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Monday February 22, 2021

With the industry moving away from third-party cookies, Nielsen is rolling out an approach that shifts to privacy-centric, people-based identifiers for attribution.
Identity Sync is a non-campaign specific tag that doesn’t depend on device IDs or the browser ecosystem, enabling real-time collection of advertiser data associated with individuals, the devices they use over time and the online actions they take. In addition, it allows Nielsen to build deterministic matches between consumers and their ad exposures using persistent identifiers as the connector to each conversion event. Early findings have shown that shifting from a cookie-based solution to Nielsen’s solution provides more accurate marketing measurement. Nielsen noted Barceló Hotel Group’s use of the Identity Sync provided a significant view of the customer journey. “With Nielsen’s innovative approach, we were able to take into account all measurable interactions along our customers’ journey and uncover waste to better allocate spend in the future,” said Johanna Álvarez, Adtech, Analytics & Attribution Manager at Barceló. “The level of accuracy that Nielsen was able to produce using persistent identifiers was unmatched, and we feel more empowered than ever to make better marketing decisions as the industry moves away from cookies.”

Nielsen has also launched Gracenote Inclusion Analytics, offering visibility into the gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation of talent appearing in TV programming and the audiences watching it. “The entertainment industry has a massive challenge ahead – to ensure the talent associated with popular TV programming mirrors today’s increasingly diverse viewing audiences,” said Sandra Sims-Williams, SVP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Nielsen. “By democratizing information around representation in content, Gracenote Inclusion Analytics holds the power to push the industry toward better balance and a more equitable future.”

Google fired the founder of its ethical AI team, Margaret Mitchell, for “multiple violations of our code of conduct, as well as of our security policies, which included the exfiltration of confidential business-sensitive documents and private data of other employees.” Mitchell’s corporate access was revoked last month, for reportedly using automated scripts to locate examples of mistreatment of Dr. Timnit Gebru, who said she was fired (Google claims she resigned). Google also said it was implementing new policies to enhance diversity and inclusion.

In Android 12 news, Google launched the first developer preview of the update, which includes new privacy controls; the ability to transcode media into higher-quality formats; the ability to decorate notifications with custom content; pre-set password complexity levels, and more.

Comcast postponed plans to impose data-usage limits on Xfinity Internet broadband customers in the Northeast until 2022. Said the company, “We recognize that our data plan was new for our customers in the Northeast, and while only a very small percentage of customers need additional data, we are providing them with more time to become familiar with the new plan.” The new data plan will affect users who are not on an unlimited plan.

The patent infringement lawsuit Eko filed against now-shuttered short-form video service Quibi may be all about business, suggest Quibi’s lawyers. Quibi alleges that Paul Singer, founder of hedge fund Elliott Management, which is funding the suit, might be backing the case because the son of his “romantic Partner” works for Eko. “Although media coverage has suggested that Elliott brings gravitas and a rigorous analysis to its litigation investments, Elliott’s motivation for involvement in the lawsuit appears personal,” says Quibi’s filing. Responded Elliott’s counsel, “Elliott decided to finance this litigation because we strongly believe that Eko will prevail in its claim that Quibi stole its valuable intellectual property.”

iOS 14.5 beta 2 is rolling out to developers along with the second beta of iPadOS 14.5. The update includes the groundwork for Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency privacy feature, requiring apps to request permission from users before tracking them across other apps. A new Apple Maps feature enables users to report traffic incidents, and a change to the integration between iPhone and Apple Watch gives users the ability to use an Apple Watch to unlock their iPhone while wearing a mask.

Cyprus’ Cablenet Communication Systems has expanded its use of SaaS solutions from OpenVault and OpenVault Europe to increase customer satisfaction through better alignment of usage and broadband packages. Cablenet is using OpenVault’s Marketing Dashboard solution to help it work with consumers to identify broadband speeds that are most appropriate for individual subscribers’ consumption patterns. “Our commitment to provide all of our subscribers with download speeds starting from 100 Mbps or more is ensuring that every customer has a powerful technology foundation,” said Panayiotis Kouloumbrides, Chief Core Networks Officer for Cablenet. “Expanding our agreement with OpenVault will help us work with customers who have demonstrated greater needs so that they can customize their speeds to match their individual usage.”

