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Cynopsis: 10th Anniversary Special Edition: “2004”


Greetings! It’s Monday, October 15, 2007 and this is your Cynopsis Special Edition, taking a look back at the Year 2004.

This was a banner year – several major scandals, decisions, controversies, that continue to impact business as we know it today …

  • Many of us saw more than bargained for of Janet Jackson and the Wardrobe Malfunction was born
  • Nielsen Media Research accused by several of under-serving the minority TV viewing population
  • CBS, Dan Rather and President Bush’s National Guard career



  • New Networks launching this year — Wine Network TV, Real Hip Hop Network, SiTV, Reality Central, Discovery Times, PBS HD, Gospel Music Channel, The History Channel Espanol, LOGO,
  • At NCTA, this partial list of new cable networks preparing to launch: Black Belt Network, The Boxing Channel, Career Entertainment Network, CGTV (Casino Gambling Television), EdgeTV, Hustler TV, Realty Central, Shalom TV, WorldAsia Network, Wine Network, Q Television, Hype TV, Martial Arts Channel and Southern Entertainment TV, among others
  • The Apprentice premieres on NBC
  • NBC announced this will be Frasier’s last season
  • Fox reiterates its plan to launch new programs throughout the calendar year, rather than wait for the official start to the broadcast season
  • Dennis Miller launched on CNBC
  • America’s Next Top Model premiered and was later renewed for two more seasons
  • ABC announced 2004-05 will be NYPD Blue’s final season
  • Canada is not happy with Conan O’Brien. – a show televised on CHUM Television received such comments as ‘utterly vile’ and “racist filth”
  • Another apology from CBS. This time to American Indians offended by a performance by Outkast at last weekend’s Grammy Awards
  • Voy Network, owned by Voy, a media company which produces programming for the English speaking Latino market in the US, announced it will launch this year
  • 10.6 million viewers tuned in to see the finale of HBO’s S#x and the City
  • TBS gets a new tag line – TBS Very Funny
  • CBS adds Gary Sinise to the cast of CSI: NY
  • WB’s Commando Nanny casts Philip Winchester as the nanny … later he breaks an ankle and is replaced by Owain Yeoman … then production halts again as Gerald McRaney undergoes lung surgery .. eventually the show is pulled completely
  • Trio aired Johnny Cash in San Quentin the first time seen on US television
  • 20th Television heads back into production with Family Guy, thanks to a licensing deal with Cartoon Network that includes new eps
  • NBC sets November 13 to exercise the clause that requires PAX to buy out NBC’s state (valued at $557 million); Bud Paxson said he does not have to redeem NBC’s stake in his company for two reasons – he doesn’t have the money and the “agreements” speak for themselves
  • Lifetime celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • ABC’s program development deal with ad agency Mindshare created a new family drama which will debut in July called The Days (Tollin Robbins Prods/Touchstone)
  • The Contender competitor Champ is coming to Fox and NBC is not happy
  • Ted Koppel will read each of the 500+ names of those killed in action in Iraq on ABC News Nightline – the show is not aired by the Sinclair ABC stations
  • Best line of the broadcast upfronts come from Jimmy Kimmel: “NBC is like the rich kid who just got a BMW; CBS is the smart kid who’s going to Stanford; Fox is the jock, not so bright but good looking and gets the chicks, and ABC are the fat kids who eat paste.”
  • MBC Network changed its name to the Black Family Channel
  • The final hole of the Buick Classic’s 3-hole playoff on ABC was preempted in favor of the 7p repeat of America’s Funniest Videos; ABC’s deal with the PGA Tour is they can turn it off at the assigned end time … can you say Heidi?
  • Amish in the City launches on UPN and its not as horrid as anticipated
  • Discovery Channel’s American Casino, set at the Las Vegas Green Valley Ranch Hotel & Casino, Vice President of Hotel Operations, Michael Tata, 33, was found dead at his home
  • Jeff Zucker says “[Fox] used to be innovators, and now they’re imitators.”… ABC’s Stephen McPherson says if you have a good idea “they [Fox] will steal it, plain and simple.” … says Gail Berman of Fox: “The baseless allegations of theft and extortion are outrageous and unacceptable” …
  • USA Network launched its new series The 4400 and delivered 7.4 million viewers
  • Entourage made its debut on HBO to an audience of 1.9 million viewers. Not fabulous, but apparently good enough for it to be on track for a pick-up for season #2
  • ImaginAsian TV (iaTV) launched
  • CBS News broke in during primetime at the tail end of CSI: NY to report the death of Yasser Arafat, and later apologized
  • McEnroe may be out at CNBC … Donny Deutsch may be in
  • The new face of late night comedy is ….. (insert drumroll here) …. Craig Ferguson!



