 1+ yrs previous prod exp req’d. Knwldg of Movie Magic budgeting software a +. Full info HERE (10/3)

QVC and Home Shopping Network (HSN)/West Chester PA & St Petersburg FL:
 Exp in hosting TV, web broadcasts, news, radio or trade shows & live events or as a brand Spokesperson. A passion about product your selling & comfortable with on-air selling a must. Full info HERE (10/3)

 Design and execute on-air graphics, digital/social media and print. 3-5 years of experience with AE, C4D and Creative Cloud is essential. Strong design and collaborative skills desired. Relocation package Full info HERE (10/2)

KTLM/McAllen TX: 
Generate revenue to the station and its web/digital product from both traditional and non-traditional prospects in the Rio Grande Valley market. Minimum 2 years of experience in broadcast media sales, business development and/or direct sales environment. Full info   HERE  (1 0/2)


WGN America/LA:  Seeking an experienced Account Executive to grow existing and develop new business for the network through the selling of national cable TV time to ad agencies and clients. Min of 5 yrs exp selling or buying national TV advertising. Full info  HERE  (9/29)

Ramsey Solutions/Nashville:
 Proactively prospecting, qualifying, closing and growing a national account list of NEW business. 3+ yrs of sales exp. Proven track record of successfully closing NEW business while growing and renewing existing client base. Full info HERE (9/28)

Insight Strategy Group/NYC:
 Contribute ideas & be an active voice in team brainstorming. 0-3 yrs exp mkt rsrch, or in a brand/mrktg consulting role that involves hands-on primary rsrch; exp in quantitative rsrch pref’d. Kids/family rsrch exp a strong requirement. Full info  HERE (9/28)

 Manage & develop inventory partnerships with TV and digital media partners, provide internal guidance & analysis on inventory sources and media spend. TV media buying/planning exp, 3+ yrs. Strong relationship building, negotiating & planning skills.Full info/apply HERE (9/28)

Ensure all materials used in our internally-produced content are properly cleared and licensed. Review rights bibles, perform detailed contract analysis on license agreements & perform risk analysis. BA w/JD pref’d. Min 3 yrs exp analyzing third party licenses (music, stills). Prior exp in a TV, cable, law firm or film studio a plus. Apply HERE  Full info HERE (9/27)

Deep knowledge & real passion for media, ent & consumer insight. Assist in monitoring the health of key series for 3 channels; keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the video content landscape. 1-2yrs rsrch exp; qualitative and quantitative research techniques—e.g., focus groups, surveys, etc. Full info HERE (9/27)
: Collaborative team player to dvlp/execute cross-pltfrm mrktng progs across network portfolio. Lead internal planning/brainstorming in response to RFPs, activate/manage sponsorship prgrms & work effectively w/ stakeholders. 5+ yrs int mrktng exp. Full info HERE (9/27)
Insight Strategy Group/NYC:
 Be an idea contributor and an active voice in team brainstorming. 0-3yrs of exp in market rsrch, or in a brand/mktg consulting role that involves hands-on primary rsrch. Kids/family research exp pref’d.  Full INFO   HERE  (9/27)


FX Networks/LA: Manager, Research is responsible for tracking/analyzing the performance of all programs on linear and SVOD with an emphasis on Scripted Programs and landscape of TV. MUST be fluent in Excel and NPower. Multitrak and VBA exp a plus. Must have 3-5 years of relevant experience. Full info HERE (9/27)

Develop campaign direction, voice & tone, strategy, & creative for high-profile media/entrtnmt clients. 5-8 years social media & digital, pitch and new biz dev experience. Full info HERE (9/27)

 Seeking organized/motivated candidate to join linear sales team as a leave replacement.  Responsible for developing proposals, allocating inventory and stewarding existing business.  Strong communication skills, proficiency in MS Excel & 2 yrs linear cable exp desired.  Position available 12/2019 – 4/2020. Full info HERE (9/27)

UP/NYC: Asst AEs, Sales Plners & Pricing/Inv. Edit PowerPt presentations & excel spreadsheets. Work w/ agency buyers. Maintain order entry, inv moves & prod allocations. Effective verbal skills. Strong attn to details. Prior internship exp at TV ntwk pref’d. 
Full info HERE (9/24)

NY-Based ProdCo seeks strong, multi-faceted Line Producer(s) for 2+ upcoming projects. well versed in both studio and field productions, be calm under pressure, have the ability to multi-task and manage a multi-facetted budget a must.  Work closely with the project creatives & talent in ensure the quality programs on-time and on-budget. Full info  HERE  (9/23)

9 Story Media Group/NYC
: provide administrative support to the NY development team as they oversee several projects in development. Manage calendars for two busy VPs of Dvlpmnt. 1-2 years of prior assistant work, children’s content exp. a +  Full info   HERE (9/20)


Partner with marketing, community and game leads to plan and manage launches of major new features and marketing campaigns.
Senior Product Manager
Amazon Game Studios
Seattle WA


Assist product teams with game tuning and balancing to optimize experience and business performance.
Principle Game Designer
Big Fish Games
Seattle WA


Work with an animation team to describe timings, distances, and animation key poses which result in responsive, fun gameplay.
Senior Gameplay Designer
Amazon Game Studios
Irvine CA


Provide guidance and oversight to development teams and technologies to ensure that the technologies interpret or connect to each other appropriately.
Manager, Platform Team
Aliso Viejo CA


Develop data processes for constructing, mining and modeling that are delivered to the data analyst/science team.
Senior Data Engineer
Aliso Viejo CA


Responsible for creating original and imaginative concept art for characters, environments and other game assets.
Senior Concept Artist
Ready at Dawn
Irvine CA


Maintain and extend the graphics engine on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.
Senior Engine/Android Programmer
Ready at Dawn
Irvine CA


Evaluate promotional plans to ensure that they are consistent with product-line strategy and that the message is effectively conveyed.
Senior Live Producer
Perfect World
Redwood City CA


Stay current on the user acquisition landscape, growth trends, best practices, and competitor strategies to develop new ideas and initiatives for growth.
Director of User Acquisition
Perfect World
Redwood City CA


Develop a deep understanding of available data to drive analysis and answer questions.
Data Science Manager
Big Fish Games
Oakland CA


Provide regular, timely reporting and performance monitoring to studio teams and key business stakeholders.
Manager, Data Analytics
Glu Mobile
San Francisco CA


Work directly with the game studio and Disney Licensing to drive go-to-market launch and growth plans for the IP.
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Glu Mobile
San Francisco CA


Collaborate with your cross-functional, agile teammates.
Senior Backend Engineer
Linden Lab
San Francisco CA


Help define and execute the migration to our next generation rendering engine.
Senior Graphics Engineer (Second Life)
Linden Lab
San Francisco CA


Creates a method of change management including ownership of a documentation, communication plans, and process training, etc.
Technical Project Manager
Los Angeles CA



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ACCOUNT REP: MPT NATIONAL CORPORATE SALES MARYLAND PUBLIC TELEVISION FOUNDATION REMOTE Call on current and prospective sponsors, providing high-quality customer service, in a manner consistent with standard industry practice, for the customer/client accounts for which they have cultivated or have been assigned as well as build sustainable, long-lasting relationships with existing clients. Full info