Publisher SHE Media struck a partnership with tech platform Fyllo enabling SHE to push into the cannabis vertical by using Fyllo’s compliance automation technology. Fyllo’s tech solution combines AI, machine learning and image recognition to screen advertising creative, ensuring all is legally compliant and meets their publishing standards.

Cryptocurrency site Decrypt Media has tapped journalist Daniel Roberts, most recently Yahoo Finance’s Editor at Large, as its Editor-in-Chief, and Jeff John Roberts, Fortune crypto journalist, as Executive Editor. “Daniel and Jeff have been at the forefront of crypto journalism precisely because of their ability to tell big, important stories in ways that all readers can understand – which is precisely what Decrypt’s mission has been from the start,” said Decrypt CEO Josh Quittner.

Ebiquity announced the launch of the Digital Innovation Center, the central hub in charge of the new digital solutions portfolio. The central dedicated mission control unit will develop, maintain, and deliver digital solutions for the consultancy’s global clients, including Huawei, and Mars. The launch marks the completion of Ebiquity Group’s integration with Digital Decisions; moving forward, Digital Decisions will operate as Ebiquity’s Digital Innovation Center.

Eighty percent of the top 500 Roku apps and 62% of the top 500 Fire TV apps had app-ads.txt by the end of 2020, according to a report from ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform Pixalate that analyzed the state of app-ads.txt adoption among Connected TV apps in 2020. The IAB Teck Lab’s Ads.txt / App-Ads.txt programs aim to “increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem” by allowing “to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory.”

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With viewers complaining about seeing too many of the same ads on CTV, Vizio Ads has introduced a product that limits the number of times a viewer sees the same ad when an advertiser buys commercial inventory through the Vizio maker’s platform. “With this new frequency control offering, brands can use deterministic information to control linear and CTV advertising experiences at the device level,” said Travis Hockersmith, VP, Platform Business at Vizio. “This solves a major problem marketers face when diversifying and managing their reach to TV audiences. Most importantly it will make a much better experience for viewers at home.”

TV Squared and Experian have teamed to offer deterministic TV ad measurement to media publishers, agencies and advertisers. TVSquared’s technology will power the combined linear TV ad measurement offering, and Experian’s data and identity assets will be integrated into the ADVantage platform to provide more robust audience insights for advanced TV campaigns. “Experian is the gold standard for marketing data that advertisers want to leverage and measure against,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer, TVSquared. “With Experian’s data in ADvantage and ADvantage XP, we’re empowering advertisers to put audiences at the center of their TV strategies, providing always-on measurement to identify not only the audiences reached, but also those most responsive to their campaigns.”

Captivate and Broadsign announced a collaboration that will expand programmatic access to Captivate’s network of elevator and large format displays in highly-trafficked office buildings via the Broadsign Reach supply-side-platform. More than 1,800 of Captivate’s displays across Canada have been onboarded and are now available to more than 30 demand-side-platforms globally that are integrated with Reach, with Captivate’s US inventory to follow.

National CineMedia has made a new long-term agreement with Unique X, the movie channel software technology company, with the launch of a new upgraded cinema advertising management software solution, Advertising Accord. The new version of Advertising Accord will now manage all inventory for NCM’s Noovie pre-show and movie theatre lobby products across NCM’s network of 57 national and regional theater circuits. The fully digital Advertising Accord system provides delivery optimization, inventory management and monetization, intelligent dynamic scheduling, flexibility, and workflow automation. In addition, NCM advertising clients will now have the ability to buy cinema in broadcast weeks like other premium video, to take advantage of early film openings.

Imagine Communications, which helps broadcasters and content owners monetize TV, has entered into an agreement with Sky Media to evolve its existing Landmark Sales application into a cloud-based service for cross-platform campaign sales management, inventory optimization and adaptive audience fulfillment. Central to project is Sky Media’s One Campaign, enabling advertisers to buy a single campaign that is delivered and measured holistically across multiples platforms, including linear and on demand, and receive one invoice. The capability was successfully developed in 2020 and is now live.