  • HBO Syndication packaged and sold to Comedy Central a library of 138 signature stand up specials
  • Crossing Over with John Edward officially crossed over and later resurfaced on WEtv
  • Buena Vista pulled the plug on Wayne Brady
  • As expected, Martha Stewart’s syndicated show was pulled from the Viacom owned CBS and UPN stations
  • 20th has renewed host Ryan Seacrest for one more year, keeping his show On Air with Ryan Seacrest live for another season. … less than a month later, the show was cancelled
  • South Park cleared in 85% of the US including 48 of the top 50 mkts
  • Oprah renewed with King World, now on board thru 2010-2011 season – later she gets jury duty – and much later her audience gets 276 Pontiacs
  • Jane Pauley show starts moving time periods … never a good sign
  • A Tyra Banks talk show? Maybe …
  • Home Delivery is put on the bench
  • King World signed Dr. Phil to three more years taking him through the 2008-09 season
  • Robin Quivers reportedly signed a talent deal with Sony Pictures Television to develop a daytime talker, potentially for next season
  • Coming to syndication next fall is Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly, distributed by Sony Pictures Television
  • The Martha Stewart Show with producer extraordinaire Mark Burnett at the helm for NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution
  • A Current Affair is officially on the comeback trail



  • Hearst-Argyle acquires WMTW/Portland from WMTW Broadcast Group for $37.5 million
  • Michael Eisner rejected the merger talks with Comcast Cable
  • Disney Board turned down the Comcast offer to buy. No surprise
  • Disney and The Jim Henson Company announced they had inked a binding purchase agreement whereby Disney will acquire the Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House properties from Henson
  • Comcast Corporation acquire TechTV, Inc.from Vulcan Programming Inc.
  • Federal Trade Commission okays NBC $14 billion acquisition of Vivendi Universal Entertainment
  • Comcast Corporation withdrew its $59.9 billion offer for Walt Disney Corporation
  • INdTV Holdings and former US VP Al Gore announced the acquisition of Newsworld International from Vivendi Universal Entertainment
  • As expected, NBC and Universal are one and now encompasses NBC, Universal Film, Telemundo, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, Sci-Fi Channel, USA and a group of local stations and a theme park
  • Cox Enterprises takes Cox Communications private in a $7.9 billion plan
  • Viacom acquired
  • Sony Corp of America reached an agreement to acquire MGM for a reported $4.8 billion in cash
  • EW Scripps acquired the country music cable network Great American Country for $140 million in cash from Jones Media Networks Ltd
  • Evening Post Publishing agreed to pony up $67.5 million for New Vision Television’s station KSBY/Santa Barbara
  • Crain Communications purchased the monthly research and demographics trade magazine American Demographics from Primedia
  • Viacom will purchase the CBS affiliate in Sacramento KOVR from the Sinclair Broadcast Group for a sum of $285 million
  • American Greetings Corporation purchased an equity stake in The Hatchery, LLC

