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Monday January 4, 2021

After a most atypical – to put it mildly – year, Cynopsis gathered predictions from industry experts on what 2021 will bring, from the impact of streaming acceleration, to tech regulation, to improved data quality, and more.

Streaming strategies
“It’s impossible to ignore the impact of Covid-19 on the market. OTT subscriber numbers that previously took years to achieve have been reached in months. But as we return to a new kind of normal there will be a real challenge to keep those subscribers, particularly because they will have consumed content at a higher rate than that modelled by the OTT vendors. Add to this a slowdown in content creation and there will be a significant push to keep those new subscribers. As a result, in 2021 we expect to see operators launching flexible pricing structures and new business models as they look to establish differentiators for their services.”
Nick Thexton, Chief Technology Officer, Synamedia

“This is a time of unprecedented innovation and reinvention in the media Industry. Coming out of 2020, the much-announced tipping point from traditional to streaming TV has finally arrived. With all leading media companies in one way or another restructuring their organizations around the streaming opportunity, we should expect unprecedented growth in this area across the industry – for viewers and advertisers. As a pioneer in the CTV space, we are excited to see the accelerated adoption of this platform, that provides viewers and advertisers with all the benefits of a premium, immersive live TV experience combined with the advanced targeting capabilities CTV can offer. We are equally excited to see the accelerated development of new capabilities in the CTV advertising space – and the continued evolution of programmatic as a premium buying platform.”
Diana Horowitz, SVP, Ad Sales, fuboTV

“If there’s one takeaway from 2020, it is that free OTT services exploded as consumers were forced into lockdown and will continue to grow as we head into 2021. All major media companies have launched an OTT streaming service and have or will make ad-supported tiers the foundation of their monetization strategy as consumers look to supplement pay connected TV with free options. Free ad-supported TV (FAST) will become the de facto standard of how consumers watch content. Because of this, there will be an increased demand for targeted advertising leveraging first-party and third-party data which will make the need of identity resolution graphs more critical than ever”
Andre Swanston, CEO, Tru Optik

New innovations will continue to make streaming TV even more compelling, especially for many brands and marketers that are prioritizing local advertising. The ability to geo-target and facilitate dynamic creative makes local campaigns all the more valuable. Beyond video completion rates, advertisers can connect OTT viewership to direct business results with closed-loop attribution. We can also expect to see more experimentation with ad formats where brands can reimagine the OTT ad creative such as storytelling ads, where a brand’s narrative can be broken up into multiple segments and delivered in succession during a TV show or movie.”
Tom Cox, President, Premion

“The creation of streaming services like HBO Max, CBS All Access and Peacock as well as the insatiable appetite for existing streaming services like Disney +, Netflix and Amazon Prime will require those services to mine their libraries to populate the services with historical content while current productions are either on hold or slowed down. It will take the better part of 2021, if not into 2022 for the studios, label and sports organization to “catch up.” In addition, audiences have become accustomed to better picture and sound quality, so content must be remastered to current standards.”
Lance Podell, SVP & GM, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services

As the cookie crumbles
“The implementation of restrictions to IDFA caught a lot of marketers and publishers flat-footed. Brands and Publishers will take lessons from that as they think about the changes to Google Chrome coming in 2022. In a survey LiveIntent conducted, only 32% of respondents felt confident in their plan for resolving Identity once third-party cookies are phased out. We’re likely to see renewed and redoubled efforts by Brands and Publishers, who got a sneak peek of the dangers of apathy during the IDFA update. Smart Brands and Publishers will invest heavily in Identity frameworks that make use of their first-party data to stand the test of the third-party cookie apocalypse, not letting the same mistake happen twice.”
Kerel Cooper, SVP, Global Marketing, LiveIntent

“Preparing for a world with no cookies or third-party identifiers has gone from hugely important to red-alert urgent. The smartest publishers, agencies and brands in the industry are racing to build first-party data capabilities. Those who take a wait-and-see approach might find they don’t have a 2022 to plan for.”
David Cohen, CEO, IAB

“This year, we saw major browsers announce plans for the deprecation of third-party cookies. To optimize media spend in a world without cookies, I anticipate buyers will diversify and expand the formats in which they share their messages. Mediums and channels that aren’t reliant on browser-based cookies — including CTV, contextual and data-driven linear TV — are continuing to grow, especially as viewing habits have shifted during COVID-19. Looking to the future, these channels are a safe bet for advertisers looking to engage relevant audiences across screens.”
Tom Lavan, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, Xandr