Music video network Vevo has launched Moods, an AI-powered product that identifies and groups Vevo music videos by mood for more effective ad targeting. Advertisers can place their campaigns in an emotionally congruent environment, such as a heartfelt music video playlist ahead of Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. “With Moods, we can not only curate Vevo programming to better match a person’s mood, but we can also directly ensure advertisers that their campaigns are more meaningful and impactful in the same way that we guarantee a high-quality, brand-safe environment,” said Kevin McGurn, President of Sales and Distribution, Vevo.


YouTube TV is introducing a new add-on package with 4K streaming, offline viewing, and unlimited concurrent streams at home, said the company in a blog post. The post also noted YouTube plans to roll out short-form video tool Shorts, allowing creators to shoot videos with nothing but their phones, in March. Currently in beta in India, the player is receiving more than 3.5 billion daily views globally.

Google has added the Apple TV app to its newest Chromecast device. The app will also be available on smart TVs from Sony and TCL that have the Google TV interface.

Ninety-eight percent of US consumers subscribe to at least one streaming service, and 75% subscribe to two or more, according to a survey from consumer retention software company Brightback about subscription businesses. Mobile app subscriptions were second with 53%. “Technology-first subscriptions are still outpacing physical goods by a significant margin,” said the report, noting a sharp rise in subscriptions last year due to the pandemic.

Based on data from December 2020, Disney+ will surpass Netflix in number of subscribers in 2026, projects Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research. Disney+ will hit 294 million, versus 286 million for Netflix. The only country that will have more Disney+ subs than Netlix will be India, according to Murray, with an expected 98 million for Disney+ Hotstar and 13 million for Netflix. “Disney+ Hotstar will roll out to 13 Asian countries by 2026. These countries will supply 108 million (37%) of the global Disney+ subscriber total, but only $2.62 billion (13%) of the platform’s revenues by 2026,” said Murray.

Streaming video distribution and advertising services company Wurl announced that Wurl Network customers experienced record advertising revenue gains in 2020. Key metrics include:
More Viewers: Wurl produced a record increase in monthly active viewers in 2020, growing 216% over 2019.More Hours of Viewing (HOV): Viewers watched more content from Wurl Network producers during each quarter in 2020. HOV increased 145% in Q4 2020 over the same quarter in 2019. From 2019 to 2020, total annual hours of viewing increased 104%.More Ad Impressions: Propelled by increased demand for CTV ad inventory, ad impressions on the Wurl Network increased 357% in Q4 2020 compared to Q4 2019. Total annual ad impressions were up 332% in 2020 over 2019’s total.

Cinedigm is acquiring Screambox, an SVOD for horror content. “The acquisition of Screambox is another huge streaming opportunity for Cinedigm,” said Cinedigm Chairman Chris McGurk. “Having just acquired Fandor, which the Wall Street Journal called ‘the Netflix of independent film,’ we see that same kind of potential for Screambox in the huge, underserved horror category where millions of enthusiasts around the world are looking for a widely-distributed streaming channel with a huge volume of premium horror content.”

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Strong knowledge and understanding of legal and business issues related to media, strong negotiation and drafting skills and a solid understanding of business issues. Draft and/or negotiate a wide variety of agreements and contract summary/tracking/management. A minimum of two years of legal experience in a media and/or entertainment transactional environment either in-house or with a law firm is required. Full info HERE (3/7)

NEXSTAR INC., KRON4-MYNETWORK/SAN FRANCISCO: Leading broadcast operational teams with sales-driven organizations, developing locally originated content, and commitment to community service. Track record of high performance in developing revenue across multiple platforms. Minimum of five years of general management experience at a commercial broadcast television station with accompanying digital assets required. Full info HERE (3/7)

Set overall community strategy as it relates to supporting brand initiatives, structure implementation of community-facing strategy across FailArmy, communicate on behalf of the brand across multiple channels. Min 3 yrs experience in brand communications, strong expertise in and a passion for current and emerging social and OTT platforms. Full info HERE (3/6)