etc …


  • Ozzy Osbourne swears off ATVs
  • $1 dollar bills with sticker ads attached are circulated through bars and restaurants in NY and LA by GoGorilla Media to promote USA’s miniseries Traffic
  • Somebody alert the media – M18-34 have disappeared!
  • Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed women in rank order: Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Madonna tied for #2, Shania Twain, Diane Keaton, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion, Missy Elliott, Melanie Griffith, Courtney Love and Lara Flynn Boyle (must’ve been the tutu). Leading Mr. Blackwell’s Best Dressed list was Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Diane Lane, Salma Hayek, and Oprah. …
  • The Daisy Ad promoting Johnson for President in 1964 makes a comeback
  • NATPE as a convention makes an overwhelming recovery
  • The FBI determined Academy member Carmine Caridi was giving tapes to Russell Sprague who in turn transferred the tapes to a digital format and put them on the internet – a prosecutable offense
  • The Senate approved the bill restricting station ownerships caps to 39% of the country, effectively overturning the FCC’s 45% cap last June, and up from the cap’s original 35% cut off
  • Representative Fred Upton, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Communications, calls upon television stations and networks to clean up their act, review their code of conduct and utilize time delay procedures effectively whenever airing living programming.… that’s right, before the Super Bowl
  • 100,000 logged onto the Good Morning America site to get a copy of Charlie Gibson’s Enchilada Casserole (made with a bag or Doritos) … that’s good eatin’!
  • Pixar ends its discussions with Disney to extend their existing five-picture deal
  • In Disney’s Miracle movie we relive Al Michaels’ “do you believe in miracles?” and opens with $19.4 million
  • Says Mark Burnett: “Reality? How can you call it reality? First of all, the situation is contrived. This group of people didn’t just find themselves stranded on a deserted island. What is real is the castaways’ reactions as a result of their situation. That’s what’s real, that’s the story. Maybe it should be called a Situational Drama.” Sounds good, but nobody picks up on it
  • Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Emmy folks) has created a new reality category: Outstanding Reality/Competition Program
  • Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is estimated to have taken in between $15 and $20 million in its first day and $60 million its first weekend
  • For the first time since its release 11 weeks prior, Lord of the Rings not among the Weekend Top Ten Box Office titles, but the same weekend takes home 10 Oscars
  • Ad agency Qtopia Media opens its doors, specializing in the gay community
  • Nielsen Media Research People Meters will launch in April, LA and Chicago in July and August respectively
  • Bob Edwards, the 30-year NPR veteran broadcaster and host of Morning Edition, left the Morning Edition’s on April 30, 2004, to much bru-ha-ha
  • An arbitration ruled Cablevision must carry the YES Network within its expanded basic cable package, rather than on a pay tier
  • The WWE acquired the libraries of WCW, AWA, ECW and other smaller regional wrestling outfits, and will launch a Subscription Video on Demand
  • Cynopsis announces the launch of Cynopsis: Multi-Cultural Edition, later retitled Cynopsis: International
  • Burger King debuted The Subservient Chicken – and it’s still there!
  • Survivor Rupert wins a million bucks as the viewer voted winner
  • Martha goes for a new trial but is overruled
  • Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival
  • John and Tim Rigas are guilty of conspiracy, securities fraud and bank fraud
  • Lance Armstrong won his sixth Tour de France
  • 11-yr old boy in Texas, attacked by a shark, and after watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel the evening before, knew where to hit the shark to make him let go! …
  • They’re baaaack! It seems young men are watching TV again
  • Asked what he had to say about being accused of “lunging” at the Taxi and Limousine Comm. Inspector, the 86 year old Mike Wallace responded “I can’t even lunge into bed, much less at an angry cop.”
  • Olympics Opening ceremonies kick off with more than 25 million viewers (9 of which took exception and filed with the FCC)
  • Rupert Murdoch said he plans to launch an all sports network, but not until he secures the rights for it to the NFL
  • FCC focused its sights on an episode of Married by America which aired on Fox in April 2003
  • The Next Great Champ is due to launch on September 10, or not at all if Mark Burnett and Jeffrey Katzenberg have anything to say about it … which ultimately a judge says they don’t have anything to say about it …
  • Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Hart Cole has ruled that Fox can go forward with its September 7 launch of reality series The Next Great Champ
  • Martha Stewart confirmed she will fulfill her 5-month prison sentence beginning as soon as possible, which turns out to be October 8
  • TBS and their soon to start Saturday Night College Football Season introduce the talking pizza box
  • Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s plan to air an anti-John Kerry documentary film on 62 television stations and everyone has noticed; FCC Commissioner Michael Copps thoughts: “This is an abuse of the public trust. And it is proof positive of media consolidation run amok when one owner can use the public airwaves to blanket the country with its political ideology — whether liberal or conservative….” … however, the FCC said it is not within their bailiwick to stop the Sinclair Broadcast Group from airing the anti-Kerry film
  • Associate producer for Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor filed court papers suing Bill O’Reilly for s#xual harassment, alleging three separate incidents of phone s#x
  • The curse is over! Red Sox win the World Series!
  • Election Day and no hanging chads, no delays, and no new Presidents
  • National Football League extended its television rights for CBS (American Football League), Fox (National Football League) and DirecTV, for a five year deal through 2011
  • Peterson Verdict drew 3.4 million viewers turned to Fox News; 2.66 million viewers turned to Court TV’s coverage
  • Ken Jennings took his loss very graciously on Jeopardy! After 74 episodes and $2.5 million+ dollars, he can afford to be gracious
  • The PTC is complaining about the number of complaints the FCC says it has received from the PTC
  • Dick Clark, 75, suffered “a mild stroke” – Regis will fill in on New Year’s Eve