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Ad it up
“Both large and small advertisers will have smaller budgets, which will compete for targetable audiences and drive up media costs. 2021 will see an acceleration in inventory and pricing pressure due to the continued shift to more e-commerce and the need to make up for the branding and awareness that physical stores have traditionally provided.”
Brian Golbere, SVP Technology, TV Solutions Group, IPONWEB

“The ongoing antitrust case involving Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon will make their respective advertising products less valuable to marketers. If the walled gardens no longer have cross-channel targeting information on consumers, and/or the ability to find audiences outside of their walled gardens, it becomes unnecessary to invest so much on their platforms. With the social media advertising boycott of 2020, brands experienced the benefits of diversified advertising strategies and will continue their search for alternative inventory options.”
Ken Harlan, Founder and CEO, MobileFuse

“Fierce competition and the explosion in consumer engagement opportunities have made CTV the epicenter of ad sales. We’ll see major brands radically alter their ad spend from the TV Upfront in favor of more flexibility and greater investment in streaming and CTV. One side effect: managing CTV campaigns has effectively become more of a challenge, and buyers will need more clarity. With the rise of content costs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see premium services test a hybrid model with ads/subscriptions, too. Wonder Woman isn’t cheap.”
Ivan Markman, CBO, Verizon Media

“Incumbent social media and online content platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Instagram, TikTok – earn almost all of the revenue generated from user content, while wielding unilateral power to terminate user accounts, curtail or even cease earning, as well as moderate or disable content. New social networks underpinned by blockchain technology are shifting that paradigm, enabling content creators to directly and instantly earn micropayments for each engagement with posted content, while unlocking interoperability and restoring the balance of power to the users. These new business models will threaten the traditional advertising and data-mining business models of legacy platforms. In 2021, digital content creators and influencers will finally learn to leverage blockchain-based applications to directly earn revenue from their content and avoid de-platforming risks.
Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President, Bitcoin Association

“The importance of cross-screen measurement will continue to grow in 2021. As audiences continue to shift their viewing from linear TV to OTT, advertisers are continuing to shift their media spend as well. OTT provides advertisers with the data-driven targeting and attribution measurement capabilities that they need to maximize their ROAS. But now marketers need to understand the true reach of their campaigns running across TV and OTT. Advances in cross-screen measurement in 2021 will continue to solve for that challenge.”
Dennis Cook, VP of Marketing, Gamut

Data developments
“As audience behaviors become more complex in 2021, media and data strategies need to evolve quickly. Brands, media owners and agencies are more aware than ever of the need for innovation combined with advanced measurement and understanding of effectiveness.”
Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, Kantar

“Brands HAVE the data, but most lack the ability to execute on the vast amount of data they have, translate it into creative experiences and bring that data to life in a way that can optimize on the fly and inform the brands and enrich their own CDP (customer data platform) and CRM data to better understand each consumer.
There is a missing piece between channels and audiences; how do you take the data collected and create good branded high-quality experiences across those channels? The key is optimization – understanding what works and what doesn’t work. By packaging CDP & DCO together can enhance your personalization per customer and allows for the data to be utilized and enhance the consumer experience.”
Oz Etzioni, CEO, Clinch

“Data quality will be digital advertising’s ‘Marie Kondo’ moment. As marketers and publishers accelerate first-party data collection, data quality will be the ‘joy’ everyone is looking for. This is a win-win for everyone, including consumers. Out with the old and kluge players and in with higher standards — and standards! — for data across the board. As data quality improves, those players without the means to put up walls will lean into data enrichment to bring advertisers accuracy at scale when looking for their customers and next best customers. Those with richer, high quality profiles will see addressability soar.”
Andy Monfried, CEO, Lotame

“For the last two decades, there’s been an iron grip on the database market with IBM, Oracle and SAP HANA leading the charge. Now we are seeing a changing of the guard, which gives customers the option of deciding what is best for their business. Forrester even points out that the public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% in 120 billion in 2021.I predict that the database market cap will grow to $1 trillion by 2025 and over seven to 10 really strong database companies will grow significantly in the next decade.”
Raj Verma, CEO, SingleStore

Playing games
“As we saw with Epic Games, Apple was at risk of losing key partnerships due to its high commission rates. With Apple reducing its fee structure, new possibilities have come to light. Smaller developers that no longer have a 30% fee will be more incentivized to develop for the Apple app store, and will have favorable business terms while they scale their games/companies. Additionally, as they aren’t charged as much, we’ll see smaller developers spend more on user acquisition and higher CPIs. That said, the larger developers who do not receive a reduced commission benefit (who still need to pay the 30% fee) will focus their efforts on ad monetized games.”
Tiffany Ou, General Manager of Americas, Nativex