Responsible for overseeing, guiding and elevating all programming for each of the Streaming TV channels, Works with VP Streaming to establish long-term creative programming strategy to achieve business unit KPIs. Plan and budget to help develop, help commission, and acquire programming for Jukin streaming channels. 7+ years in creative production for digital/streaming/television required. Full info HERE (3/6)

Lead the talented and resourceful journalists, manage digital teams in multiple locations and editorial content; encourage innovation and unique story telling techniques. Impeccable integrity and ability to support our writers and editors in making tough journalistic calls in fast-moving news cycles. Full info HERE (3/6)

Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience, ability to oversee production of Live Newscasts. Drive integration and collaboration with other managers to achieve station goals. Work closely with other managers to determine daily scope of coverage. Full info HERE (3/6)

Creates schedules/rollout plans for series/films, live news, and special events on CNN & HLN. Manages inventory and evaluates performance to optimize usage. TV Programming exp, 5+ yrs. Can project manage/multi-task. Must know current events. Full info/apply HERE (3/6)

THE JIM HENSON COMPANY/ HOLLYWOOD: Responsible for building out relationships with writers, directors, agents, managers, and talent in the prime-time arena, identifying new projects and talent in both comedy and drama for live-action and animation, and will oversee development of series to pitch A background in prime time television required and demonstrated knowledge of television development and production processes a must. Full info HERE (3/6)

Gravity Road is a creative company bringing together marketing, entertainment, and technology to create things people want to spend time with. We are looking for someone that is a commercially minded gamer, a strategic thinker and a proactive doer to join as our VP Gaming and Esports. Full info HERE (3/6)

Directs, co-develops/delivers locally prod programs and PSA for nat and inter’l audiences. Also oversees prod crew that produces regular, special and live shows related to various political, historical and other appropriate topics. Min 3 yrs exp in directing Live television news, studio-based programming or similarly related professional media productions. Full info HERE (3/6)

Exp in configuring and setting up all broadcast studio cameras both manned and robotic for daily use. Maintains network-level camera blocking and composition. Monitors/adjusts video signals including cameras, monitors, playback sources, color correction equip/incoming feeds. Min 4 yrs exp. Full info HERE (3/6)

NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Resp for managing tech/logistical traffic supporting live news shows. Full knwldge of video and tech workflow throughout all locations. Provide tech guidance to help create better video workflows. Ensure all broadcast feeds are meeting specific tech quality standards. Min 3 yrs tech managing, or equivalent knwldge. 5 yrs in live TV prod. Full info HERE (3/6)

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NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Must be able to set up and play out all graphic elements which are included in pre-recorded or live programming. Mnge graphic content as it corresponds to live and pre-recorded programs. Satisfy all production req for live and pre-recorded programming under the supervision of the show’s director and technical operations mngmt. Min 3 yrs of exp in graphic and character generation, plus 1yr exp with Ross Xpression. Full info HERE (3/6)

NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Operate/executes audio mixing/creation for live and taped broadcasts, in the context of orig produced programs and PSAs. Collaborate with News depart and prod crew that produce regular, special and live shows. Generate timely and pertinent broadcast material. Min 2 yrs exp in graphic and character gen in television news, creative services, studio-based prog or related profession. Full info HERE (3/6)

Responsible for designing and building shows, managing show hosts and production team, identifying and integrating guests, overseeing and executing the production of key video & graphic elements. 3+ yrs EP exp or political news & talk programming. Full info HERE (3/6)

Write for fast paced news and opinion show. You are an exceptional storyteller with a command of political news and cultural trends. At least 3 years of national or large market local news experience. Full info HERE (3/6)

Responsible for the production and execution of live political news programming, and recorded video segments for television, and digital platforms. 3+ yrs experience line producing. Full info HERE (3/6)

Responsible for the production of live news & talk show, and recorded video segments for television, and digital platforms. 3+ yrs in TV news and/or talk production. Full info HERE (3/6)

NEXSTAR/WPIX-TV/NYC: Proven performance record of revenue and share growth, new business development and innovative solution-based selling. Non-traditional revenue development along with best-in-class client services and unparalleled client relationships a must. Minimum of five years of sales management experience at a commercial broadcast television station with accompanying digital assets required. Full info HERE (2/28)