  • Nielsen Media Research came under fire from several groups claiming the Local People Meters will greatly undercount the minority households and minority population in the #1 DMA
  • Nielsen acknowledged four years ago Hispanics were underrepresented as a result of flawed Census Bureau data, and when Census data was adjusted, so was the Nielsen sample
  • Media Ratings Council chose to withhold accreditation of Nielsen Media Research’s new Local People Meter system until such time as “Nielsen addresses certain matters of non-compliance with the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Media Ratings Research cited in the audit and certain other performance issues of the New York LPM.”
  • Univision is “…astounded that Nielsen has decided to proceed with implementation of its LPM service in New York despite overwhelming evidence that the sample is fundamentally flawed” … CBS: “CBS urges Nielsen Media Research to delay the implementation of their LPM service in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago” … Don’t Count Us Out places prominent print ads in key cities looking to delay the rollout of LPMs in NY, LA and Chicago … Nielsen strikes back: “We believe it is time for Don’t Count Us Out to explain where its extraordinary resources are coming from, and we urge the MRC to take appropriate action with respect to members who fund and support ads that affect not only our ability to obtain untainted samples, but also the television and advertising communities’ ability to receive fair and accurate ratings.”
  • Nielsen  named 11 community leaders and television execs to serve on an independent Task Force on Television Measurement
  • Media Ratings Council issued a statement saying it would issue no more statements regarding Nielsen
  • Univision filed suit in LA Superior Court seeking to prevent Nielsen from rolling out its planned Local People Meter measurement service in LA on July 8
  • National Hispanic Media Coalition joined Univision’s strategy and file its own legal suit against Nielsen
  • Nielsen’s Jack Loftus issued a statement saying that the flaws discovered in the LPM system in New York by Ernst & Young (as reported by the LA Times), which then led to the Media Ratings Council’s decision not to provide accreditation to the system, are in the process of being corrected
  • In a statement Nielsen pointed out that the MRC did not say the Nielsen methodology undercounts persons of color; it did not say there were any flaws in the technology itself; and the audit did not say anything about delaying the rollout of the Local People Meters. Nielsen has also asked the MRC to reconvene in mid-August for another accreditation review of Nielsen’s LPMs
  • Nielsen filed its response to Univision’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction, stating in part that Univision “seeks to prevent the L.A. market’s use of a modernized, improved and more accurate system that is already in use nationally across the United States and locally in New York and Boston, because it results in lower ratings for some of Univision’s programs. Univision seeks to influence what should be an impartial system of measuring viewers, in order to maintain inflated, less accurate ratings for certain of its programs over those of its competitors whose ratings are rising.” …
  • The Senate Communications Subcommittee scheduled a hearing on July 15 regarding Nielsen’s LPM service
  • Superior Court of the State of California denied the request for Preliminary Injunction filed by Univision Communications
  • Local People Meters launched in LA … next is is Chicago on August 5
  • The NAACP’s President and CEO, Kweisi Mfume, endorsed Nielsen Media Research’s Local People Meters (LPMs) in a letter
  • Univision Communications dropped its lawsuit against Nielsen Media Research regarding the Local People Meters measurement system