Voice and ‘conversational commerce’
“Voice search and virtual assistants continue to gain adoption and usage. In the US, smart speaker adoption will surpass 100 million users. In 2021, we will start to see meaningful usage of smart speakers as a marketing channel by enterprises and as a commerce and buying channel by consumers. Messaging and chat adoption continue their gains as critical tools for both sales and customer service across consumer platforms.”
Greg Sterling, VP of Insights, Uberall

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A+E NETWORKS/NYC: Critical role in media acquisition team as tech liaison for suppliers/production teams to intake content and shepherd through to air. Project leadership + Media Supply Chain tech exp (camera technology/NLE workflows/content acquisition/QC). Act as technical consultant on prod/post prod. workflows across all A+E formats-scripted/non-scripted/live/movies/episodic series. 4+ yrs hands-on technical exp.(Post-Prod Sup./Online/Finishing Prod. Full info HERE (1/17)

Concept, write, produce and execute best-in-class creative launch campaigns for Peacock Originals for use on all platforms. Minimum 7 years of experience in writing, producing and video editing, experience leading 360° Originals creative campaigns in television or entertainment and Expert in digital video file formats. Full info HERE (1/14)

Looking for a Data Engineer who will be directly responsible for developing efficient data ingestion processes and automated management; develop and operationalize of machine learning models; and building robust data platforms to enable scaling of our products. 4+ years’ experience processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data in a cluster-computing environment required or similar experience in academia. Full Info HERE (1/14)

THE JIM HENSON COMPANY/LA: Collect and track pertinent data and information from production, talent, and license contracts, assist with negotiating terms and conditions of contracts and draft initial contracts and revise as needed. Minimum of two years’ experience in a law firm, network, or studio. Experience with guild agreements and/or Paralegal training and certification a plus. Full info HERE (1/14)

NBCUNIVERSAL/NYC: Seeking a Director of Data Science who will lead a team of Data Scientists that focus on the design and execution of advanced data exploration, data mining, inference and prediction of multiple traditional and non-traditional media measurement data sets. Expert knowledge of R and Python required, additional languages (i.e., Julia, Java, Scala) a plus. Full Info HERE (1/14)

Provide strategic legal counsel to Crown Media executives, on matters of the highest profile, impact, complexity or sensitivity and leads the attorney and legal specialist team members. Substantive experience handling and advising on entertainment network legal issues within a broadcast/cable/digital in-house environment is sought. HERE (1/13)

A+E NETWORKS/NYC: Ensure Ads are compliant with A+E’s policies and federal guidelines during content and advertising review. Liaise with internal Ad Sales executives and external Ad Agencies. 5+ years experience, preferably at a network working in Ad Standards & Practices/Commercial Clearance. Strong familiarity with rules including FDA, FTC and FCC regulations, indecency and trade libel. Full info HERE (1/8)

A+E NETWORKS/NYC: Creative point in print, promotion, and marketing from concept to development across A&E, History & Lifetime projects. Must be well versed in managing design principles for both print and digital deliverables. Demonstrated hands-on ability to create key art and design projects from conception to completion. Expert in Adobe Creative Suite software and industry standard programs and software. 5 years experience working for network, film or other entertainment outlets. Full info HERE (1/8)

Must be able to perform ingest and playback functions during live and pre-recorded programs. Traffics video clips according to shows’ rundowns. Edits content as necessary. Min 3 yrs exp in executing video playback in live control room environment. Plus 1yr exp with Ross Tria or EVS. Full info HERE (1/7)

TELEMUNDO/SACRAMENTO, CA: Responsible for partnering with local clients, both on the agency level and direct, to create innovative and unique mrktg and adv solutions that target a client’s demos and products/services. AE will also need to deliver quarterly results and meeting individual budget requirements. Min 2 yrs direct sales exp with 3 yrs of media sales exp. Full info HERE (1/7)

BBC STUDIOS/NY, NY: Resp for building relationships with key retail accounts at the buyer/mrktg levels. Partner with licensee’s sales teams to pre-sell BBCS franchises and meet the needs of key buyers across retail. Build retail strategies that drive brand strategies set by the franchise/licensing teams. 10yrs exp in licensing or entertainment focusing on retail development. Full info HERE (1/7)

NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Directs, co-develops/delivers locally prod programs and PSA for nat and inter’l audiences. Also oversees prod crew that produces regular, special and live shows related to various political, historical and other appropriate topics. Min 3 yrs exp in directing Live television news, studio-based programming or similarly related professional media productions. Full info HERE (1/7)

Exp in configuring and setting up all broadcast studio cameras both manned and robotic for daily use. Maintains network-level camera blocking and composition. Monitors/adjusts video signals including cameras, monitors, playback sources, color correction equip/incoming feeds. Min 4 yrs exp. Full info HERE (1/7)

NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Resp for managing tech/logistical traffic supporting live news shows. Full knwldge of video and tech workflow throughout all locations. Provide tech guidance to help create better video workflows. Ensure all broadcast feeds are meeting specific tech quality standards. Min 3 yrs tech managing, or equivalent knwldge. 5 yrs in live TV prod. Full info HERE (1/7)

GFX Op >>
NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Must be able to set up and play out all graphic elements which are included in pre-recorded or live programming. Mnge graphic content as it corresponds to live and pre-recorded programs. Satisfy all production req for live and pre-recorded programming under the supervision of the show’s director and technical operations mngmt. Min 3 yrs of exp in graphic and character generation, plus 1yr exp with Ross Xpression. Full info HERE (1/7)

NEWSMAX MEDIA/NY, NY: Operate/executes audio mixing/creation for live and taped broadcasts, in the context of orig produced programs and PSAs. Collaborate with News depart and prod crew that produce regular, special and live shows. Generate timely and pertinent broadcast material. Min 2 yrs exp in graphic and character gen in television news, creative services, studio-based prog or related profession. Full info HERE (1/7)

Newsmax Media/NYC:
Responsible for designing and building shows, managing show hosts and production team, identifying and integrating guests, overseeing and executing the production of key video & graphic elements. 3+ yrs EP exp or political news & talk programming. Full info HERE (1/7)

Newsmax Media/NYC:
Write for fast paced news and opinion show. You are an exceptional storyteller with a command of political news and cultural trends. At least 3 years of national or large market local news experience. Full info HERE (1/7)

Newsmax Media/NYC:
Responsible for the production and execution of live political news programming, and recorded video segments for television, and digital platforms. 3+ yrs experience line producing. Full info HERE (1/7)

Newsmax Media/NYC:
Responsible for the production of live news & talk show, and recorded video segments for television, and digital platforms. 3+ yrs in TV news and/or talk production. Full info HERE (1/7)

CROWN MEDIA FAMILY NETWORKS/LA, CA: Resp for supporting the implementation of advtg campaigns (on/off-channel), mktg partnerships, promotions, sweepstakes, experiential events, creative adv development & email mktg initiatives. Min 1yr of professional mktg exp within the entertainment industry. Full info HERE (1/6)

A+E NETWORKS/NYC: Assess company-wide developmental needs and drive the design, development, delivery, evaluation and admin of various training and development programs (including leadership training, coaching, DE&I, etc.). 3-7 yrs of developing eLearning training with strong data analysis skill and excellent communication ability is required. Full info HERE (1/6)

Idea generator in developing and vetting program ideas and genres for creating new programs for in-house development, and identifying the right distributor for each property. Min 8 yrs exp and must be able to share ideas and contribute to the strategic vision/direction of the Workshop. Full info HERE (1/6)

Seeking VP, Mktg for the Americas region, to design/implement an audience-led mktg/media strat to dev/enhance the commercial relationship between BBC Studios and its global strategic customers. Must have proven track record within a global Mktg envir, focusing on customer engagement and strong customer brand relationships. Full info HERE (1/5)

EMERGING NETWORKS, LLC/REMOTE: Responsible for development and growth of web, mobile and social platforms. As well as, all overall support for all digital content efforts and tactical responsibilities as it relates to the website and social media strategy. Full info HERE (1/5)

MARKETING MANAGER (Always-On Show Lead) >>
WONDERY/LOS ANGELES, CA: Responsible for developing marketing strategy aligned to business goals to effectively and efficiently launch and maintain key Wondery shows. Must have 3 years of podcast marketing experience. Full info HERE (1/5)

WONDERY/LOS ANGELES, CA: Responsible for developing and executing media strategy including planning, analyzing and optimizing media campaigns. Must have media-buying experience and a passion for podcasts, audio storytelling and entertainment content. Full info HERE (1/5)

A+E NETWORKS/NYC: SME within the Consumer Mktg & Media team. You will develop and manage owned media strategy for the LIFETIME/LMN brands. Partner with Planning, Digital Media and On-Air Scheduling teams. 7yrs exp managing Owned Media within an Entertainment firm with deep knowledge of entertainment landscape, including competitive set and non-linear platform. Full info HERE (1/5)

NICKELODEON/NY, NY: Hardworking, pro-active and inquisitive Mgr for a newly formed Brand Mktg and Strategy team at Nickelodeon. This role will aid in defining Nickelodeon’s brand mission/values as well as Mktg efforts across series, brand, platforms, emerging media and more. Min 5yrs exp in consumer strategy, digital, mktg or media. Full info HERE (1/5)



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