Castify.ai, a global leader in CTV content distribution, allows video content owners to publish & monetize their content as a native app or channel, across multiple CTV and OTT platforms, is looking for a well-connected media consultant who can liaise with OTT and CTV distribution partners. The consultant will have the primary responsibility to extend the reach and lead the relationships with our OTT and CTV partners. Full info HERE (2/28)

Develop licensing and distribution partnership opportunities; Oversee company’s existing servicing partnerships business and identify new prospective partners. Minimum 5 to 7 years of experience in an acquisitions, sales, or business development role at a film or television company. Candidate should have existing network of content relationships across the industry. Full info HERE (2/28)

FILMRISE/NYC: Support our IT team and manage our digital assets. We are looking for someone extremely detail-oriented with strong organizational skills. Previous experience with digital asset coordination is preferred, working knowledge of Premiere Pro required. Full info HERE (2/27)

This D+ Original Content role will serve as a key member of the DTC Content Team, driving original content strategy and execution for discovery+. Must have at least 2 years streaming experience, excellent analytical skills, strong creative judgement, and be a great collaborator. Full info HERE (2/27)

Experienced PM or Line Producer needed to help command the production process for a new unscripted Reno & Build Series. You’ll manage logistics, balance vision with time & money, and strategize with others to ensure an efficient, fun, safe and high-quality production. Full info HERE (2/27)

Looking for New York or California bar member for drafting and negotiating content acquisition and distribution agreements, television contracts, releases, agreements with streaming platforms, software licenses, vendor agreements and NDAs. Must possess solid understanding of digital streaming platforms and contracts, and substantive knowledge of contract law principles. Full info HERE (2/26)

Will support Social Marketing initiatives through creating and gathering compelling content, assets, and graphics for all segments and platforms of our Social Media presence. Responsible for writing post/tweet copy to go with created assets, scheduling content, and making sure all assets are up to date. Liaise with other internal departments and agencies on all trafficking of assets, media buys, and fulfillment of giveaways. 1-2 years of experience in entertainment. Full info HERE (2/26)

Development of new business and achievement of revenue goals. Makes decisions regarding hiring, evaluation, promotion, and termination of account executives and sales assistants. 3-5 years of television sales management experience is preferred. 5+ years television sales experience mandatory. Full info HERE (2/26)

TEAM WHISTLE/NYC/REMOTE: Win Revenue– prospect, connect with, and secure partnership from agency-led and client-direct branded partners. Educate the media market on the Team Whistle product line and generate revenue via selling video, branded content, and white-label solutions. Experience selling branded content, familiarity within the larger sports/entertainment media landscape, and 5+ years partnering with ad agencies and clients directly required. Full info HERE (2/25)

Manages all aspects of the News Department (other than Production), plans and manages staffing, training, and performance evaluations for the News Department. Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, or a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience required. Full info HERE (2/25)

Digital content strategist to drive distribution and revenue for video content across key digital platforms, primarily A&E’s YouTube Channel. Strong project manager who will leverage data to drive decision making. 3-5 years’ experience working with digital video strategies at the brand/publishing level. Full info HERE (2/24)

Procure talent – research, invite and secure the highest-level speakers/panelists and moderators; book and produce unique and influential programs. 10+ years of programming experience securing high profile talent for industry, entertainment, sports and media programs and other special events on time and within budget. Full info HERE (2/24)

NBCUNIVERSAL/NYC: Lead and manage a team of Data Scientists in the development of high-impact tools for ad hoc projects and on-going operational analytic platforms, partner with business leaders across NBCUniversal to identify, build, and implement capabilities to leverage advanced data science. Advanced Degree (PhD strongly preferred) with a specialization in Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Mathematics, Operations Research, or other equivalent quantitative fields. Full info HERE (2/23)

UPTV/NYC: Work with advertising agency contacts and other advertising sales personnel to ensure that administration aspects of accounts are in order, build, revise and maintain all sales proposals for AEs. Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university; at least 1+ years related cable experience preferred. Full info HERE (2/23)



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