  • All hell broke loose during halftime of the Super Bowl in front of 89.58 million total viewers including FCC Chairman Michael Powell and his children … CBS has apologized, Viacom has apologized, MTV has apologized, all included a statement they had no idea this would happen. Justin Timberlake called it a “wardrobe malfunction,” and for her part, Ms. Jackson has apparently decided to take the full brunt of the blame: “The decision to have a costume reveal at the end of my half-time show performance was made after final rehearsals. MTV was completely unaware of it. It was not my intention that it go as far as it did. I apologize to anyone offended.”  Aha, a planned wardrobe malfunction.
  • A bill to increase indecency fines from $27,500 to $275,000 was fast tracked, and goes before the House Telecommunications Subcommittee
  • Grammys are aired on a 5-second delay
  • FCC Commissioner Michael Powell sends notice to the NAB, NCTA and to each of the broadcast networks asking them to ‘clean up their act’, self-govern and to utilize responsible programming standards
  • NAB announced plans to hold a summit this spring on the topic of responsible programming, or preventing indecency on television
  • The House of Representatives Subcommittee passed HR3717, that is the Broadcast Decency Enforcement which increases the fines the FCC can impose on a broadcast station or network, or on the radio, from $27,500 per violation to $275,000
  • And as expected, the Senate Commerce Committee voted to increase the fines for indecency on broadcast television to $500,000 per violation
  • Walter Cronkite shared his thoughts on the Janet Jackson reveal at the Superbowl. “I was terribly disappointed. I was really disappointed because I was out making popcorn. I spent a lot of time in the next couple days hoping to see a replay. And then in the replays I didn’t see anything at all of interest.”  Brilliant!
  • Radio commentator Sandra Tsing Loh was unceremoniously dismissed from her six year job at KCRW-FM for using inappropriate language during her 3m radio commentary, despite her claims the error lies with the radio station
  • Janet Jackson returns to television for the first time since “the incident” on April 10 as host of Saturday Night Live
  • The Senate Commerce Committee voted to approve indecency violations fines of $275,000 for the first violation, $375,000 for the second, $500,000 for the third, with a limit set at $3 million for violations in a single day
  • In a vote of 391-22, the House of Representatives voted to increase the maximum fines for indecency to $500,000 per violation for broadcasters
  • The FCC imposed a $247,500 fine for nine violations of indecency rules on Clear Channel’s Elliott in the Morning show
  • CBS foregoes bcst delay during the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship – bold decision for the times
  • The FCC decides Bono’s language on an NBC award show last year was indeed a violation of the profanity laws on broadcast television, tho no fine will be imposed
  • NAB formed a committee to self-police TV and radio content called Task Force on Responsible Programming
  • The FCC proposed a $495,000 fine against Clear Channel for “apparently willfully broadcasting indecent material” on an edition of The Howard Stern Stern show
  • Clear Channel Communications Inc. suspended Howard Stern as part of its ‘zero tolerance policy on indecency
  • Clear Channel decides to take Stern’s show off the air permanently on six of its affiliates
  • Mancow’s Morning Madness airing on WKQX/Chicago, a Emmis Radio License Corporation station, was also nailed with a fine, admittedly less stressful, $14,000
  • Victoria Secret annual fashion show and webcast will not run this year a decision made shortly after the Super Bowl Janet Jackson debacle and one assumes out of concern for potential indecency charges
  • Clear Channel let go two more radio talk show hosts: Larry Wachs and Eric Von Hessler, the voices behind The Regular Guys show which airs weekdays on WKLS/Atlanta
  • C-Span and BookTV consider a 5-second delay because of foul language used by call-in viewers
  • A coalition of broadcasters are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more – they petition the FCC to change is profanity ruling
  • PBS considers editing out a nude lithograph from Antiques Roadshow for fear of indecency charges
  • Radio stations consider pulling classic rock ‘n roll tunes due to indecency concerns
  • “Go balloons!”
  • The FCC expected to lay down a $550,000 fine on CBS for violation of indecency rules, going back to last winter’s Super Bowl half time show
  • Mix together Veteran’s Day, Saving Private Ryan, ABC, fear of fines and what do you get? Another ridiculous how-do-you-do FCC mess
  • ABC and Monday Night Football is apologizing, with the NFL calling the Desperate Housewives promotion as both “inappropriate and unsuitable.”
  • The FCC reportedly has asked NBC for copies of their 2004 Summer Olympic tapes. It seems there has been a complaint about a particular modern dance depicting the history of Athens


CBS NEWS’ Andrew Heyward, President, issued a statement regarding the documents regarding President Bush’ National Guard career:

“60 MINUTES WEDNESDAY had full confidence in the original report or it would not have aired. However, in the wake of serious and disturbing questions that came up after the broadcast, CBS News has done extensive additional reporting in an effort to confirm the documents’ authenticity.

And this statement from Dan Rather:
“…after extensive additional interviews, I no longer have the confidence in these documents that would allow us to continue vouching for them journalistically.



  • Sandy Grushow leaves his post as Chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group to start his own production company, Phase Two
  • Tom Gutteridge appointed to the newly created position of CEO/FremantleMedia North America
  • Tom Ascheim made EVP/GM, Nickelodeon Digital Television
  • Clear Channel Radio has hired Reverend Jesse Jackson
  • Lloyd Braun left ABC
  • Dean Valentine, former UPN CEO/Prez and Walt Disney TV Prez, teamed up with entertainment execs Richard Cohen and Nicolas Van Dyk to start First Family Entertainment
  • Mel’s official statement: “After more than 20 years with the Company, for personal and professional reasons, I have decided to leave Viacom and pursue other challenges.”
  • Tom Freston and Leslie Moonves as Co-Presidents and Co-COOs
  • The Weather Channel made Paul Iaffaldano EVP/GM of TWC Media Solutions
  • Rick Rodriguez, EVP/GM of the Travel Channel has resigned
  • Meredith Broadcasting terminated the employment of Kevin O’Brien, President of the group
  • Cyma Zarghami was upped to President/Nickelodeon Television
  • E.W. Scripps Company named Judy Girard the new President of Shop At Home Network
  • Elizabeth Yost upped to Head of Original Programming & Development for Hallmark Channel
  • Dick Parsons, CEO of AOL Time Warner, will succeed Steve Case as Chairman
  • Robert Riesenberg named to head up a new unit at Omnicom Group, as President/CEO
  • Christina Norman named President/VH1
  • Carolyn Strauss upped to President/HBO Entertainment, and Sheila Nevins named President/HBO Documentary and Family
  • Lloyd Komesar upped to Most Benevolent EVP/Strategic Research at Buena Vista Television (true, I added Most Benevolent.)
  • Tom Bernadin left his CEO post at Lowe & Partners to become CEO/Leo Burnett US and President of Worldwide Operations of Publicis Groupe’s Leo Burnett Worldwide
  • Robin Schwartz named President/Regency Television
  • Richard Kaplan named President of MSNBC; Erik Sorenson, GM of MSNBC since 1998, will move over to NBC News
  • Gary Cozen, VP/GM of KDKA/Pittsburgh resigned
  • Jane Root named to replace Clark as EVP/General Manager of the Discovery Channel
  • Bevy of new presidents at ABC: Stephen McPherson, President/ABC Primetime Entertainment; Rich Ross President/Disney Channel Worldwide; Paul Lee President/ABC Family; Mark Pedowitz President/Touchstone Television and EVP/ABC Entertainment Television Group
  • Ed Wilson leaves NBC Enterprises … Steve Rosenberg goes next …
  • Brooke Johnson named president of Food Network
  • Elizabeth Vargas will take over for Barbara Walters on 20/20
  • Michele Ganeless, EVP/GM of USA Network, left
  • Jonathan Dolgan resigned at Viacom, effective July 15
  • MediaCom U.S upped Kris Coontz to President/Grey Entertainment and MediaCom Los Angeles
  • David Janollari named President of Entertainment for The WB Network
  • Ted Harbert named top dog at E! Entertainment
  • Richard D. Beckman named President, Conde Nast Media Group
  • Doug Herzog, President of USA Network, announces an early exit pending the merger with NBC
  • After a 43% vote of no confidence was delivered by the shareholders of the Walt Disney Corp., Michael Eisner agreed to step down as Chairman; he’ll continue as CEO
  • Doug Herzog rejoined Comedy Central as President
  • In the wake of David Grant’s departure as President of Fox TV Studios after 7 years, comes the appointment of Angela Shapiro as the new prez
  • Kevin Reilly upped to President of NBC Television Network Entertainment
  • Ed Wilson resurfaced as new President of Fox Television Network
  • Andrea Wong upped to EVP/Alternative Programming, Specials and Late-Night at ABC
  • Jordan Levin, CEO of The WB Network, left the building
  • Judy McGrath upped to Chairman/CEO of Viacom Cable division, while Mark Rosenthal, Co-Pres/COO of MTV Networks left
  • Scripps Networks President Ed Spray retired at year’s end; John Lansing to succeed
  • John Weiser upped to President/Distribution for Sony Pictures Television
  • Nancy Tellem upped to President, CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group; Nina Tassler to succeed Tellem as President of CBS Entertainment; David Stapf to President of Paramount Network Television
  • Abbe Raven named President of A&E Network, USA and Dan Davids to President, The History Channel, USA
  • Tracy Dolgin to President/CEO of YES Network
  • VOY Pictures Television named Jose Pretlow as Chairman and Gloria Medel as President of Production
  • Bill Hilary to President/CEO of BBC AMERICA
  • Howard Stern packs up his show and taking it to Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Publicis & Hal Riney San Francisco named Karen C. Francis its Chairwoman/CEO
  • Lloyd Braun gets a new gig – top liner of Yahoo! Media and Entertainment group
  • Mel Karmazin named CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio
  • December 1 – Brokaw’s last day at the NBC News anchor desk
  • Rainbow Media Holdings named Ed Carroll to President/Entertainment Services
  • David Lyle to head up the new Fox Reality Channel


Steven Dorfman … Ray Charles … H. Martin (Marty) Haag … Jerry Nachman … Linda Mancuso … Ann Miller … Ray Rayner … Captain Kangaroo (nee Bob Keeshan) … Gina Smith … Jack Paar  … Mary-Ellis Bunim … Jay C Rosenthal … Brigette L. Parise … Larry Kamm … John Ritter … Robert Colesberry … Joe Viterelli … Paul Winfield … Spalding Gray … Robert Pastorelli … Lee Rudnick … Jack Smith … Joe Cartwright … Carrie Snodgrass … Alan King  … Tony Randall … President Ronald Reagan … Lou Verruto … Mattie Stepanek … Alexandra “Alex” Middendorf … William K. McClure … Isabel Sanford … Janet Leigh … Rodney Dangerfield … Christopher Reeve … Pierre Salinger … Michael Weisbarth … Howard Keel … Adam Young … Cy Coleman … John Drew Barrymore … Orville Lewis Duke … Jerry Orbach …

Later  — Cyn

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Cynopsis 06/20/24: “Resident Alien” makes a move

"Resident Alien" makes a move

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